Lives Intertwined

Chapter 7
(a GH/Silk Stalkings Crossover)

by: Sarah

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Ju: Julia

Ch. 7

Recap: Cassy got word that her parents had been killed. Brenda and Jax asked Chris and Rita to be Jessi's god-parents.

Friday afternoon at 5:30

Rita meets Julia, Jessi and Brenda at the airport.

Brenda is first off the plane.

R: Hi Bren.

B: Hi Rita.

R: Where's Jessi?

B: Julia's got her.

R: Where is she?

Ju: Right here.

R: Julia?

Ju: Yep. It's me.

R: How was Jessi on the flight?

B: Just great. She first flew when she was 2 months old. We took her to see her Aunt Robin in Paris.

R: Did she sleep through it?

B: Yea. That's why we scheduled the flight during her nap time.

R: Smart idea. Chris is at home. Ready to go?

Ju: Yeah. Rita, I know this is gonna sound stupid, but who's


R: Didn't Bren tell you?

Ju: Tell me what?

R: Brenda! You didn't tell Julia about Chris?

B: I thought you should do it.

R: Okay. First, can I hold Jessi?

Ju: Of course.

Julia hands Jessi to Rita.

R: Okay. Chris is my husband.

Julia's jaw drops to the floor.

Ju: Rita! When did you get married?

R: A month ago.

Ju: Okay. Spill everything.

Rita gets Jessi into the car seat and starts to drive home.

During the drive Rita tells Julia and Brenda the whole story about how her and Chris met, etc.

When they get to the condo Chris meets them at the door.

B: Hi Chris.

C: Hi Bren.

R: Hi. Chris, this is Brenda's sister Julia. Julia, this is my husband Chris.

C: Good to meet you Julia.

Rita goes back to the car to get Jessi.

R: Guess who just woke up.

C: Well, hello Jessi.

Jessi turns her head towards Chris and kinda smiles.

They head inside and Rita gets Jessi settled in her new crib that they bought just for her.

R: Do you guys want anything to drink?

B: I'm okay. Thanks

Ju: Oh no thanks. I'm okay.

R: Okay.

They talk until the phone rings.

C: I hate the phone!

He gets up to answer it.

C: Yeah Lorenzo. Hey Cap. Oh no. No way. We have company.

Yeah. Brenda, Jessi and Brenda's sister are here. Okay. We'll be right there.

Chris groans.

C: Rita, we've gotta go to the shop. Cap needs to see us.

R: Did you tell him we've got company?

C: Yeah. He said it was okay if we brought them to the shop.

R: Do you guys wanna go with us?

B: Do you wanna go Jules?

Ju: Yeah.

B: Okay. We'll go.

R: Okay. I'll go get Jessi and then we'll go.

Rita walks into the other room to the crib and gently lifts a sleeping Jessi on her arm.

Chris walks into the room.

C: Want me to get anything Rita?

Rita nods

R(whispering): Her bag.

Chris gets the bag and they head out to the car.

15 minutes later they are at the shop.

They get out of the car and head up to the Homicide Division.

R: We just have to talk to Cap. We'll be finished in a few minutes and then we'll introduce you to everyone.

B: Okay.

5 minutes later they are finished with Cap.

R: Bren, Jules? Can you come in here for a sec?

Brenda, who's holding Jessi, and Julia come into Cap's office.

R: Captain Harry Lipschitz, this is Brenda Jacks, our god-daughter Jessi, and Brenda's sister Julia Barrett.

B: It's good to meet you Captain Lipschitz.

H: So, this is Jessi.

B: Yes. This is Jessi.

H: Now I can see why you were so upset when that jerk got a hold of her. She's one pretty girl.

B: Thanks. She looks just like her daddy.

H: Oh, who's your husband?

B: Jasper Jacks.

H: You mean Jasper Jacks of J&J Jacks of Alaska?

B: The one and only.

H: He owns Jax Cosmetics right?

B: Yes. In fact, I modeled for them for a while.

H: Now that's where I've seen you before. My wife Frannie has every single ad of yours out of every magazine she could get her hands on. She told me that if we had a daughter she'd want her to be a mix of you and Rita.

Brenda and Rita blush.

H: She's not going to believe me when I tell her that you are here in town.

R: I've told her about you Bren. But I didn't tell her your last name.

B: Oh. I'll tell you what Capt. Lipschitz, I've got a black and white of me at the house. I'll sign one for Frannie and I'll give it to you.

H: Oh that'd be great.

Harry's phone rings

H: Yeah.

F: Harry, it's me.

H: Oh hi Frannie.

F: When are you coming home?

Harry looks at his watch.

H: Oh hon I didn't realize how late it was. I'll be right there.

F: Okay.

They hang up the phone

H: That was Frannie. I'm in trouble.

R: What'd ya do now Cap?

H: Look at the time Lance. Frannie had dinner ready and I wasn't there, and you know how she gets.

R: Yeah, we know. Why don't you and Frannie come over for dinner some night while Brenda's here?

H: Okay. I'll ask Frannie and I'll call you later.

C: Okay. See ya Cap.

H: Bye Lorenzo.

They go back down to the parking lot and head back to the condo.

Brenda lays Jessi in her crib in the other room

Chris, Rita, Brenda and Julia stay up talking for a few more hours and then they go to bed.

The next morning, Jessi wakes up at 8:00 and just stares at the ceiling. Brenda wakes up shortly after, picks her up, and heads to the kitchen.

Rita has since woken up, and she heads to the kitchen to get breakfast going. Brenda and Jessi are waiting for Rita in the kitchen.

R: Good morning.

B: Morning.

R: How'd you two sleep?

B: I slept great. Jessi woke up a couple of times, but she went right back to sleep.

R: Good. When do you want to get started with the wedding plans?

B: Anytime. I know you want to get as much of it done as we can while I'm here.

R: How'd you know that?

B: I just did.

R: Yeah, just like you knew that the next time you saw me, I would be holding a baby in my arms?

B: Yeah.

The phone rings.

R: Sgt Lance.

H: Rita, its me.

R: Hey Cap. What's up?

H: I need you and Chris to some to the shop right now.

R: What's up?

H: I'll tell you when you get here. Just hurry.

R: Okay Cap. We'll be right there.

Rita hangs up the phone.

B: Anything wrong Rita?

R: It's just when Cap won't tell us what's up until we get to the shop, it's usually something awful.

B: That's not good...especially this early in the morning.

R: Well, what can I say? That's what we get for being homicide dects.

B: Yeah.

R: I'd better go get Chris up.

B: Okay. Jessi's good at waking her dad up. Do you wanna try it with Chris?

R: Sure.

Brenda hands Jessi to Rita.

R: Good morning, Jessi.

Jessi smiles.

They head upstairs to the bedroom.

R: Chris?

Jessi giggles.

C: Hmmm?

R: Morning

C: Mornin'. Morning Jessi.

R: Can you hold her while I get dressed?

C: Sure.

Rita hands her to Chris and heads into the bathroom.

Chris starts tickling Jessi. He smiles at her.

R: What are you doing to her Christopher?

C: Nothin'. Just playing with her.

R: Oh. Listen, Cap called. He needs us at the shop asap.

C: Okay.

Rita comes out of the bathroom and takes Jessi.

R: Now get dressed and meet me downstairs.

C: Okay.

Chris gets dressed.

R: Ready?

C: Yeah. Where's Brenda?

B: Right here. Jessi fell asleep again.

C: Okay. We shouldn't be too long.

B: Just take your time.

R: Okay. We'll be back.

They walk to the car and Rita calls Cap.

H: Yeah.

R: Cap, it's Rita. We'll be there in 5 minutes.

H: Okay Rita.

Five minutes later they pull up to the shop, and head for Cap's office.

R: What's up Cap?

H: Sit down you two.

They sit down in their chairs

H: Okay, I know you two aren't going to like this. but a little baby was left outside the station this morning.

R: Where is the baby now?

H: Cassy and Tom's.

R: Okay. What do we know?

Harry tells them about the baby, and hands them the note that was attached to the basket.

R: This guy is sick.

Rita looks at Chris who nods

R: Do you want us to watch the baby while someone tracks this guy down?

H: If you want to.

C: Yeah we do.

H: Okay. Call Cassy from your phone on your way over there and tell her that I said that it's okay for you to take the baby home. She's been a little over protective of this baby.

R: Well, after all she's been through I can imagine.

H: Okay. Now go get that baby and take her home.

R: What's her name?

H: The note didn't say.

R: Okay.

They head to Cassy and Tom's to pick up the baby.

End of Chapter 7

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