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Finding himself onboard a prison ship headed for Cygnus Alpha, the penal colony, after having been found guilty of a crime he didn't commit, Roj Blake vowed to have vengeance on the Federation.

There, he met Kerr Avon, a computer expert, Vila Restal, a professional thief, Jenna Stannis, a smuggler and Olag Gan. With their help Blake led a mutiny in an attempt to take over the ship. Unfortunately it failed, but Blake determined to succeed next time.

Blake, Avon and Jenna were made to board a stranded starship which the prison ship came alongside. They were sent because the ships self-defense system had beaten many of the prison ship crew and it was decided that the prisoners were expendable. Once onboard the ship, they overcame the defense mechanism, and were able to take control of the abandoned ship. They managed to move away from the prison ship, and they were free.

The ship, called the "Liberator", turned out to be of a far superior technology than they had ever encountered. In the Liberator, Blake, Avon and Jenna, with the help of the onboard computer, Zen, fly to Cygnus Alpha, where Blake teleports to the planet surface and rescues Vila and Gan.

After teleporting back to the ship, they are soon on their way to the planet Saurian major where they meet Cally, the sole survivor of a virus released by the Federation which wiped out the resistance. Cally, a telepath from the planet Auron, joins forces with Blake, Avon and Vila and with them destroys the Federation's communication complex. Afterwards, Cally returns to the Liberator with them, where Blake asks her to join the crew, an offer which she accepts.

"Glad to have you,"Blake said, "With you we've got a full crew. We're up to seven."
Vila nodded happily and then his face suddenly changed. "Seven?"he queried, making a quick count, "Six."
"And Zen makes seven", Blake grinned.

Animated image created by Peter Borg

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