First there was Animania. You've prolly heard of Canamania, Pluckmania, Taurmania, perhaps even Spotmania or Capmania. Well now introducing... Wakkmania!!!

All the past, er... "Manias" have dealt with folks from IRC's #watertower and #warnercafe channels getting together from all over this wide wacky world, meeting, and doing fun and naf Animaniacal stuff together. Wakkmania is not all that different.

Wakkmania originally got its name from the event where two "Wakks" from #watertower, Wakkanne and WakkyMouse, met for the VERY FIRST TIME. As Wakkanne, it was pretty exciting. Neither of us had ever met another on-line person IRL before. My hope is that the Wakkmanias of the future consist of ANY time a #warnercafe person comes ta visit me!

The Wakkmanias

Wakkmania I

Who: Yakko82, WakkyMouse and family
What: Wakky lives in Manassas, Virgina, while I live in Ocean Pines, Maryland. There is a 170 mile distance between us. The goal of Wakkmania I was ta change that. Wakky and his family traveled from Manassas ta Ocean City, which is 7 miles away from my house in Ocean Pines.
When: April 5 to April 11, 1998
Where: Ocean Pines/Ocean City, Maryland
Why: Wakky and I met in summer 1997. I think we were vaugely aware of each other perhaps as far back as spring, but we actually became friends August 12, 1997 when I joined DALnet's #watertower channel on IRC for the first time. I had no idea how IRC worked. I spent seven months trying ta figure out how ta get an IRC client and then when I finally got on ta #watertower, I didn't even know how ta send messages! (hey, "Type here and hit ENTER key to send" really IS sound advice :) Wakky was really nice ta me and he helped a "clueless newbie" learn the ropes (after first showing me where the "ropes" actually were! :). We've been friends ever since.

Wakkmania II

Who: Yakko82, WakkyMouse
What: Wakky took the bus to visit and stayed with is. We went to see Titanic. We took a night walk while seranaded by a Diamond Rio concert that was taking place less than a mile away!
When: May 15 to May 18, 1998 (two days after Wakky's birthday, Whee!)
Where: Ocean Pines, Maryland

Wakkmania III

Who: Yakko82, Wakky and family
What: Wakky and his family had another week long visit planned. This time they actually STAYED in Ocean Pines... right up the street!
When: June 20 to June 27, 1998 (four days after Wakkanne's birthday, Whee!)
Where: Ocean Pines, Maryland
Why: Why else? It was fun and they were so close by!

Oceanmania/Wakkmania IV

Who: Yakko82, WakkyMouse, EmmyWarner (or that was the plan, anyway)
What: Had high hopes for this one, but they fizzled. Emmy didn't have time to see me during her visit and Wakky only stayed a day. Kinda bitey Wakkmania.
When: August 1998
Where: Ocean Pines, Maryland
Why: It was supposed to be so that more than just Wakky and I could get together, but it was poorly planned and didn't work out that way.

Wakkmania V

Who: Emmy
What: Emmy and family take a day trip to Ocean City and, what luck, I actually had off from work!
When: June 27, 1999
Where: Ocean Pines/Ocean City, Maryland
Why: Why not?

Wakkmania VI

Who: Emmy
What: Emmy and I spend the day shopping in Salisbury, Maryland.
When: August 3, 2000
Where: Ocean Pines/Salisbury, Maryland
Why: Because we can! Emmy has been living Ocean City all summer in the condo that her parents bought!

Wakkmania 2000

Who: so far, possible attendees: Wakkanne, Bugzy, Vakkotaur, Runt, Emmy, Yakko82, OkkayWarner, AcmeMouse, Jwph, EvetsWarner, Yakko, De-Biasi, Mr_Fu, Rachel, ChillyMouse, WakkyMouse...
What: still in the planning
When: May or June 2000
Where: Ocean City, Maryland
Why: During Pluckmania in January 1999, some folks mentioned there should be an east coast Animania... I took them up on that suggestion!
Get Back, Wakkanne, Get Back!
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