Friendship Partnership and most of all love will conquer anything-Part 3

If you didn't read part 1 you won't understand this story so read it and then come back. This is my second fan-fic so tell me what you think (by the way I know I don't write too well I do it for fun only).So here it goes.

"She's not breathing" Jillian said. We'll have to do a mouth to mouth respiration I'll count to five and than well you know what to do one... two... three... four... five... now" Chris did as he was told they did this procedure afew times until the ambulance got there and took her Chris joined the ambulance "Rita honey be strong you can make it okay?" The medical team that was inside the ambulance was working on her non-stop but still nothing after a few minutes they got to the hospital they rushed Rita inside and he followed them until a nurse stopped him "I'm sorry but you can't go inside" She said.

"but I have to this is my partner inside" He said urgently.

"I'm sorry you can fill some forms about her" She simply said. Everything happened so fast how could his beloved Rita be lying in the other room fighting for her life while he's here so near yet so far. He sat there for about half an hour.

"Are you here about miss Lance?" Finally someone is talking to him.

"Yes how is she?" Chris asked.

"I'm sorry we did everything we could but her aneurysm burst" He said.

"No". Chris shouted "This can't be happening she's not dead she can't be dead." He said. "Rita oh god not Rita".

"Chris are you alright?" He was twisting and turning she easily woke him up.

"Rita oh god you're alive" He said he started crying he couldn't believe what he saw in front of him his Rita she wasn't dead.

"Shhh it was just a bad dream" She said and took him in her arms and held him tight. He didn't want to let her go and neither did she. But after several minutes they broke apart.

"Rita I.. I thought you were dead cause your aneurysm burst in the restaurant and I couldn't save you I tried so hard but then they told me you were dead" He said.

"Everything is alright now I'm here and you are not going to get rid of me so soon don't worry" He smiled she wiped his tears with small kisses. He then took her mouth with his, his hands were in her hair and her hands were behind his neck they both were now more calm in several ways and in other more tense. They broke the kiss.

"Well I guess we should be heading to the restaurant" Rita said she fixed herself up a bit.

"Yea I guess we should" He said looking at her she looked amazing she wore a little black dress. "By the way you look beautiful"

"Thank you" she said.

The day after

"Good morning" Rita got inside the department and approached her partner.

"Good morning sunshine how did you sleep?" He asked.

"Terribly alone but I couldn't do anything about it after Diana suggested to drive me" She said.

"Well I'll make it up to you tonight" He said. It's a good thing there was no one inside the department at this time it was early 8:00 am even their captain didn't show up yet.

"I guess now we can catch up on all the paper work that is lying on our table" She held the papers in her hand till you couldn't see her face after a few seconds everything fell on Rita and she fell backward Chris was laughing so hard he was going to explode. "What are you laughing about?" Rita asked she tried to straighten herself up a bit and put on herself an angry face but she took one look at Chris and started to laugh uncontrolably. Chris helped her to pick all the papers from the floor. And until 11:30 am they had most of the paper work done.

After several hours

"Rita let's go and see the next one on our list of suspects"

"I have the address cap gave it to me wanna grab some lunch on the way?" Rita put the papers that were on her desk in the drawer and locked it "I'm ready to go".

At Brian's place

It was now 1:30 and no one was answering. "Well at list we tried" Chris said but then just as they were heading back to their cars a short man with glasses appeared.

"We are looking for Brian Ragen do you know where we can find him?" Rita asked.

"Well as a matter of fact I do cause I am Brian Ragen" Rita and Chris couldn't believe it for a second this guy looked like... well like a nightmare he had little hair though he seemed to be about 27 or so he was overweighted huge nose and awful big teath they had no idea what Nicole might find in this guy cause they didn't find a thing.

"I'm sgt. Lance and this is my partner sgt. Lorenzo we're from the palm beach police department can we ask you a few questions?" Rita asked.

"Yes of course come on in" He said while entering to the small house.

"Do you know Nicole O'hara?" Chris asked he didn't like this guy one bit.

"Yea she used to be my girlfriend until she desided I wasn't good enough" He said Rita thought what took her so long any time with this guy is too much.

"Well I'm sorry to tell you this but she was murdered about a week ago" Rita said the guy didn't move an inch.

"Really oh god that's awfel" Something didn't look right to Rita this guy was way too calm from the moment they got in and he didn't look the list bit surprised when Rita told him that his ex girlfriend died.

"How long were you together?" Chris asked he noticed it too the man was too calm.

"About a year or so" He said.

"Do you know if she might of had any enemies that wanted to hurt her?" Rita asked.

"I don't know" He simply said.

"Where were you on Sunday night between 12:00-1:00?" Rita asked.

"I don't know I guess I was here" He said.

"Do you work out you seem to have very strong hands" Chris said.

"Well yea I guess" The man didn't understand why Chris asked it but Rita did.

"What do you do for a living?" Rita asked she understood that she wasn't the only one who saw that Mr Ragen here was strange the spooky, dangerous kind of strange.

"I'm a writer" He said Rita didn't like writers after the last time...

"Well thank you if we need anything else we'll come for the mean time don't leave town" They got outside and as they were going to the car Rita told Chris "I don't like this guy he knew all the answers to our questions before we asked them and he didn't look surprised at all when we told him his ex girlfriend was murdered".

"Yea I know what you're talking about I have a bad feeling about him too and he has no alibi he has strong hands so he could have killed her he is a writer so the notes part fits" He said.

"Now all we have to do is prove it" She said.

They no idea that Brian heard the hole conversation gunshots were heard and Rita fell to the ground Chris pulled his gun quickly and started shooting at Brian after several shots and two at list that hit him Britan fell to the ground Chris saw that Rita was lying on the ground motionless oh god his dream was becoming reality he sat beside her and checked for pulse she had one thank god she was breathing too "Rita honey wake up okay?" Rita groaned with pure agony Chris would have done anything to take her pain away. He saw that the bullet hit her on the shoulder but she lost a lot of blood he quickly took his cell phone and dialed 911 he said the location and hung up he put his hand on where the blood was and put preasure on it.

The ambulance got there and put her inside he got inside too he whispered to Rita "I love you Rita stay with me" "That hurts Chris please make the pain go away" She said. "I wish I could" He said he truly wished he could.

At the hospital

The doctor came to Chris "Are you Sgt. Lorenzo?"

"Yea how is she?"

"She's gonna be okay she's a strong lady" He said.

"Yes she is" He said smiling.

"She asked to see you" He said.

"She did didn't she well where is she than?" He asked.

"She's in recovery room number 71d" He said.

"Well how's her shoulder?" He asked.

"She was pretty lucky it didn't hit anything major I would say that in about a week two tops she won't remember it she really is a lucky woman" He said again.

"Thank you Doctor" He said he asked a nurse where was recovery room number 71d and she showed him to the room.

"Hey Sam how are you?" Chris got inside the room and sat at the chair that was near her bad.

"I'm better" She said. He came closer and kissed her gently and hugged her.

"Sam I want you to promise me that you will never do this to me again".

"What?" She asked.

"I want you to promise, promise" He said.

"Okay I promise" She said.

After two weeks

"I can't believe the bastard is still alive" Chris said.

"Yea but he will probably spend the rest of his life in prison" She said.

"I guess" He said.

"Do you want to head to home I want to tell you something" She said.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Not here" She said.

"Well that's okay cause I have something to tell you too" He said.

At Chris's loft

Rita sat on the sofa in the living-room. Chris went to the bedroom and took a little box he got back to the living room where Rita was sitting she was so beautiful with each passing day she got more and more.

"Rita I have something to ask you and to tell you the truth this is something I've been wanting to do from the moment I laid eyes on you" He said he took a deep breath "Rita Lee Lance will you marry me?" He asked he took out the box and opened it inside there was a beautiful golden ring.

"Yes I will" She said without hesitation they kissed pasionatly they just couldn't believe it everything they ever wished for was coming true.

"Chris I have something to tell you too" Chris got nervuos all of a sudden what could this be? " Chris I'm pregnant, we're gonna have a baby" She said. This was overwhelming he wanted it so much to have a baby from the woman he loved most "Oh god Sammy this is so wonderful" He took her in his arms and spun her around the room they both were so excited they were going to be parents. And at last they knew that friendship, partnership and most of all love will conquer anything.

The End
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