Red's Blakes 7 Quiz

The questions in this quiz were devised by Kate Dunn.

The Red Blake 7 Quiz

1. Two actors played Travis. Who were they?
2. Why was Kerr Avon being sent to Cygnus Alpha?
3. What is Vila's surname?
4. What is Cally's home planet called?
5. Who voiced Zen?
6. Who joined the crew of the Liberator in "Aftermath"
7. What is the maximum speed of the Liberator?
8. In which story is Avon thought to be Lord Avon?
9. Which actor who played the Doctor in Doctor Who also appeared in Blakes 7?
10. Who operates the teleport when the entire crew go down to the planet surface?
11. What is the maximum range of the teleport?
12. Who said, "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care...or indeed why it should be necessary at all.", and in which story?
13. Who are the original seven crew members?
14. Barry Jackson who played Drax in Doctor Who, played which charactor in "Mission to Destiny"?
15. How did Avon work out from the number 54124 who was the traitor in "Mission to Destiny"?
16. What is Star One?
17. In which story was Travis finally killed?
18. What is Gan's first name?
19. What weapon did Dayna use when we first encounter her?
20. The liberator was their first ship. What was the name of the second?

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Last Updated: 27-01-96

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