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In the Teri galleries 1-3 you'll find many greats pics of teri. I also placed there pics of the Bond movie teri hatcher kraftwerk frontpage jpgand some autograph files. I even found on a suspicious server some faked files.

If you hold the cursor above a pic, you can see the file name and its size - if your browser does support it (Navigator 4.0 or IE 3.0). Download the pics in full size by clicking with the mouse on it. After the selected pic is displayed, use the back button of your browser to get back to the gallery site.

I downloaded the files partly on other sites or scanned them by myself. Of course you can place them also on your own site if you want to.

In Teri links I collected some interesting URL's concerning Teri Hatcher. On these linked sites you will also find informations about her filmography and biography.

If you want me to add your Teri site to my links, send me an email.

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