Animaniacs Cultural References Guides Update History

Saturday January 8, 2000 ---

NACRG ver 6.0 as of 1/8/00
First off, I finally ran this baby through the spellchecker. Whoo! What a job that was! At least now most of the millions of spelling errors have been fixed. Some editing to show #73, in "Please Please Please Get a Life Foundation". Some editing and additions to show #75, in "The Presidents Song". Some editing to show #82, in "Panama Canal", and "Return of the Great Wakkorotti". Additions to show #90, in "Pitter Patter of Little Feet", "Mindy in Wonderland", and "Ralph's Wedding". Addition to show #94, in "The Brain's Apprentice". Some editing to show #95 & #96, "Hooray For North Hollywood". The addition of the show #99 entry. The addition of the Wakko's Wish entry.

Thursday May 7, 1998 ---

NACRG ver 5.1 as of 5/6/98
I cleaned up the refs and added a few in show #93 and shows #95 & 96, "Hooray For North Hollywood", now that I've finally seen the episodes. I added the listing for show #98 and prepped listing for the upcoming #94, that will have "Magic Time" in it.

Sunday May 3, 1998 ---

CRGA ver 4.0 as of 5/3/98
Additional references in: show #10, "King Yakko", show #21 notes on Mt. Rushmore filler, show #25 "Home on De-Nile", show #26 notes on the testimonials and "Sir Yakksalot", some other minor things including some gramatical errors.
NACRG ver 5.0 as of 5/1/98
Corrections to refs and some additions in: show #84 cold ending, show #73 "Gimme A Break", some other minor gramatical errors.

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