Ah yes, we all start out small. Below the line is a recreation of the very FIRST draft of my page. I say "recreation" because I never saved a backup of the original. I redid this page using the printout copy I had from the first day. Woo, it sure has come a long way since then!

Get Back Wakkanne, Get Back!

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'ello! I love the Animaniacs! They are my obsession. Especially Wakko Warner. In case you don't know who he is, Wakko's the cutie in the Animaniacs logo above with the turtleneck and red cap.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ringo Starr and wAkKo wArNeR in 1. At least that's what they call me on chat. My name is really Suzanne. The use of caps and lower case is important, "wAkKo wArNeR", mind you. That's what makes me different than the real thing.

Which brings me to the topic of Wakko's cockney, liverpudlian, accent. I have read that it is a parody the Beatle's drummer, Richard Starkey (aka:Ringo Starr). It wasn't surprising to me when I found out. I had that handle of mine long before I ever heard anyone else make the connection.

Others however, say that the middle Warner sibling is supposed to sound like another Beatle, George Harrison.

I have some imcriminating proof that Wakko is a parody of some Beatle. When I get the pictures on here, you can decide for yourself.

Potty-mouth emergency! Potty-mouth emergenncy!

What is this fettish with spanking on Animaniacs? I just wanna know. I mean I know the Warners are gross at times, but @@@@@@@@h, what's with all the masechism? Do these lines sound familiar?

"I should spank you all!"
---- Marc Anthony, From: "Home on De Nile"

"Actually, we'd prefer the spanking machine."
---- Yakko Warner (I think)

Wakko: "I'd say we deserve a spanking, right on our fanny!"
Dot and Yakko: "UH-HUH, UH-HUH, UH-HUH!!!"
--- From "The Sound of Warners"

Sick, huh?

There is more. I'll keep you posted. (Like you really care.)

Fan Fiction

I wrote an Animaniacs fan story called "Getting To The Beatle Of It All". Look for a link to it from this page soon!
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