Lives Intertwined

by: Sarah

List of Characters(updated as story progresses)

C: Chris

R: Rita

B: Brenda

H: Harry

F: Frannie

T: Tom

Ca: Cassy

"Last Kiss Goodnight" and "Dead Asleep" nevah happen! It's also a Silk/GH crossover


The year is 1999. Chris and Rita just got married, Jax and Brenda have been married almost a year, Cassy and Tom are married, and Cap and Frannie, well what can I say? They are just Cap and Frannie.


It's the day after Chris and Rita's wedding. Of course, now they have to tell Cap.

C: Sammy, you know now we have to tell Cap.

R: I know. I'm thinking about putting off telling him because I don't want us to get separated as partners.

C: Neither do I. But it's a chance we have to take. You know the rules.

R: I know. But that doesn't mean I have to like them one bit.

C: I know. I don't like that rule either. But we have to live with it.

R: True.

C: Since we are officially on our honeymoon, what do you want to do?

R: Christopher! What do you think?

C: Sammy, do say "Christopher" like that. You know I think I'm in trouble when you say it that way.

R: Oh. Sorry Sam.

(The phone rings)

C: Ugh! I don't like that thing.

R: Hello?

B: Rita, is that you?

R: Yes this is Rita.

B: Rita, do you recognize my voice?

R: No, I don't. Give me a hint.

B: About 10 years ago, you gave me a friendship necklace that's in a shape of a heart and it has our intials engraved on the back.

R: What are the intials?

B: B.V.B.

R: Brenda?

B: Yeah. It's me Rita.

R: How are you? How long has it been?

B: I'm fine. It's been almost 11 years.

R: What have you been up to?

B: You first. You sound happy.

R: I am. I'm talking to a friend I haven't seen in almost 11 years and I've got a husband to die for.

B: Rita Lee. When did you get married??

( The doorbell rings)

(Chris opens the door to find Harry, Frannie, Cassy and Tom.)

R: Just a few hours ago.

B: Why didn't I know?

R: I didn't know where to write you to let you know.

C: Hi guys. Come on in. Let me go get Rita. Just a sec.

B: Anyone I know?

R: Nope. I want you to meet him though.

B: I'd like that. I have some news of my own.

R: What?

B: Let's see. What do you want to hear first?( The front door opens). Rita, can you hang on just a sec?

R: Sure Bren.

C: Sunshine. Cap, Frannie, Cassy and Tom are here.

R: Okay. I'll be right there.

C: Hurry.

B: Sorry about that. So what do you want to hear first?

R: Depends.

B: Okay, let me see. Just now when the front door opened, it was Jax.

R: Who's Jax?

B: Only the sexiest man alive, my best friend, and my husband.

R: Bren! Okay, spill.

C: Rita? Are you coming?

R: Just a minute Chris. I'm talking to my best friend I haven't talked to in almost 11 years.

B: Who was that?

R: Oh my husband. Our Captain, his wife and our friends are over.

B: Do you need to go?

R: Not right now. I want to know about Jax.

B: Only if you'll tell me about Chris.

R: Okay. You first.

B: Well, let me see. Short version. I met him in 1996, married him, found out his "late" wife was alive, married him again, my ex-fiance dumped me at the alter, married Jax again almost a year ago. (A crying is heard in the background)

R: Who's that?

B: Oh I'm baby-sitting my friend's daughter. I want to know about Chris. What's he like?

R: Oh. Chris is so romantic. He's an angel. Listen Bren he's bugging me to get off the phone. Can I call you later?

B: Yeah. Do you have caller ID

R: Yeah. But you showed up as out of area. I need your number.

B: Okay ( She gives Rita her number)

R: Got it. Bye Bren.

B: Bye Rita.

(They hang up the phone)

R: Sorry about that guys.

C: Did you girls have a nice chat?

R: Yes.

C: What was her name?

R: Brenda.

C: Oh.(He leans over and whispers something in her ear)

(Rita nods)

C: Cap, I know you are going to be mad, but we have something to tell you.

H: What Chris?

(Cassy notices the oh too familiar look in Rita's eye)

Ca: Rita, can I see you for a sec?

R: Sure( They stand up and walk into the other room)

Ca: What did you two do this time?

R: Let's go back in there with Chris. He'll tell you.

(They walk back into the other room)

C: Okay. Now that they are back in here. This afternoon, Rita and I got married.

F: Chris, Rita! That's great! Just one question.

C:What's that Frannie?

F: Why weren't we invited?

R: Oh, we are having a big wedding with all of our friends as soon as we can get everything together.

Ca: Tom and I have an announcement of our own.

T: Are you sure you want to tell them?

Ca: Yes Tom. Anyways...well, I'm pregnant.

R: Cassy! That's great!

End of Chapter 1
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