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Not getting those obscure jokes and references on Animaniacs? Then here's the place ta go! Over 367K of animaniacal refs! The classic text CRGA dates back ta 1993. It was started and maintained by Will Bell for 2 years. After Animaniacs moved from FOX ta WB in fall 1995, the CRGA sat un-modified, but the WARNER was launched by Sean Carolan (aka:Hubcity). It covered refs from Animaniacs as well as Pinky and the Brain and Feakazoid! However, its history too, ended prematurely... January, 1996. I started the NACRG in late May, 1997. Later I asked Will and if he'd turn over his CRGA ta me. I also asked Hubcity for his A! refs from the WARNER. That's how I got 'em! I hope ya enjoy!

The Cultural References Guide for Animaniacs (CRGA): Covers shows #1 - #69, all originally airing on the Fox Network.
The New Animaniacs Cultural References Guide (NACRG): Covers shows #70 - current, all originally airing on the WB Network.

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