The Exciting History of

wAkKo wArNeR's Animaniacs/Beatles Page

"wAkKo wArNeR's Animaniacs/Beatles Page" started out life as "wAkKo wArNeR's Animaniacs Page, on February 20, 1997. The URL was

Only two printed pages long, it included the intro, (which is still on the main page and has changed very little), the similarities between Wakko and Ringo (now on wakbeatle.html), and "Potty-mouth Emergency! Potty-mouth Emergency" (now on ponder.html). A month later, on March 20, 1997, The page's title became what it is known as today.

In April, 1997, Angelfire had some problems... I may never know exactly what happened, but after finishing an update session of my page, I clicked save... and my whole page deleted! Having trouble with Angelfire in the past (that, and the fact that they only gave you 35K of disk space) I decided ta move ta my thoughts and my dreams ta Geocities. I had lost everything... Seven printed pages long... nothing was saved, except for the fact that I had printed everything out. It took me an entire weekend ta bring myself back up ta speed. Since my move, I've heard that Angelfire had a major system crash and EVERYONE'S pages were wiped out. My page was so big by then, I'm sure glad that I was saved from that fate... and I SAVE my pages now.

Get Back, Wakko, Get Back!

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