Psst! Over here... It's me, Wakko Warner! Faboo!! My very own website!! Okkay, umm... where was I? Oh yeah! I wanted ta tell ya about the fabooest -- is that a word? Ha ha. -- I wanted ta tell ya about the fabooest guy in the whole world... no, no, make that the fabooest guy in the whole universe! He's been my hero most of my life... and since I was born in 1930, that's a long time! Ha ha.

And now... the greatest actor who ever lived... the one... the only...


I like him a whole lot... if ya couldn't figure that out yet. Ha ha. He really makes me laugh. My favorite Don Knotts character has gotta be Barney Fife. Not only do I own just about every movie Don Knotts has ever been in, but I have every episode of The Andy Griffith Show with him in it on tape. Why is Barney my favorite? Well, what's not ta like about Mayberry, North Carolina's finest deputy sheriff?

He's brave...

So long as he thinks he's not gonna get hurt.

He's smart...

Just don't ask him ta recite the preamble ta the constitution.

"In order to form a more perfect you!" -- Barney

He's a babe magnet...

But he's also a hopeless romantic.

"She's the only girl I love, Ange.
She's the only girl I ever will love." -- Barney

Best of all, we all know someone just like him. Or maybe we see a little of Barney Fife in ourselves. He's the everyman, the guy you're pullin' for while the whole time you're wondering, "how the heck is he gonna get out of this one?". Barney may have tried ta act like a lot of things he wasn't, but the one important thing he always was, was human.

Same thing goes for Don Knotts himself. He always played the trembling, timid character ya cared about. Ya wanted ta know what was gonna happen ta him. Ya wanted ta see him win, although if he bumbled around on his way ta the finish line, that was okkay too.

Don Knotts has even been a toon a couple of times... Just like me!

Mr. Limpet
The Incredible Mr. Limpet

Deputy Sheriff of Juneberry
Scooby Doo

T.W. Turtle
Cats Don't Dance

I'm just sorry that I've never gotten the chance ta meet my hero in person. Ya'd think after all the years Animaniacs was on the air, I coulda been introduced ta the immortal one at least once. I sure talked about him enough. I can think of at least seven or eight times right off the top of my head when I slipped his name into the show. Guess nobody noticed. Now our show's over and I may never get ta meet him. I know Yakko, Dot, and I can get a little overfriendly with folks at times, it's true. Maybe the studio was afraid of a lawsuit. We kinda have this nasty little habit of driving people crazy, y'know. Shucks, I woulda been gentle with him! Promise! I would never do anything ta hurt a living legend. So Mr. Knotts, if you're ever in the Burbank area, feel free ta drop by the Warner Bros. watertower, okkay? I know we'd have lots ta talk about. 'Specially a little matter of about 50 years of unanswered fan letters. Ha ha.

Don Knotts has meant everything in the world ta me. He's been my idol, my mentor, and maybe even a bit of a dadoo-figure at times. I owe a lot ta him. And so, on this date, July 21, 2000, ta mark his 76th birthday, I dedicate this webpage ta Don Knotts. Happy Birthday Don. I tip my hat ta ya, big guy.

From a little guy who loves ya very much... and always will. Faboo!! -- Wakko Warner



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