Red's Blakes 7 Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz. Some have some explanation attached whilst others are self-explanatory.

The Answers

1. Stephen Grief and Brian Croucher
2. For the attempted theft of 5 million credits from the Federation banking systems through computer fraud.
3. Restal
4. Auron
5. Peter Tuddenham
6. Dayna
7. Standard by 12
8. Deliverance
9. Colin Baker, starred as Bayban in "City at the Edge of the World"
10. Orac
11. 1500 spatials
12. Avon, in Duel
13. Roj Blake, Kerr Avon, Vila Restal, Olag Gan, Jenna Stannis, Cally and Zen
14. Kendall
15. He realised that it was the name SARA written in haste.
16. The main federation computer centre whose location was secret. Destroyed in battle at end of episode Star One.
17. Star One
18. Olag
19. Bow and Arrow
20. The Scorpio

Did you get them all right?

Last Updated: 27/01/96

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