Friendship, Partnership and most of all Love will conquer anything

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It's very easy to blame everything for your past or your surroundings but what's really hard...
Is not letting anything come between you and happiness.

Rita Lance was sitting at her apartment and was wondering when did she lose control over her life? She was so frustrated but than she heard a knock at the door: "Sammy are you Okay?" Chris Lorenzo shouted,

"I'm fine why?" she opened the door.

"Cause I've been knocking at the door for about 10 minutes and that's the first time I heard response" Chris said.

"Oh sorry" Rita said apologetically.

"It's Okay so did you enjoy today when you were sleeping while I did all of the paperwork ".

"Yes very much and did you enjoy cap's barking?" she asked teasingly.

"Of course that's the best part of the job " he answered at the same manner.

"Let's sit down do you want something?" She asked.

"how about we'll order some takeout?" He suggested.

"Sure pizza or Chinese?" she asked.

"I feel like pizza Is that Okay with you?"

"Sure" she thought for a second that without Chris she would have been Lost and she really appreciated his support, she got back to reality. "Oh I'll order, be back in a few" Rita told him while entering the kitchen.

Back in the living room Chris was pretty worried about Rita she looked distracted and he thought maybe she still didn't completely get over her relationship with Eric he himself just ended up the relationship with Jillian his thoughts were interrupted by Rita.

"A penny for your thought" she said.

"Oh I was just thinking about Jillian and Eric and how lucky I am to have you Sammy"

"Why thank you Christopher but what were you thinking about Eric and Jillian" she responded and put Maltese Falcon into the VCR.

"Just that I really cared about Jillian and I think you truly cared about Eric but in the end Jillian hurt me by taking for granted everything I have ever done for her she thought that without, a second thought, I will leave everything that I have here, the life that I built here the job all of my friends and you, and I know Eric hurt you with his drinking and everything that surrounded that sometime I just wonder are we ever going to have normal relationships you know what I mean?" Chris asked looking deep into Rita's eyes wanting to get the most honest and sincere answer she could possibly give him.

"Chris I know exactly what you are talking about but don't be worried you'll find a woman that will love you for who you are and she wouldn't want you to change well actually maybe a bit but not too much you know something like one woman at a time and stuff like that the usual." Rita said trying to comfort her best friend though she wasn't at the best mood either.

"Thanks a lot Sam you're not nice at all you are suppose to make me feel better not worse now after you broke my heart why won't you come and give me a kiss" Chris said while he closed his eyes with his mouth ready.

"In your dreams Lorenzo" She said and threw a pillow at him. Soon there was a fight involved only Chris Rita and a lot of feathers. After the 'war' had ended Chris reminded Rita: "what about Maltese Falcon?"

"Oh right" She pressed the play button and they began watching the movie. During the end of the movie Chris saw that Rita was in a deep sleep he thought how beautiful she looked he didn't want to wake her up she looked so peaceful so he turned off the television with the remote control and he covered her with a blanket that lay on the floor. after a few minutes he fell a sleep with Rita in his arms.

The next day

Rita woke up in Chris's arm it felt so good but yet very wrong she wasn't suppose to feel like that, at least not to her partner and best friend. She made some breakfast, and went to wake up her sleeping partner. "Sammy wake up" she whispered in his ear.

"Do I have to?" he muttered.

"Sorry Sam but yes if you want to stop at your place to take a shower" she said while helping him to get up. He moved to the bathroom and splashed some water on his face to wake up completely he went back to the living room. Rita was not there.

"Sam where are you?"

"I'm in the kitchen" she answered. She was already sitting pouring herself and Chris some coffee. Chris entered the kitchen.

"Sam that looks delicious " he complimented her.

"Thank you" she said ,they began eating.

"Sam are you sure you want to come to work today?" Chris asked her, he thought she could use another day or two at home after all the day before yesterday she said it felt as if her head is going to explode.

"Yes I'm sure "she answered a bit irritated.

"Sorry I was just asking," he said with a hint of hurt in his voice.

"No Sam I'm sorry It's just I'm a bit edgy lately because of Eric and everything you know?" she confessed.

"Yes I know but you have to remember that I'm here for you" he said.

"Thanks Sam" they finished breakfast. Chris went to his apartment to take a shower and change cloth while Rita did the same in her apartment.

At the shop

Rita was sitting at her desk and was trying to catch up with her paper work. She heard the palm tree doors open and her partner got inside the homicide division at the exact moment she heard the very familiar voice of her captain. "Lance, Lorenzo in my office now!"

"What did we do now?" she asked her partner.

"Bit the hell out of me" he answered. They got inside Harry's office and sat down at their usual chairs.

"What's up cap" Rita asked.

"We've got a DB " he gave them the address and they got out of his office.

They met at the very impressive house. They saw Diana and went to her side "What do we got here Diana?" Rita asked.

"Female, I would say late twenties early thirties by the marks on her neck she was probably strangled she has a lot of bruises all over her body I would have to run some more tests but that's probably it time of death about 12:00-1:00 I'll now better after the autopsy"

"Thanks Diana" said Chris.

Rita went to one of the uniforms and asked "Who found the body?"

"The boyfriend Tyler Dokings. Got back from a business tour and found her like that lying on the bed he's still pretty shocked but you can try and talk to him anyway" He pointed at the direction of a man sitting at one of the chairs in the corner. Rita went to where the man was sitting.

"Hey I'm Sgt. Lance I'm really sorry about Nicole but I need to ask you a few questions is that Okay?" She asked at her most comforting voice.

"You are going to catch who ever did this to Nicole aren't you?" he was on the verge of tears.

"Yea we are going to do our best, can you tell me when did you last seen her? Rita began to question the shocked guy.

"Well I guess it was just before I left two weeks ago I told her to be careful and if she suspected that anything was wrong to call one of her girl friends" He said in frustration.

"Do you know who might of wanted Nicole dead?" She proceeded.

"Every body loved her but she did tell me that lately she felt as if somebody was following her " he said.

"Did she know who it was?" Rita asked interested.

"She suspected it was one of her old boyfriends but she didn't tell me who."

"Do you know if she had any living relatives?"

"She has a sister Ashleigh but they are not very close" He said.

"Thank you that's all for now but I might need to ask you some more questions" Rita tried to find Chris at the very busy room at last she found him. "Hey partner what did you find?"

"Well her name is Nicole O'Hara she is 30 and she owned a computer company that's all and you?"

They started to go back to their cars "She had a boyfriend- Tyler Dokings and he saithat lately she thought she was followeshe told him that by an old boyfriend. He also told me she has a sister- Ashleigh"

"So we have the current boyfriend, the sister and a mysterious stalker" Chris said.

"The boyfriend is clear there are witnesses that confirm he got out of the plane at about 4:00 meaning he couldn't have done it" Rita said.

"So that leaves us the sister and the mystery man that is if he actually exist" Chris doubted loud.

They got back to the shop and ran into Harry "Lance Lorenzo did you hear they found a peace of paper at the crime scene"

"What's so unusual about that" Rita asked.

"It said and I quote "The past always comes back to haunt you" what do you say about that?" Harry question his two detectives.

"I say we should pay a visit to Nicole's sister Ashleigh" Chris said

"To ask her about Nicole's past" Rita completed his sentence. Harry always wonder how they knew what the other would say it was as if they shared the same brain, but he gave up trying to understand them along time ago.

"Cap do we have an address of an Ashleigh O'Hara?" Chris asked.

"As a matter of fact we do" He gave them a peace of paper and send them to Ashleigh's house.

"Sam wanna grab some lunch after we'll question Ashleigh?" Chris asked Rita.

"Sure. Let's get inside. You know what Sam this house looks even prettier than Nicole's and she really had a gorgeous house".

"You're right" He said while knocking at the very impressive wooden door.

After a few moments an old looking maid answer to the door "Can I help you?" She asked.

"I'm Sgt. Lorenzo and this is my partner Sgt. Lance we are from the palm beach police department" He said while showing her his badge.

"Does Ashleigh O'Hara lives here?" Rita asked.

"Yes she's upstairs should I call her?" The maid asked.

"That would be nice" Rita responded. After a few minutes she got back with a woman that looked about 36 or 37.

"What can I do for you?" She asked.

"Ashleigh O'Hara?" Rita asked.

"Yes" She answered.

"I'm really sorry to tell you that but your sister Nicole was found dead this morning at her apartment" Rita told the black haired woman that was standing in front of her. The woman sat on the nearest chair and began to cry uncontrollably. After she calmed down a bit Chris said: "I'm Sgt. Lorenzo and this is my partner Sgt. Lance we are from the palm beach police department we are in charge on your sister's case is it okay if we ask you a few questions?"

"Yes please sit down" she wiped the remainders of the tears from her face.

"Do you know who might of want her dead?" Rita asked while sitting down at a chair next to Chris facing Ashleigh.

"No every body loved her I haven't seen her a lot lately so I can't tell you much but you can talk to Kathleen Monty she was her best friend since kindergarten" She said and then she began sob.

"Can you tell me where were you between 12:00 to 1:00 last night?" Chris asked.

"I was at a party in a friend's house her name is Janet Chiffon you can check it out" She said on the verge of tears again.

"We have one last question do you know if she had any boyfriends before Tyler?" Rita asked.

"No I'm sorry she didn't tell me and I never asked" She said.

"Thank you we may need to ask you some more question so please don't leave town" Rita said.

"Okay" She said while walking them out "Good bye"

"Sam how about we go and grab some lunch?" Rita said

"Sure" He said.

They entered the Roach Couch and sat down at they're usual table and ordered some food "So Sam what do you say about this case our only suspect for the moment is a mysterious stalker and the lady's best friend we have a note that said 'your past always comes back to haunt you' I'd say we are getting nowhere" Chris said.

"Sam It's only the first day we are on this case" Rita said

"Yea I know but I really wanna catch the bastard did you see how many bruises Nicole had on her body" Chris said frustrated.

"Yea I want him too" Rita said with fire in her eyes.

After lunch at the shop

"Rita I checked on Ashleigh I called Janet Chiffon and she verified there were a lot of people that saw her in the party and it lasted until early this morning. What did you find about Kathleen Monty?"

"Well she doesn't have a record not even speeding or something so I think It's gonna take a little longer" She said, a uniform interrupted her.

"I have the result of the autopsy of Nicole O'Hara" He handed it to Rita and she read it out loud. "Time of death between 12:00-1:00 No alcohol or drugs were found in her blood been beaten Chris hear this out she has been sexually assaulted near the time of death they found traces of sperm and last but not least she was strangled they didn't find any fingerprints but he strangled her with his bare hands the bastard" She said.

"So know we know the killer is a male" Chris said.

"Yep" Rita said.

"Sammy shell we call it a day it's pretty late"

"You won't hear any arguments from me" She said.

"My place or yours?" Chris asked.

"Yours and today It's Chinese"

"Okay". They stopped at Harry's office to say Goodbye and they left the department.

At Chris's apartment

Chris turned the key into the keyhole and the door was open after a few seconds and they got inside the apartment with the bags of Chinese food in their hands. They sat down on the sofa and began eating.

As soon as they finished Chris hugged Rita he just wanted to fell her warmth. After he released her Rita got up but dropped by mistake her remainders of the dinner she sat down on her knees to pick it up and Chris did the same while they picked it up their eyes met and they looked into each others souls and than they knew they thought exactly the same thing that they belong to each other forever Rita put her head closer to Chris's their lips met in a very tender kiss that with every moment got more passionate this was a moment they were both wishing for a long time. 4 years of sexual tension that was now being released with a huge need for each other Chris broke the kiss for a moment breathless he asked Rita "Are you sure you are ready for this Rita?" "Yes Chris kiss me" She said to him while throwing him on the sofa. They made passionate love all through the night.

The next day

Chris woke up he dreamt a wonderful dream about his partner he turned his head to find out it wasn't really a dream he took a deep breath inhaling Rita's scent she smelled so good he thought to himself, he stayed in bed for a few more minutes playing with Rita's hair and just loving the feeling of waking up next to her, he caressed her head and he whispered "Sammy wake up" she glanced for a second and smiled she gave Chris a tender kiss on his lips that lasted a bit longer than planned she than rose from the bad Chris's bed she gathered her cloth she's lucky they kept cloth at each others apartments because these cloth were dirty from the floor.

"Would you like to join me for a shower" Rita asked seductively.

"Any time Sam" Chris said.

Rita took her car and Chris took his so that no one will suspect a thing although they both grinned and looked very pleased with themselves and they would be surprised if someone wouldn't know.

At the shop

"Hey cap did you find anything about Kathleen Monty?" Rita went to Harry's office and asked.

"Yes I did as a matter of fact we have only a phone number and no one is picking it up" He said.

"Thanks anyway, tell me if something comes up". Rita said

"Sammy what did you find out about Kathleen" Chris asked.

"Well not much they have only a phone number but nobody seem to pick it up". She said in frustration.

"Yea, Sammy I wanted to talk to you about cap" Chris took Rita to one of the interrogation rooms "Are we going to tell cap?" He asked her with a hushed voice though they were alone in the locked interrogation room.

"I don't think so not for the moment at least I won't have a new partner I can't and I really don't want to do you understand Chris? I love you more than anything and I want the whole world to know about that but it isn't possible I'm sorry Chris" Rita said.

"It's okay I don't want a new partner either but eventually we'll have to tell him you know that don't you?" He asked.

"Of coarse but only if he won't see before because it looks like you can't get your hands off of me" she said teasing him.

"You are bad Sammy" He said and leaned to kiss her gently they let the kiss linger for a while.

Rita whispered in his ear "We'll finish this later but not here the people in the department are not ready to see that kind of a thing" she turned around, unlocked the door and left the room living Chris with his mouth wide open she loved to tease him that way.

After lunch

How about if we pay another visit to her boyfriend maybe he can tell us some more about Nicole?" Chris told Rita.

"Lead the way partner" She replied, they got into Tyler Dokings's house and knocked the door sprung open and an attractive blond woman that wearing almost nothing just the tiniest bikini you ever saw in your life was seen usually Chris would have said something or at list think of it but after yesterday he barely notice.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

"I am Sgt. Lance and this is my partner Sgt. Lorenzo we are from the palm beach police department" Rita said.

"We are looking for Tyler Dokings is he around?"

"Yes I'll go get him" She said.

"I see Tyler quickly recovered from his girlfriend's death" Chris said.

"I really thought that he cared for her at least it looked like it" Rita was interrupted in the middle of her sentence.

"Sgt. Lance, Lorenzo this is my sister she was a good friend of Nicole and she is staying with me for the moment" Tyler said both Chris and Rita were surprised but tried very hard not to show it.

"We came to ask you a few questions Mr. Dokings and if that okay with you Ms Dokings we would like to ask you a few questions too" Rita said.

"Yes of course and you can call me Tyler and my sister is Kimberly please come in" Tyler said.

"Sit down would you like something to drink?" Kimberly asked.

"Yes please some soda maybe Sam do you want some too?" Chris said.

"Yes like Chris and by the way you can call me Rita"

"And to me Chris"

"Do you know Kathleen Monty?" Rita asked.

"Yes I heard she was staying at a friend's house" Tyler asked while Kimberly got back from the kitchen with two glasses in her hands.

"You wouldn't know by any chance the name of the friend Kathleen is staying with?" Rita asked both Kimberly and Tyler.

"No I'm sorry" Tyler said.

"Her name is Stephanie Dun she lives just across the street on the last building" Kimberly said.

"Kimberly do you know if she had any enemies?" Chris asked.

"Not really maybe someone from the other companies she was very successful and I'm sure it made a lot of people mad but personally she had non that I know of course I've known her only 2 years the same as my brother so if it was someone from her past I wouldn't know about it" Kimberly said.

"Yes well thank you you've been a great help if you remember anything else call me night or day" Rita said and gave Kimberly her card, she and Chris got up from their chair.

"Goodbye" Tyler said "If you'll need any help don't hesitate to ask at any time" Kimberly added she liked this couple they were really professional and they had this spark in their eyes she thought they looked as if something was going on between them but she knew it was definitely not her business no need to say she just met them she decided to give it a rest.

Outside the Dokings residence

"I say we'll go and pay a visit to Stephanie Dun and her current guest Kathleen Monty what do you say" Rita asked.

"I say let's go for it" Chris said. They walked to Stephanie's apartment and rang the bell there was no answer they rang again this time they heard. "I'm coming I'm coming god you can't ask for an hour of sleep around here can you" she said and opened the door.

"Hallow I'm Sgt. Lorenzo and this is my partner Sgt. Lance we are from the palm beach police department Are you Stephanie Dun?"

"Yes I am." She said.

"We are looking for Kathleen Monty we heard she was staying here" Rita said noticing that Stephanie was staring at Chris.

"Well she is, why are you looking for her?" Stephanie asked Chris she didn't even notice Rita was is in the room, Rita began to get mad at the girl.

"She was the best friend of Nicole O'Hara and she was murdered so it's really important that we'll talk to her is she here?" Rita asked her impatient was very obvious, Stephanie turned to look at Rita as if noticing her for the first time.

"Oh yea I'll call her" She said walking to the direction of a narrow corridor.

"What was that all about?" Chris asked Rita but Stephanie got back with a girl that looked a lot like her.

"I am here Staff wouldn't tell me what it's all about." She said.

"Are you Kathleen Monty?" Rita asked.

"Yes I am can you tell me what's it all about" she asked growing very impatient with each moment.

"Yes I am really sorry to tell you that but your friend Nicole was murdered" Chris said to the girl in front of him.

"NOOOOOOOO" She screamed and fell to the floor she began to cry uncontrollably punching the floor the sofa as a matter of fact anything she laid eyes on you can see they were pretty close she wouldn't stop crying.

"Chris I think we should come back later she wouldn't do us any good you can see she is in no condition to answer any of our question we'll come back tomorrow let's leave her to calm down a bit" Rita said.

"You're right Sam let's go". Chris told Rita.

"It's better if you'll be back tomorrow" Stephanie said to the couple.

"You will tell her that we'll come Okay? Rita asked.

"Sure" She replied.

Chris and Rita walked out of the apartment. "I'll say we'll call it a day it's 21:00 and we didn't sleep a lot last night" Rita said with a mischievous grin on her face.

"You're right but let's get back to the shop first we have to tell cap everything" Chris said with a little smile on his face.

On the way out of the shop

"So what was it all about with the attitude at Stephanie?" Chris asked Rita she wasn't usually like that.

"Chris she was all over you" Did he really not understand her.

"Are you jealous?" Chris asked teasing.

"What do you think?" Rita asked she looked around for a second just to make sure that no one was there and planted a very passionate kiss which he deepened after a few moment they broke the very intense kiss and rushed into Rita's car wanting to get to Rita's apartment as quickly as possible they spend an incredible night making sweet and tender love to each other.

The next morning

"Hmmm" Rita woke up she searched for Chris but he wasn't anywhere to be seen, "Chris where are you?" Rita asked while she got out of the bed.

"Right here" Chrissaid while entering the room with a tray in his hands.

Rita looked and saw that Chris made breakfast. "Chris thank you" Rita said.

"Anything for my sunshine" He put the tray on the nightstand and got back to the bed.

"Did you make coffee?" Rita asked very surprised, in all the years they were together she could never make him learn.

"Yes I did why?" He asked.

"Don't get it the wrong way but your coffee is usually awful so I think I'll pass" Rita said.

"Why do I take this abuse?" Chris asked.

"Because you love me" Rita answered and gave him a tender kiss. They finished breakfast and went to the police department.

At the shop

"I can't do it any more" Chris said and threw his paper work on his desk.

"Sam we'll finish this and go to see Kathleen Okay?" Rita asked.

"Sure" He replied.

"Lance Lorenzo in my office now" Harry yelled.

"What have we done now?" Chris asked Rita.

"Get in, get in" Harry said. They sat down in their usual sits.

"Cap what is it?" Rita asked.

"Well Fran and I are having a small gathering just a few friends and we wondered if you would like to come if you're seeing anyone at the moment you can invite them too it is at Saturday evening at about 7:00 PM is it okay?" Harry said while tapping with a pencil on his desk. Rita looked at Chris to see his reaction and when she didn't see anything that indicated one way or the other she said "I'd love to come cap".

"Me too" Chris said trying to hide the surprise in his voice obviously not too well.

"Well don't look that surprised Lorenzo Fran and I like you both very much you are good friends" Harry spoke directly to Chris but then turned his head to Rita you could see he truly meant it.

"Oh and Rita Fran told me she would like to speak to you would you give her a call later? she's been bugging me about it for a couple of days and I promised her that today I'll tell you"

"Sure cap anything else?" Rita asked while she and Chris got up of the chairs.

"No now GET OUT don't you have a murderer to catch or something?" Harry said and picked up the phone and began to dial a number "GO GO" He said shooing them out of his office he always liked this couple they were good as detectives and as friends together.

Outside cap's office

"Chris how about we'll go to Stephanie's apartment and visit Kathleen see if she is ready to talk" Rita said and took her purse.

"Lead the way Sam" Chris said.

At Stephanie's apartment

"Can we come in?" Chris asked.

"Sure she's in the living room she's better".

"Good" Rita said while she and Chris walked into a living room that was torn upside down they saw Kathleen somewhere inside the mess and they approached her "Hi Kathleen how are you?" Rita asked the obviously hurt young woman in front of her she really felt sorry for her she knew too good what it was like to lose love ones.

"I'm better thanks Sgt. Lance" She said.

"Can you answer a few questions?" Chris asked.

"Yes sure" She looked a lot better than the day before.

"Do you know if anyone would have wanted to hurt her?" Chris asked.

"No she was the sweetest girl ever"

"When did you last see her? Rita asked.

"Well I saw her a week ago and she looked a bit disturbed but she wouldn't tell me what it was." She said

"Did she have any old boyfriends?" Rita asked.

"Yes she had last year a relationship that ended pretty badly, she wanted to end it he didn't" She said.

"Can you write all of her exes that you remember?" Rita said.

"I'll write them down" She said and gave them a list of 4 people she wrote near each one of them when how and why it ended.

"You've been a great help" Chris said, they left Stephanie's apartment.

"Let's go by the list" Rita said.

"We have Kyle Olay, Jonathan Lain, Brian Ragen and William Stern, Kyle is the first"

"Kyle it is" She said.

"Now all we need to know is where they live" Chris said.

"I'll call cap and ask him if he can get anything on them in the mean time I suggest we'll head back to the shop" Rita said.

At the shop

"Hi cap did you find anything about one of them?" Chris asked.

"Yes I have an address of two a Kyle Olay and a Brian Ragen" He said and handed them a peace of paper with the addresses. "Now go".

"We're leaving" Rita said. "So we'll pay a visit to Kyle Olay and tomorrow we'll do the rest it's pretty late already and I don't remember neither of us had had lunch not to talk about dinner".

"You're right Sam I'm very irresponsible a girl must have her nutrition I'll make dinner tonight" Chris said. Rita gave him a funny look he was so cute she thought.

"Good luck" She said.

They got to the address they were given they knocked on the door but didn't get response they heard the voices of a woman and a man from the apartment and after a few seconds the door was opened. "What do you want?".

"We're Sgt. Lance and Lorenzo from the palm beach police department are you Kyle Olay?"

The End

Part 2.

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