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CuddleLand Name: Chris, the dented knight
Real Life Name: Chris Brown
Location: Suffolk, England

E-mail: chris@x-track.demon.co.uk

Web-Site: soon. (honest)

Description of Cuddle Character: Err, a dented knight!

Favourite Colour: Purple.

Favourite Food: Moussaka

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Chocolate

Other Information: Has other weirdnesses apart from alt.cuddle. e-mail for discussion if you're brave. A society called AWNUTS has something to do with it as does a certain Mr Rowland Emett.

CuddleLand Name: Lil' Brown Bat
Real Life Name: Kathy Doty
Location: Pontiac, Michigan, USA

E-mail: dbeasts@ix.netcom.com

Web-Site: None

Description of Cuddle Character: LBB is somewhat silly, likes to be helpful, and is exceedingly fond of chocolate-covered bananas. Her favorite activity is the dive-bombing newbie cuddle.

Favourite Colour: purple

Favourite Food: choklit

Favourite Sweet/Candy: choklit!!

CuddleLand Name: Hytzipky the GoodWitch - Picture
Real Life Name: Rita Linda
Location: Coral Springs, FL USA

E-mail: Hytzipky@aol.com

Web-Site: http://members.aol.com/lindstudio

Description of Cuddle Character: I am Hytzipky, the GoodWitch of CuddleLand. I ride a broom and a magic carpet. I travel around CuddleLand trying to make everything better that needs fixing. I love to throw parties and I love to dance. I give magic carpet rides and I sprinkle faery dust all over the place to make everyone happy all the time. I give loads of CovenHugs and CovenCuddles to Newbies and Oldbies alike. I adore chokolit and will always be first in line if there is a chokolite contest anywhere. My dream is to see the whole world in RL be as loving and wonderful as the nationalities represented here in CuddleLand.

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food: Lobster

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Chokolit

Other Information: I love to send out jokes...if you want to be added to my mailing list, just let me know. LOL ... ROFLOL ... ::snickerdoodles::

CuddleLand Name: ErinO'Poet
Real Life Name: Ron
Location: Southern CA

E-mail: techsrus@flash.net

Web-Site: n/a

Description of Cuddle Character: Well, now... For a long while I've been posting as the ErinO'Poet bunny but I'm really just a poet and bookworm...and for one year that was my logon I.D. at another server, so I'm sticking with that :):)

Favourite Colour: tan (earth tones)

Favourite Food: steak!! :)

Favourite Sweet/Candy: chocolate truffles

Other Information: none that I can think of right now :)

CuddleLand Name: Jagular
Real Life Name: Morgan Stevens
Location: New Zealand

E-mail: ma.stevens@auckland.ac.nz

Web-Site not yet cuddle equiped

Description of Cuddle Character: Jagular is sort of like a Tigger, but can climb down trees as well as up them. Jagular lives high up in the rainforest and lurks, waiting to unsuspecting cuddlelanders to pass underneath. When the unsuspecting party passes within range Jagular *DROPS* and gives the unsuspecting party *FurrryPurrryHugs* Jagular *bounces* as well.

Favourite Colour: rainbow?

Favourite Food: Mmmphmmphmfmm

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Chocolate!

Other Information: I don't really climb as well as Jagular. Nor do I really bounce.

CuddleLand Name: Tumbles
Real Life Name: Andrea Mola
Location: Hamilton, NJ

E-mail: amola@web-it-show.com


Description of Cuddle Character: I'm a little, fairly short, cuddly bear, with dark eyes and dark hair and soft fur. I love to dream (better than RL sometimes). I'm extremely gentle and quiet, but have been known to talk up a storm on occasion. I can be found reading under a tree most times when I haven't anything to do of importance.

Favourite Colour: Pink (yes, I admit to loving pink)

Favourite Food: French fries, Chocolate, Pasta, and McDonalds

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Anything chocolate and w/o nuts.

Other Information: I work for a publishing company and use my computer all day long, which is fun. I don't have any pets or kids. I love Katharine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart so my favorite movies are Desk Set and Rear Window (isn't Hitchcock the best?).

CuddleLand Name: Kanga2
Real Life Name: Maryanne
Location: Outback NSW, Australia

E-mail: mking@lisp.com.au

Website: http://lisp.com.au/~mking

Description of Cuddle Character: I'm Kanga2 the cheekiest Roo in Cuddleland. I've been know to flood Newbies and Oldbies alike with *hugs* and *tickles*. I'm friend to everyone. Helper to slay the RL Monstas. And usually one of the instigators of any food fights that may occur in Cuddleland :)

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food: Chokolit

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Chokolit,Chokolit and more Chokolit

CuddleLand Name: Deputy Tigger
Real Life Name: Pat Richter
Location: Calgary, Alberta

E-mail: richter@cpsc.ucalgary.ca


CuddleLand Character: Hmm, kinda an orange and black stripey panys guy with a big brass badge, riding on an unnamed polka dotted Rockin' horse

Favourite Colour: Blush


Transfer interrupted!

y of the steak variety

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Squishies!!!! slurpees for the laymen

CuddleLand Name: Seraphim
Real Life Name: Joy
Location: Massachusetts

E-mail: Seraphim5@worldnet.att.net

Web-Site: http://home.att.net/~Seraphim5/

CuddleLand Character: A tiny angel with diaphenous wings large enough to cuddle all...especially children and sticky babies!

Favourite Colour: Clear

Favourite Food: everything high in cholesterol and calories!

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Angel food cake

Other Information: Angels don't have wings...
Maybe angels have small little wings...
Except when they have big huge wings...
Actually, they have wings and they don't.

CuddleLand Name: Kennabear
Real Life Name: Melissa Walton
Location: Illinois

E-mail: waltonma@qwest.net

Web-Site: http://www.bagheraonline.net

CuddleLand Character:Pie throwing, fun loving, pun patroling bear. Family includes Kedbear and two mischevious cats by the names Mistoffelees and Baghera.

Favourite Colour: Forest Green

Favourite Food: Spanish Tapas

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Macaroons

Other Information: I'm an English major, love to write and read. Some of my favorite poets are Anne Bradstreet and TS Elliot. I tried to pick a quote but I just have too many favorites.

CuddleLand Name: Gentle Mike
Real Life Name: Michael Chappell
Location: Essex, England

E-mail: mchappell@argonet.co.uk

Web-Site: http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/mchappell/michael/index.html

CuddleLand Character: Slighty tubby and hairy bear with a penchant for anything chocolate. Husband and protector of the Lady Marina :))

Favourite Colour: brown

Favourite Food: chocolate

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Large Easter Eggs

Other Information: Loves computers (especially Acorns) and posting to newsgroups. Just been elected as churchwarden to local church. Loves hugs and cuddles and everything nice. LOVES chocolate to the nth degree (ie a lot!!)

CuddleLand Name:Cookie Cuddler
Real Life Name: Leslie
Location: Illinois

E-mail: lennonsgirl@hotmail.com

Web-Site: None

CuddleLand Character: CookieCudler is a nifty person. she rocks, cause you know, she's a good cuddler.

Favourite Colour: yellow

Favourite Food: potatoes

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Reeses Pieces

Other Information: i love cuddles!!!And Cookies!!

CuddleLand Name: Megan
Real Life Name: Megan Hansen
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

E-mail: gs09mmh@panther.gsu.edu

Web-Site: http://www.gsu.edu/~gs09mmh

CuddleLand Character: Hmm...I'm a hapless college music student who comes to Cuddleland when the Real Life Monstas aren't getting me down and keeping me out. And that's pretty much my Cuddle Character, as well. I'm curious and silly and huggy (something that not everyone in RL understands). I just pop in and out when I can...I guess the best description for me would be the Cuddleland visitor...or maybe the traveling aunt of a large family that comes for long visits periodically...

Favourite Colour: Green...dark varieties

Favourite Food: mmm....chocolate....

Favourite Sweet/Candy: see above

Other Information: Lessee...not much to say, I guess. I've lived in Georgia all my life...(which is, relatively speaking, not that long...). and, uh....feel free to write me and stuff...:) *hugs* and *cuddles*

CuddleLand Name: Racheli the Gummi Bear -
Real Life Name: Racheli Sokol
Location: Israel

E-mail: racheli@cheerful.com

Web-Site: http://members.tripod.com/~LondonTrip/

CuddleLand Character: a bouncy kind of bear, love to hug, dance & laugh.

Favourite Colour: Purple & Blue

Favourite Food: Pasta, lasagne

Favourite Sweet/Candy: chocolate

Other Information: I'm an internet addict, and I especially Love to build web sites & design their graphics. Check out my page! :-)

CuddleLand Name:The Ancient One
Real Life Name: Sam Powell
Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

E-mail: spowell136@comcast.net


CuddleLand Character:Just a big bear that eat and sleep alot.

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food: Anything in reach

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Anything in reach

Other Information:

CuddleLand Name: Josh
Real Life Name: Josh Perez
Location: North Carolina

E-mail: jaugee@intrstar.net


CuddleLand Character: well, you know - josh

Favourite Colour: anything in the crayon box

Favourite Food: yes

Favourite Sweet/Candy: my wife, kathy, is my favorite sweet as for candy - anything with chocolate

Other Information: has two wonderful, talented, intelligent children - a son, age 10, and a daughter, age 8, who are always looking for pen-pals.

CuddleLand Name: Squire Weasel
Real Life Name: Beth Weaverling
Location: So. California, USA

E-mail: weaselbitesbck@deathsdoor.com


CuddleLand Character: Weasel is a happy, bouncy, silly girl. Always willing to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on.

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food:The kind you eat -)

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Toffee

Other Information: Hmmm, my ICQ UIN# is 3873805, and my AOL IM screen name is Gothweasel. I like talking to people so if you have either add me! As for anything else about me, I haven't a clue as to what to say. ~hugs and stuff~

CuddleLand Name: Magic T. Dragon
Real Life Name: Natasha
Location: California, USA

E-mail: cvilagi@earthlink.net

Web-Site: http://www.geocities.com/~beanievilleusa/

CuddleLand Character: A widdle dragon, about 4 feet tall. She has a unique method of sneakpouncecuddling, because she has *wings*!

Favourite Colour: A sort of metallic white, or a metallic purple/blue

Favourite Food: Pasta of nearly any kind

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Cookies!

Other Information:

CuddleLand Name: Raybear
Real Life Name: Ray Hart
Location: Manchester UK

E-mail: rayhart@geocities.com


CuddleLand Character: Small purple bear with big ideas and a tendency to fall over her own paws!

Favourite Colour:purple

Favourite Food: Pizza

Favourite Sweet/Candy: chokolit

Other Information: Book addict and inveterate collector of clutter!

CuddleLand Name: Sir Stu KITA
Real Life Name: Stu Sang
Location: New Zealand

E-mail: stubear@csi.com

Web-Site: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/stubear

CuddleLand Character: Sir Stu of the flannelled knickers was one of the founding people of A.C back in March of 1994. Since then, he has both actively spodded, and lurked incognito, watching over the group always. He always has Ami, his deranged but loveable puppy running around somewhere too

Favourite Colour: Red and Blue

Favourite Food: Chinese

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Marshmallows

Other Information: Fourth knighted KiTA
Master in the Arcane Arts of Cuddle
Newbie tour guide

CuddleLand Name: The Comfy Chair
Real Life Name: Darren Ware
Location: Lowestoft, Suffolk, England.

E-mail: thecomfychair@bigfoot.com

Web-Site: http://www2.prestel.co.uk/thewarehouse/tcc.htm

CuddleLand Character: I am a cosy piece of furniture with garish blue fabric and gaudy purple cushions. I was built in Spain and have fresh bagel stuffing. I float casually around the meadow with a "thought power" device kindly designed for me by Hytzipky. Newbie nuzzling and nonsense nattering are my favourite sports.

Favourite Colour: Anything eyestrain inducing

Favourite Food: Nut Wellington

Favourite Sweet/Candy: JellyBelly jelly beans

Other Information: I've only been in CuddleLand since 4th January, 1998.
Cuddles from The Comfy Chair.

CuddleLand Name: Silver Dragon
Real Life Name: Jahna Derr
Location: Goshen, Ohio

E-mail: jahna@one.net


CuddleLand Character: Silver is a rather large dragon her eyes always seem about ready to cry from the RL hurts she has had. Her wings hold all the colors of the rainbow in them... which leads to the saying "Every cloud has a Silver Lining, and every Silver has her Rainbow."

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Food: Rare Steaks and potates

Favourite Sweet/Candy: CHOCOLATE

Other Information: Need all the hugs I can get right now, for I am struggling big time in RL.

CuddleLand Name: Cinnamon
Real Life Name: Eve Jacques
Location: Cambridge

E-mail: eij20@hermes.cam.ac.uk

Web-Site: http://www.freeyellow/com/members2/eij20

CuddleLand Character: cinnamon is a human girl with (currently) fair hair and freckles. all we know about her so far is:
she has a magic mirror.
she is 20 sometimes and six sometimes and nobody knows whether she's a 20-year-old masquerading as a 6-year-old or vice versa. the magic mirror may well be responsible for this.
she is the adoptive mother of creme brulee despite them being the same age (on both counts.)
she claims to be 'an elizabethan at heart', spells her name different ways (not usually on purpose :) and dresses elizabethan (girl or boy) when not wearing all black with a big silver ankh and floppy hat in a futile attempt to look like Death from the Sandman comics, whom she resembles not at all apart from being cute.
she is perky, naive and rather greedy.
she loves dogs and wolves.

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Food: nearly anything sweet, especially if made with love :)

Favourite Sweet/Candy: fudge

Other Information:

CuddleLand Name: Filis
Real Life Name: Filis
Location: Malaysia

E-mail: f_i_l_i_s@hotmail.com


CuddleLand Character: Nothing is better than a soft hug follows by a cuddle

Favourite Colour: Navy Blue

Favourite Food: Cheesecake

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Gummy bears

Other Information:

CuddleLand Name: Jon - Picture
Real Life Name: Jon
Location: Yorkshire, UK

E-mail: jghall@argonet.co.uk

Web-Site: http://www'argonet.co.uk/users/jghall/

CuddleLand Character:Just an ordinary bloke who likes to help and cuddle.

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Food: Indian

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Mints

Other Information: Married with 2 sons, one wife, 1 hamster, 1 goldfish.
Music/footie/Acorn lover.
Flirt )

CuddleLand Name: SnuggleSwede
Real Life Name: Ingeborg S. Nordén (that's "Norden" with an accented e, if the 8-bit characters give you trouble)
Location: Real life: Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Cuddleland: a little Swedish-style red cabin on the shore of the Snugglepond.

E-mail: runelady@worldnet.att.net


CuddleLand Character:Not too different from the real me: a middle-aged blonde woman, sitting in a wheelchair and wearing Coke-bottle glasses. In Cuddleland, though, the backpack on my chair is full of cuddly gifts for people in need of a hug: giftwrapped Boxes-o-Cuddles (tm) and SnuggleSwede teddy bears. You know, the ones with a blue-and-gold ribbon round their necks...and a pink velvet heart embroidered with *KRAM* in their arms. (*KRAM* is how a SnuggleSwede gives you a *HUG*, in case you didn't know! )

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Food: Double Cheese Pizza

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Chocolate-chunk cookies.

Other Information: If you need to know more about me, drop me a private E-mail or stop by the Cozy Cuddle Cottage. The hot cocoa and the gingerbread are my treat...thank goodness my Cuddle Cottage has a self-cleaning couch! :-)

CuddleLand Name: Fire
Real Life Name: Brian
Location: San Diego, CA

E-mail: FireWield@aol.com

Web-Site: http://members.aol.com/FireWield/Fire.inx

CuddleLand Character:

Favourite Colour: I love dark colors Purple being my favorite closly followed by forest green.

Favourite Food: Yep, I love food. Almost everything from aspearagus, to zuchini. especially sushi and Blackened catfish.

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Otter Pops! my fav sweets are Snickerdoodles. =0)

Other Information:

CuddleLand Name:Soft Owl
Real Life Name:Roger

E-mail: soft_owl@yahoo.com


CuddleLand Character: A shape changer who can take the form of a human or any owl with ease. Other forms are possible but harder to do. A fair degree of magic is practiced to bring about good things and defeat monstas.

Hugs of downy softness are often given and TUGS are readily available when needed. As an owl communication with many other creatures is possible and my home in the mountains is often filled with animal friends.

Put your feet up and rest a moment with a cup of hot chocolate.

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Food:Virtual Cookies

Favourite Sweet/Candy:Maple Sugar

Other Information: I have been around the meadow since the 1990's and often consort with elves. Elves and fairy folk are special people but rarely seen. Well, except for those who stampede for that round pie with tomato sauce, cheese and other toppings.

CuddleLand Name:Fmomoon
Real Life Name:Monica
Location:Concord, CA, USA

E-mail: fmo@pipeline.com


CuddleLand Character: A fumbling, well-meaning Princess with a lovely magic conductor's wand with a mind of it's own. fmomoon's wand has been known to turn people into pencils and blames fmomoon for not enunciating. Princess fmomoon lives in a log castle by the edge of Lake Cuddle. Ray, her long lost daughter, has moved into the wine cellar/dungeon. Her sister, Synny, keeps fmomoon from getting into too much trouble, and vice versa.

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food:Shrimp

Favourite Sweet/Candy:Jelly Bellies

Other Information: fmomoon, in RL, is a high school music teacher. She is also an actress and singer.

CuddleLand Name:Sir David du Lac
Real Life Name:Dave

E-mail: Nitedulac@aol.com


CuddleLand Character: David du Lac is a human character. He is truly a knight, tall, strong, battle tested and still true. A Knight of experience and seasoning, no youth.

A Soldier, a Scholar, a Student and one that can appreciate the fine things of life. David du Lac is known for his tales, that seem to go on for long periods of time.

There may be magic in David du Lac, although he professes that he is 'not' of those of magic.

Favourite Colour: Baby Blue

Favourite Food:Pasta with tomato and garden vegetable sauce

Favourite Sweet/Candy:Almost all candy

Other Information: David du Lac came to the Meadow for rest, and stayed to share from the heart. He has put down roots, calling on the Cuddlers of Magic and his friends to help build the Enchanted Forest Winery, Bed and Breakfast and Candy Kitchen. A visit and stay at the Inn is a must. There are special rooms and stories galore.

CuddleLand Name:The Old Grey Wolf
Real Life Name:Cam Whetstone
Location:Baltimore, MD, USA

E-mail: cam@camw.com


CuddleLand Character: The old grey wolf is a bit aged and likes to nap in front of fires. Is kind of laid back and his favorite cuddleloand place outside of his den is the grassy knoll in the sunshine (great for naps)

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Food:Steak

Favourite Sweet/Candy:Mars Bar

Other Information: Outside of Cuddleland, I'd rather be sailing on my Sailboat. I like reading, and am an Amateur Radio Ham (WA3YOH).

CuddleLand Name:Poopsie Pizz@-Tush
Real Life Name:Jackie
Location:Derbyshire, UK

E-mail: poopsie_pizzatush@hotmail.com


CuddleLand Character: Poopsie is a very mischievous rat with magic fur which can change colour and pattern.
Poopsie developed her limited magic power by nibbling something she shouldn't from the Goodwitch's cauldron, thus Poopsie is a certified member of the Witchcraft Guild.
Poopsie is also responsible, in part, for the collapse and subsequent gnawing of Squire Brett's Shed.
Poopsie is the Wady-In-Laiting to Duchess Snigly, a role which incorporates Socical Secretaty, Rum Supplier, Dirty Job Doer and other associated tasks. As Duchess Snigly's Social Secretary Poopsie is the Keeper of the Ratti Berfdai, a monthly list of birthday dates and celebrants.
IRL Poopsie is a redhead and she takes her membership of the CuddleLand Redhead Brigade very seriously.
Poopsie ran the 2002 Holiday Card Exchange, a role she hopes to continue to do.

Favourite Colour: Black

Favourite Food:Crisps, Chocolate

Favourite Sweet/Candy:Parma Violets

Other Information:

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