Lives Intertwined



Ch. 6

Recap: Chris and Rita go back to Palm Beach and get called to

work, where they find their friend Derek McNeil dead. Cassy goes

home from the hospital.

Now on the show....

The next morning


PBPD Homicide Division

Chris looks at Rita, who's zoned out.

C: Sammy?

No response from Rita

C: Sammy?

Still no response

C: Rita Lee!

R: What Christopher?

C: You okay?

R: Yeah, just thinking about Derek.

C: There's somethin' else bugging you, I can tell.

R: Yeah, there is. But not here okay?

C: Okay. What do you have on Derek?

R: Nothin'.

C: Okay. We both have nothing. Where do we go from here?

Rita shrugs.

Chris looks at his watch.

C: You ready to go to lunch?

R: I'm not hungry, go on without me.

C: Oh no. You're coming with me.

Rita looks at Chris.

C: Oh that's not going to work Rita. Come with me please? He

leans over and whispers in her ear

C: Besides, you said we needed to talk but not here.

Rita looks at Chris.

R: You're right.

She stands up and they walk to the roach coach.

They sit on a bench

C: You okay?

R: Yeah. I just got to thinking about Derek.

C: What's up?

R: I just got to thinking that if I ever lost you...

She starts crying.

Chris takes her in his arms.

C: Rita, you won't loose me. I promise.

R: But what if..(she starts to cry)

C: Don't even think about it okay?

Rita nods.

Chris looks around to see if anyone they know is watching. When

he doesn't see anyone, he kisses her.

C: Better now?

R: Yeah.

They head back to the office



C: Ready to head home?

R: Yeah. Let me get my stuff.

Rita's phone rings

R: Sgt. Lance

D: Rita, I may have a lead for you and Chris on Derek's case.

R: Do tell Donnie.

Donnie tells her how he had thought for a while that Derek dirty

and other things.

R: Okay. Thanks Donnie.

They hang up the phone

C: What'd Donnie want?

R: Oh nothin' much.

C: Okay. Let's get outta here before your phone rings again.

Rita nods and they quickly walk to the parking lot.


The condo...

Rita heads upstairs to change clothes

C: So what do you want for dinner?

R: I don't care.

C: What's bugging you?

R: Nothin'

C: Oh come on Rita. I know there's something on your mind.

R: You wouldn't understand.

C: Try me.

R: Chris, I can't.

C: Okay. Just let me know when you're ready to talk.

R: You'll be the first to know. You know that.

C: I know.

They sit on the couch.

C: Oh you know what comes on tonight?

R: What?

C: Maltese Falcon

Rita smiles.

C: Now that's what I like to see.

R: What's that?

C: You smiling.

R: Why's that?

C: I don't know. Maybe because your face just lights up when

you do smile.

R: Oh really?

C: Yeah.

R: I wonder why.

C: I don't know.

R: Maybe because of a certain someone who does that to me?

C: And that would be whom?

R: Oh, only a really good friend of mine.

C: Does this friend have a name?

R: Yes, but I'm not telling you who.

C: It wouldn't been that Tyler dude would it?

R: Oh no. Tyler and I don't ever talk to each other any more.

C: Good. What about Eric?

Rita shivers at the mention of his name.

R: No way. Eric's a jerk. I don't even think about him anymore.

C: Good.

The phone rings

R: Hello?

B: Hi Rita, it's me.

R: Oh hi Brenda. What's up?

B: Oh nothin' much. You've got a speaker phone right?

R: Yeah.

B: Can you put me on it?

R: Yeah, just a sec.

C: Hey Brenda. What's up?

B: Hi Chris. Well, me and Jax were thinking about Jessi's god


R: Oh yeah.

B: Yeah. We both want you two to do it.

C: Really?

B: Yes. After all, you did bring her back to us after Sonny got

her, and Jessi likes you two.

Rita turns to Chris and he nods

R: Okay Bren. We'll do it.

B: Great. I'll call you when we get everything finalized.

C: Okay. Bye Bren.

R: Bye Brenda.

B: Bye you guys. Call ya later.

R: Okay. Bye.

They hang up.

R: Did you expect that?

Chris shakes his head no.

C: She caught me off guard there.

R: I know. Me too.

The phone rings

C: Yeah Lorenzo

H: It's me. We need you asap.

C: What's up Cap?

H: It's Cassy.

C: What happened?

H: I'll tell ya when you get here.

C: Where are you?

H: The shop.

C: Okay.

Chris hangs up the phone.

C: Sam? We gotta go back to the shop.

R: What's up?

C: Cap said something happened to Cassy.

R: Okay. Let's go.

They head back to the shop.

Back in the homicide division, Cassy is trying to do something

she'll regret someday.

R: Cassy? It's Rita.

Cassy looks up.

R: Hi. Do you wanna talk sweetie?

Cassy nods. They stand up.

R: Cap, can we use your office?

H: Yeah.

Rita helps Cassy into the office.

They sit on his couch.

R: Cassy, what's wrong?

Cassy's sobbing at this point.

After a few minutes, Cassy finally answers Rita.

Ca: I just got news about my parents.

R: What happened honey?

Ca(sobbing): I just got a call from the police

R: What happened?

Ca(still sobbing):They were killed

R: Oh Cassy.

Rita pulls her into a hug.

R: Did you know my foster parents were killed too?

Cassy shakes her head no.

R: It was a while ago. I had just gotten through with the first

semester of my freshman year when I got this call.

Ca: How'd you deal with it?

R: It was pretty hard at first, but it eventually got easier to talk

about it. I really wish that they were here right now though.

Ca: Why?

R: Chris never knew them and I know that they would like him.

Ca: Do you have a picture of them?

Rita nods.

R: Yeah, at home. Look, I know you've had a lot to deal with.

First the baby and now your parents.

Cassy cries more.

R: Cass, look at me. You've had it rough here lately. If you want

to talk, just call me okay?

Cassy nods.

They stand up and head back out to the room.

Cassy heads for Tom, and Rita heads for Chris

C: Everything okay?

R: With Cassy?

Chris nods

R: No. I'll tell ya at home okay?

C: Okay. Let's go.

They walk out the double palm tree doors and go home.

-----Back at the condo----

C: What happened with Cassy?

R: She got word that her folks were killed.

C: Oh man! She's been through so much lately.

R: She sure has.

C: It's late. Why don't we head to bed?

Rita nods.


B: Should I call Chris and Rita and tell them the plans?

J: Tomorrow morning. It's late.

B: Okay.

The next morning

J: Hello?

R: Jax, it's Rita

J: Oh hi.

B(mouthing)Who is it?

R: Is Bren there?

J: Yeah, just a sec

He hands Brenda the phone.

B: Hello?

R: Hi Bren.

B: Oh hi Rita. What's up?

R: Nothin' much. I was just wondering, since you're like the sister

I never had, do you want to be my matron of honor?

B: Um let me think...(she pauses for a few seconds)Rita, that's a

no brainer. Of course I'll do it.

R: Great. Will you come this weekend so we can start the plans?

B: Of course. Me and Jessi will see ya this weekend.

R: Okay. I'll meet you two at the airport.

B: Okay. Bye

they hang up the phones

C: What'd she say?

R: What I told you she'd said.

C: Good. When is she coming?

R: This weekend. She's bringing our god-daughter too.

C: Okay.


J: So, what did Rita want?

B: To see if I would be her matron of honor at their wedding.

J: You say yes?

B: Of course. Like I'd say anything else.

J: When are you going down there?

B: This weekend. Is that okay?

J: Of course. Is Jessi going with you too?

B: Yes. I could leave her here if you'd rather.

J: No, you can take her. I'm gonna be out of town anyways.

B: Where are you going?

J: To find Jerry. It seems that my brother has disappeared yet


B: Will he ever learn?

B&J: No.

B: Okay.


C: Okay. Let's work on those wedding plans huh.

R: Let's. Do you have a best man yet?

Chris shakes his head no.

C: I'm going to ask Tom, or Cap.

R: Well, which one?

C: I dunno.

R: You need to decide pronto.

C: Okay. Have you decided on your dress yet??

R: No. Bren is going to help me with that when she comes this


C: Should we go get a crib or playpen for Jessi?

R: I don't know.

The phone rings

R: Hello?

B: Rita, it's me.

R: Hi Bren. I was just getting ready to call you and see if we need

to go get a crib for Jessi.

B: Sure. That'd be great. I'm sure she'd love it. Well, listen. Is it

okay, if my sister comes with us?

R: Julia's there?

B: Yeah.

R: Sure. I'd like to see her again.

B: Okay.

R: I'll see you guys in a few days.

B: Okay. Bye.

They hang up the phone.


End of Chapter 6

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