Red's Who Actor Quiz

    Part 1 - General

  1. Which actor has appeared in the most Doctor Who stories?
  2. Which actor has appeared with all the Doctors?
  3. Which actor's son appeared in his last story as the Doctor?
  4. Which actor has appeared with the 1st Doctor, the 3rd Doctor and the 5th Doctor, but not any of the others?
  5. How many actors have played the Doctor? (excluding the new telemovie!)
  6. How many stories did Tom Baker star in? (televised only)
  7. How many stories did the companion Sarah-Jane star in? (televised only)
  8. Which actor had the shortest run as the Doctor?
  9. Which actor starred in a total 18 stories, playing a total of 2 characters?
  10. Which actor speaks the last words in "Survival"?

    Part 2 - Who played....

  11. Who played Drax?
  12. Who played Professor Clifford Jones?
  13. Who played Maxil?
  14. Who played King Peladon?
  15. Who played Chancellor Goth?
  16. Who played Turlough?
  17. Who played Zoe?
  18. Who voiced the Great One in "Planet of the Spiders"?
  19. Who played Odysseus?
  20. Who played Bill Filer?

    Part 3 - Who did they play?

  21. Who did Gareth Hunt play?
  22. Clive Swift appeared as who?
  23. Jacqueline Pearce played Servalan in Blake's 7. Who did she play in Doctor Who?
  24. Richard Franklin was who?
  25. Who did Deborah Watling play?
  26. Who did Valentine Dyall play in "The Armageddon Factor"?
  27. Brian Croucher played Travis in Blakes 7. Who did he play in Doctor Who?
  28. Linda Bellingham appeared in Doctor Who as which character?
  29. In "Terror of the Vervoids" who did Yolande Palfrey play?
  30. David Haig played the part of who in "The Leisure Hive"

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