Red's Care Bear page

My Care Bears

13 inch Plush

Cheer Bear
Wish Bear
Bedtime Bear
Share Bear
Birthday Bear
Baby Hugs
Baby Tugs

8 Inch Plush

Friend Bear


Tenderheart - hugging himself / balloons
Goodluck - ladybird on head / holding horseshoe / with basket of clovers
Cheer - paintbrush & pallet / rainbow skipping rope
Grumpy - dropped ice-cream / with umbrella
Bedtime Bear - blanket / sitting in nightcap / lying on pillow
Wish - with lamp
Funshine - Butterfly on hand / band-leader
Love-a-lot - String of hearts
Baby Hugs - sitting
Baby Tugs - sitting
Champ - with football
Share - box of chocolates
Birthday - sitting with pressie / party blower
Friend - sitting with flower

Swift Heart Rabbit
Cozy Heart Penguin
Bright Heart Raccoon
Gentle Heart Lamb
Brave Heart Lion
Lotsa Heart Elephant.

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