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RockoWarner's Story. My second character on Cynet #warnercafe

<"Wakkanne"> Hi ya groovy-faboo net surfers out there! Welcome ta the page of my new friend, everybody's favorite, your one and only wallaby-warner, RockoWarner! Welcome Rocko!
<"RockoWarner"> G'day mate!!
<"Wakkanne"> Now Rocko, you're here in the States, straight out of Australia, right?
<"RockoWarner"> Uh-huh. In fact I've only moved here just this February. See, a cousin of mine, who coincidentally has the same name as me, moved ta the US back in 1993 and has been begging me ta come visit ever since.
<"Wakkanne"> Oh... Does this mean that your're not staying?
<"RockoWarner"> Well, now I never said that. I really like life here so far. It sure beats gettin' chased around by that crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin guy... He does wildlife documentary specials on cable in the States I hear... Sheesh! He's a crazy man and he scares me.
<"Wakkanne"> Rocko, could ya describe ta the ppl what ya look like?
<"RockoWarner"> Hmm... now let's see... I have a picture of me here somewhere... Ah there ya go!

<"Wakkanne"> Whee!!!
<"RockoWarner"> Hah... :)
<"Wakkanne"> So Rocko, what do you think about #watertower?
<"RockoWarne"> It's great. And I've found quite a few fans of my cousin's show there, too.
<"Wakkanne"> So, you're a wallaby-warner. How did that all come about?
<"RockoWarner"> Well... as ya may well know after one visit ta #wt, Warners don't just live in Burbank anymore. They're all over the world nowadays. A couple of Warners made it over ta Australia and mingled with the native populous... And I guess the rest is history.
<"Wakkanne"> Hah! I guess so. :) Well, enjoy your visit to the United States!! Hope ya will decide ta stay.
<"RockoWarner"> Hah, yeah, I'll think about it. *sigh* Well, I oughta go now... gotta feed me dog, Sparky. I think I just heard him break something in the kitchen... :)
<"Wakkanne"> Uh-oh, hurry and see what he's up ta!! Seeya Rocko!
<"RockoWarner"> Bye Wakkanne, I had a blast.
*RockoWarner [~wakkanne@] has quit IRC (Quit: Sparky!!! NOOOO!!!!)
*Wakkanne hugs RockoWarner.
<"Wakkanne"> D'OH!! Missed him, drat...

Statistics on RockoWarner:

Height: 3 feet tall
Age: youthful
Eyes: white
Voice: Australian.

Catch Phrases:
Favorite pastime:

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