Sunday, April 5, 1998

The last minute cleaning was done in the preperation for Wakky's arrival. I waited most of the day for Wakky ta call. Nothing. Finally when it started getting dark, I logged onto IRC and joined #watertower, ta see if anyone knew anthing about Wakky's whereabounts.

Wakky called me at about 8:30pm and told me that he and his brother had arrived in Ocean City. I asked what had happened ta him and he said that he had been waiting for his brother (as usual :). Wakky was afraid that it would be too late ta come over, but I figured, "What was the point of Wakky and his brother coming a day earlier than the rest of the family if Wakky and I were not even gonna get ta see each other?" Wakky said that he'd be a bout a half hour.

My family and I were eating a late dinner and we had the two dogs locked up in the kitchen with us so that when Wakky came ta the door, I could just slip out of the kitchen. At about 9:10pm We heard the doorbell (now that I think of it, wow, Wakky found our doorbell... not many folks do :). I went ta the front door and opened it. There stood Wakky. He ran ta me and hugged me, lifting me off my feet!

I then let our dogs out of the kitchen and they went nuts! After the dogs calmed down, my brother (Yakko82), my dad and my mom introduced themselves. Yakko82 waved, my dad shook Wakky's hand and my mom hugged him.

Next I showed Wakky my Animaniacs shrine, the lifesize Wakko picture I drew, and my Warner plushies, including my "wakkyplish" and the rather famous "wakkoplish". I presented Wakky with a box of Animaniacs Valentines cards, his own large Dakin Wakko, and his very own Wakkanne plushie, that I made for him. Wakky then suddenly come ta the realization, "Hey, I said that I was gonna try to sweep you off your feet when we first hugged and I guess I did!" We had a nice laugh at that. :)

We went up ta the computer room ta play on IRC for a bit. I was still connected ta #watertower from earlier and Wakky changed the nick ta "Wakkanne-and-Wakky". When we started chatting, there were the lewd responses from the usual "yiffy" #wt folk. Wakky set the "/ignore" command on one"yiff-ster" in perticular (extra points for guessing who it was!). Wakky was doing most of the talking so I suggested that he sign on as himself and change the "Wakkanne-and-Wakky" nick back ta "Wakkanne". Wakky chatted a bit more and I showed him some of our pooter's old hard drives and modems that were lying around. After a bit, Wakky said, "Do you have anything else to show me? I mean, I do this [referring ta chatting on #wt] every night."

So I gave Wakky a tour of my house and then it was back ta my room ta listen ta "Animaniacs: A Hip-Hopera Christmas". My mom said that at 11:00 we were gonna hafta take Wakky back ta the motel. Wakky asked if he could have something ta drink and when we went out in the kitchen we remembered that Wakky hadn't eaten. I fixed him a small plate of my macaroni & cheese left over from dinner and some orange juice. I then got him a bannana, an orange, and two corn cakes for his breakfast the following morning.

Then it was time for Wakky ta go back. After a brief potty emergency we were on our way! My mom drove and Wakky and I sat in the back. 5 minutes later, we were at his motel, the Howard Johnsons on 12th street oceanside. I got out of the car with Wakky and gave him a BIG HUG before saying good bye. I got back in the car, front seat passenger side, drawing the first day of meeting WakkyMouse ta a close. I felt tired and worn out, so not really myself, but I was also satisfied that Wakky and I had finally met.

Monday, April 6, 1998

It started out like a normal school day, I was at school from 8:30am ta 3:00pm. Wakky and I had planned on him coming ta school with me for the day on Thursday since I would be off the nect day, but I had second thoughts due ta the fact that I had a history test on that day and my Math class wouldn't thrill him so much either.My mom picked me up and I was home by 3:30.

Wakky called at about 4:30 and arrived by 4:15. We had ta keep our voices down because my mom had ta work that night and was trying ta sleep. This was hard for Wakky ta do because he was still rather hyped up over us finally meeting.

We went back ta my room and I showed Wakky some of my school books. He was fascinated by my Computer 101 class textbook (which came as no surprise). We then looked more at the stuff in my Animaniacs shrine and when Wakky saw that a lot of the books had come from K-mart, he noted that he and his family had ta start going there more often. Wakky then read ta me "Animaniacs: Chocolate Yaks-A-Lot" and "Pinky and the Brain's Island Re-ZORT!", a story and coloring book most worthy of actually be coming real A! and PatB episodes. Isn't that a cute image tho? Big brother, Wakky, sitting on the floor with little half-sister, Wakkanne, reading Animaniacs stories ta her? I thought it was cute, anyway... :)

Wakky and I then went ta see what Yakko82 was up ta. Y82 was in the family room watching Evita. Wakky and I would've stuck around, but it was already 30 minutes into the movie and Wakky had never seen it. So instead, Wakky and I went back ta my room again.

Wakky and I looked through the binder I put together, full of our emails and some IRC logs I had printed out. Wakky and I strolled down memory lane as he read a few of the more ancient ones. I showed Wakky a lot of photos that I had taken of things like, my friends, the campus of my old school Shenandoah University, my dog Sam's puppy album. I then showed him some more of my Animaniacs drawings that I haven't put on the internet yet.

My dad came home from work at about 7:15 pm and we had dinner not too long after, at 8:30pm (late). Dinner was soup, salads, and sandwiches. Wakky and I both behaved ourselves and had salads topped with some salmon made up like tunafish.

After dinner, Wakky, Yakko82, and I watched Wakky's tape with Animaniacs eps 95 & 96: Hooray For North Hollywood. It was groovy-faboo. This was the first time Yakko82 and I had ever seen it.

By the time Hooray for North Hollywood was over, it was 10:00pm and time for Wakky ta go home. My dad drove. On the way over ta Ocean City, I had started ta fall asleep with my head on Wakky's shoulder. That was until I heard a crunch and realized that I was crushing the corn cakes that I had again given ta Wakky for breakfast the next day! We held hands instead. :)

When we got ta the motel, Wakky and I got out, exchanged hugs, and "I love yous" ending day two. I was still tired, but I was beginning ta feel even better about the whole thing. Not that had I doubted it or anything, but I finally felt right then and there totally convinved that this really was the same guy I had spent the past eight months getting ta know.

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

Another day at school. I drove with my mom and got ta school at 12:45, just in time for my math class. My dad picked me up at 6:30pm and we got home by 7:00. Yakko82 told me that Wakky had already called and the rest of his family was now in Ocean City. This was great news! Now Wakky and his brother would not hafta go home on Wednesday!

I took a shower, then called Wakky. This was the night that he was gonna sleep over! Wakky arrived at about 8:30pm and we walked the dogs by moonlight, on their normal course, about 20 minutes. Wakky had told me that he and his family had also walked earlier that day from their motel on 12th street, ta the inlet, not a light stroll either!

When we got back ta the house, Wakky read aloud two children's stories that Yakko82 had done in 9th grade, both dealing with Animaniacs. Yakko82 may have written the stories, but I drew a lot of the pictures. One was for a Civics class and the other for Spanish. When Wakky read the spanish one, he even translated for us.

We then watched some animaniacs shorts from my personal collection that Wakky had never seen: This Pun For Hire, Star Truck, Go Fish, Multiplication, Wakko's Two Note Song, Hello Nurse, The Ballad of Magellan, Panama Canal, and The Return of the Great Wakkorotti.

It was about 10:00pm now and Yakko82 went ta bed. Wakky and I stayed up and watched my tape of the movie, Cats Don't Dance. At 12:30am, Wakky and I decided ta call it a night. We pulled out the sofa bed and made the sheets. We prolly could've stayed up later, watching more movies, but we had a big day planned on Wednesday and had ta get up at 7:00am, so we had ta snaf. We hugged goodnight and I went off ta my own room. I fell asleep by 1:00am.

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

I woke up at 7:25am and heard Wakky just getting into the bathroom. I dressed and went ta the kitchen for breakfast. Wakky soon came out and we ate cereal together. He had Wheat Chex (which nobody else would eat) and I had Basic 4... Yummy! :)

We got ta my school at 8:30am and headed for the Media Center. The Computers there were tempting, but I had work ta do. Wakky helped me with my Math homework and helped me study for my History test on Thursday. I was supposed to go ta the Math Lab, but I had enough work ta do and Wakky wouldn't have found it all that perticularly interesting anyway.

At 10:45am, Wakky and I headed up ta the third floor to English class. We waited outside of the room until my English teacher, Dr. Cubbage approched, I presented Wakky, "This is him!" "The internet guy," Dr. Cubbage grinned.

Dr. Cubbage was more than delighted ta include Wakky in the day's class activities. She gave out the same worksheets ta him as the rest of us and Wakky participated in class discussion. Wakky even helped Dr. Cubbage when she was having some problems with the computer she was using as part of her presentation. "I need him," laughed Dr. Cubbage after he had helped her with it a second time.

After English, was my Computer 101 class at 12:45pm. My Computer instructor, Mr. Wray, was delighted by the concept that Wakky and I had met on the internet. Our class worked on our Lotus 1-2-3 lab work as Mr. Wray lectured. There were lots of empty computers, so Wakky was able ta sit at one next ta me. I was having difficulties with this part of the lab and it was nice ta have Wakky there ta help. Wakky started "exploring" the computer he was sitting at, telling me what kind of hard drive was in it and all. :) At 2:15, class was over and Wakky and I headed outside ta wait for my mom ta pick us up.

My mom's car was waiting there when we got outside. I asked my mom if I could drive, so she got in the back seat and Wakky sat up front with me. I drove the 30 miles home and then when we drove into the South Gate of Ocean Pines, I asked, "Who wants ta go on a tour?" "Ooh, me! Me!" said Wakky. My mom agreed ta it and so for about the next hour, I took Wakky on a tour of Ocean Pines.

We got home a little before 4pm. Wakky put in his one of his Animaniacs tapes and we watched episodes (fill in the space) and the Pinky & the Brain Christmas Special.

All this activity was finally taking its toll on Wakky. Remember, he walked some 14 blocks on the boardwalk and about a 1/4 mile dog walk on Tuesday and now today, he walked all around my school with me. This was all stuff he didn't do everyday and he started ta feel really sore. I personally think he pulled something. In any case, Wakky wasn't feeling so hot and lay down on my floor as we watched the tape.

After watching all of his Animaniacs episodes, Wakky helped me a little more with my History test studying. By dinner, after laying down for about 4 hours, Wakky started feeling a little better. Dinner was stuffed cabbage that my mom made from scratch, Mmmmmmm!!! By 10pm, it was time for my dad ta take Wakky home.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

Woo, History test day. Since I hadn't gotten much studying done on Wednesday, I had ta really get on it today. I stayed home as late as I could, skipping Math class, so that I could study. My mom and my brother rode in with me ta Salisbury becasue they were gonna head out ta the mall and wait come back for me when my class was over.

I got ta school at 2:30pm, just in time for my test. By 4pm, it was over. I didn't see my mom parked out front of the school when I checked, so I went ta the Media Center ta work more on this Wakkmania I page. At about 4:30pm, my brother came in ta tell me it was time ta go.

On the drive home, it was raining. It was raining a LOT. My mom was worried that the part of Ocean City that Wakky's motel was in would be flooded. I hoped not. We thought of driving right into Ocean City on our way home ta pick up Wakky, but we didn't have the number for the motel and didn't wanna just show up, without calling first.

I suggested that if it was gonna keep raining like that, maybe Wakky should spend the night over again. If it wasn't flooded now, it could get that way by tonight. Also, I had off from school the next day and it would be nice if Wakky and I could spend the whole day together without having ta wait for someone ta drop him off. My mom said that Wakky could stay over.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home for some things for supper. When I got home, I called Wakky and told him ta bring all his stuff ta sleep over again. After I got off the phone with him and started on supper with my mom, the sun began ta peek through the clouds just in time Wakky's ride over here and a splendid sunset. Hah, that is so typical of shore weather. :)

Wakky arrived at my house around 5pm. He sat in the kitchen and and looked at maps of Ocean Pines, Ocean City, and the surrounding areas as I cut up onions for the stuffed peppers we were having for dinner. See, my mom wanted ta use up the leftover ingredients from the stuffed cabbage the night before. The stuffed peppers wound up tasting quite differently, which was good. :)

After dinner, we watched the Beatles movies, "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!". Wakky finally got ta see all the paodies that Animaniacs did in "A Hard Day's Warners". Wakky noted that "A Hard Day's Night" seemed very 'Marx brother-ish' and that it was almost as funny as an Animaniacs episode. We both agree that the two bumbling scientists in "Help!", remind us of Pinky and the Brain. Friday was my day off so we stayed up late and decided that we'd wake up at 9 or 10 the next morning.

Friday, April 10, 1998

I woke up at around 9am. Yakko82 was already up, but Wakky wasn't. I decided ta let him sleep a bit longer. I took my shower, had breakfast, and then went up ta the pooter upstairs ta check my email and work on this page a bit. It was odd not having any email from Wakky... but since he was right downstairs... that was much better. :)

At 10am I went back downstairs ta wake Wakky up. Yakko82 played with the Genesis for a bit and then he said that he was going over his friend, Brian's (we call him Brain) house. I got out my Animaniacs Genesis game and Wakky watched me play that while we listened ta CDs: the "Yakko's World" album and the "Cats Don't Dance" soundtrack. Wakky then went ta take his shower.

At around 10:45am, the dogs started going nuts!! They began barking up a storm. Wakky came out of the bathroom, "What's going on?" he asked. I knew that someone must be at the front door.

It was Wakky's FAMILY! This is the first time that I met them. His mom and his brothers, Jimmy and George. Wakky's mom wanted to know if we wanted to go to Assategue Island with them to look at the wild ponies. Wakky's family had never been there. Wakky asked where Matthew was and his mom said that Matt was back at the motel room playing on their COMPUTER (yes, they actually brought their computer from home with them). Wakky's mom and my mom talked while Wakky and I went to the kitchen to get breakfast before we went. George played with my dog, Sam.

Wakky's family and I went to Assategue's Visitor Center and then drove through the park. At first we didn't see any ponies and nine year old George was screaming, "HERE HORSEY, HORSEY!" out the window all the way. We stopped at one of the beaches where we took a walk and I got some pictures of us all. Jimmy wanted to go on the off-road trails, but it was $60 for a season pass (plus you needed special equipment) and it didn't seem worth it.

After Assategue, we picked up Wakky's 12 year old brother Matthew, from the motel and we all went to the Boardwalk. We went to the NAF toy store in the boardwalk's inlet village. The place used to have quite a bit of Animaniacs merchandise, actually, and it was great, but it's pretty cleaned out these days. Then we went on some of the carnival rides. The Tilt-a-Whirl is always a favorite. :) We also went to one of the arcades and while Wakky's brothers and mom played skee ball, Wakky and I got pictures together taken in one of those instant photo booths. We walked some more but George and Matthew were getting cold and their mom bought them some rather nice clearence sweatshirts.

We then headed back to the car and off to the "Alaska Stand" to get dinner. I had a turkey club sandwich... mmmmm! Wakky had one too, only his was ham... :) It was a perfect finish to a really swell day. Wakky and I were both glad that we went.

When we got home, my family was just getting ready ta eat. Since Wakky and I had already eaten, so after I fed the dog, we went upstairs ta the computer room and chatted on #watertower a little. We then played Space Quest IV, which if you've never played before, is HILARIOUS! :) Neither of my parents were coming ta say it was time ta take Wakky back ta the motel, so we assumed that he was staying over again. Whee!

After the fun on the computer, we went down ta the family room and watched both of my Animaniacs sing-a-long videos, Yakko's World and Mostly in Toon. Not long after that, it was snaf time.

Saturday, April 11, 1998

I awoke at 9:20am when my mom knocked on my door and told me she and Yakko82 were going ta the grocery store and asked it I had wanted anything. About ten minutes later, there was another knock at my door, "Yes?" I mumbled. "It's me!" came Wakky's cheerful voice. Wakky told me that he had woken up and hugging his Wakkanne and Wakko plushies just wasn't enough, he wanted ta see me. :)

We kinda took our time, looking at some more pictures of mine and some of my toys. When my mom and brother came home, we helped unpack the groceries.

Later, sitting on the front porch steps, I showed Wakky my senior book and my high school year books. Wakky said that he would hafta bring his next time.

We played a little Nintendo, the Tiny Toons Animation Workshop. And we listened to some Beatles music.

We dyed eggs that night for Easter morning. That was fun. It wasn't all that much of a productive day. But how could it have compared after all the stuff we did on Friday? Besides, Wakky and I both knew that with only one more day to go, the vacation was rapidly drawing to a close.

Sunday, April 12, 1998

The LAST day of Wakkmania I. :( I woke up at about 7:25am and thought I heard Wakky's voice saying, "I wonder if she's up yet," That made me smile. Moments later, there was a knock on my door. I got up and let Wakky in. I could hear Yakko82 in the shower, so I suggested ta Wakky that we get our breakfast. We had cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios and Basic 4 again. When I went back ta get my shower, I noticed that the Easter Bunny had left Wakky candy, just like my family and I had gotten. Awwww. I told Wakky about this before finally departing for my shower.

We were finally all ready and left the house for church at 8:30am. It was interesting with Wakky, Yakko82, and I all trying ta fit in the back seat of our little Ford Topaz, but we made it. :) We knew how packed it was gonna get on Easter Sunday, even if it was the early 8:45am mass so when we arrived at church, my parents dropped off Wakky, Yakko82, and I out front ta save us some seats while they were parking.

After church, we went back home. Wakky and I sat in the family room and hugged a lot in anticipation of the fact that we were down ta our last hours together. Wakky asked about our antique turn-of-the-century music box and I played several of the music box's records for him. I grew tired of that so we went back ta the family room.

At about 12:15pm Wakky's family arrived for Easter lunch. His mom hugged me and his brothers asked if I had any video game systems and if they could play with them. Our Sega Genesis kept them amused for the afternoon.

We had lunch, but I wasn't that hungry. I was too upset about Wakky having ta go soon. I started ta cry and he hugged me. Wakky's mom and my parents seemed ta be having a nice discussion so Wakky and I had time for a long goodbye. Of course, this didn't make Wakky's actual departure at about 3:00pm any easier.

As I watched the car with Wakky pulling out of our driveway, I couldn't help but cry again. Now I miss him so much. I keep trying ta remind myself as I compose this... "Wakkmania II, middle of May... Wakkmania II, middle of May... Just in time for Wakky's birthday... Not too far away!" :)

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