David Tennant ... 2005-

David Tennant was born on the 18th April 1971. He is the current Doctor. He appeared briefly at the end of the last season when Christopher Eccleston's Doctor regenerated into David Tennant. He will appear in a Christmas special this December before the next full series of Doctor Who next Spring (currently being filmed).

Prior to becoming the Doctor, David has appeared in a number of television programmes, including Randall & Hopkirk (deceased), People Like Us, Foyle's War, Blackpool, and most recently in a live broadcast of The Quatermass Experiment. He is probably best known for his starring role as Casanova in the BBC's recent dramatisation.

He is also appearing in the new Harry Potter film (in cinemas in November) as Barty Crouch Jr.

He also appeared in the online Doctor Who; Scream of the Shalka in 2003.

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