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This page created Tuesday, March 3, 1998 to help join the effort to SAVE ANIMANIACS!!!

Save The Sibs!

Could Animaniacs get CANCELLED?

There have been people who care enough about Animaniacs to come here!

Animaniacs needs our help. It's in danger of being cancelled and we hafta do something about that! One only needs ta take a small peek at my page, especially Animaniacs Stuff and my Faves Page ta see how important Animaniacs is ta me.

"I Wish" by Joanna Davidovich.

I have been a loyal viewer and fan of ANIMANIACS since the very begining. ANIMANIACS is the best cartoon show in the history of cartoons. It's smart, funny, and original. The Warner brothers... and sister, are a cute trio of creatures that don't quite fit any description besides being, "incredibly cute".

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner keep up the tradition of the classic WB characters. There are mallets and anvils, which never seem ta lose their effectiveness, and the actual content of the cartoons can be viewed on two levels, just as the LOONEY TUNES have always been. Does it take the Warners ta star in a big screen movie with Bugs Bunny (like Lola Bunny did in Space Jam) in order for these cute kids ta get the full recognition they deserve? Ta be viewed as classic Warner Brothers characters?

Like the LOONEY TUNES, ANIMANIACS appeals ta people of all ages. Kids enjoy the songs and cute animal-like characters while many of the jokes are geared more towards an older audience. ANIMANIACS has consistantly brought us great cartoon entertainment for the past 5 years. The writers shouldn't be outa ideas. However if they do need help, they should know that the fans are on their side. I know that I personally have a lot of ideas for episodes.

ANIMANIACS means a lot ta many people. We can't lose yet another wonderful show ta the overwhelming truckload of mindless fad television programs all driven by short lived high ratings. If WB wants high ratings, they should shoot for the longest running animated childrens show. Come on, we had a fantastic 5 year run, let's see our beloved ANIMANIACS for a wonderful 5 more. SAVE ANIMANIACS!!!

Ta think that Louie Gonalves, ta think that this one man, could put so much time and energy inta constructing this SAVE the ANIMANIACS CENTRAL site to save, what? A silly cartoon show? Add ta that, all the people who wrote inta Warner Brothers, all the people who have started their own SAVE ANIMANIACS pages or have signed Louie's SAVE ANIMANIACS petition...

Are we all crazy? No, we are not crazy and ANIMANIACS is not a silly cartoon show. ANIMANIACS is not some cheezy Saturday morning cartoon with no life, no vitality. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot Warner should be destined classic animation, up there with the likes of Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. If we let it die now, we could LOSE that. We MUST NOT lose that.

Okkay, we missed next season, but RUGRATS did it, they came back. So perhaps, just perhaps, ANIMANIACS could return for the 99-00 season!!! BUT WE MUST TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

The Warners mean the world ta me and they do ta many other folks too!

Most importanly, Louie Gonsalves's Save Animaniacs Central.
And Randy Anthony's Keep The Animaniacs On TV.
Also, let's not forget Toonygal's Animaniacs Emergency.
Or Save Animaniacs NOW!!
My page, Wakkanne's Save The Sibs.
And Carol Alfonzo's Save the Animaniacs.

Don't Let them Lock the Warners in the Tower Forever!!

I don't want my dadoo ta be unemployed. Where do toon stars like him and my Uncle Yakko and Aunt Dot go after something like this? Guests on Toonywood Squares... Or worse?

Fans like us know: Animaniacs is not just a cartoon show, it's a way of life.

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