The Fiddle-Dee-Dee Club

Hello fellow Windies, and welcome to the official website of the Fiddle-Dee-Dee Club--the best (and to our knowledge, the only) online club dedicated to our favorite book and movie, Gone with the Wind.

If you have visited recently, you can probably tell that we've made some changes. Two of the best things we've done is added the published articles section and the voting booth! Check them out!

We're also planning on adding a Collector's Corner and a Favorite Quotes page which promise to be a lot of fun! Don't worry--they're coming soon!

For now, just check out the fun things we've already got here. You can read what other club members think about different aspects of Gone with the Wind on the Club Members' Opinions page, or you can post your own opinion on our message board! If you would like to write an article for the opinions page, all you have to do is join the club, and that's easy. Just e-mail us! It's completely and totally FREE! What could get better than that?

Just sit back, relax, explore, and most of all, ENJOY! Thanks for visiting us! Come back soon!

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