Suzanne's Amazing Adventures --- The FAQ

1. Who Is She?

[Suzanne and Her Man]

Hi! My name is Suzanne. I live on Eastern Shore, Maryland, in Ocean Pines. We're about 10 minutes from Ocean City. I go to school at Salisbury State University which is located in Salisbury, Maryland, about 30 miles from my home.

I live with my parental-units and my brother, William (aka: Yakko82). We have two dogs, Chloe and Sam. Sam is my dog. He's a Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix. Here's Sam as an itty-bitty puppy. And this is the grown-up Sam of today. Chloe is a Toy Fox Terrier/Cairn Terrier mix. Aren't mutts wonderful? We have a Box Turtle too. Her name is Shelby. I have a LOT of virtual Petz too! They are currently residing in the Petz 4 program.

We've lived in Maryland since August 1992. Before that we lived in Norristown, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia). That's where my brother and I were born.

2. What Are Suzanne's Interests?

The internet! My first taste of the internet was on October 20, 1996. I was in my Freshman year of college at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia and they, of course, had internet access! We didn't have it at home, so this indeed was a treat. Net access in my hometown became available right around Christmastime, 1996, and that is where I am now!

If you couldn't guess from my whole site, I love Animaniacs and Wakko Warner! To your right is a a pic with my bro and I as Warners from Hallowen 1994. I'm the bespecklacled Wakko. >( |>= 0 )> Here is another halloween '94 pic. My brother and I were Yakko and Wakko for Halloween 1997 too!!! I updated the costumes and added some things that I didn't have time to finish three years ago. I still haven't gotten them developed tho, because I can't figure out which roll of film has those photos on it!! I PROMISE someday I'll get the groovy-faboo pics on here for the world to see.

[Tommy, Jason, Wakko, and Yakko]

I also enjoy the Beatles. Other tv show faves include Xena: Warrior Princess, The Andy Griffith Show (Wakko got me into it because of Don Knotts!), Whose Line is it Anyway?, The Drew Carey Show, Quantum Leap, X-Files, Early Edition, The Simpsons...

Some other web sites that I maintain:

The AWPL: Animaniacs Warner Plushie List
The Smiley Family's Xena Site
L.A. Firefighters: Station 132
The Unofficial Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon Fan Site
Kaylah's "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride" Lion Cub Central

3. Where can ya speak ta Suzanne Personally?

I chat on IRC! WTnet's #warnercafe channel as Wakkanne, Gabrianne, Suzanne, KikaBunny or RockoWarner.

Or ya can email me:

4. Why Does She Like Animaniacs So Much?

[The Faboo Three]

What can I say? They're HILLARIOUS!! I had enjoyed Tiny Toon Adventures and was excited ta see this new Spielbergian cartoon creation. Ever since watchin' that delightful oldest warner sib, Yakko, dance gleefully along the TV screen, pointing out the Nations Of The World (ep. #2), back in 1993, I've been hooked. I love the Warner cartoons the best. Boy, there's nothin' quite like 'em! They are so witty and creative. Unlike most cartoons, which are rooted for the elementary crowd and younger, Animaniacs has somethin' that everyone can enjoy! -- Including some pretty dirty plays on words. Hee, hee, hee.

5. Why Does She Like The Beatles So Much?

[The Fab Four]

Music from the 50's and 60's has always been part of my life. I was well aware of the Beatles' music. It just wasn't until July, 1996, that I began viewin' them as a group by themselves. It was then that I saw the Beatles' first movie, "A Hard Day's Night" for the very first time on AMC (the cable channel, "American Movie Classics"). Then in September, I got a chance ta seen an absolutely faboo Beatles re-enactment group called, BeatleMania LIVE in Winchester, Virginia. In October, of the same year, on AMC, I wound up watchin' the Beatles' second film, "Help!". Needless ta say, I quickly became a BIG Beatles fan.

6. What Are Few of Her Favorite Ani-Beatle things?

Okkay, so ya know that I like the Animaniacs and the Beatles. But what are my list of faves? What makes me wanna watch and listen ta these guys more than anything else in the whole wide world? Look, listen, and observe:


Favorite Animaniacs Character: Wakko Warner
Favorite Animaniacs Episodes: "Potty Emergency", "A Hard Day's Warners", "Fair Game", "Plane Pals", "Drive Insane"
Favorite Animaniacs Album:"Yakko's World"
All-Time Favorite Animaniacs Songs: "Noel", "The Ballad of Magellan"
Favorite Wakko Songs: "Wakko's America", "The Ghost of Christmas Past" (from "A Hip-Hopera Christmas" album), "Hello Nurse"
Favorite Yakko Songs:"Yakko's World", "There's Only One Of You", "Yakko's Universe"
Favorite Dot Songs: "I'm Cute","The Ghost of Christmas Present" (from "A Hip-Hopera Christmas" album)


Favorite Beatle: Ringo Starr
Favorite Beatles Movie: "A Hard Day's Night"
Favorite Beatles Album:
All-Time Favorite Beatles Songs: "I Feel Fine", "In My Life"
Favorite Ringo Starr Songs: "What Goes On", "If You've Got Trouble"
Favorite John Lennon Songs: "Help!", "I Should've Known Better", "If I Fell", "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"
Favorite Paul McCartney Songs: "And I Love Her", "Yesterday", "I'll Follow The Sun"
Favorite George Harrison Songs: "Do You Want To Know A Secret", "I Need You", "The Inner Light"

Get Back, Suzanne, Get Back!
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