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Chapter 8

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Ch. 8

Recap: Cassy and Tom take in a baby that was left at the station
and Rita and Chris go over to Cassy and Tom's to pick the baby up.

Rita rings the doorbell.

T: Hi Rita. Hi Chris.

R: Hi Tom. Does Cassy have the baby ready?

T: Yeah. Come on in.

They walk into the living room while Tom goes to get Cassy and

the baby.

A few minutes later Cassy walk into the living room with the baby

in her arms. She walks over to Rita and hands her the baby.

R: Thanks Cassy.

Ca: You're welcome. I know you'll take good care of her.

R: Of course we will.

They stand up and walk out to the car.

Rita buckles the baby in and they head home.

Chris opens the door for Rita.

Brenda hears the door open and goes to meet them.

B: So?

R: Apparently, this little girl was abandoned in a basket in front

of the shop this morning.

B: That's sad. Who would do that?

C: We don't know, but we are going to find out.

R: Chris, where are we going to let this little one sleep?

C: Good question. I guess she can sleep with us since Jessi's using

the crib.

B: Let the baby sleep in the crib. Jessi can sleep in her car seat.

R: I bet we could get both of the girls into the crib.

B: Does the baby have a name?

R: No. That's something we have to come up with. The note that

was attached to her night gown didn't have her name on it. It

only said that she's 3 weeks old and that her parents couldn't take

care of her.

B: Now that's sad. So what are you going to do if you can't find

her parents?

R: I don't know. I guess we'll cross that bridge when and if push

comes to shove.

Rita goes to lay the baby in the crib.

R: Chris, we need to go the store to get things for the baby.

C: You're right.

B: Chris, do you know what to buy?

C: No.

B: Do you want me to go with you?

C: Sure. Do you wanna take Jessi?

B: No. She's asleep and if I wake her up, she'll be cranky.

C: Okay. Let's go.

Chris gets the keys to the car and they head to the store.

Right as they walk out the door, Jessi wakes up.

R: Oh, Jessi.

She picks up Jessi

R: Mommy will be right back.

Jessi falls back to sleep.

Julia gets a call on her cell phone.

Ju: Yeah...Great!...Okay...I'll talk to you later

R: What's up Jules?

Ju: Nothin' much. A friend of mine is getting married.

R: That's great. I bet that you are happy for that friend.

J: Where's Chris?

R: We are taking care of a 3 weeks old until we can find her

parents or something else happens, so he and Brenda went to the


Ju: Okay.

The baby cries. Rita goes in the room, and picks up the baby

R: Oh sweet girl. It's okay.

Just then Chris and Brenda walk in.

R: Good timing you guys.

B: Why's that?

R: She just woke up.

B: Has she been fussy lately?

R: No, not really.

B: In case, you two still have her after I'm gone do you want me

to show you how to do everything?

R: Yeah.

B: Okay. Can I see her for a sec Rita?

Rita hands the baby to Brenda.

B: Okay. Lesson number one...changing diapers.

Brenda shows them step by step.

B: Now, let's get her in something else. Did the basket have any

other clothes in it?

R: No.

B: Okay, that's no biggie. I'll just put her back in the night gown

and you and me can go shopping Rita.

R: Okay. Jessi's still asleep, so do you wanna go now?

B: Sure.

Rita gets her keys and they head to the mall.

An hour later they come back with a ton of bags.

C: Okay, why so many bags?

B: Simple Chris. Babies grow fast, and she's going to out grow

half the things we have in here with in a few weeks.

C: Oh, okay. Jessi woke up.

B: How long ago?

C: Just a few seconds ago. She's in the crib.

Brenda sets her bags down and goes to get Jessi.

The baby cries. Chris picks her up and gives her his finger and

she starts sucking on it.

C: Uh, Brenda?

B: Yeah Chris?

C: I think she's hungry.

B: She sure is Chris. Okay, lesson two...making bottles.

Brenda takes him through each step and gives the baby her bottle.

B: Okay Chris. Hold the bottle for her and hold her semi upright.

Chris notices the baby is starting to fall asleep.

C: Bren, what do I do now? She's falling asleep.

B: When she's asleep take the bottle out of her mouth and go lay

her in the crib.

Chris flips on the radio as he walks by.

(When I first saw you, I saw love. And the

first time you touched me, I felt love. And

after all this time, you're still the one I love.)

Looks like we made it

Look how far we've come my baby

The song continues to play. Chris looks at Rita and just smiles.

C(mouths):Love you.

R: Brenda, let's get these plans going.

B: Okay. have you decided on your dress yet?

R: No, but I have some ideas.

B: Okay. Have you decided on a date?

Rita looks at Chris.

C: Huh, we haven't decided on that yet.

R: But soon, if we still have the baby.

B: Speaking of the baby. Don't you think that she should have a


R: I don't want to name her until we know for sure if we can find

her parents or whomever did this.

C: Good idea. I've got a hunch that we won't find who ever did

this to her.

R: Oh what makes you so sure?

Chris shrugs.

R: Okay. I've got the dresses picked out for the brides maids, but I

can't decide what color.

B: Have you decided what your bouquet is going to be made of?

R: No.

B: Okay, you probably want to do that before deciding on what

color for the dresses.

They talk about the reception, the cake, etc...

A few minutes after they get done talking about everything, the

baby cries.

Rita gets up and walks into the other room to get her.

As soon as Rita has the baby in her arms, she stops crying.

Chris walks into the room, and takes the baby from Rita and lays

her back in the crib next to Jessi, who's still asleep.

They walk into their bedroom.

R: Chris, what if we have to give the baby back. I'm already

attached to her.

She starts to cry and Chris just holds her.

C: So am I Sammy. So am I . Let's give them to the end of the

week and if they don't find her parents or the jerk that left her,

we'll figure something out.

R: Okay.

The weekend flies by and Brenda and Jessi head back to Port

Charles, at the airport Rita tells them bye.

R: Call us when you get there.

B: I will. Call me if something happens with the baby.

R: Oh I will. You'll be the first one we call.

B: Okay. Tell Harry that next time I'm in town, I'll go see


R: Okay.

The pilot walks up to Brenda.

P: Mrs. Jacks, we are ready to go whenever you are.

B: Okay. Would you take Jessi and get her buckled in her seat?

I'll be right there.

The pilot nods. Brenda hands him Jessi. She walks to Rita and

hugs her.

B: If you need anything just call me okay.

R: I will.

Brenda walks to the jet and Rita watches them take off.

When Rita gets home, Chris and the baby are asleep.

She carefully takes the baby out of his arms and lays her in the

crib that they moved into their room shortly before Jessi and

Brenda left.

She walks back into the living room, and sits down in the chair

next to Chris and just watches him sleep

The week flies by and still no clue as to who or why they

dropped the baby off in front of the station.

C: So, what are we going to do now Rita?

R: I don't know.

C: Well, I told you that if they hadn't find out who did this to that

baby asleep in the other room that we would do something.

R: Well, what do you want to do?

C: What do you think about adopting her?

R: Really?

C: Yeah. I think that we are both too attached to her to let her

get lost in the system. What do you think?

R: I say let's do it.

C: Okay. I'll get everything rolling Monday morning.

R: Why not right now?

C: Well for one thing all the lawyers are at home, and for another

it's almost midnight.

R: I didn't realize that it was so late.

C: You know, she needs a name.

R: Yeah. What do you think?

C: I've always like the name Marie.

R: Okay. Her middle name will be Marie. All she needs now is a

first name.

C: Well, she's got red hair just like that mermaid in that Disney


C & R: Arielle.

Just then Arielle cries.

Chris goes in and picks her up.

C: Rita, can you come in here for a sec?

R: What's up?

C: Does she feel hot to you?

R: Yeah.

C: Should we take her to the doctors now?

R: In the morning we will. In the mean time, I'll go call Brenda

and fix her a bottle.

C: Okay. I think there's some apple juice in the refrigerator.

R: She have any clean bottles?

C: I think so. I'm gonna go run a cold bath for her.

R: Okay. I'll call Brenda.

Rita goes into the kitchen and fixes her a bottle while she's talking

to Brenda.

B: Hello?

R: Brenda, it's me. Did I wake you?

B: Hi Rita. No you didn't wake me. I was working on some L &

B things.

R: Well, listen. We didn't find that jerk who dropped off the baby

in front of the station, so on Monday Chris is calling a lawyer to

start the adoption.

B: That's great. Did you come up with a name?

R: Arielle Marie. Speaking of Arielle. She's burning up.

B: Okay. Run a cold bath for her and just drizzle the water over

her. Then get the silk night gown that we bought for her and put

her in it.

R: Okay. Anything else?

B: Have you fixed her a bottle with apple juice yet?

R: Yeah. I just got done fixing it now.

B: Someone needs to stay home with her too.

R: I don't think either one of us will be leaving her.

B: She'll probably be sleeping most of the day. Don't force her to

drink the juice.

R: Okay. Thanks Bren.

B: Anytime. If you need anything, just call me okay.

R: Okay. Bye.

Rita gets the bottle, and her night gown and goes into the


C: What did Brenda say?

R: You did good running that bath, and that one of us needs to

stay with her until she feels better. I told her I didn't think either

one of us would leave her.

C: You got that right.

R: Let me get her into her night gown and we'll get some sleep.

Rita puts her into the nightgown and lays her in the crib.

Just about every hour Arielle wakes up.

The phone rings early the next morning.

H: Guys, can you come to the shop?

R: Cap, we can't the baby's sick and she's asleep. Someone needs

to be here.

H: Well, bring her. We need you two down here asap.

R: Okay. We'll be right there.

C: What's up?

R: Cap needs us at the shop right now.

C: Did you tell him that Arielle's sick?

R: Yeah, he said to bring her.

C: Okay. Let's go.

Rita realizes something.

R: Chris, she doesn't have a car seat.

C: Oh yeah. Well, I've got that covered.

Chris pulls out the car seat that he and Brenda bought after they

went to Cassy and Tom's to pick her up.

R: When did you get that?

C: When me and Brenda went to get everything she would need.

R: I suppose you didn't get a diaper bag did you?

C: No. I'll go get one later on.

They head out the door and go to the shop.

H: LANCE! LORENZO! In here now!

R: Cap, she's asleep.

H: Oh sorry. You two look beat.

C: We are. She woke up every hour.

H: We'll be finished here in a minute then you two can take as

long as you need off to get her better.

C: Thanks Cap.

R: What's up?

H: Rita, you're promotion went through.

C: That's great.

H: Chris, you've got a new job as well.

C: What's that?

H: For right now, you are captain of the homicide division.

C(shouts): Me?

R: Chris!

C: Oh sorry! Why me Cap?

H: Well, Rita can't be chief of dects and Captain at the same time.

R: When do we start?

H: Well, I'll stay on until you get that baby better. What are you

going to do with her?

R: Well, we both attached to her from the minute we laid eyes on

her, and we didn't want her to get lost in the system, so we are

adopting her.

H: That's great. I know she didn't have a name.

R: We thought of that.

C: Cap, meet Arielle Marie Lorenzo.

H: You two better get Arielle home.

R: Okay. We'll call you later so Frannie can meet her.

H: I know she'd like that.

They get up and head back home.

Once Rita lays her in her crib, she wakes up.

R: Oh sweetie. It's okay.

Arielle keeps crying.

R: Chris, can you bring me Arielle's bottle?

C: Sure. Be right there.

R: Okay sweetie. Dad's bringing you your bottle.

Rita realizes she just called Chris, Dad.

C: Here ya go Rita.

R: Thanks.

C: How's she doing?

R: Well, as soon as I laid her in the crib, she started crying.

C: Why don't you go sit in my recliner and rock her.

R: Good idea. After I asked you to bring her bottle, I told her

that Dad was bringing it.

C: I guess that would be me huh?

R: Yeah. That would be you.

C: I'm gonna go call the lawyer and get the papers started okay?

R: Okay.

End of Chapter 8


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