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Buffy Anne Summers, born in 1981. Her parents are Hank and Joyce, now divorced. She lives at 1630 Revello Drive in Sunnydale, California and is a sophomore at Sunnydale High School. She moved to Sunnydale with her mother after she was expelled from her previous high school for burning down the gymnaseum.

Her watcher is Rupert Giles, the school librarian.

Buffy has had little success with romantic relationships, and her only successful relationship was with Angel, a vampire.


Willow Rosenberg was born and bred in Sunnydale. She is a fairly shy girl and is best friends with Xander. She can be quite naive at times, but she is very intelligent, and both Buffy and Xander have turned to her for tutoring. Her computer skills are fantastic and she is currently covering the computer class for Jenny, who was killed in Passion.

She has always carried a torch for Xander, and she tells Buffy that they dated when they were five years old, until he stole her Barbie doll.

She met up with Oz at a career fair, and not long afterwards they started dating. Even after finding out he was a werewolf, she was happy to carry on the relationship.


Alexander LaVelle Harris (Xander for short) has lived in Sunnydale all his life. As he grew up, his best friend was Willow Rosenberg, and they remain best friends to the present day. He was also best friends with Jesse until he was turned into a vampire.

Xander learned about Buffy being the slayer, when he overheard her talking to Giles about it. Along with Willow, he insisted on helping Buffy with her future adventures.

His lovelife has been relatively uneventful. Totally oblivious to Willow's feelings towards him, he has lusted after Buffy. He also fell for the substitute teacher who turned out to be a praying mantis, and an exchange student who proved to be a mummy. His main relationship to date has been with Cordelia.


Rupert Giles is the school librarian. He is also the Watcher, coming from a family of watchers. He went to Oxford University. He dropped out when a friend of his lost his sanity fighting a she-mantis. He was also the curator at a museum in England, prior to his assignment to being Buffy's watcher.

He dated Jenny Calender, the computer teacher. There was a slight setback when he discovered that she was a member of the gypsy tribe who cursed Angel, and that she was there to watch Angel, but they had been reconciled before she was killed.


Angelus, an Irishman was born in the early 1700s. He was heavily into drinking, and on one drinking session ran into a vampire named Darla, who turned him into a vampire. In 1860 he killed the family of a young girl named Drusilla before turning her into a vampire. Later, in 1898 he killed the daughter of a gypsy tribe, and was cursed by the tribe's elders.

The curse was that his soul was restored to him, forcing him to live with the guilt of what he had done. From that point onwards he drifted until he travelled to California, where he decided he would help the Slayer. At first his help was in the form of cryptic advice, but later he and Buffy developed feelings for one another. He told her that he is a vampire, and how he came to regain his soul. He became a valuable ally to the Slayer.

Despite the irony of the Slayer falling in love with a vampire, that is infact what happened. Buffy and Angel fell in love, consummating the relationship on Buffy's seventeenth birthday.

Unfortunately, the gypsy curse was cast on the assumption Angel would remain feeling guilty. By experiencing joy with Buffy, the curse was lifted and he reverted to his old self. He remained this way until Willow recast the spell, but right after it took effect Buffy was forced to kill him and send him to Hell, to prevent the world being destroyed.




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