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NEWS: December 31, 1999 - All Beanies to retire

Ty has announced that all beanies will retire on 31 December.

NEWS: September 1, 1999 - 10 New Beanies

10 new beanies and 13 new buddies have been announced.

Beanies: 1999 Holiday Bear
Chipper the Chipmunk
Groovy the Ty dyed bear
Honks the Goose
Scaly the Lizard
Sheets the Ghost
Slowpoke the Sloth
The End the black bear
Ty 2K the bear
Wallace the bear

Buddies: Amber
Britannia - UK Exlcusive
Maple - Canada Exclusive

NEWS: Summer Trio

Birthday Bear, Lips, Flitter

NEWS: Summer Retirements

The following beanies have retired:-
Britannia, Maple, Nibbler, Nibbly, Ewey, Eggbert, Peace, Wiser, Erin, Princess.

NEWS: December 31 - Large retirement

Ty have announced a list of the beanies, Attics and Buddies who will retire at the end of this month. The beanies that are bidding farewell are:-

Fetch, Dotty, Doby, Santa, Wise
Ants, Claude, Nuts, Zero, Valentino
Pumkin, Scoop, Stinger, Tuffy, Holiday Teddy 98
Curly, Fleece, Snip, Pinky, Congo
Spike, Bongo, Freckles, Chocolate, Roary, Glory.

NEWS: October 1 New releases and New Range

Ten new beanies were announced today:-

Canyon the Cougar
Beak the Kiwi
Halo the Bear
Teddy 98
Scorch the Dragon
Roam the Buffalo
Loosy the Goose
Pumkin the Pumpkin
Zero the Penguin

Also announced was Ty's new line of toys called "BEANIE BUDDIES". They appear to be large versions of both current and retired beanies.

Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant
Humphrey the Camel
Beak the Kiwi
Jake the Duck
Cranberry Teddy
Rover the Dog
Quackers the Duck
Twigs the Giraffe

NEWS: September Retirements

Stinky, Crunch, Wrinkles, Sly, Bernie, Spinner, Seaweed, Bruno , Puffer, Ringo, Blackie, Daisy and Snort.

NEWS: May 30 New Releases Announced

Fourteen new beanies have been released:-
Jake the Mallard Duck, Fortune the Panda, Glory the Bear, Kuku the Cockatoo, Early the Robin, Rocket the Blue Jay, Jabber the Parrot, Wise the Owl, Whisper the Deer, Stinger the Scorpion, Gigi the poodle, Tracker the Basset Hound, Fetch the Golden Retriever, Ants the Anteater.

NEWS: May 1 Retirements Announced

The following 28 beanies have been retired:-
Twigs, Peanut, Quackers, Scottie, Weenie, Bones, Zip, Inch, Pinchers, Inky, Ziggy, Rover, Squealer, Lucky, Patti, Gracie, Waves, Stripes, Hippity, Ears, Blizzard, Baldy, Echo, Happy, Hoppity, Jolly, Waddle and Floppity.

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