Red's Who Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz. Some have some explanation attached whilst others are self-explanatory.

[Picture of The Doctor and King 

The Answers

1. 18 (16 UNIT stories, and 2 as a yeti)
2. The Deadly Assasin
3. Terror of tha Autons
4. Arc of Infinity - played Maxil
5. Ravon, in Genesis of the Daleks
6. Frontier in Space
7. 100,000BC
8. Mary had a Little Lamb
9. The Horns of Nimon
10. The Armageddon Factor
11. The Chase
12. Mike Yates
13. The Wholeweal Community
14. Zero Point - the intersection between N-space and E-space.
15. Mark of the Rani
16. Infusion of energy from the disintigrator gun.
17. Dragonfire
18. Stevens, Head of Global Chemicals
19. Dragonfire
20. Peri
21. Chessene
22. The Visitation
23. The Masque of Madragora
24. American Agent sent to investigate the Master - Claws of Axos
25. Liz Shaw

Did you get them all right?


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