A Magical Vacation

Hey! This is my second attempt at a fan-fic now that doesn't mean you have to be crueler on your responses(Just Kidding). Well this story follows my last one, you don't have to read Friendship, partnership...(why did I choose such a long name?) to understand it. All you have to know is that Rita is pregnant and that Chris proposed. I hope you'll like it.

Like a smart man once said Let's party, or was it a woman, nevah mind' have fun.

"Rita, are you ready? We have to go" Chris said with both suitcases in his hand, he heard Rita in the bathroom, "Rita are you okay?" He put the suitcases down and went after her.

"Yea I'm just fine" She said, she looked a bit pale, she was washing her face. Chris started to wonder if it was a good idea after all.

"Are you sure you're up to it?" He asked just to be sure as he removed some hairs from her face.

"Yea I'm sure, let's go" She said with a smile, she took one small suitcase in her hand, Chris had her bigger one, and they started going to Cap's car.

"So are you two set?" Captain Liptchitz asked the couple in front of him.

"Yea" They both said in union, Chris leaned forward and kissed Rita lightly on her lips, however cap was there and they had a honeymoon to go to, he put his hand on Rita's back and they walked together to cap's car. Chris put the suitcases in the car and they drove to the airport.

At The airport

"Cap thank you' we really appreciate everything you and Fran have done for us" Rita said and hugged cap.

"Yea cap, we'll miss you both" Chris said and hugged cap too.

"Chris don't get this mushy on me, we'll see you in a about a 2 or 3 weeks, won't we?" Cap asked.

"Yea, well thanks again." Chris said and took both of the suitcases in his hand.

"You take good care of Rita, Chris" Harry shouted to the couple that was starting to disappear in the distance.

Chris turned around and shouted "I promise" They went to find a place to put the luggage, they found it so they made an early check in. Chris took Rita to a quiet place where they could be alone.

"Where are you taking me Chris?" Rita laughed and ran with him. They stopped at a spot that was quiet' but they could still see almost the whole airport, the airplanes, the people and everything else but no one could see them. Chris leaned gently and kissed Rita a sweet kiss that became hotter with each passing moment. After they regained they're composer Chris seated Rita on the bench and said" I know I didn't tell you where we are going I just wanted it to be a surprise, I guess I can't keep it a surprise anymore, okay we're going to... Rita would you like me to buy you some orange juice, you must be thirsty" Chris said, smiling to her.

"Chris you tell me, and you tell me now!" Rita demanded hiding a little smile.

"Okay, okay I never knew you had such a temper" He paused, he sat besides her "We're going to England" Chris looked carefully to see the reaction of this.

After a few seconds Rita smiled. "Really?" She asked not believing. She sat on his hips and started kissing every part of his face, Chris decided that two can play this game he framed her face with his hands and began devouring her with his kisses. After a few seconds they heard a couple of boys giggling. Chris and Rita quickly broke apart, they saw two boys and a girl looking at them and talking, she and Chris started laughing, their place wasn't as private as they thought it is. Rita took her purse in one hand and Chris's hand in the other, they started walking from their 'private' place, they looked again at the group, and they were looking at them too.

"I guess we have to," Chris said.

"Yea I guess we do" Rita said. "Don't worry as soon as we'll get there we can continue what we started" Rita said seductively.

"We will huh?" Chris stole one last kiss before they went into the line.

"Just from curiosity, did you bring your badge?" Rita asked, she already knew the answer.

"No, it's a vacation" Chris said, Rita put her hand into Chris's pocket. "Not here Rita, you saw the look those kids had", Rita pulled out exactly what she thought she would find.

"Really?" She looked at the badge "Sgt. Lorenzo" she paused for a second, "I knew you couldn't leave it home" She said holding it up so he couldn't reach it.

"Okay I couldn't leave it I admit neither could I leave the gun" He said with his puppy look.

"I couldn't either" Rita took a badge from her pocket.

"We're hopeless ha?" Chris said.

"Hopeless" Rita answered.

On the plane

"Chris when will we arrive?" Rita asked the gazillion time. She had the look of a 6 years old that was about to open her birthday gifts, he leaned and gently kissed her. "What was that for?" Rita asked when she sat back.

"That's because I love you so much, because you're so amazing, because you're the most wonderful honest, caring and because you're so damn sexy" The last comment Chris whispered in her ear.

"Oh really let's see you say it in about 5 month from now, when I will look like a whale" Rita said.

"You will never be a whale to me it'll just be more sexy to me" Chris said he smiled to her and she returned his smile with the same affection.

After the landing

"Chris here's your suitcase, to the right" Rita pointed when she saw she wasn't getting any attention she ran to get his suitcase. She found it, she picked it up and carried it to him.

"Rita where were you? I found your suitcase" Chris said.

"Well I found yours" Rita said, they both smiled. Chris carried the two suitcases until they reached the cab station, Rita looked around it was really beautiful here, different she couldn't explain it. One thing there was no arguing about it was defiantly colder Rita was starting to shake a bit Chris noticed it he took off his Jacket and put it on her, "Thanks" He put his arms around her so she won't be cold. He took her hands in his' they were as cold as ice by now, Chris and Rita was waiting there for about half an hour. He kissed her hands trying to warm them a bit.

Every time a cab would come and that happened pretty often, someone else would run for it and they would never get the chance to get inside, finally after about 15 minutes a cab came Chris and Rita were nearly desperate, a person shoved them and tried to get inside only the driver told him there were other people waiting before him. "Hello" Said the cab driver, he got outside to help them with their luggage. They started loading everything to the cab and after a couple of minutes it were all inside.

"Thank you" Rita said she looked at the cab driver.

"You're welcome" He said as he got into cab. Rita and Chris sat at the back neither one of them wanted to be apart from the other. The driver started the engine.

"So where are you from?" He asked politely, Rita knew from friend's visits that England wasn't the place to find warmth and compassion, she heard that everyone were very polite, but that's it. They didn't care for anyone but themselves. Well I guess for every rule there are exceptions.

"We're from Florida, Palm Beach" Chris said, and turned to Rita for a second, he took her hand in his, she looked at him and smiled.

"Really? You must be tired than, it's a long way from Florida to here, just tell me where you're heading and I'll try getting there as soon as possible" The rather old man said.

"That's a good question, where are we heading Chris?" Rita asked him.

"Well to a hotel called... let me see" Chris took a peace of paper from his pocket, "Oh yea we're going to 'The Corona Hotel' I think" Chris finally said. Rita squeezed his hand.

"So are you here for your honey moon?" The man asked, he started driving to the hotel, he had a slight smile on his face.

"Yes we are" Rita said proudly and looked down at the golden ring on her finger, the ring the Chris put on her finger in their wedding yesterday.

"I just knew that, you look just like you went here from your wedding" He said convinced.

"Really?" Asked Chris.

"Yea, you just look like that" The man said, "By the way, my name is John"

"My name is Chris and my wife's name is Rita" He said, he wasn't used to calling Rita his wife, it was wonderful. They started passing beautiful gardens and the view was absolutely breath taking, "Wow this is amazing, I never saw so much green in my life" Chris said.

"Yes it is lovely but after living here so long you forget how beautiful this really is" Said John. Chris saw that Rita fell asleep, she was tired a lot lately he didn't want to wake her up she looked so sweet like that, he kissed her forehead and let her head rest on his shoulder, after about half an hour he fell asleep too, he was more tired than he thought.

After a couple of hours

Rita caressed Chris's head, "Sam wake up, we're here" She gently kissed his forehead. "Wake up sleepy head" Rita said playfully, Chris slowly started showing signs of waking up.

"Good morning" Chris said and smiled when he saw Rita. He sat down he didn't even notice his head was on Rita's knees.

"It's hardly morning but it is good, how did you sleep?" She helped him position himself comfortably.

"The best, how can I not when lying next to my beautiful wife" Grinning he kissed Rita lightly.

"It was quite enjoyable to me too" Rita returned the grin. John hid a smile.

"I'll help you with the luggage" John took his keys and went outside of the car, Chris and Rita almost burst into laughter they were acting like a couple of teenagers. Chris got outside too, he took Rita's hand and helped her out.

"Thank you" Rita said. Chris closed the door and they walked behind the car where John was, he was taking out the last suitcase. Chris paid John.

"I just wanted to tell you that if you need anything, all you have to do is call me I'm in this number" He reached for Chris's hand and gave him his card it said where he lived and his phone number.

"Well thanks" Chris said he didn't know exactly what to tell him.

"Good Bye" He winked towards Chris and Rita she smiled at him and so did Chris.

"Thanks we'll do that, Bye" Rita said. "It's going to take me a while to get used to that accent" Rita tried to imitate the accent the man had with not much luck. They both laughed.

"Yea me too" Chris said, a man came toward them, he was wearing blue uniforms with a blue hat that was a site Chris and Rita almost burst into laughter in front of the poor man.

"May I help you with your luggage?" Asked the young man with a smile.

"Yes thanks" The man called a fellow worker to help him. And they got into the hotel so far it looked absolutely incredible, it was so different from anything they had ever had in America, it's as if they thought about everything, every little detail was taken care of as if it was the most important and if that little detail would not be perfect the hotel would fall apart but it was gorgeous without a doubt, the sculptures, even the ceiling and the carpets were beautiful the whole hotel was colored in shades of blue and gray, like England usually looked Rita thought, the tables, chairs and walls were no exception she started feeling rather weird everyone were wearing such a discreet cloth what she and Chris were defiantly not wearing, they felt like everyone were staring at them, well what the heck I have nothing to be ashamed of I have a gorgeous wife which I adore, Chris put his hand around Rita's shoulder and he lightly brushed his lips with hers, they went to the clerk that was sitting next to the reception.

"Yes please how can I help you?" He said he was wearing glasses like you see in books and looked as old as these books. There were a couple of other clerks sitting in the other chairs but they were all busy, Rita wondered if there were any Americans in this hotel, and if there were, were they feeling like they did?

"We have reservations for Lorenzo" Chris said.

"Loren?" The clerk asked.

"No Lorenzo L. O. R. E. N. Z. O" Chris spelled it for the old man.

"Oh yea Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo right? Honeymoon suite?" He finally asked after a couple of minute.

"Yes" Chris said hiding a smile.

"Room 1407 7th floor, oh Mr. Lorenzo there're two messages for you and your wife one is from a Harry and Fran?" Chris and Rita smiled they just got here and Harry and Fran already are calling "And the second message is from Mr. Haven," He paused for a second why would Mr. Haven invite them he thought to himself, the man cleared his throat "He said that he and his wife would like to invite you two for dinner tonight at about 7:00 " Rita gave Chris a funny look.

"Tell him I'll get back to him do you have his phone number?" Chris asked the man, he knew Rita was looking at him as if he'd done something wrong and that made a smile show on his face, Rita wondered what was he smiling at.

She whispered in his ear "Who is Mr. Haven?" Rita quietly said so that the clerk wouldn't hear. She wasn't even sure if she was to scream he would hear her but non-the less she spoke quietly.

"An old friend" Chris said rather mysteriously.

"Chris are you holding something back from..." Rita didn't finish the sentence and the old clerk started talking.

"Here is the key to your room if you need anything call here, all the numbers to the restaurants, room service and here of course are in room next to the phones, I hope you'll enjoy your stay here at 'The Corona Hotel' and if there's any problem or you need suggestions please do call" Said the clerk it was the phoniest thing Chris and Rita had ever heard they wondered if he even knew what he was saying, the man got back to what he was doing before.

"Thank you" Chris said and took the key from the counter. After Chris saw that there was no one in a range to hear what he was about to say he said "Are you ready to start our honeymoon Rita Lee Lance-Lorenzo?"

"I sure am" She answered, the time in the elevator was very intense they didn't say a word they just looked into each others eyes there was no one else in the elevator by the time they got to their floor. They quickly got out of the elevator not wanting to wait a second. They got to room 1407 Chris opened the door and they faced the most amazing room they have ever seen. Both Chris and Rita were stunned it was in the colors of white, purple and dark red. The room was so big, there was a king size bed that just looked royal next to it were two night stands. Two desks were near the window on one of them there were two bowls one had fruits and the other chocolates. There were also a couple of chairs next to these desks. There were two sofas one bigger from the other they were in front of a table. On the table there was a television at least 50 inch, on the TV there was the brochure of the hotel. There were two big closets for cloth also there was micro-wave, kettle about 4 glasses for water, 4 for wine and 4 for tea of course, also 4 plates, knifes, forks and teaspoons. They saw the two bath-rooms, one was smaller than the other in it there was the shower and in the bigger one there was a Jacuzzi that would be enough for 10 they would be alright here Chris and Rita thought.

"I think we'll manage here" Chris said and lightly brushed his lips with Rita's.

"Yea I think so too" Rita said.

"How about if we'll check if this bed is as comfortable as it looks" Chris said between kisses.

"I like the way your mind works Lorenzo" Rita said as Chris started to unbutton her blouse. A bell was heard Chris quickly helped Rita put her blouse back on.

"Who is it?" Chris said breathless.

"I'm here with your luggage" A boy said. Chris went to the door and opened it.

"Yea you can put it here" Chris indicated a spot next to the closet. He searched his pocket and found only 1/2 pound, he gave it to the young boy. He looked at it strangely and went out of their room.

"Just like when we were under cover as the Wellmans" Rita said.

"Yea just like the Wellmans now there is something I gotta know Rita be honest" Chris said.

"Yea?" Rita knew exactly where it was going but she did as if she didn't know what he was going to ask her.

"That kiss you told me it did nothing to you, was that really true was it nothing to you?" He asked her full of anticipation for her answer.

"Chris when you kissed me I knew I loved you, it just scared me so much, I had to say it meant nothing/ I just realized I was in love with you, but I couldn't because we were partners and most of all best friends and I couldn't ruin that, I cared about you too much and I think it was the right decision at the time because we built a friendship that is so strong it can conquer anything." Rita said she sat down.

"I know. I think at that moment I knew that you Sammy, are the one for me. That I could never live without you. I loved you then and I love you even more now." Chris said he captured her lips once again he put his hands behind her head and opened the zipper of her skirt she helped him out of his pants they fell to the bed laughing. Chris slowly and seductively unbuttoned her blouse one button after the other. Rita did the same to him, each of them torturing the other with their magical touch. They threw all the clothes on the floor Chris started caressing Rita's cheek he was everywhere at the same time he couldn't get enough and Rita couldn't either, they both started moving in a hypnotic rhythm in the end they both lay motionless, exhausted. Rita fell asleep on Chris' chest and Chris fell asleep too after about an hour there was a phone call. Rita slowly woke up she picked up the phone.

"Hello" She said sleepily.

"Is this Mrs. Lorenzo?" Asked the manly voice from the other side of the phone.

"Yea this is she who's speaking?" She asked.

"This is Mr. Haven I am an old friend of your husband" Chris was starting to show signs of waking up.

"Oh yes you are the one that invited us for dinner" Rita looked at her watch it was nearly 5:30 pm.

"Yea that's me by the way you can call me Andrew" He said.

"Oh and you can call me Rita" She said.

"Who is it Rita?" Chris finally sat down fully conscious.

"It's Andrew" She said covering the phone so Andrew couldn't hear.

"Andrew, Chris just woke up do you want to talk to him?" She asked.

"Of course" He said. Rita handed Chris the phone.

"Hey man" Chris said "How are you?"

"I'm great it's been long, too long" He said.

"Yea I know but what can I do you know I don't live here down the street. After you moved from Florida it wasn't the same," Chris said Rita went to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

"I moved so I could live here with my wife by the way I don't think I told you we're expecting" He said excitedly.

"Really? What month is she?" Chris asked thrilled for his friend.

"She's in the end of 4th month almost 5th" Andrew said.

"I'm so happy for you, as a matter of fact, here we have something in common Rita is in her 4th month too but the beginning".

"That is absolutely wonderful" Andrew said. "I can't wait to meet you and Rita, so can you come tonight?" He asked.

"Just a second I'll ask Rita" He said. "Sammy are you up to going to dinner with Andrew and his wife?" He went behind the door of the bathroom and asked.

"Sure" She said.

"We'll come. So where are we going to?" Chris asked.

"Oh I didn't tell you where, I know this might be very difficult for you Chris so maybe your wife can help you with that. When you go to the elevator you press 10 and than you get to the 10th floor we live there" He said teasingly.

"Same old Andrew ha? you're right we'll be there at about 7:00" Rita got out of the shower wearing a pregnancy dress Chris looked at Rita and she nodded.

"Okay I'll see you then" He said.

"Bye" Chris said.

"Oh and tell your wife I'm looking forward to meeting her okay?" He asked. They hung up the phone.

"He says he's looking forward to meeting you" Chris said.

"Now Chris will you please tell me who is this nice man?" Rita asked.

"He's an old friend of mine, we were partners at the beginning when I just got to the Palm Beach Police he had helped me a lot in everything. I could never have made it without him" Chris said.

"You never told me about him" Rita said.

"Really? Well I have no idea why. He left the force before I even met you Sammy, we were really good friends he went for a vacation in England and met there a girl named Lucy. I met her only once she is a really nice person. They got married and he moved to England. After that we kind of lost touch with each other" Chris said.

"Oh I see, I guess the two of you were pretty close ha?" She sat on his hips.

"Yea we were" He said sadly.

"So tell me why did you lose touch?" She gave Chris a look.

"Aa, well I don't know I guess we both moved on with our lives" Chris said.

"Wrong answer" Rita said.

"Okay I was a bit mad at him for leaving. He was such a close friend and without any warning he went to England" Chris said.

"Yea I think that's the reason, Chris I'm sure he still cared a lot for you, he just had to move on with his life just like you had to" Rita said and kissed hid forehead.

"Yea you're right little Rita Lee that is becoming bigger with every day" Chris said teasing.

"Why you!!! you put me in this position!" She started to tickle him and he tickled her back.

"Truth" Chris declared raising his hands and as if holding a white flag. He looked at her with his sea blue eyes. "Sammy you're not fat and you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met and you're only getting prettier with every day that passes especially because of Junior here" He put his hand on her belly that was starting to show by now.

"Thank you" She blushed. "You know we should start thinking of names for Junior I don't think that he or she will appreciate it if they will be called Junior for the rest of their lives" She said.

"You're right" He said. "So tell me some names of boys and girls"

"Michele, Jennifer, Nicole, Sarah, Lisa, Caroline for boys Nicolas, Rob, David, Steve, Dan" Rita said.

"Wow Sammy what a list but No" Chris said.

"No? Do you have something better?" She said.

"Yes I do" He said.

"Well what's that?" She asked curious.

"I am not going to tell you well maybe in the end of the trip" He said.

"What? Chris you know I have ways of making you say it" She said seductively.

"Well this I won't tell you until the end of the trip but you can guess and if you'll guess the right names I promise to tell you" He said.

"Okay I have a perfect name too and I won't tell you either" Sticking her tongue out. "But if you'll guess the right one I promise I'll too tell you too. Let's make an agreement if neither one of us can guess till the end of this trip we'll both write the name or names on a peace of paper and on the plane we'll read it together agree?" Rita asked.

"I agree" He said wearing a mischievous grin .

"Shirley, Dona, Cassie, Sarah, Dana, Mandy, Melanie, Carla." Rita said.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no and no, why did you say only girls names what about boys he should have a boy's name not a girl's" Chris said toying with Rita's hair.

"How do you know it's going to be a he?" Rita asked, no way she knew deep inside it would be a girl... or a boy.

"It's going to be a boy I'm sure it'll be" Chris said very convinced.

"Oh maternal instincts I presume" Rita said.

"Yea, we live in the 90's Sam" Chris said.

"Oh really I don't remember you having morning sickness Christopher" She said.

"Well, you know, You can't get it all I have to leave some fun for you too" He said, so far she was ok but he knew she'll explode in a couple and he loved her when she exploded the most he loved after a fight when they would make up.

"Why Christopher if you want to have morning sickness and soar breasts I'm sure I can fix that" Oops Chris forgot for a second that this incredible woman sitting in front of him was the best cop he ever knew she could also get a man to scream from agony(double meaning).

"Sammy I really didn't mean it... Rita what are you doing, RITA!!!" She pushed him to the bed she was on top of him.

"Chris you can either say you're sorry or be at my mercy, which at the moment I won't recommend" She said half-teasing half-serious.

"I know I should pick number two but being at your mercy is not such bad thing it's worth it" He said kissing her passionately making this situation go at benefit. Now he was the one on top. After the kiss ended Rita pushed Chris from her.

"Chris we have to get set to leave to Andrew and... It was Lucy right? Right" Rita said as she put on her earrings, the ones Chris bought for her to her birthday. He came behind her. She jumped "God you scared the hell out of me, what are you doing?" She asked as he started nibbling near the spot on her neck. "Chris we can't now" She said laughing. She turned around and surprised him with a passionate kiss, "Now can we leave?" She asked a bit shaky from this kiss she tried to tease Chris but in the end it got back at her.

"Sammy you can't kiss me like that and then leave, you know I might really get hurt one day" He said getting closer to her in the goal to accomplish what he started. She put her hand on his lips when he was about to kiss her, she isn't falling for that one again.

"We HAVE to go" She said taking Chris by the hand and leading him to the door.

"Ok but I must say Rita you can be very cruel sometimes" He said and let her lead the way.

"I know" she said hiding a little smile.

"By the way did I tell you, you look simply gorgeous in this dress" Chris said putting his arm around Rita protectively.

"Thank you, you look quite handsome yourself" She said. She got to the elevator and Chris pressed the button that said 10. "What are you doing Christopher we're suppose to go to your friend's apartment not to the last floor at this hotel" Rita said confused.

"We're going to both of them" He said. "How about if we'll stop to look at the view of England".

"I don't understand" Rita said when the dark gray doors of the elevator opened. Chris and Rita stepped outside hands intertwined.

"I think it should be here" Chris said and pointed to the direction he thought the balcony was. They both slowly walked to that direction without words each with their own thoughts. "Here it is" Chris said smiling they found a rather small place. There were lovely chairs there and a table. Chris and Rita stepped closer to see the view.

"Gosh it's beautiful" Rita said the buildings were so different there Chris rented a room in a place in the country knowing there it was most beautiful and indeed it was.

"Very" He simply said holding her tight. They stood there for a couple of minutes watching the lovely, yet unfamiliar surrounding.

Part 2.

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