Red's Who Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz. Some have some explanation attached whilst others are self-explanatory.

[Picture of The Doctor and King 

The Answers

  1. John Cleese and Eleanor Bron
  2. Jackie Lane (Dodo Chaplet)
  3. Richard Hurndall
  4. Communal brain, storing all the personality imprints of all the Timelords who ever lived.
  5. History should not be distorted and an individual should not be allowed to cross his own time stream
  6. Double Gamma
  7. The Wheel in Space
  8. Giant Robot
  9. United Nations Intelligence Taskforce
  10. Bret Vyon
  11. Absorbed too much energy from the Earth
  12. Small silver rat like creatures used by cybermen. Home in on brainwaves.
  13. The Stones of Blood
  14. The readiness to obey, fight, destroy and exterminate.
  15. a)Sophie Aldred
    b)Katy Manning
    c)Jackie Lane
    d)Mark Strickson
    e)Ian Marter
    f)Fraser Hines
    g)Carole-Ann Ford
    h)Peter Purves
  16. Zeus
  17. Coal Hill Secondary School
  18. Professor Marius
  19. Xeriphas
  20. Terminus
  21. Death
  22. Madame Nostradamus
  23. Tomb of the Cybermen, Terror of the Autons
  24. Interplanetry Mining Corporation
  25. Bio-morphic Organisational Systems Supervisor (Computer which ran Global Chemicals in Llanfairfach)

Did you get them all right?


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