A Few Ponderments

"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"Umm, I think so Brain, but everything on this page baffles me so. NARF!"

These are actual ponderments that either myself, my friends, or the show Animaniacs has considered at one time or another which I think you will enjoy...

Ahhhhh, Look At All The Lonely People
"You should take all those lonely people and put them in that jar by the door. There, they will meet each other and not be lonely anymore."
--- Yakko82, 2/26/97.

A Doggie Dilema
"Why do hotdogs come in packages of ten and hotdog buns come in packages of eight?"
--- Yakko Warner, in "Wally Llama" (ep. #9), 9/23/93.

Listen, Do You Smell Something?
"How do deaf people know what farts sound like?"
--- LizzieWarner, upon watchin' a whoopi cushion transcription on a close-captioned "Plane Pals" (ep. #22), 2/5/97.

A Little Backwards Talk
"Surlaw Eht T'nsaw Luap
Surlaw Eht Saw Okkay."
--- gag credit at the end of ep. #73, which featured "A Hard Day's Warners", 9/23/95.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
"When you take your food out of the microwave before the timer has finished counting down and you hit the CLEAR button, where does that 'missing time' go?"
--- Wakkanne, 9/9/98.

"Peeping Dragon!"
"People who live in glass houses should get dressed with the lights out."
--- Yakko Warner, ep#?.

Hooray For Hollywood!!
"Hey, rumor has it that movie they're making in Berlin will be filming Halloween night. Wouldn't that be a blast if Yakko and Wakko did a Warner run-through during one of the scenes?"
---Wakkanne, referring to the upcoming Richard Gere/Julia Roberts movie, "The Runaway Bride", parts of which scheduled for filming late Oct/early Nov '98 in Berlin, MD (two miles from where I live), that depict the fictional smalltown, Hale, MD. The lines at the extras casting call stretched clear around the block, but on Halloween night, seeing two folks in Warner suits wouldn't seem all that odd... My ticket to stardom at last?? Nah, I'm not *that* crazy. :) Tho those folks from Hollywood prolly see that sort of stuff all the time and wouldn't even bat an eye, 10/98.

Potty-Mouth Emergency!!! Potty-Mouth Emergency!!!

Spanky Warners... What is Animaniacs' obsession with spanking? The Warners' are the worst, particularly Yakko. @@@@@@hhh... what's with all the masochism? Here are a few examples...

"Spank you very much."
---Yakko Warner

"I should spank you all."
--- Marc Anthony in "Home oh De-Nile" (show #25)

"Frankly, @@@@hhh... We'd prefer the spanking machine."
--- Yakko Warner in "Boot Camping" (show #37)

"Slap my fanny!"
--- Yakko Warner in "Wakko's New Gookie" (show#70)

Wakko: I'd say we deserve a spanking, right on out fannies!"
Yakko & Dot: UH-HUH, UH-HUH. UH-HUH!!!
--- "Sound of Warners" (show #78)


Get Back, Ringo, Get Back!

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