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The Nileator is currently the Mummies only form of water transportaion. As with all of the Mummies vehicles, suffice it to say, it was Rath's intelligence and ingenuity that helped him create it. Unfortunately, the Nileator is rarely used as many of the episodes don't have water in them. However, if you want to see it in action, the it appears in episodes such as, "Ghoul's Gold", "The Face in the Mirror", "Reunion".

It is designed and equipped to seat and carry all four of the Mummies and Presley as well in the cockpit, which is armored for extra protection. The Nileator is powered by solar batteries (or the storehouse of Ra as Rath likes to call it), which like the Mummies themselves, must be recharged everyday or it may run out at inopportune moments as it did in "Ghoul's Gold".

The three Hydra engines have been specifically designed for use in water. They operate by sucking in water and then shooting it out the back at very high velocities, propelling the Nileator to such speeds up to 150 knots. Of course all this power would burn out the engines, but fortunately they are cooled by air-intake valves located on either side of the cockpit.

To help it slice through the water better, the bow is designed to be as aero-dynamic as possible. It is equipped with special bow planes that help lift the front slightly out of the water minimizing water resistance and when combined with it's powerful engines, make it one of the fastest objects on water. Which is a good thing in case the Mummies need to make a quick escape.

For extra protection when speed is not enough. The Nileator is armed with a small array of weapons. Laser turrets located in front of and on either side of the cockpit provide extra fire support in battle. Mostly it has been used just to blast Shapties and Scarab, but can also be used to toast hotdogs for Armon (joke!). In "High Nuhn", Rath also tried to install a large water cannon to the front of the boat, but it was probably removed because he didn't put a stop button on it again, just like with his vacuum in, "Married to the Geb".

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