A Magical vacation-Part 2

"I think we better go to Andrew and his wife or they'll start worry" Rita said taking Chris' hand and leading him back. "Where to now?" Rita asked a little smile formed on her lips with no special reason and she quickly kissed him a little, sweet kiss. "That was just for you being you," She said being very mysterious.

"I don't mind" He said smiling too. "We go here" Chris pointed t the direction. Rita saw the door to the room he pointed at.

"I'll race you to the door" Rita said starting to run. She got first to the door. "I won" She said as a Victor. Suddenly the door opened. Rita saw a redheaded woman wearing a pregnancy dress, you could see the woman's pregnancy a lot more than on Rita. The woman smiled when she saw the little play Chris and Rita played.

"Please come on in" The woman said inviting them inside. "Andrew will be here soon, by the way my name is Lucy" She said indicating them to come in. "I'm Rita and this is my husband Chris" She said they went inside. "It's nice to meet you both" She said they shook hands. It was a big room even bigger than theirs which didn't surprise Chris but it did surprise Rita. It wasn't the usual room you see in a hotel it had a home kind of feeling and it wasn't organized for just a week or two stay, it was as if they have been living there for years. "Would you like some tea, water?" She asked both Rita and Chris were about to burst into hysterical laughter it was such an England like accent. It sounded so funny to everyone that weren't from around.

"Yes please, a cup of tea would be great" Rita said, and Chris nodded the same. The woman went to bring them the two cups of tea. In the meantime they talked a bit and Andrew came in. Chris saw him and his whole face lit up.

"Hey body" They hugged. They looked at each other, they grew up both of them knew that, they were both married for crying out loud.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your lovely wife?" Andrew asked Chris.

"Of course I will Rita this is Andrew, Andrew my wife Rita" Chris said, they both shook hands. And sat down Lucy came back with a tray of four glasses of tea which looked kind of ridiculous but Rita thought what the heck if the women were pregnant, why shouldn't the men suffer, they can go a few months without any whine. Andrew kissed his wife and she sat down after a few minutes of embarrassment they started talking freely. Later that evening Rita and Lucy went to the guestroom while Chris and Andrew stayed.

"So how long have you been married, if you don't mind me asking" Lucy asked Rita.

"Oh not at all, for about a day or two" Rita smiled.

"An old couple" Lucy said jokingly.

"You don't know how true this is" Rita said sitting down staring at the big open window.

"What do you mean?" Lucy asked.

"Well me and Chris we've been partners for about 6 years in Palm beach and we've become more than partners only a couple of months ago" Rita said putting her hands on her stomach.

"That is so romantic" She said looking at Rita.

"Well it is" Rita hid a little smile.

"I'm sure Chris looks like the romantic type" Lucy said.

"He is, believe me. So how far are you?" Rita asked.

"What? Oh almost 5th" She said. "It's going to be a boy"

"That's wonderful" Rita paused. "Have you decided on a name yet?" Rita asked.

"Yes, we did his name will be Robert. I love that name, and we'll always call him Rob, so it'll work out great" Lucy fixed her dark hair in a ponytail.

"That's a beautiful name" Rita said, she ached for someone that could identify with her, Chris was the sweetest but he would never know what's it like to carry a child.

"Andrew is just so excited about this baby, it's our first child and god knows we've been trying for so long, he's a bit overprotective" She said.

"I know Chris is like that he buys something for Junior all the time" Rita said.

"You're pregnant too? You could have fooled me," Lucy asked surprised and looked at the little bump on Rita's stomach. "What month?" she asked now noticing yet barely.

"The beginning of the 4th" Rita said.

"It hardly shows" Lucy said.

"Really?" Rita laughed a bit. "We decided not to tell anybody until I get out of the 4th month safely" Rita said looking down.

"Is there something wrong?" Lucy asked Rita, she started liking this strange woman though they have only known each other for an hour, she was as honest as they get and nice also.

"No, not at all" Rita said. "I feel like ice-cream you don't happen to have some do you" Rita changed the subject.

"Rita you surprise me, to ask a pregnant woman if she has ice-cream is like asking if a cop doesn't have a gun".

"So what are we waiting for?" Rita said, she got up and Lucy led the way to the kitchen.

"Mmm... it's good" Rita said.

"I know it's from Switzerland I don't buy anything from England the food here is awful well except for Macdonald's" She said and both she and Rita were laughing.

After About 2 hours

"Rita it was so nice having you here, you too Chris, don't forget we have to go shopping together" Lucy said.

"I remember don't worry, bye Andrew, Lucy" Rita shook his hand and hugged Lucy which was a bit surprised but hugged her back.

"See ya" Chris said.

"Bye" Andrew said. The door was closed behind them as they walked back to the elevator.

"So may I guess you had a good time?" Chris asked.

"The best" Rita said and gave him a wet kiss on his cheek.

"That's good. I was afraid you might not get along " He said.

"She's great. So what did you two talk about?" Rita asked.

"We did some catching up, we talked about the two of you and that's it" Chris said.

"About the two of us? Lucy and me? What did you say?" Rita had this childish smile on her face she didn't let him pass before he would tell her.

"I told him how much I love you and how happy I am when we're together" Chris said he captured Rita's lips with his, he played with her lips, tasting her, Rita put her hands behind his neck. Chris's hands slipped lower to Rita's back. They then heard the sound of the elevator and quickly broke apart as they saw an elderly couple coming out of the elevator. They looked at them in a funny way Rita and Chris got inside the elevator they both felt like two kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It took forever for them to get to their room and by the time they did the tension was about to explode. Chris put a hair that was hiding Rita's right eye behind her ear gently and kissed her right cheek, then neck, then upper to her lips. They both fell backwards to the bed smiling Rita opened Chris's shirt to find a masculine and attractive chest she started to lick every spot not wanting to miss anything she went for his pants which made Chris groan he was at her mercy. She took his pants off and then his underpants. He was completely exposed to her but now it was his turn to undress her. He slowly unbuttoned the buttons of her dress with his mouth he lingered a bit on her chest when he was done with the dress he got back to her mouth she tasted so sweet, heaven like. He devoured her lips with his, playing with her tongue. She got as close as she could to his hard, masculine body. He removed her panties and then to her bra he took a long look at her feminine body she looked like an angel. They made love so gently, treasuring the pureness of that night, later they fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next day

"Morning Sam" Rita sent a smile towards her partner in crime. She was already dressed to go and she helped him out of bad. There was a knock at the door so she dropped her hand, which dropped him too back to bad, she looked back and laughed at him.

"That's funny ha?" He asked getting up and quickly getting inside the bathroom to shower.

"Thanks" Rita said and slipped a 5 dollars bill to the guy standing there, he looked at it a bit confused. Rita understood why only a few seconds later, oops she gave the poor guy the wrong money never mind. After a few minutes Chris got out of the bathroom, Rita had already fixed breakfast on the small table it had a lovely red rose in a vase in the middle of it and all the food was circling it.

"Good morning sunshine" He came behind her. "Wow who did you invite? The whole department?" Chris asked as he looked at the table.

"Well close, I invited you" She turned around to see him dressed in the thinnest peace of closing she had ever seen. "Are you crazy? You're going to freeze to death," Rita said touching the material.

"I will not" He said.

"Will too" She said, turning back to the table.

"If I'll be cold you'll warm me, right?" Chris asked her as he pulled the chair so she could sit.

"I'll have to think about it Mr. Lorenzo" She sat down. He went to the other side and sat in front of her.

"So where do you want to go today?" Chris asked her as he took a bite of the toast.

"I don't really know England, do you?" She asked.

"I know just small parts of it, I have a place I want to take you to, I loved it the first time I was here with my mom, when she was doing one of her movies" He said taking another bite.

"I never knew you have been in England" Rita said surprised.

"Just once. I was on vacation from school, so my mom convinced grandma to take me to England. She said it would do me good to get to know other places, and it would give us time to be 'together', of course I spent the whole time with the man in charge of entertaining the stars' children" Chris finished what was on his plate and took some salad. To Rita's surprise Chris didn't look upset at all.

"So what's this place?" Rita asked.

"Well ok I'll tell you" He said and than stopped for a second trying to remember the name of the place, "Warwick Castle, that's the name" He said.

"Warwick castle? What's that?" Rita asked finishing her tasty breakfast.

"It's a castle" Chris said.

"I know that silly but what's so special about THIS castle?" Rita asked.

"Well I think it's pretty and I remember I loved looking at it so do you wanna go see this place?" Chris asked.

"Sure why not?" Rita said. "Let's go" Rita lifted Chris from the chair.

"But I'm not finished with my breakfast" Chris groaned.

"Well it's now or never" Rita said.

"Ok I'm coming" He took the beg he prepared for the both of them with the camera the drinks and everything else.

After 2 hours

"Sammy wake up" Chris said.

"Are we here?" She asked half asleep.

"Yep and we better get off this bus or we'll end up in Burford which is a lovely town but that's not where we're headed" He said. Rita yawned and got up. They both got off the bus. She was awake now.

"So where to now?" Rita said not seeing anything that resemble a castle.

"We have to go through here" Chris said and pointed to a small passage.

"I hope you know what you're doing Lorenzo, I don't want to end up in Australia" Rita said following him.

"Here is where we pay to get inside" Chris said. Rita still didn't see anything that looked like a castle but who knows the small candy that was on the floor looked a little like a castle. Chris paid and they started walking through beautiful grass and flowers and that was the only thing that they could have seen for about 20 minutes but then they several huge structures stretching into the horizon. As they were walking the structures grew to big buildings and then to a marvelous castle and several other ancient buildings that surrounded it. The surprisingly blue skies gave the place an amazing aura the green grass that was everywhere and all the people that were walking quietly amazed from the beauty.

"I'm speechless" Rita said. Taking in her new surrounding she turned around over and over. "Would you like to take a picture with me Christopher?" Rita asked.

"I sure would" Chris took out the camera from the beg and asked a man to take their picture Chris put his arms around Rita and the man took the picture. "Thank you" Chris said. "Smile" He said. She turned around to see what he was talking about and he surprisingly took a few pictures of her, she was amazed.

"What are you doing?" She asked him stunned.

"Nothing" He said innocently, giving her his best puppy look.

"I think I'll take that" Rita said and took the camera from him. "Sam you behave nicely okay? I'll be back in a few" Rita said.

"I always behave nicely" Chris said looking a his feet, she's such a mommy sometimes. She has to always make him feel like he has been bad.

"Yea sure" She said, "Accept of course when you don't" She said it when he couldn't hear it.

"So where are you going to anyway?" Chris asked her curious.

"I'm hungry" She simply said, oh oh, she knew she was going to get it now.

"Excuse me? Didn't we like had the biggest breakfast ever just a few hours ago?" He asked her.

"Well yea, but I'm hungry" She said childlike.

"Do you want me to come with you?" Chris finally asked.

"No you stay here, it won't take me long" Rita said. Chris sat on a bench near by, he was starting to get used to all that green, and there was green in Palm Beach but nothing like this. Rita stopped next to the first stand she had seen. Popsicle and ice cream that was the only thing they had. She was shocked did they actually think that people would buy ice cream at this time not to mention this cold. Chris saw Rita coming back empty handed.

"What happened?" Chris asked.

"Well I can't call ice cream my favorite breakfast so I didn't buy anything" Rita said.

"All they have is ice cream?" Chris asked.

"No" Rita said.

"So why didn't you buy anything else?" Chris asked.

"I don't like Popsicle on breakfast either" they both laughed quietly not wanting to draw any attention. Chris took out of the beg one of the sandwiches he had made for them.

"Here maybe this will make Junior satisfied for a little while" Chris handed Rita the sandwich and kissed her passionately. They were now the focus of attention and when the kiss ended the eyes of everyone in the distance to see them were on the couple.

"Chris everyone is staring at us" Rita said quietly all flushed grabbing the sandwich to the life of it.

"Who cares, that just means they had lost all romance a long time ago" Chris said, he put his hand on her shoulder and they kept on walking, later on they walked into the castle itself looking at all the wax figures, they looked so real, as if they were really alive. The cloth, the room, the accessories, the books and the figures of course made them both realize people actually lived like this, here. I t was amazing. A whole Film was over by the end of the day both on them, the figures and the view.

After a week

"Rita are you coming?" Asked the woman standing near the door.

"I'm here, just forgot my purse" Rita said smiling.

"I have got to show you this store, I have always wanted to buy things there and just didn't have the time" Lucy said as they walked toward the elevator.

"Lid the way" Rita said as the elevator started to go down.

At the Center

"Here it is" Lucy said pointing to a big store, there was a big sign inside the store instead of wallpapers saying 'A baby is love becoming realistic'. There were things for babies, children, mothers, and pregnant ladies.

"I'd say it'll be a good idea if we'll get inside" Rita said.

"Let's do" Lucy said holding her purse closer to her. They walked into the store absorbing everything that was there, Rita saw a bear, it was small, brown and it had a blue collar on it, a small tag said 'bear to watch and protect the name of this bear is Sam'.

"Sam" Rita said and held the bear, looking at it closely, he was definitely the one.

"What did you say?" Lucy asked her looking at a Barbie doll.

"That's the name of the bear- Sam" Rita said putting it into the small trolley.

"He's lovely" Lucy looked at the bear she held the Barbie doll.

"Is that for you or Rob?" Rita asked.

"What? Oh no, I was just looking" She laughed.

After an hour

"So do you think Chris will like it?" Rita asked Lucy.

"He'll love it" Lucy said looking at Rita, she was wearing a Champagne white, silk dress, she could wear it while pregnant and after.

"Do you really think so?" Rita asked her looking again in the figure in the mirror.

"Yea I do and tonight you'll wear it too, we'll go out, you and Chris and Andrew and me" Lucy said, "Now go change back" She said.

"Ok" Rita grinned.

Back at the hotel

"So I'll see you tonight right?" Lucy asked Rita as she stepped out of the elevator carrying everything she had bought, which got into no less than 3 brown, begs.

"I think I could convince Chris to go out with me" Rita said jokingly.

"I'll see you then," Lucy said. The door closed. Rita walked to the room she wondered if Chris were back. He went out with Andrew. He wouldn't tell her where. She put the begs on the floor and took the key from her purse and opened the door, she took the begs and got inside, locked the door and put on the new sleeping gown. I was black, short, silk dress. She went to bed only she couldn't sleep, after half an hour lying in bed doing nothing she decided she'll check what the hotel is offering for entertainment. She left a note for Chris in case he'll be back saying she will be back in 16:00 max. She took a beg with everything she might need, she got dressed and went downstairs.

In the mean time

"Rita won't like it, she'll be forever mad at me for doing this" Chris said out loud as he sat down. "Why did I let you talk me into it?" Chris asked Andrew.

"It's your wife's birthday, just lighten up" Andrew answered. "I'm sure she'll like it" Andrew answered the panicked man sitting next to him. An elderly man walked into the wide room and sat down in front of them.

"What can I do for you?" The man asked, scanning some papers.

"I was wondering if I could rent this place for about 2 hours" Chris finally asked looking at the man hoping he'll say not or have some excuse so Rita and he could have a nice romantic dinner and not here.

"When do you need it?" The man asked looking at his schedule.

"Amm tomorrow night" Andrew answered for him.

"You're a lucky man a Ms. just called and cancelled" The man said.

After two hours

"Rita are you here?" Chris asked walking into the hotel room. When he heard no response he went inside. He saw a note that said she'd be back at 16:00, which meant she'd be here in about an hour or so, after about an hour of intensive calls to anyone and everyone he decided enough is enough, he went to the bathroom and started to fill the bathtub. He put the special oils that the hotel gave inside the bathtub and got inside he turned on the radio that was in the bathroom and listened to the news. There are still problems in the Middle East, there is a new law that needs authorization, and it will be 9 Celsius. There was also a story about a whole family that was murdered one by one the case had about 6 dead including the two parents a 16 years old boy, a 10 years old girl and 4 months old twins. The police had no leads. They asked anyone that might have seen this murder take place or has any information no matter how small they might think it is to come forward.

"Chris?" Rita asked when she didn't see him in the room. There was no answer Chris had the headphone on and all he could hear was the song that was playing. It was Maria Carey's song called 'Close My Eyes' it looked like it was written about Rita's life:

I was a wayward child,
With the weight of the world,
That I held deep inside,
Life was a winding road,
And I learned many things'
Little ones shouldn't know.

But I closed my eyes,
Steadied my feet on the ground,
Raised my head to the sky'
And though times rolled by,
Still I feel like a child,
As I look at the moon,
Maybe I grew up,
A little too soon.

"Chris are you here?" Rita asked a little louder. Opening the door. "Chris" Rita said surprised, Rita blushed and quickly turned. Chris looked at Rita.

"Hello" He said putting a towel on himself. "I'm decent," He said.

"You better be, or else I wouldn't have married you" Rita said and Chris grinned. "Didn't you hear me come in?" Rita asked him as he got closer.

"No I didn't" Chris said. "You know that this is our honeymoon, does that mean I can kiss the bride?" He asked seductively getting close, she could feel his breath on her neck as his big masculine body robbed against her body.

"I think we can fix something," She said kissing him lightly. She broke apart quickly and went outside of the bathroom leaving a very confused Chris.

"Hey where did you go?" Chris asked, still standing in the same place. Rita got back with a robe on her. She didn't answer.

"I know you were already in the bath but do you still want to join me?" Rita asked him. Chris was nodding yes wildly like a 7 years old. "Good, now help me take this robe off" Rita said. Chris got closer, he was more than willing to obey his wife's wish. He did as he was told. Chris's towel fell to the floor leaving two bodies fully exposed. Chris kissed Rita's mouth, he slowly moved to her neck and back to her lips. He helped her get into the tub. From that point on there were a lot of bubbles flying around.

The next day's night

"Chris where are you taking me? And why am I blindfolded?" Rita asked holding onto Chris for he was her only guidance.

"It's a surprise Rita we'll be there in two seconds" Chris said he then stopped. "We're here Sam, you can take it off" Chris said he lifted her and carried her inside.

"What ever did you mean?" Rita said teasing.

"You've got a mean stream in you" Chris said helping her.

"Oh my god Chris! Did you do this for me?" Rita asked amazed, she was standing in a huge yacht, it was lit like it was Christmas only in white and in the middle of it was a table full of food.

"Did you think I was going to forget your birthday Sam?" Chris asked her nibbling her neck lightly.

"Thank you" She kissed his cheek. Chris put a disc into the compact disc.

"Shell we dance?" Chris took the hand of a still shocked Rita. The music started playing. It was Rita's favorite song and he knew it.

When your feeling lost in the night,
When you feel your world's just ain't right
Call on me, I will be waiting
Count on me, I will be there
Anytime the times get too tough,
Anytime your best ain't enough
I'll be the one to make it better,
I'll be there to protect you,
See you through,
I'll be there and there is nothing
I won't do.

I will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero your strength
Anything you need
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time
Promise you,
For you I will.

Chris looked deeply into her eyes and kissed her lightly after the dance they both ate dinner. They both heard gunshots one after another it was from the other boat, next to theirs. They quickly ran out of the boat, a man dressed in black ran passed them pushing them both asides. "Chris are you okay?" Rita asked him.

"I'm okay you?" He asked her getting up and helping her do the same.

"I'm fine" Rita pointed to the boat that was next to theirs. They both walked quietly to the boat and got inside when they did they saw a whole family laying lifeless two parents and three little children one just a baby. "Oh my god" Rita said Chris went outside. From that point and until the paramedics got there it was like forever. A whole family they had never had such a case of a whole family being brutally murdered. A two months years old boy they found out later was killed he has done nothing wrong, yet he died. The little girl didn't die though she was in a coma the doctors weren't sure if she'll ever wake up and even if she would she might not remember anything. Two detectives approached them.

"I'm detective Roman and this is my partner detective Carol" The man said next to him was a woman she was a little older than Rita and had darker hair. "We're investigating this murder I understand you two were in the crime scene when it happened" Detective Roman said.

"Not exactly, we were in the boat next to theirs we heard about 6 or 7 gunshots and ran to see where it came from we saw a medium built man, he was Caucasian oh and his left leg was hurt I saw blood and he was limping I don't know if it's something that just happened or if it's been there before" Rita said two shocked detectives were staring at her.

"By the way I'm Sgt. Lorenzo and this is my partner Sgt. Lance" Chris said Rita told him that at work she wanted to be called Lance.

"You're not from around here are you?" The two detectives looked at them as if they just came out of some cop show; These Sgt.'s weren't for real were they?

"We're from the U.S Palm Beach to be exact. We're here on vacation," Chris said they both put on a latex gloves.

"So what do you do in the Palm beach police department giving parking tickets?" The two detectives looked at Chris and Rita with derision.

"Actually we are homicide," Rita said with gritted teeth. She was starting to get upset with these two cocky detectives. Who did they think they are? They looked like they just finished the academy they knew nothing about how to treat people they had an awful or was it something common?

"Well Sgt.'s could you tell me the whole story of how you ended up here?" Detective Roman asked he was much nicer than the other detective was.

"Generally we were here, we heard the gunshots and we ran to see where it came from. When we came outside, we saw the man running. Like I said he pushed us aside we then quickly ran to see who he shot at and we saw the family, How is the girl by the way?" Chris asked them, they all calmed down a bit.

"The doctors still don't know if she'll make it, they aren't very optimistic" Detective Carol said, Rita looked down something was blinking for a second because of the moon's light she bent down and picked a napkin it said 'Queen's street 1205 7 PM Sunday'.

"What is it Sam?" Chris asked her.

"Maybe our killer left us a clue to who he might be" Rita said and showed the note to Chris. "Can I please have a bag for it she asked when she saw she wasn't getting any she took one from detective Carol's hands. "Thanks you" She said detective Carol was losing it and she knew it.

"Carol come here for a sec" Detective Roman said and pointed for her to move toward a more quiet place. Chris and Rita ware sitting looking at the two detectives.

Buck's restaurant 10 PM Friday

"You are becoming sloppy, you know sloppiness is not something I can afford. You said two people saw you right," Said a man he was smoking a pipe, he was looking at the man that two hours ago killed the Walters family. "You know what you have to do, go and do it" The man said getting angrier by the second.

"I will" Said the man with a cold voice.

"I want it to be done now, I don't care who you kill for that I don't care if they are the prime ministers of England you kill them and you kill them now!" Yelled the man the man held his pipe strongly almost crashing it.

At the hotel

"Rita, I'm so sorry" Chris said moving a string of hair that was bothering her face.

"What about?" Rita asked looking at him.

"I ruined your birthday" Chris said.

"You didn't ruin it you couldn't have helped it, it was non of your fault or mine, but we have to find whoever did it" Rita said.

"Yea I know. Who would have wanted to kill a whole family, a baby?" Chris asked Rita.

" I don't know Sam, I really don't know" Rita said.

"Rita you and our baby are the most important thing in my life I could never live without either one of you, you know I would give my life without even thinking about it for either one of you" Chris said holding Rita tightly.

"I know Chris I would do the same" Rita took Chris's hand and put it on her stomach, they fell asleep holding each other as if there was no tomorrow.

4 hours later

The door was opened with a kick, a man got inside looking for the future victims, he walked slowly from one room to another only they were nowhere to be found, he looked everywhere they were suppose to be here, it's the only place they could be in. They had to be here, his boss would kill him if he knew they weren't dead already. He got into the bedroom and saw two bodies under the blankets he shot 5 shots at each they weren't moving. He finished his job. The nightmare was over finally- Lorenzo and Lance was dead, there was nothing to link him to the victims.

To be continued...

So how did you like it? Yea I know the ending isn't that good but don't be too sure at anything, hopefully the next part will be out in this millennium. I guess you must hate me now for the ending but it's not the end yet. I want to thank Sarah for helping me with grammar and stuff, so thanks. This story is dedicated for all the Silk fans and especially for all the people that has sites for Silk Stalkings and the people that write all the great fan-fics, for that is the best way to keep Chris and Rita alive. You all know that Chris and Rita don't belong me and everyone else from Silk. Back to part one.

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