Lives Intertwined

Chapter 2

S: Sonny


P: Pilot

J: Jax

D: Donnie

Previously.... Cassy announced that she's pregnant, Rita talked her friend Brenda whom she hasn't talked to in almost 11 years, Chris and Rita told everyone they got married..... Now on with the show.

The next day.... PBPD Homicide Division


Chris and Rita groan.

C: What's up Cap?

H: I'm going to be leaving Homicide soon.

R: Cap! Where are you going?

H: I'm retiring. I'm past retirement age anyways.

C: Oh come on Cap. Who's going to yell at us when we are slacking off?

R: You know, it's not going to be the same around here with out you. Do you know who your replacement is going to be yet?

H: Actually that's why I called you in here. You two are going to be Capt. of Homicide just until my replacement can get here from

Port Charles, New York.

C: Who is it?

H: I think his name is Mac Scorpio.

C: Rita, you think Brenda knows him?

R: I'd think so. I'll call her later.

H: He'll be here with his wife and kids later in the month.

C: Okay. When do you leave?

H: Few days.

R: So soon??

H: I know Rita. I don't like it either. Will you show Mac around town?

Chris and Rita nod.

H: Good. Now go on. Get out of here and go solve a case or two.

R: Okay. We're going. We're going.

C: See ya.

(They go out to their desk.)

C: What's up Sammy?

R: I can't believe Cap's retiring. It's not going to be the same with out him here.

C: I know. It's time for lunch.

R: I'm not hungry.

C: Oh come on Sammy. At least come sit with me.

R: Okay.

(They walk to the roach coach and Rita pulls out her cell phone)

B: Hello?

R: Bren, it's Rita.

B: Hi. What's up?

R: Well, our captain is retiring and a guy from there is coming to take his place. His name is Mac Scorpio.

B: I know Mac. He's cool. His niece Robin is such a sweetheart You'll love him. Felicia's cool too.

R: Okay. I just wanted to check him out.

B: Anything you want to know about Mac, Felicia or the girls, just call.

R: Okay. Bye Bren.

B: Bye Rita.

(They hang up)

R: Well, Brenda does know Mac Scorpio. She really likes him and his wife.

C: Good. Did she say if he was easy to get along with?

R: Yeah in so many words.

C: Good. Do you wanna take a walk?

R: Yeah.

(Chris throws away his chili bowl and they walk around the grounds)

R: You know Chris, I'm really gonna miss Cap.

C: Sammy, he's only a phone call away. I mean, it's not like they are leaving Palm Beach.

R: That's true. After all, Frannie probably won't want to leave Cassy.

C: Have you talked to her today?

R :Not yet. I'm going to call her later on after we get home.

(They head back to the office and time flies. It's time to go home)

C: Ready to go home Rita?

R: Yeah.

Just as they stand up to leave Rita's phone rings

R: Sgt. Lance, Homicide

B: Rita, it's Brenda.

R: Hi. What's wrong?

B: You know that baby that was crying the other night when we were talking?

R: Yeah. You said she was your friends. What happened to her?

B: Well, she's my daughter. I think my ex-fiance took her. He's down somewhere by you there in Palm Beach.

R: Bren, listen to me. First you need to calm down. I need you to fax me a picture of the baby and your ex-fiance. Here's the fax number at the house.

B: Rita, I'm scared. She's so little.

R: I know you are Bren. Is Jax there?

B: No, he's away. I'm getting ready to call him.

R: Okay. Do you remember what the baby was wearing?

B: Yeah. She has on her Pooh Bear nightgown.

R: Okay. We'll find her Bren. I promise. Me and Chris will work this ourselves.

B: Thanks Rita.

R: No problem Bren. Now call Jax. He needs to know about the baby.

B: Okay. Bye.

They hang up.

R: Chris, we need to get home ASAP. That was Brenda. Her baby daughter has been kidnapped, she thinks by her ex-fiance.

C: Okay.

They go to the house and there's a fax waiting for them.


Here's a picture of the baby. Her name is Jessica Veronica. She's 3 months old. This SOB is my ex-fiance Sonny Corinthos. He might be going by something else. He's easy to spot.

I know you and Chris will find Jessi. Please find her soon. I'm missing her like crazy.


R: Chris, here's the fax.

C: Okay. We'll get on this first thing in the morning. Right now, you need to call Cassy and see how she's feeling.

R: Yeah.

She dials Cassy's number

T: Hello?

R: Tom, it's Rita.

T: Hi Rita.

R: How's Cass?

T: She's asleep. She's been so tired lately.

R: When she wakes up have her call me will ya?

T: Sure thing. Talk to you soon Rita.

R: Okay. Bye Tom.

T: Bye.

They hang up.

Chris and Rita eat dinner, watch Maltese Falcon and then head to bed.

The next morning the phone rings waking them up.

C: Yeah Lorenzo.

B: Chris, it's Brenda. Is Rita there?

C: Yeah Brenda. Just a sec. Sammy?

R: Chris.

C: Brenda's on the phone

R: Brenda, hi. What's up?

B: Jax told me to tell you that if you need anything to let him know, and he'll help any way he can.

R: Thanks Bren. And tell Jax that he'll be the first one we call if we need any help. I'll call the minute we have a lead.

B: Thanks Rita.

R: Any time Brenda. You know that's what friends are for.

B: I know. Thanks again.

R: You're welcome. Bye.

B: Bye.

They hang up the phone.

C: She's really worried isn't she?

R: I would be too if it was our daughter. You read the fax. Jessi's only 3 months old.

C: I know. This Sonny guy sounds like a creep to me.

R: From what Brenda's told me, he is.

At the office....

R: Cap, can we talk for a second?

H: Sure Rita. Come on in.

R: My friend Brenda's 3 month old was kidnapped by her ex- fiance and Bren thinks he's down here around Palm Beach somewhere with the baby. She's asked us to take the case.

H: Brenda sounds like she's really worried.

R: You should've heard her yesterday. She was a nervous wreck.

H: Okay. I'll let Cassy and Tom handle any cases that come in.

You and Chris concentrate on finding that baby.

R: Thanks Cap.

With in a few minutes Rita's on the phone with Donnie DiBarto.

R: Donnie, it's Rita.

D: Hi Doll. What's up?

R: I've got this friend who's 3 month old was kidnapped by her ex- fiance she thinks and I was wondering if you've heard anything.

D: Sorry Rita. If I do, I'll call you first.

R: Thanks Donnie. Like I said this baby's only 3 months old, and her mom's missing her like crazy.

D: I know Rita. I'll keep my ears open.

R: Thanks again. Bye Donnie.

D: Bye Doll.

They hang up

Rita turns to Chris.

R: Well Donnie told me he would let me know if he heard anything about Jessi.

C: Okay. Let's go see if Sonny's been around town.

R: Okay.

They walk through the double palm tree doors and out to their squad car.

They go to the marina and hit the jackpot.

R: So, you've seen the man and the baby.

W: Yeah. She was crying and he couldn't get her to settle down.

R: Do you know where they are?

W: I think I might have an idea. There's a boat that I've never seen before in the docks. It's in slot 33.

C: Great. Thanks.

They walk over to the slot

C: Corinthos, Palm Beach PD, come on out with the baby.

S: What do you want?

R: Brenda misses her baby. Let me have her and I'll take her back to Brenda.

S: Brenda doesn't deserve to have a baby.

C: So, you'd rather have Brenda, Jessi and Jax suffer?

S: Yes.

C: Set the baby on the ground carefully.

Sonny does as he's told, and Rita goes over to Jessi and picks her up.

C: Sammy, get the baby out of here.

Rita leaves.

C: Sonny Corinthos, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Jessica Jacks.

He cuffs Sonny and reads him his rights.

C: How is she Rita?

R: Probably hungry. She needs to be changed too.

C: Okay. We'll stop off at the store on our way home and get the things she'll need.

R: Okay. I know Brenda will glad to know that Jessi's safe.

They drop Sonny off at the station, book him, and work for a few hours.

R: Chris, you ready to go?

C: Yeah. Let's go.

They walk out to the car, and head to the store.

---Back in Port Charles....

B: Jax, what if Jessi's....

J: Brenda, look at me.(He tips her chin up to meet his eyes) I miss her too. But I don't think Rita and Chris would let anythinghappen to her.

B: I know Rita wouldn't let anything happen to her, it's just she's so little.

J: I know. She'll be home before too long.

B: Yeah. I've got a feeling that Rita or Chris will be calling in a few minutes with news.

The phone rings

J: Hello?

R: Jax, it's Rita. Do you have a speaker phone?

J: Yes, Rita we do.

R: Could you put me on it? I want Brenda to hear this. He puts the speaker on.

B: Rita. What's up?

R: Hi Bren. I think I have a baby that misses her momma and daddy.

J: You've got Jessi?

R: She's in my arms right now.

B: Rita, I don't know what to say.

R: I don't think you'll have to worry about Sonny for a while.

He'll be in the slammer for so long that he won't even remember what the outside looks like.

B: Do you want us to come get Jessi?

R: Actually, I was thinking about bringing her home. Chris and I

have never been up that way. Is that okay?'

B: Yes, that's fine. I'll even send the jet for you. I'll put Jessi's carseat in the seat and send it on it's way.

R: Okay. Do you want me to have her checked out for you?

J: Does she look okay?

R: Yeah. She looks fine, but I can tell she misses both of you.

J: We miss her too. Just bring her home safe, Rita.

R: I will Jax. Believe me, I'm not letting her out of my sight until I hand her over to you or Brenda.

B: How can we ever repay you and Chris?

R: Just hearing your voice's is payment enough.


The next day at the Port Charles Airport.

Brenda gets Jessi's carseat buckled into the seat. She turns to the pilot.

B: At the airport you are to pick up Jessi, and Sgts. Rita Lance and Chris Lorenzo. Rita will be holding Jessi.

P: Okay Mrs Jacks.

B: Thanks. Please fly safely. Jessi was already kidnapped from us and I don't want anything to happen to her.

P: I can understand. I'll be careful when Ms. Jessi's on board.

B: Thanks again.

She walks off the plane and watches it take off.

She picks up her cell phone and calls Rita.

R: Sgt. Lance

B: Rita, it's me.

R: Oh hi Bren.

B: The jet's on it's way. I've got Jessi's carseat on board by her favorite spot. The pilot knows how to unbuckle it from the seat.

R: Okay.

B: It should be there in about 2 or 3 hours. How's Jessi?

R: She's fine. She's so happy.

B: Yeah she's a happy baby. Has she changed any from that picture I sent you?

R: I can't tell. I'll let you be the judge of that.

B: Okay. I'd better let you go. Is Chris driving you three to the airport?

R: Yes. I got us a week off, so we can catch up and let the guys get to know each other.

B: Okay. I'll talk to you in a few hours.

R: See ya then Bren.

They hang up.


R: Chris, that was Brenda. The jet will be here in 2 or 3 hours. We better get finished packing and out the door.

C: Okay.

Chris finishes packing and they head out the door.

At the airport, they are met by a pilot with a sign that has Sgts Lance and Lorenzo on it.

P: Are you Rita and Chris?

Rita nods.

P: If you'll follow me, we'll get Ms. Jessi home soon.

They hand him the baggage and board the jet.

Rita buckles Jessi into her carseat and gets ready for take off.


3 hours later they land in Port Charles.

Brenda and Jax have the limo waiting for them.

They get in the limo and head to the house.

B: Jax, did you just hear the limo pull up?

J: Yeah. I'll go meet them. You stay here.

Brenda nods.

J: Chris, Rita. Hi.

C: Hi Jax.

R: Hi Jax. Here's Jessi.

J: Hey there Princess. Come on. I know Brenda can't wait to see you or Jessi.

They walk into the den.

As soon as Brenda sees Jax in the door way she runs over to him.

B: There's my girl. Oh Jessi, Mommy missed you so much.

Rita and Chris walk in behind Jax.

B: Hi Rita.

R: Hi Bren. Brenda, this is my husband Chris Lorenzo. Chris, this is Brenda.

B: Good to meet you Chris. Thanks for bringing our little girl back to us.

R: No problem Brenda. It's what we do best. I think she's glad to be back here.

J: I think so too Rita. I'm going to lay her in her crib.

B: I'll hold her Jax. I don't want to let her out of my sight for a little bit.

J: Okay.

He walks over to Brenda and gives her the baby.

They end up talking for hours.

R: We'd better get to the hotel.

B: Oh Rita, you don't have to stay at a hotel. After all, you and Chris brought our little girl back to us safe and sound. The least we could do is put you up here at the house. Lord knows there are plenty of bedrooms.

R: What do you think Chris?

C: Okay. We'll stay here.

J: Good, besides I already cancelled your hotel reservations.

R: How did you know Jax?

J: I have my ways Rita. I've been known to do some wild and crazy things in the past.

End of Chapter 2

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