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This story is not intended ta be a real history by all means. It's just some background info that I made up for my character, Wakkanne Warner. The "Wakko" indicated in the story is intended ta be the real Wakko from the show, Animaniacs, and not the #watertower one (with the exception of the mention of Fake Wakko's page, which really was the first one I found on a net search for something even weirder than "Rugrats"... ouija boards!). If the story seems odd ta you, I've read backgrounds of other #watertower and #warnercafe folk and quite frankly some are just as ... well "unusual". This story may even offend some of the more touchy fans so I'm sayin' it right now... I'm sorry and that was certainly not my intention. It's just a story! It's just for fun!

The Story of Wakkanne Warner. My IRC character on WTnet #warnercafe

Note: The true story of how Wakkanne Warner came to be is actually kinda boring. I love Wakko my name is Suzanne... WAKK + ANNE = Wakkanne. The following story is a lot more interesting and was a lot more fun to write!

Part 1 - Meet Wakkanne Warner

Four years ago, in 1993, Wakko Warner met a lonely young Warner Brothers studio stagehand. She had come to California as an aspiring actress and found out all too soon that in the land of movies and Hollywood, very little was fame, glamour, and glitter.

They became quick friends, seemingly able to understand each other perfectly, which made them almost inseperable. Their friendship blossomed into love. But he being a toon and her a human, began making it hard on the both of them. Ridicule from others forced the couple to keep their relationship a secret though they loved each other very much.

As fate would have it, within a year the two were visited by the stork. The baby, of course, was half toon, half human. She looked a lot like her father, but she didn't have bouncy ears like any Warners had. They were sort of limp and hung to the right side of her head. And her eyes weren't black, they were green like her mother's. She had never worn gloves, her hands really were snow white in color, just as her face and feet were. They named her Wakkanne.

The two didn't know what to do with the baby Warner and they decided that it would be best if her mother took care of her. Little Wakkanne and her mother traveled back to her hometown in Maryland, where for the next three years they stayed.

As she was growing up, Wakkanne sensed that there was something different about her, she wasn't like any of the other kids in pre-school. She seemed smarter than any of them, she didn't look anything like them, and at many times felt left out.

Although she knew something was different, she had no idea that maybe it was because she was part toon and that toons age differently than humans. Her only form of contentment and relaxation came from watching the cable show, "Rugrats" and listening to the Beatles. Her favorites were Chuckie of "Rugrats" and Ringo of the Beatles. She thought she could relate to them rather well.

In October of 1996, Wakkanne discovered the internet. She was on a net search for "Rugrats" when she came across a personal webpage. "Fake Wakko's Homepage" it was called. The creature who owned the page looked strikingly like her. Wakkanne soon discovered that there was a whole family of creatures all over the world just like her, called Warners, named after the Warner Brothers studio in Burbank, California.

Wakkanne also discovered that in Burbank, a cartoon was filmed called "Animaniacs". Wakkanne had never heard of this show. She had been too young to remember it when it had aired on the FOX network and where she and her mother lived, they didn't get WB. When she told her mom what she had discovered, Wakkanne's mother was surprised that Wakkanne had figured it all out so fast and at such a young age. She told her daughter everything of the California romance and of Wakkanne's father, Wakko. Wakkanne's mother even brought herself to contact her old flame and when she did, found that Wakko had missed both of them as much as she had missed him. She discussed with Wakko that being without him was worse than worrying what others thought of them together. Wakkanne's mother convinced Wakko to come to Maryland to live with them for a while when he wasn't filming the cartoon show.

Wakkanne's thirst for knowlege of her heritage and the elusive Warner clan began to devlop at an alarming rate. She asked her dad every question she could come up with. Wakkanne wanted to know everything about Warners: how they lived, acted, dressed, ate, played... and it took her nearly a year to do it.

On August 11, 1997, Wakkanne finally made it to the watertower, and to her delight, was greeted with open arms from some that she had spoken to previously in email and newsgroups only. Even strangers whom she had heard of and not met, acepted her as one of their own. Not all were Warners, but all were friendly and willing to welcome her into their hearts as well as their home. Wakkanne for the first time in her life, finally found a place where she truly felt right at home.

Part 2 - A New Beginning

In the watertower, Wakkanne made quite a few friends, one of which was WakkyMouse, the warner-mousie. He was always there when she needed someone to talk to. She and Wakky talked nearly everyday about the Warner history. Wakky was like a warner-mousie encyclopedia of Animaniacs knowlege. He could tell Wakkanne the names of all the episodes that the Warners starred in and their original airdates. Through the months, Wakkanne and Wakky became very close, like brother and sister.

Things always have the tendency to change, and with the watertower, it was no different. In January 1998 it was announced that there were no new episodes of Animaniacs slated for production for the 98-99 season. Many in the watertower took this to mean cancellation. They began saying goodbye to the show, they were giving up without a fight. Wakkanne was horrified. What would happen to her dadoo? Wakko assured her that things would be okkay.

Unlike the feeling of quite a few others in the tower, the possibility of Animaniacs being cancelled only strengthened Wakkanne's interest. While talking with Wakky a lot more frequently she didn't realize how the watertower was changing. When she finally did notice, she began to wonder if the tower was any longer a place she wanted to be.

It just seemed to Wakkanne that the watertower was losing its identity as an Animaniacs hangout. What had ever happened to her other watertower friends, Ynes, EvetsWarner, OkkayWarner, and Minerva_Fan? How come folks in the watertower rarely greeted her with a, "Hi Wakkanne!" when she entered anymore? Why didn't anyone there want to talk about Animaniacs? It seemed anymore like a taboo subject. The frequent technical talks about computers made her dizzy and some of the other behavoir there was getting out of hand.

For awhile, Wakkanne was lost. Where had the watertower she had first known and loved gone? Even Wakky had moved on, preferring to talk with the others about computers rather than discussing Animaniacs. Wakkanne began to wonder if she should try out Warner Cafe. She'd been there several times when she first started staying at the watertower and had visited off and on for the past year. Wakkanne did not leave for Warner Cafe right away. After all, the tower had been her home for a whole year and it had taken her nearly a year to get there to begin with. She still felt loyalty to the tower even though she hardly visited anymore. Would it be that easy to just walk out of the watertower forever?

Wakkanne still didn't know what to do. Should she leave? Should she stay? One day she went to the watertower regulars list (the who's who) via the internet to try and sort things out only to discover that... she wasn't listed anymore. It was sad, but instead of getting herself down about it, Wakkanne took it as a sign: It was time to move on...

Near the end of September 1998 Wakkanne began poking into Warner Cafe. She discovered, to her delight, that some of her old friends, OkkayWarner and Minerva_Fan, had moved there some time ago, only now Minerva Fan_called himself Hobbes. Other folks who had made life in the watertower so much fun in the first place, like KinkyTurtle, were there too! Since then, Vakko, Emmy, and ToonyMouse have also become good friends of hers.

By October, Wakkanne had made herself a new home at the Warner Cafe. She felt comfortable there. It gave her a feeling of belonging with others of her kind. The same feeling that the watertower had at one time given her, but had over time, lost something that once made it seem so alive. Warner Cafe became a place that the tower couldn't be for her anymore. A place where folks all said, "Hi Wakkanne!" when she joined, a place where sex and computer jargon didn't run rampant, a place where the spirit of Animaniacs remained alive. What does Wakkanne have to say to that? "Groovy-faboooooooooo!"

Statistics on Wakkanne:

Height: 2 feet tall
Age (in human years): 3 years old
Eyes: green
Hair: Black with 4 fur tufts as opposed ta the usual 2 on Warners
Voice: liverpudlian, just like her dadoo, Wakko and Ringo's (only younger sounding)!
Other: both feet AND hands are white in color
Since she's half human, she isn't as resiliant as a toon. In other words, SHE CAN GET HURT! (Aww, poor baby!)

Catch Phrases: "Groovy-Faboo!" "I'm not wearing any pants!"
Loves: Ringo of the Beatles, Chuckie of "Rugrats", Don Knotts
Favorite pastime: sleeping on her head

Some of the Many Looks of Wakkanne!

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