Lives Intertwined

Chapter 4

(a GH/Silk Stalkings Crossover)

by: Sarah

Recap: Cassy looses the baby...Rita tells Cassy that she also had a miscarriage when she was in college. Now on with the show...

Chapter 4

The next day at the park

C:Why didn't you tell me sooner?

R: It's painful to talk about it still.

C: How long ago was it?

R: Almost 14 years ago.

C: Did the father know you were pregnant?

R: Yeah, but he didn't care. He just told me "Good luck." and

walked out of the baby's life and mine.

She starts to cry

She doesn't look at him.

C: Come here Sam.(She goes over to him and burys her head in his chest) Look that jerk is gone now and you've got me.

She nods. She's still crying

C: Rita, look at me.(She doesn't look up. He tips her chin up) Sweetie, nothing's ever going to change. Nevah.

She smiles.

C: Now that's what I like to see. You know nothing can ever make me stop loving you.

Rita's sobs have finally subsided.

C: You okay now?

R: Yeah. You know, Bren was telling me about a promise that her and Jax made. They said that no matter what happens, nobody leaves. I was thinking we make a promise kinda like that.

C: Sounds good to me. But you know, we did that when we said our vows.

R: I know. Brenda and Jax made that promise along with their vows.

C: Okay. This is what we will do. When we get married again we'll include a promise like that in our vows.

R: Okay. You always surprise me Lorenzo.

C: Is that good or bad?

R: It depends on what you do to surprise me.

C: Oh really?

R: Yep. I know what you are thinking Christopher. Don't even do it.

C: What? Don't even do what Rita?

R: You know what I'm talking about.

C: Oh. Okay. (He's got a clueless look on his face).

R: You really don't know do you?

C: No Sam. I don't. Will you kindly fill me in?

R: You had a look on your face like you were going to say something that I wouldn't like.

C: You know I'd nevah do anything like that.

R: I know. I just had to warn you.

C: You know earlier when we were talking about Brenda and Jax?

R: Yeah.

C: How did you and Bren meet?

R: Oh. Her dad had a house next door to the Lance's. We aren't that far apart in age, so we became fast friends and then one day when Tom and Sue died, I was just going off to college and I lost track of her, until just the other day.

C: What was her dad like?

R: He was a real jerk. Julia, her sister, was his favorite. He just pushed Bren aside and didn't care about her.

C: Why did he do that?

R: Because she reminded him of her mother.

C: Now I can see why you and Bren are so close. I guess she came over to escape him huh?

R: Yep. I didn't like him either. I'd only seen him once or twice and everytime I saw him, he was yelling at Bren.


Back at Jax and Brenda's....

Chris and Rita just walked in.

B: Hey guys.

R: Hi Bren. Hi Jax.

J: You guys have fun today?

R: Yeah. We just stayed at the park for hours and just talked.

B: I was about ready to call out the troops to come track you two

down. Rita, Cassy called. She sounded awful.

R: Yeah. When we talked last night all she did was cry and listen.

J: She must've been heart broken.

R: Jax, you have no idea. From what she's told me, it's awful.

B: I would think so. Loosing a baby isn't fun.

R: I know it.

B: What do you mean Rita?

R: Bren, can we talk alone. There's something major I need to tell you.

B: Yeah sure. We can go into my bedroom.

They walk upstairs.

Brenda sits down on the bed.

B: Come sit Rita.

Rita sits on the bed next to Brenda.

Rita takes a deep breath.

R: Brenda, what I'm getting ready to tell you might be shocking.

B: Okay. Rita, you know you can tell me anything.

R: Okay, well you know right after Tom and Sue died I went to college right?

Brenda nods.

R: Well, I met this guy who was such a jerk. Anyways we went out on a few dates, and one night we got so drunk that we made love. Anyways, a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant. I told the jerk and he's like "Oh good luck." So, I got really mad. This guy didn't want to take the responsibility of a baby, so he just forgot about it. Three months into the pregnancy, I miscarried. So that's how I know what Cassy's going through.

(Both of them are near tears)

B: Why didn't you tell me yesterday?

R: I wanted to see if Cassy was okay and you had so much on your mind yesterday.

B: I know. But still, you could've told me something like that.

Have you told Chris yet?

R: Yeah. Last night. We stayed up talking for a little while and the subject just came up. I really wanted to tell you yesterday too, but you and Jax were already asleep when the subject surfaced.

B: Well, what did he say?

R: He told me that the jerk is gone and that I have him now and nothing is going to make him stop loving me. I told him about that promise you and Jax made to each other.

B: The one where nobody leaves?

R: Yeah. We are going to add a promise like that into our vows when we get married again.

B: Really? When's the wedding going to be?

Rita shrugs.

R: Hopefully soon.

End of Chapter 4

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