Who's Who of CuddleLand

There are numerous Cuddlers in CuddleLand. The idea of this Who's Who is to give you a bit more information about the Cuddlers you see wandering around CuddleLand.

If you would like to be included in the CuddleLand Who's Who mail me with your details or fill in the Who's Who form.

The Cuddlers

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Cuddly Bear
Lisa the Dreamer
Tiernan Elf
The Squire
Princess Ginger/CuddleBug
The Shaggy Librarian
Kitt Wulf
Gentle Mike
Little Bear
Sir Mark KITA
Sir Ward KITA
Dr Zippy
Pluised by Own
Sir Alex
Nanny Owl
Sugar Bear
Rainbow Brite
Blue Bear
Sweet Sara
Vido the virtual doberman
Rayella the CuddlePhuffalumph
Snowy Bear (and Floyd)
Chris the Dented Knight
'Lil Brown Bat
Hytzipky the GoodWitch
Deputy Tigger
Cookie Cuddler
Squire Weasel
Magic T. Dragon
Sir Stu KITA
The Comfy Chair
Silver Dragon
Soft Owl
Sir David du Lac
The Old Grey Wolf
Poopsie Pizz@-Tush

CuddleLand Name: CuddleKitten
Real Life Name: Kate Morris
Location: Southampton, UK

E-mail: kate_dunn@yahoo.com

Web-site: http://www.geocities.com/kate_dunn/

Description of Cuddle Character: CuddleKitten is a small black cat with white paws and front. She is quite prone to pouncing on people to give them hugs. She lives in a cottage at the edge of the meadow. Anyone is welcome to pop in at anytime :)

Favourite Colour: Red, though bright yellow comes a close second.

Favourite Food: Hmmm...big choice but big faves are Lasagne and Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding.

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Jelly Babies

Other Information: Well, what can I say...I'm 28, and work for the local council, as an IT Consultant. My DH is also a Cuddler, CuddleOwl and we got married in April 2001, and have been together for over 7 years. Fan of Doctor Who, Buffy, Angel and Alias.

CuddleLand Name: CuddleOwl
Real Life Name: Scott Morris
Location: Southampton, UK

E-mail: smorris_12@yahoo.com

Web-site: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7515/

Description of Cuddle Character: A funloving owl who lives in Kitten Cottage with CuddleKitten. In cold weather he is often seen wearing a red/black striped scarf {when CuddleKitten hasn't borrowed it!}

Favourite Colour: Grey because it's an unloved colour

Favourite Food: Food

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Jelly Babies, Coconut Mushrooms

Other Information:Works as a software engineer, writing code for mobile phones and the like. Lives with CuddleKitten in Southampton. Big Doctor Who fan.

CuddleLand Name: CuddleAngel
Real Life Name: Ana Diaz
Location: Tampa FL, USA

E-mail: ana@bioglanpharma.com

Web-site: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/5607/ aka Ana's Groovey Smiling HomePage!

Description of Cuddle character: Geez, that's a hard one. Um...I'm an angel, which means I can fly! I have glow-in-the-dark wings, which I ordered out of the Big Book O Wings catalog. They came complete with the patented TurboGlow switch and a secret pocket (the location of which I'm not allowed to disclose, on account of its a secret). I around CuddleLand greeting newbies, and distributing *hugs* where needed. I'm generally an all-around nice kinda angel, but once in a while, my darker side slips out....that's why I opted for the reversable halo, because you never know.....

Favourite colour: yellow

Favourite food: the edible kind! (actually, I'm quite find of veggie lasagna)

Favourite sweet/candy: I am completely powerless in the presence of peanut butter cups.

Other information: like what? Hmmmm..I've got two *beautiful* boys, Simon (9yo) and Ivan (3yo). I am divorsed, and work full time doing administrative kinda stuff. I send happy birthday e-mail to strangers. I grew up in Maine. And I cut my hair last Tuesday.

CuddleLand Name: Snuglet
Real Life Name: Jackie Bilodeau
Location: Pennsylvania

E-mail: jyb1@psu.edu

Web-site: n/a

Description of Cuddle character: A snuglet is a small cute cuddly creature who's main job is to cuddle, but also to start a good pie and cake fight every once in a while.

Favourite colour: I'd have to say light blue (like the sky)

Favourite food: Lobster - yummy!!!!

Favourite sweet/candy: Smarties, chocolate chip cookies, snack mix

Other information: Work for Penn State University, love my job, have a great boyfriend named Brad, working on making him cuddly as well. Have 3 very incredible kitty cats, named Spaz, Princess, and Odie. Spaz is so strange she will stand at your feet and meow until you pick her up like a baby and hug her, she's a definate cuddler. Princess is a good cuddler too, and Odie is a deaf male cat who is too "cool" to cuddle.

CuddleLand Name: Gudyrinit
Real Life Name: Bill Sands
Location: Cheltenham UK

E-mail: bilsands@netcomuk.co.uk

Web-site: http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~bilsands/index.html

Description of Cuddle character: Cuddliest piggie in cuddleland

Favourite colour: wed

Favourite food: cuddly choccie biccys

Favourite sweet/candy: stick toffee

Other information:very cheap

CuddleLand Name: Princess TuggyBear
Real Life Name: Tuggy Curran
Location: Nederlands

E-mail: tuggy@tuggy.demon.nl

Web-site: http://www.compusmart.ab.ca/bcp/tuggy.htm

Description of Cuddle character: Yikes! I have no idea what to say here... Can anyone help me out?

Favourite colour: RED!

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite sweet/candy: Carrot cake

Other information: Hmmmmmm..... I'm a union activist, live and work in the inner city (skid road) by choice, and I love to hike in the Rocky Mountains. Oh, and my sweetie is Marten Boonstra. What else do you want to know? *grin*

CuddleLand Name: Galahad
Real Life Name: Tom Boucher
Location: Sunnyvale, California

E-mail: tom2@home.com

Web-site: http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/4320/

Description of Cuddle character:

Favourite colour: CandyApple Red

Favourite food: Tin Roof Sundae Ice Cream

Favourite sweet/candy: Chocolate

Other information: Yes, there is some, but I ferget what it was, or is.

CuddleLand Name: Donna the PrimaDonna
Real Life Name: Donna
Location: Holbrook, NY

E-mail: Primad@sprynet.com

Web-site: http://www.designsbydonna.com/

Description of Cuddle character: Hmmmmmmmmm, I guess just a regular person with a poodle-pal named Dillon.

Favourite colour: Sunny Yellow

Favourite food: Any kind of Pasta prepared any way.

Favourite sweet/candy: M&M's.....plain, peanut, almond doesn't really matter

Other information: None that I can think of at the moment.

CuddleLand Name: Mic
Real Life Name: Michael Hally
Location: Philadelphia, PA

E-mail: mhally@nimbus.temple.edu

Web-site: http://www.temple.edu/alumni/ (have not had the time to set up my own but this (and the suplementals) I did for work)

Description of Cuddle character:Quietly standing in the corner waiting to step in and help whenever needed.

Favourite colour:blue

Favourite food: Your not really asking me to choose one over the others are you??

Favourite sweet/candy: yes that would be thoes cc cookies

Other information: Sorry don't really have much more to say

CuddleLand Name: Voyageur
Real Life Name: Gary V.
Location: Looking for a prairie home on the Cuddleland map; SE Idaho otherwise

E-mail: vecegary@lcs.isu.edu

Web-site: Will be done shortly

Description of Cuddle character: I refer you to renditions of a Voyageur by Paul Calle

Favourite colour: forest green

Favourite food: Pizza! Of course

Favourite sweet/candy: Christmas Cookies

Other information: I am a newbie to ac; you may wish to add me after the regualars :))

CuddleLand Name: Cuddly Bear
Real Life Name: David DeFalco
Location: Arlington, Texas, USA (Dallas area), or - the den near the top of the hill in the cuddle forest, with the big old oak tree nearly obscuring the entrance.

E-mail: zappa@nortel.com

Web-site: N/A

Description of Cuddle character: A not-too-tall, somewhat rotund (but not excessively so) light brown colored, verrry gentle bear. Prone to be irritable prior to having first cup of coffee in the morning. ;^) Usually seen carrying a large goody sack, and *never* seen without at least a crock of honey to share. Loves to pounce on newbies.

Favourite colour: Royal blue.

Favourite food: Lobster

Favourite sweet/candy: Tiramisu (and honey, of course)

Other information:

CuddleLand Name: balloo
Real Life Name: balloo
Location: the castle, now oddly kafkaesque without Princess Donna; Tacoma, Washington, the United States of America, North America, western hemisphere, "Earth", Sol, unfashionable western spiral arm of the milky way galaxy.

E-mail: balloo@blarg.net

Web-site: Ha ha! Do I look so egocentrical as to have a web site set up to glorify myself? Oh. Well then.

Description of Cuddle character: A massive pillar of moral strength, noble, courageous, and somewhat god-like in aspect. A candidate willing to stand up against the big money out of state interests, and guarantee chocolate chip cookies for bears. Respected and admired by all, yet this never seems to affect balloo's ability to interact with the "little people" of the fabled realm. TURBO CHARGED NITRO FUELED MAYHEM! MAYHEM! MAYHEM! The Seatlle Times calls balloo a "sure fired oscar winner," a "fantastic display of heart warming emotional triumph" and says "if you see just one cartoon bear this year, see 'balloo!'"

Favourite colour: Blue. No, YellooOOOOoo...

Favourite food: Yes, my favorite is food.

Favourite sweet/candy: Ooh, that's a toughie. Ana Diaz? Blue Bear? Sailor Angela? Carl the Shaggy Librarian? Tuggy and Marten? Kitten and Owl? Everyone in Cuddleland is really sweet, and if they have /candy, then I love them even when they're cranky. Ooh, Vivan has chocolate! Jellibun has eclairs! CuddleAnt has Dr. Pepper! We'll just drop a couple of scoops of ice cream in the Dr. Pepper so we can drink it with the chocolate and eclairs...

Other information: I'm hungry.

CuddleLand Name: Nala
Real Life Name: Maria Jaramillo
Location: Sydney, Australia (but Helsinki, Finland for the next 3 months)

E-mail: M.Jaramillo@unsw.edu.au or Maria.Jaramillo@helsinki.fi


Description of Cuddle character: bouncy, cuddly (of course!) lioness

Favourite colour: all bright ones

Favourite food: peanut butter & jam (jelly in US english) sandwiches

Favourite sweet/candy: pavlova

Other information: Enjoys running across the savanna, swimming in the creek, and of course meeting new furry animals to hug!

CuddleLand Name: AikoDude
Real Life Name: Dave Milbut
Location: South Amboy, NJ

E-mail: AikoDude@aol.com *OR* 71075.2744@compuserve.com

Web-site: http://members.aol.com/AikoDude/index.html

Description of Cuddle character: AikoDude is fairly new to cuddleland, he wanders about spreading color and music (and ice cream!).. he has been known (on occasion) to whip out his trusty lute and pluck the odd string or two and is a prolific (if not very good) poet. his latest project is preparing for his first bundle of joy, a little girl, due on or about dec 3, 1996.

Favourite colour: tye-dyed! definately!

Favourite food: raviolis in home made gravy

Favourite sweet/candy: chocolate chip mint ice cream (slightly melted)!

Other information: I am currently looking for input for the name of my first born! please visit my web page and cast your vote! 3 weeks to go!

CuddleLand Name: Lisa the Dreamer
Real Life Name: Lisa the Dreamer
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

E-mail: engineer@wavefront.com

Web-site: http://www.wavefront.com/~engineer

Description of Cuddle character: Dreamer

Favourite colour: soothing blue

Favourite food: pizza

Favourite sweet/candy: chocolate, especially Reese's peanut butter cups

Other information: I joined alt.cuddle in March 1996, I have a son, born 7-12-85.

CuddleLand Name: Hixie
RealLife Name: Hixie (oh, okay ... Gail)
Location: Seattle, Wash, USA ... (also that little stone cottage just at the edge of the secret Futterbye meadow)

E-Mail: hixie@mindspring.com

Web-site: still in planning stages

Description of Cuddle character: Butterfly/Pixie with kaleidoscope wings

Favourite colour: Blue (cyan)

Favourite food: Pasta of any sort

Favourite sweet/candy: CHOCOLATE of any sort!!

Other information: Loves to flit and flutter to rock-n-roll music; is intrigued by the idea of Doors music played by a polka band; and can really enjoy a romantic, slow song if there's cuddling involved! Loves to settle in front of the fireplace with the pussycats (aka The Whisker Sisters), where there's always room for another cuddly-type to snug in too. Has a special affinity for eagles and ospreys; for bears; and for sailors in the British Navy.

CuddleLand Name: Tiernan Elf
Real Life Name: Joanne Kline
Location: Connecticut

E-mail: tiernan@mad.scientist.com

Web-site: http://nw3.nai.net/~tiernan/ aka Tiernan's Castle

Description of Cuddle character: Elf :)

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: Lobster and clam chowder

Favourite sweet/candy: CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

Other information: Lessee, I'm married, no kids but four cats, one computer, two Volkswagens (one is my husband's), lots of stuffed animals and one Carousel. And one husband. And actually only one God too but He wears a different hat than my husband's.

My husband's God, that is, not my husband. He doesn't wear a hat. Well. Actually, in the winter, he does but it's a really stupid badger fur hat he got years ago in Pakistan and I spend half my time petting it because I thought it was one of the cats , and the other half of the time trying to get rid of it. Anyone want to buy a hat?

... nevermind. He just said I'm not getting rid of his hat :(

CuddleLand Name: The Squire
Real Life Name: Len Hayward
Location: Littleton, Massachusetts, USA

E-mail: hayward@tape.enet.dec.com

Web-site: (none yet)

Description of Cuddle character: (Also describes me.)

SQUIRE n. [ME squier, fr. OF esquier]

          1. A man devotedly attending a lady.  A man who escorts

             a lady: gallant.

          2. A member of the British gentry ranking below a

             knight and above a gentleman.  A title of dignity,

             honor, distinction and preeminence conferred upon a

             person by virtue of office, precedent, privilege,

             lands or attainment.

       v. To attend as an escort or squire.

  -- compiled from Webster's and American Heritage Dictionaries

I use the first definition and the verb form to begin describing who I am.

As for the second definition, I do not have an office such as Judge, nor do I have lands. I do not have privilege, being a commoner. There is no precedent by which I could make a claim. Only by attainment could the title of Squire be conferred.

Although the British Realm probably would not recognize it, the Ladies I have had the privilege to meet have said I earned the title by my actions as a Gentleman who heeds the definition of romance and follows a modern form of chivalry.

The Ladies of CuddleLand will have to tell me if I may retain the title.

Favourite colour: Depends on what the colour is for. Silver with a hint of mauve and an edging of mauve mixed with lavender for a rose. Yellow for cake (with chocolate frosting). White for snow. Red for Valentine's hearts....

Favourite food: Edible. My taste buds are eclectic.

Favourite sweet/candy:

Sweet - CuddleAngel, Jelliebun, PTB, Joysinger, Patty-anne, CuddleAnt, ... (Got a list of all the Ladies in CuddleLand handy?)

Candy - Peanut butter cups.

Other information: I am the proud father of two wonderful sons (who live with my former wife); Jonathan is 12, Ryan is 8. Currently, my 3 favorite shows are Babylon 5, Touched by an Angel, and Early Edition. I'm a Software Engineer and a part-time Instructor (teaching about computers) for a local Continuing Education program. I collect quotes. I like Kermit the Frog.

CuddleLand Name: Princess Ginger/CuddleBug
Real Life Name: Ginger Wiggins
Location: Dallas, Texas USA

E-mail: dvilljag@flash.net or tntgin@flash.net

Web-site: http://www.flash.net/~dvilljag

Description of Cuddle character: A person-sized ladybug sorta critter with opalescent coloration. A very friendly 'bug who offers warm cookies to all, along with 'bughugs, spoddles, and an occasional [_W_arm _H_ugs _A_ _P_lenty], should the situation warrant it .

Favourite colour: Green

Favourite food: Chocolate [of course]

Favourite sweet/candy: Chocolate chip cookies

Other information: Married in Aug. 1978, husband's name is Rick, two sons. I work as a computer programmer at a non-profit agency providing psycho-social case management to people infected with HIV/AIDS.

Cuddleland name: the shaggy librarian
Real name: Carl P. Olson
Location: maryland

email: colson@midget.towson.edu

WWW: http://www.towson.edu/~colson

Description: Carl the shaggy librarian is a blond golden retriever with glasses and a necktie. He lounges and reads most of the time; it's a perfect mask for congenital laziness. Not being KiTA material, he seldom comes to the rescue except when somone has a reference question. He can be found sleeping under a tree most of the time, though he is thinking of building a doghouse sometime soon. He is married and has a newborn puppy to keep him young.

CuddleLand Name: Vivan
Real Life Name: Vivan Forsstrom
Location: Finland

E-mail: Vivan.Forsstrom@helsinki.fi

Web-site: http://www.helsinki.fi/~forsstro/

Description of Cuddle character: One of those nordic persons licensed to give Nordic hugs.

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite food: Uhh... chockolate?

Favourite sweet/candy: Finnish chockolate of course!

Other information: Proudly owned by an occasionally very loud noised, but always sweet cokatiel Saku. Always gazing at the stars and wondering how exactly the radiative transfer equations can explain...(rest of the explanation cuddled for bandwidht :) )

CuddleLand Name: FlashCat
Real Name: Mark Barnard (terribly Germanic -- so naturally I'm from Quebec)
Location: Wichita, KS USA

E-mail: flashcat@feist.com

Description of Cuddle Character: Flashcat is a small orange housecat with a pronounced knack towards ineptnesss. Singularly unsure on his feet, he tends to mis-step at the first offered opportunity. Profoundly fond of hot cocoa (it's a a bit cold in a swamp, after all), he's usually out of the precious liquid, and is perpetually in search of it.

In his mind, a great hunter, though in Cuddle life, he tends to be skittish of anything small/medium/large that moves, and is perpetuasly in combat with dustbunnies (which tend to emerge victorious). Still, he's up to the occasional brash bluff of fearlessnes, when he mistakenly believes he can get away with it. He's clearly not fooling anyone.

He lives in the swamp, somewhere in a large dell, with the ever-dubious Tabby Cat.

CuddleLand Name: Locksley (also Sir Locksley, Locks, Keeper of the Countdown Clock of CuddleLand and hey, you!)
Real Life Name: Richard, Rick or assorted other diminuatives....
Location: Bellevue, WA

E-mail: locksley@gte.com

Web-site: mostly theoretical unless you count the one's that are isolated from the rest of the world by firewalls and other such devices designed to restrict the free flow of information...

Description of Cuddle character: Green. Mostly. Locksley is a bit erratic and sometimes prone to self contradiction. (NO, I'M NOT!)[You are too, so SHUT UP!] or in verbal battles with the narrator who is just trying to keep everything simple and straight forward and safe for everyone concerned. (Right! I believe that)[Would you please BE QUIET! You remember what he did to us last time?](ulp)

ANYWAY, Locksley sees himself as a later day Robin Hood except he's too well-bred to steal so he has to go out and buy everything himself or make it out of scrap in his Secret Laboratory. Unfortunately for him, his imagination is somewhat more effective than his engineering talents so things work very, very well but sometime he has trouble making them stop. Locksley is assisted by (or perhaps ASSAULTED is a more accurate phrase) by 50 CuddleElves, which are rather small hyperactive gremlins with an incredible lust for pizza and all the grace and social skills of the Three Stooges (times sixteen and two-thirds).

From time to time, Locksley dons the uniform of the Keeper of the Countdown Clock of CuddleLand, but that hasn't happened in quite awhile. He also wields the bright orange CuddleStaff which was forged from the heart of the fabulous Nerfwood in his ka-nigitely duties as protector of the realm and tarnisher of armor. In his spare time, he torments balloo...who torments him right back...

Favourite colour: uhh...uhhh...green?

Favourite food: Pizza! M'oatmeal cookies! Ice cream! M'oatmeal pizza ice cream?

Favourite sweet/candy: ICE CREAM!!!!! Particularly homemade...

Other information: Everything I do is perfectly serious. And rumors of my past transmogreifica... transmoogri...trinsmi...CHANGING into lions or princesses or other non-Locksley like creatures are false and untrue and lies even... And I NEVER masquerade as a bear just to get hugs or food.

CuddleLand Name: Kitt Wulf/Lady Kitt
Real Name: Kitt Wulf (well, almost)
Location: Valencia, California, USA

E-mail: kittwulf@foundation-i.com

Web Site: http://www.foundation-i.com

Description of Character: Kittwulf is an arctic white wolf with silvery grey tips on her ears and tail. Lives in a remote but crazy wolf den, deep in the CuddleForest. Transforms into the Lady Kitt, Lady of the Realm and Defender of the Realm.

Favourite Colour: White and Forest Green

Favourite Food: Very, very, rare, red meat

Favourite Sweet/Candy: mmmmmmmm..... chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream in between the layers and smothered with double chocolate frosting sprinkled with chocolate shavings.

Other Information: Newest member of the PNCoC (Permanent Newbie Club of Cuddleland, Galahad being the Founder and Senior CuddleMember); addicted to cuddles and hugs; shameless flirt. Formerly a northern red timber wolf who turned white during a violent storm that ravaged the fabled realm.

CuddleLand Name: CuddleAnt - Picture
Real Name: Karen Skocdopole
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

E-Mail: kate@playful.com

Web SIte: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/6498

Description of Cuddle Character: An Ant that has her very own Red Radio Flyer wagon of which she is very proud! You see..it's much larger than she and it makes her so happy that she can pull it (it's her rubber tree plant, so to speak). She is a determined little insect..determined to make her way through all of lifes trials a stronger insect!

Favourite Food: Anything Chocolate and of course DrPepper:)

Favourite sweet: Chocolate..chocolate..chocolate

Favourite color: ummm Hunter Green

Other Information: I graduated from nursing training third in my class at the age of 36. Whew..no easy task! I have always accepted a challenge and hope I'll continue to do so. For a life without challenge is not living.

CuddleLand Name: Joysinger
Real Life Name: Carol Motta
Location: Northern California, USA

E-mail: joysinger@earthlink.net

Web-site: I'm working on it...

Description of Cuddle character: A wandering minstral(singer) spreading songs of joy and encouragement to touch lives and warm hearts.

Favourite colour: purple

Favourite food: depends on my mood, from homemade burritos to macaroni & cheese.

Favourite sweet/candy: CuddleFudge

Other information: I'm part of a travelling musical drama group (mostly weekends), build computers in my spare time (ha!) and enjoy spodding as often as possible. I love music of many kinds, and am an avid reader. I also enjoy the ocean (studied marine biology), hiking & camping.

CuddleLand Name: Synny
Real Life Name: Synnoveah

E-mail: synnoveah@earthlink.net

Description of Cuddle character: is aka the irish lass with the synnful smile...abut 5'1" weight ha dont ye wish ye knew...petite..aubrun hair, and dark green eyes...loves to flirt with Galahad, and spy on Locksley's current escapades...for he does bring a smile to her face...also has a cottage yonder across the meadow under the trees where all fellow cuddlers are welcome to come enjoy cookies and relax for a spell....

Favourite colour: green like the emerald isle..

Favourite food: ohhhhhhh any kind ...cept peas...

Favourite sweet/candy: dark chocolate and Rocky Road icecream....

Other information: Ask me & I will tell ye...

CuddleLand Name: Little Bear
Real Life Name: Adrith L. Bedore
Location: Durham, New Hampshire USA

E-mail: albedore@kepler.unh.edu

Web-site: http://pubpages.unh.edu/~albedore/

Description of Cuddle character: A knee-high brown bear, with mischievous sparkle of eye and a curious habit of *bouncing*...

Favourite colour: green

Favourite food: Chinese food, fresh or from the Little White Box.

Favourite sweet/candy: pineapple and/or chocolate

Other information: Available upon request.

CuddleLand Name: Sir Mark KiTA
Real Life Name: Mark Fawcett
Location: Kasas City, Missiouri

E-mail: marfaw@sky.net

Web-site: N/A

Description of Cuddle character:

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Chinese

Favourite sweet/candy: Chocolate

Other information: Main interests: Tea, Laurel and Hardy, Silent Films and 1930's and 40's films.

CuddleLand Name: Saffire
Real Life Name: Kim Ulrick
Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

E-mail: Craig@worldlink.com.au

Web-site: N\A

Description of Cuddle character: a blue mouse

Favourite colour: BLUE

Favourite food: not really sure

Favourite sweet/candy: butterfingers (ahh, it's been so long)

Other information: Loves anything cute, but especially my dog Jady and my boyfriend Craig. :) Spends far too much time staring at books and screens (TV and computer).Thinks the funniest things in the world are Far Side comics and Blackadder. :)

CuddleLand Name: Sir Ward
Real Life Name: Ward Burrows
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA

E-mail: wardb@alumnae.caltech.edu


Description of Cuddle character: Just your typical bearded, glasses wearing old KiTA. Has a remarkable resemblance to what Ward looks like in real life (like that's a help! :-) for I choose not to wear much of a mask on the group - just a suit of tarnished mail.

Favourite colour: blue

Favourite food: sea

Favourite sweet: tropical fruit

Other information: One of the few (only?) of alt.cuddle's charter members who still posts on a fairly reasonable basis. First of the Knights in Tarnished Armor, and founder (along with Princess KaCee) of the Cuddle-Land Royalty. Also known for telling hideous puns and performing devious practical jokes... After all, the shortest distance between two puns _is_ a straight line. ;-)

CuddleLand Name: Dr Zippy
Real Life Name: Iain Horton
Location: St Andrews, Scotland

E-mail: ieh@st-and.ac.uk

Web-site: None

Description of Cuddle character: Bunny Rabbit

Favourite colour: Unknown. I'm colourblind.

Favourite food: Chocolate, Chocolate and more chocolate.

Favourite sweet/candy: See Above.

Other information: I used to go to the same University as you. Could you see if my old email account is still running (ieh2@coventry.ac.uk).

CuddleLand Name: Pluised by Own
Real Life Name: Marten Boonstra
Location: Breukelen, the Netherlands

E-mail: marten.boonstra@tip.nl

Web-site: www.tip.nl/users/marten.boonstra

Description of Cuddle character: It's not really a character. Pluis is my cat and I know a lot of cat-owners say : owned by . Pluis doesn't own me, but I'm not owning him either, so I decided to flip Owned by Pluis. Beep, beep, that's all folks!

Favourite colour: pink

Favourite food: you can fill me up with almost anything, as long as it doesn't include onions, red cabbage or red beets. But if it has cheese with it ...

Favourite sweet/candy: Stroopwafels

Other information: I'm working for a Canadian computer company. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but the love of my life is a very sweet Canadian woman, know in the real world as Tuggy Curran, but in alt.cuddle better known as Princess TuggyBear. And what a princess she is *blush*

CuddleLand Name: Angyroo
Real Life name: Angus McCall
Location: Perth Western Australia

E-mail: dina@networx.net.au

Web-site: no web site

Description of CuddleLand Character: A very bouncy, enthusiastic, somewhat woolly headed and forgetful creature with a very sweet tooth! Always helpful...usually knocking one over while doing it!

Favourite Colour: green

Favourite Food porterhouse steak with french fries

Favourite Candy/Sweet: chocolate

Other Information: Angyroo and Nanny Owl in RL have been married 25 years, and have 14 (coming up 15) grandchildren. Angyroo, being 9 years younger than N>O> says he is her 'toy boy'!

CuddleLand Name: Goldeye
Real Life Name: Theo Smits
Location: Bergum, Prov. of Friesland, The Netherlands

E-mail: goldeye@worldaccess.nl and rose41.gardens@pi.net

Web-site: Constructing it.

Description of Cuddle character: Loves to cuddle and hug everyone in CuddleLand every day, but just can't find the time for it. I promise to keep doing my best.

Favourite colour: Blue (Sky)

Favourite food: Apple pie with cream (We make it here on the farm) and chili con carne.

Favourite sweet/candy: Strawberry icecream with chocolate and liquorice allsorts.

Other information: It's GREAT to be with you, here in CuddleLand. Love you all!! ***hugs***cuddles***smiles***

CuddleLand Name: Col
Real Life Name:Colin Pringle
Location:Dumfries: SW Scotland, UK

E-mail: typo@argonet.co.uk


Description of Cuddle character: Nuffing special: I'm a single guy, age 21*2 and a bit. Now in a wheelchair due to an Motorbike accident and I broke my back. (Plus writing off one Motor bike, only 9Mths old) My sence of humour is weird and zany. My spelling is cronic, or I have a style all to my own, coz I spells words exactly as they sound. I live in my own little fantasy land a lot of the times, coz I can make the rules and play the game as I want to. I'm humanoid I think, and thats it. A bit of a boring read I guess.

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Mince and potatoes

Favourite sweet/candy: Boiled sweets/Mars Bars

Other information:One daft fat long haired ginger cat that is called Whicks. But also gets called other names, which I won't say bar ******m get the picture :)Imagine a picture of Garfield and thats him. I love him dearly though.

If you want to know about me, drop me a private email.

CuddleLand Name: patty-anne PITA (spelt with lower case)
Real Life Name: Patty-anne Lea
Location: Ladysmith, Vancouver island, British Columbia ,Canada

E-mail: income-tax@shaw.ca

Web-site: http://members.shaw.ca/income-tax/

Description of Cuddle character: as a reserve off officer in the Canadian Forces Air going ( Canadian Air Force) I am the Wing commander of the RCAF.that is the Royal Cuddleland Air Force. characteristics..Female, mature, Mom, Christian

Favourite colour: Pink

Favourite food: bread pudding, ouatmeal with canned milk and brown sugar,

Favourite sweet/candy: candied Ginger

Other information: Mother of five sons and one daughter. ( haven't seen a toilet seat down for years.) Owner operator of home based business where I teach basics of Computer programs and do small business bookkeeping, I also do about 500 income tax preparations between Feb 15 and April 30 so I am very rarely seen in cuddleland til after tax season. I started posting in AC on Dec 6 1994. Rebuilding my life after cancer left me a widow.

CuddleLand Name: Sir Alex
Real Life Name: Alexander R. ("Alex") Kovnat
Location: West Bloomfield Township, Michigan USA

E-mail: Akovnat@aol.com

Web-site: none at this time. Maybe someday

Description of Cuddle character: I don't know how I'd describe myself. I guess I could say one of my favorite vices is mixing fantasy and reality.

Favourite colour:

Favourite food: I like chicken, spaghetti, chop suey, pizza ...

Favourite sweet/candy: M & M's, Hershey's chocolate kisses.

Other information: I work as an engineer for Uncle Sam. Not the kind that drives a choochoo train, though.

CuddleLand name: Nanny Owl (OvO)
Real Life: Dina McCall
Location: Perth, Western Australia

E-mail: dina@networx.net.au

Web-site: no web site

Description of Cuddle Character: A rather sweet motherly feathery owl, very wise, with a tendancy to boss people around for their own good!

Favourite Colour: Red

Favourite Food:bread and butter pudding

Favourite Sweet/Candy: fudge

Other Information: In real life I'm a writer and tutor of creative writing. I have a kind of fairy story in an e-zine at Glasswings.... http://www.glasswings.com.au/GlassWings...Follow menu to Modern Adventure, where there are several stories and mine is Eileen and the Black Horse of Cormar.

CuddleLand Name: SugarBear
Real Life Name: Kevin Ilias
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

E-mail: kevinili@gate.net

Web-site: someday there will be one

Description of Cuddle character: from a distance this bear looks warm and inviting, up close even more so. Soft brown fur, great to cuddle into and just dream away. Soft spoken and gentle with the words as well as with the cuddles.

Favourite colour: blue for the calming affects it creates, brown for the warm inviting feeling, it projects, and a little yellow with the brown as in the warm, cuddling fire in a fireplace. (fireplace and South Florida, Ummmm. doesn't quite go together but I still enjoy the experience.)

Favourite food: Anything delicious but basicly a good sub and some NE clam chowder. ( I'm not so much into fancy stuff just basic foods and when I can, good ole mom's cooking)

Favourite sweet/candy: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate and oh yeah did I mention CHOCOLATE. (Do chocolate chip cookies and chocolate brownies count)

Other information: Going crazy working 40+ hours and 3 Classes a semister, but know that it will all pay off in the end. Loves music of all kind ( well except that stuff, lets see what do they call it... Oh yeah! Rap, just don't get it) especially Country. Science fiction fan and yes a Big fan of Star Trek. And in case anybody is wondering born 5/28/64. And friendly Email is always welcome, even if all ya need is a cyber-ear or cyber-shoulder. One lesson I've learned is "To get to the rainbow, ya gotta put up with the rain."

CuddleLand name: GreyBear
Real Life name: Jim Straker
Location: Devon, England

E-mail: jim.straker@zetnet.co.uk

Website: not yet, maybe next year.

Cuddle Character: A rather slow lumbering sort of bear who lives in the Bearcave in the woods. Quiet and even a bit shy, but loves to hug anyone in need of support. Getting sillier as he gets older.

Favourite colour: Mustard yellow.

Favourite food: Bananas and anything with bananas in it

Favourite sweet: Rahat Loukoum (Turkish Delight)

Other Information: An "Out and Proud" gay bear. Loves animals, has two RL mice (Julian and Sandy) as well as Vido.

CuddleLand Name: Justin Carpenter, or Dusty to those who prefer
Real Life Name: Justin Carpenter, or Dusty to those who prefer
Location: Rockville, Maryland, USA

E-Mail: rancourt@tis.com, or jmc@brain.uccs.edu

Web site: http://www.io.com/~adastra/rancourt/

Description of Cuddle Character: I'm a wolf, sometimes two-legged, sometimes four, and a wizard (if not always the most consistant of wizards). My familiar, Parzival, and I spread cheer, advice, and Maryland pecan pie to all we can, as well as all the hugs and cuddles we can offer.

Favorite Colour: Blue.

Favourite Food: Hmm, that's a tough one. Deep-dish pizza is a likely candidate.

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Pecan pie! :)

Other information: Please, ask me! :) I'm usually all too happy to answer questions about myself.

CuddleLand Name: K'lani
Real Life Name: Heidi J. Hough
Real Life Occupation: student
Location: Alt.Cuddle ... The northern mountains of cuddleland
Real Life ... Austin, TX, USA


Description of Cuddle Character: a 25-30 ft dragon made entirely of glass with an interesting sense of humor.

Favourite Colour:Real Life ... deep green, Alt.Cuddle ... deep blue green

Favourite Food: (tie between) smoothies, blue bell vanilla ice cream, and baklava. (yummie Mediterranean sweet honeyed pastry)

Other Information: in RL(tm) LOVES Mellow Yellow soda

CuddleLand Name: Rainbow Brite
Real Life Name: Jennifer Tricia Lynn Doucet (The New Brunswick kind)
Occupation: RL ... Lowly student (7th grade) Alt.Cuddle ... Raining down truffles and licorice
Location: Alt.Cuddle ... Rainbow Forest, RL ... St. ALbert, Alberta

E Mail: dervish@freenet.ab.ca

Description of CuddleLand Character: Hyperactive person with chocolate constantly smeared on her clothes

Favourite Colour: Pink + Yellow

Favourite Food/Drink: Pasta + Licorice Tea

Favourite Candy: Truffles

Other Information: Recent Newbie

CuddleLand Name: Jelliebun
Real Life Name: Jelliebun
Location: Port Moody, BC

E-mail: jmccread@ican.ca

Web-site: http://home.ican.net/~jmccread/index.html

Description of Cuddle character: Silly. Rabbit-like. Bakes a lot of things and then throws them at people.

Favourite colour: Purple, with sparkles

Favourite food: Hmmm ... prolly potatoes ... or brussels sprouts ...

Favourite sweet/candy: Liquorice Allsorts

Other information: Hugs'n'stuff

CuddleLand Name: Blue Bear
Real Life Name: Jiri Dluhos
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

E-mail: dluhosj@vscht.cz

Web-site: http://users.vscht.cz/~dluhosj

Description of Cuddle character:

Height: about 150 cm
Weight: ...umm ...as much as tubby bear can weigh :o)
Fur color: light blue
Eye color: brown
Face: a bit confused, but friendly

Favourite colour: all clear and bright colors

Favourite food: hamburger, cheeseburger, pizza

Favourite sweet/candy: heehee... all kinds you can imagine

Other information:

1. I love new friends. Feel free to email me any time!
2. And of course, I love Carebears.

CuddleLand Name:Sara (Sweet Sara)
Real Life Name: Ruth Sara Lerche Olesen

E-mail: sara@cedar-rapids.net


Description of Cuddle character: I'm just me, no more character playing unless it's because I'm out trolling for cookies etc. *g*

Favourite colour: Earth Tones

Favourite food: See food. Everything (almost) I see I eat.

Favourite sweet/candy:

Other information:

CuddleLand Name: Dan - Picture
Real Life Name: Dan Welch
Location: Southampton, UK

E-mail: DanWelch@aol.com

Web-site: none at present

Description of Cuddle character: itinerant madman, keeper of chickens, occasional involuntary nudist and brewer of the celebrated CuddleWine.

Favourite colour: Um... blue

Favourite food: Curry... chocolate hob nobs... Ruddles County... red wine

Favourite sweet/candy: Matchmakers... Swiss dark chocolate

Other information: I have a cat called Oscar the fiend, I have a pathological hatred of keep fit (and it shows) and I live in a chicken coop... in AC anyway. I used to play guitar in a band called Big Jim and then bass and vocals in Sticky Fingers.

CuddleLand Name: Vido the virtual doberman.
Real Life Name: Eh?
Location: The Bearcave in the woods, Cuddleland.

E-mail: c/o jim.straker@zetnet.co.uk

Web-site: not yet, but anything could happen.....

Description of Cuddle character: Young and rather silly doberman pup. Keen to play with other dogs and creatures, friendly and rather bouncy.

Favourite colour: Pink, same as his master

Favourite food: Chocolate dog-biscuits; actually chocolate anything.

Favourite sweet/candy: see above

Other information: A present from cuddlers and named by Donna the PrimaDonna, he is a very faithful pup, house-trained and obedient. He is currently learning a few tricks for Cuddleland parties.

CuddleLand Name: Snigly
Real Life Name: Glynis Hulme
Location: Sheffield, England

E-mail: Glynhulme@aol.com

Web-site: Under construction!

Description of Cuddle character: Cute & cuddly! Honest!

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite food: Anything Chinese!

Favourite sweet/candy: Chocolate.

Other information: Usually seen in the meadow with a little rat on my shoulder or peeking out from a pocket. I am by profession a teacher of IT and by nature an incurable optimist and romantic :-)

CuddleLand Name: Rayella the CuddlePhuffalumph
Real Life Name: Misty Levenick
Location: Freeport Illinois, US

E-mail: starlord@mwci.net

Web-site:uh, not yet..

Description of Cuddle character: well, sorta a cross between an Elephant, a teddybear, a dragon, and a kitten...about 2ft tall [or about 2/3rds of a meter for you metric people]

Favourite colour: uh well it depends on the day...:}

Favourite food: lobster with chocolate for desert..

Favourite sweet/candy: chocolate

Other information: The phuffalumph in RL is married and has two children under the age of 5, both boys. She loves to cook, make crafty things, and attempts needlework and knitting..

CuddleLand Name: SnowyBear, posting occassionaly for *Pink*Floyd
Real Life Name:
Location: Near Derby, England

E-mail: snowy@picko.demon.co.uk

Web-site: http://www.picko.demon.co.uk (under construction)

Description of Cuddle character:Well, I'm a bear - with long white hair, a feathery cavalier's hat and a pronounced English accent, although I am sometimes prone to break into a broad Yorkshire dialect. At the moment I'm lodging in a little niche at the bottom of CuddleOwl's tree. My cat *Pink*, who is a fluffy pink ball, with big black eyes, a nose, a mouth, whiskers and a tail, appears at strange, unexpected times, purrs very loudly, chases butterflies, and will do anything for chocolate.

Favourite colour: Summer sky blue

Favourite food: Curry (rather unromantic, I know, but I'm so addicted!)

Favourite sweet/candy: Bonfire toffee

Other information: in RL I'm a busy musician. I like all kinds of sci-fi shows like: Babylon 5, X-Files, Dr Who, Blakes 7 and all the Trek stuff. I cook the most wonderful asian cuisine, so if anyone's ever near Derby, call in for a meal!

CuddleLand Name: Sir Cuddle-Lion
Real Life Name: Nathan Shores
Location: St. Paul, MN, USA

E-mail: cuddlelion@aol.com


Description of Cuddle character: Huge lion, with enormous mane in which to carry things, & other cuddlers. Map-maker, Infini-cookie baker

Favourite colour: Primary blue

Favourite food: Microwave Purina Lion-Chow (peanut butter sandwiches)

Favourite sweet/candy: Divinity

Other information: in alt.cuddle since March '95, first cuddled 'Lil Lamb, bearer of the 200 lb beard, wearer of the tarnished armor vest of many pockets, explorer, heavy sleeper, artist, trombone player, knighted autumn '96, loves Science fiction, cocoa, fireplaces, classical music, and cuddling.

Cuddlename : Hamsterman
RL name : Chris Blackburn
Location : Nottingham, England

e-mail : chrisb@proweb.co.uk

Description : 4 ft tall, slightly podgy hamster with blue fur, normally seen wearing a short red cape and red boxer shorts with an H monogrammed on the front. Has a secret Rotastak base somewhere in Cuddleland (he's not too sure just where, it's that secret). Has a neverending supply of ACME gadgets, some of which actually work. He's very enthusiastic but accident prone, and is embarrassed easily.

Favourite Colour : Royal Blue

Favourite Food : Beef in just about any form (except raw)

Favourite Sweet : buttered popcorn (and chocolate)

Other : In RL, both I and my partner, the ever snuggly Supermouse, have been suffering from M.E. for the past 2 years, which makes life a little trying at times. I'm a roleplayer, wargamer, and avid reader.

Cuddleland name: CuddlePantheress
Real life name: Elizabeth Hess
Location: Collinsville, Oklahoma, USA

E-mail: pantheress@catlover.com

Website: http://www.pandora.org/shadow/

Description of Cuddle character: Cuddle Pantheress is a large blue-black panther with golden eyes. She was found by CuddleKidd, who brought her back to Cuddleland to live. She lives in the forest and lurks in the dark shadows... waiting to pounce newbies.

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: lasagna

Favorite sweet/candy: chocolate, of course

Other information: Came to a.c, March 19, 1996, looking for some sunshine during a period of darkness in my life. I'm happy to have stumbled upon a.c that day.

CuddleLand Name: Nathan
Real Life Name: Nathan D Richards
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

E-mail: nathanr@k2.ashpool.com

Web-site: http://nathanr.home.ml.org/

Description of Cuddle Character: Haven't made one yet.

Favourite Colour: blue or black, depending on my mood

Favourite Food: Yummy Italian food.

Favourite Sweet/Candy: Chocolate!!!! :)

Other Information: Hmm..not much I can say. I'm male, about 21, and very much into computers. If you wanna talk to me, I'm pretty friendly and won't bite (unless asked;)

CuddleLand Name: Tinabear :)
Real Life Name: Tina Lynn Ryan
Location: Sequim, WA

Email: tinabear@unforgettable.com

Web-Site http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/2248/

Description of Cuddle Character: What's the difference between a Tinabear and a teddybear? a Tinabear is more cuddly and whole lot less fuzzy :)
She is short, round, and cuddly. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is most often seen smiling.
Tinabear can most often be found playing in the meadow of Cuddleland or daydreaming under a walnut tree on the north side of the meadow. She is the one who planted the warm fuzzy tree on the east side of the meadow (a lil tree with bright red fluffies on it). She pays her respects to those who have passed on under an old oak tree on the west side of the meadow.
Tinabear uses *tce* and *swc* to edit posts she responds to (tender cuddle editing and snuggled with care).

Favourite Colour: blue

Favourite Food: honey, strawberries, walnuts, mushrooms (but not all together :)

Favourite Sweet/Candy chocolate, Chocolate, CHOCOLATE!!!


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