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"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends"

Thanks ta internet friends of mine, my page can be, or soon will be, found amoung the links on these pages. Come on and visit these guys. They were kindhearted enough ta link me, I feel that they deserve some respect.

"Candy, Candy. Candy, Candy, Candy!"

I am, or soon will be, linked ta these guys, although I don't know them personally. But with pages this sweet, it would be a shame ta not visit!

Beatles, Beatles, Beatles! - TONS of great links (like mine) ta the Beatles here!
The Beatles Homepage - Great page with neato multimedia and interactive stuff.
Rock N Real Merchandise - A new site with lotsa cool Beatles merchandise.
World Rock Link - Lotsa music group related links, including the Beatles.
... and don't call me Honey! - Lover of all animals... Tiny Toon Adventures' own Elmyra.
Tha WESTSIDE Watertower - A look at the Wakko and the Animaniacs from an inner-city point of view. :)
Wakko's World - Come visit the watertower of yet another Wakko.
CGS Success Systems TV Programs Sites - There are a lot of nice TV show pages linked ta this site.
July 6, 1957 - Be sure ta check out EVERYTHING on this Beatles page. It's that good.
Once There Was A Way - Another nice Beatles Site to check out.

Animaniacs Games!!

This is a list of the official sites of the Animaniacs video games. In many cases, downloadable demos and ordering info are available.

Animaniacs Game Pack - includes 5 arcade-style games from 1997, by Funnybone Interactive for Mac or Windows95/98.
Warner Bros. Crazy Paint Programs - interactive coloring book programs include "Animaniacs: On Location" and "Pinky and the Brain: Back to the Drawing Board" from 1998, by SouthPeak Interactive for Windows95/98.
Animaniacs Ten Pin Alley - 3-D bowling game from 1998, by ASC Games for Playstation and Nintendo 64.
Pinky and the Brain: World Conquest - maze type game from 1999, by SouthPeak Interactive for Windows95/98.
Animaniacs: A Gigantic Adventure - side-scrolling action game from 1999, by SouthPeak Interactive for Windows95/98.

Groovy-Gear-Fab-Faboo Links


Stephen Spielberg Presents: Animaniacs - Official Site.
Sylvester Fox's Animaniacs Fan-Ficts Page - Over 50 works of Animaniacs fan fiction (like mine)!
Fake Wakko's Homepage - Just another Wakko.
Animaniacs Archive - Where I got my faboo Animaniacs pics!
Wakko's Animaniacs ArKhive (WAAK) - Another really great A! picture & sound site.
Keeper's Cartoon Files - Most informative Animaniacs files on the web!
Spot's Amazing Bouncy Page of Fun, Fun, FUN!!! - Qan ya say qrazy, qooky, qool? Our qeyboard challenged qompanion.
Get your own A! code - My A! Code: A! JW23 WK+++!^i"':# WAR++ SQ+ RI+ MD+ PI+ KK-- HIP-- P+ I++ Dpwfddd $+++d T295/Wakko E26b/73a/82d/84c H2a Re-H78a XFanny Ay78 F
The Animaniacs Fan Purity Test v4.0 - Find out how much of an Animaniacs fan ya really are! Ya might be surprised!


The Ringo Starr WWW Page - A pretty thorough look at the life of the Beatles' drummer!
Ringo's Place: A Ringo Lover's Beatle Page - I really like this page even tho I was never linked as promised. Still a pretty fab "thingy".
BEATLES - Lotsa GREAT Beatles pictures!
The Hill Where The Fool Resides - Neato Beatles Page. but dunno where he stashed it!
Beatle Cartoons - An entire site based on the 60s cartoon show!
Vikram's MIDI-Fest: The Beatles Collection - The most complete of it's kind! AFAIK
Beatles Lyrics - A COMPLETE listing. Ya heard the tunes, now here's the words!

Defying Explaination

Mike Mann's Hompage - Worked with Mike summer 1997 at local pool. Glad ta now call him a friend. With a sense of humor like his, this page could really turn into something cool if he worked on it. I'm keepin' this link ta it in case it ever does... Jimmy Buffett fans beware! Mike's a Buffett groupie wannabe.

Get Back, Jojo, Ringo, Wakko, Get Back!

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