Lives Intertwined

Chapter 5

Recap: Rita told Brenda about her miscarriage all those years ago, and the girls talk about Chris and Rita's upcoming wedding. Now, on with the show.....

(Jessi cries)

B: Wanna come with me?

R: Sure.

They walk into the nursery.

B: Hey Jess.

R: Hi Jessi.

Jessi turns her head towards Rita and starts crying.

R: Oh Jessi. Don't cry.

B: Jessi, Rita brought you back to Mommy and Daddy. (She turns to Rita) Wanna hold her?

R: Sure. (She walks over to Brenda and takes Jessi)

As soon as Jessi's in Rita's arms she looks at Rita's face and stops crying.

B: See, I knew Jess knows you.

R: I hope our daughter will be like her someday.

B: Rita, are you...?

R: Oh no. Not right now.

B: For a minute there I thought that you were.

R: To be honest with you Bren, I'm not sure if I even want kids.

B: Rita, having a baby is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

R: I know, but I'm afraid that....

B: Yeah. I doubt that it will happen though.

R: But you don't know that for sure Brenda.

B: I know. But I've got this feeling that when I see you again, you'll be holding a little baby in your arms.

R: Oh, and just how do you know this?

B: I can just tell.

R: Okay. (She looks at Jessi, who's asleep. Rita walks over to her crib and lays her down)

***** Back in the living room

B: Uh oh.

J: Uh oh what Bren?

B: You two talking about cars?

C: So what if we were?

R: Chris, I know you and cars. You can talk for hours and hours about different cars.

C: So, what's wrong with that Sam?

R: Nothin'. It's just that...well..

C: Well what Rita?

R: It seems that's all you talk about when you are around Tom. (Jax and Brenda sneak out.)

Chris and Rita keep talking until Rita's cell phone rings

R: Sgt. Lance

Ca: Rita, it's me.

R: Hey Cassy. How are you?

Ca: I'm okay. I'm still a little tired, but the doctor says that's normal.

R: The doctors right.

Ca: Cap wants to know when you two are coming back.

Apparently, he actually misses yelling at you two.

Rita laughs.

R: Tell him, we'll be home in a few more days.

Ca: Okay.

R: How's Tom?

Ca: I honestly don't know Rita. He's not saying a word.

R: Typical.

Chris gives Rita a funny look.

She mouths I love you and he smiles.

R: He'll talk when he's ready. I promise.

Ca: I sure hope you're right Rita.

R: I am. When do you go home?

Ca: I'm home now.

R: When do you go back to work?

Ca: Next week or two, unless something happens before then.

R: Good. I'll let you go okay?

Ca: Okay.

R: Call if you need anything.

Ca: I will. Bye Rita.

R: Bye Cass.

They hang up.

C: How is she?

R: She's at home. I can tell she's hiding something.

C: What?

R: I don't know.

(The rest of the week flies by and Chris and Rita have to get back to Palm Bea

1`90 R: Bye Bren.

B: Bye Rita.

R: Call me sometime, okay?

B: Only if you'll do the same.

R: I will.

Meanwhile Chris and Jax are saying goodbye.

C: Come on Sammy. We are going to miss our flight.

R: Coming Chris.

Rita and Brenda hug.

Chris hugs Brenda, gets their bags and they head out to the airport.

********* Palm Beach...

Back at Chris and Rita's condo.

Rita goes upstairs and flops on the bed.

When Chris gets up there, she's sound asleep. He changes her into her nightgown and lays down beside her. Within minutes he's asleep too.

3:00 am.

The phone rings.

C(1/2 asleep): Lorenzo

H: Chris, you and Rita have a customer.

C: Oh come on Cap. We just got back from Port Charles a few hours ago. Can Cassy and Tom handle it?

H: We need all four of you on this.

C: Okay.

H: Great. Here's the address.

C: Okay. We'll be there in 20.

Chris hangs up the phone.

C: Sammy..come on . We gotta go work.

R(1/2 asleep):Work?

C: Yeah. That was Cap. Apparently they need us along with Cassy and Tom on this.

R: I don't wanna.

C: Neither do I.

They change into sweatsuits and get into Rita's jeep and head to the scene.

When Rita gets to the DB, she pulls back the sheet. It's obvious she knows who it is.

C: What's up Rita?

R(near tears): It's..(she breaks down) She puts the sheet back over the face.

Chris pulls the sheet covering the body. It's Derek McNeil.

C: Oh man. Come on, let's get you home.

Rita nods.

They go back to the jeep and go home.

As soon as they are in the front door, Rita collapses into Chris' arms. He carries her upstairs to their bed.

Rita's head is buried in Chris' shoulder.

C: It'll be okay. I promise.

Rita nods.

C: Remember what I told you in Port Charles sunshine?

Rita nods.

C: I'm nevah going anywhere. I promise.

Rita looks up at him.

R: Promise?

C: Yeah. Everything's going to be perfect.

R: Perfect?

C: Parfait.

She smiles.

C: Now that's what I like to see.

He finds the remote for the radio and turns it on. Rita's favorite song by George Strait is on.

When Rita hears the music, she looks at Chris and smiles. I cross my heart and promise to

Give all I've got to give to make all your dreams come true

In all the world, you'll never find

A love as true as mine.

And if along the way, we find the day

It starts to storm

You've got the promise of my love to keep you warm

Chris turns the radio off when she falls asleep.

He lays her down on the bed and lays beside her. A few minutes later, he falls asleep.

End of Chapter 5

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