Sunday, June 27, 1999

Maybe someday I'll get around to writing up a little report of what happened. For now, take at look at the pictures I have from that super naf summer day...

wmv1.jpg - Emmy poses in my room with just a few of my Warner plushies.
wmv2.jpg - My Animaniacs collection was a like a celebrity to Emmy. She had to get pictures taken with it to prove she'd actually seen it. Though I think my dog, Sam, was more impressed with Emmy. :)
wmv3.jpg - All right you curious people, it's a picture of me! Emmy and I stop for a photo oppurtunity outside my house.
wmv4.jpg - Emmy on the Boardwalk.
wmv5.jpg - Emmy on the Boardwalk again, this time, oceanside.

Get Back, Wakkanne, Get Back!
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