Here you will find descriptions of all those whom we have encountered in our many travels in this magnificent city of San Fransisco. But beware, for you will also find those who have troubled us from beyond the Western Gate as well.

Explore and learn more about our friends, and our enemies. And remember, "Great is the power of George Washington". - Nefertina

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Presley Carnarvon
Sorry, coming as soon as the rest of the updates are complete.
Prince Rapses
is the same age as Presley but lived in Egypt 3500 years ago. He was killed by Scarab at that time and his spirit was reborn in the modern world as Presley.
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Coming Eventually!!!
Coming Eventually!!!
Coming Eventually!!!
is the Mummies sacred cat and was also Prince Rapses pet in Ancient Egypt. Kawtie was given an Eye of Horus amulet in the episode, "Pack to the Future", which is supposedly how she is able to transform into a bigger cat.
Pharoah Amenhotep
the father of Prince Rapses and ruler of Ancient Egypt. He was fighting in Nubia, when his son Rapses was killed by Scarab. When he found out that Scarab killed his son, he entombed him alive for an eternity.
Ammanda Carnarvon
who's name is really Amanda Carnarvon, works at the museum, and is in charge of booking the museums exhibits and guest speakers as seen in the episodes, "Ra! Ra! Ra! Ra!" and "The Prince and The Presley".
Paul Carnarvon
Paul Carnarvon lives in Memphis. Presumably Presley's mom and dad are divorced. His dad claims to be an archeologist, but his true activities are somewhat suspect. He visits Presley in My Dad the Hero.
Walter Lu
Presley's friend who is in Grade 7 with Presley.
Cynthia Lu
Walter's older sister. Presley has a crush on her, but she is a couple of years older than Presley and likes a "Benjamin" who is in college. Cynthia usually cannot even remember Presley's name and calls him "Preston" or "Wesley".
Elain Setter
one of Presley's other friends. She likes Presley but has a hard time getting his attention, especially in the episode, "Tempting Offer". Elaine is also the school reporter and will do practically anything to get a story, see the episode, "Dog Bites Mummy".
Milton Huxley
or Mr. Huxley, is Presley's science teacher. He believes that there is a scientific explanation for everything, even though he experiences things that are beyond his wildest imaginations.
Bob and Joe
are the Mulder and Scully of Mummies Alive! Joe the thin one is a believer in the existence of extraterrestrials (aliens) and also the Mummies. Bob however is the skeptic and would usually just make up some silly explanation about it.
is a sorcerer and wants to be immortal. To do that, he needs the spirit of Prince Rapses that is within Presley. Like the Mummies, Scarab can also transform. He transforms into armor like a beetle.
Scarab's cobra that Scarab carries around like a staff. She seems to be just about as evil as Scarab. She can breath fire out of her mouth. Scarab shares his evil plans with Heka.
Scarab's dog-like pet. He usually messes up on anything Scarab tells him to do.
Set, a dog-like spirit was once defeated by the Mummies and is intent on revenge. Anubis, the not-so-competent jackal (wild dog) god of the underworld, tags along with Set. Anubis has a scepter that causes "forgetting".
a huge cobra-like beast with an ability to change shape. 3500 years ago, Rapses' grandfather drove Apep out of Egypt and into the desert. Apep is after revenge, and wants Rapses to pay for what his grandfather did to him.
is the Cat Goddess of ancient Egypt and the patron goddess of Nefer-tina, brought to the present in the episode "Paws"
A little mischievous green guy who enjoys playing games on people. He especially enjoys flipping a coin to decide on outcomes. Bes appears in Who's Who and Tree O'Clock Rock.
was Rath's student of magic 3500 years ago, who became more powerful than Rath. Rath was falling in love with her, but had to stop teaching Chontra when the pharaoh ordered him to teach Prince Rapses.
The Eye of Darkness
is a horrific monster trapped in a mirror. Every 3500 years, when the planets align, he seeks the soul of a Pharaoh so he can free himself from the mirror. Once unleashed, no power on earth would be able to stop him.
Geb and Net
Geb is the Spirit of the Earth - a huge rock thing that makes earthquakes when he walks. His wife Net, the Spirit of the Sky - a cloudlike being and can control the weather.
a headless and bodyless guy with just two arms who lives inside Scarab and comes out of his mouth. Really gross!
The Spirit of the Primeval Waters - the source of all the waters and rivers of the Earth. A stupid villain made of water who thinks he is all-powerful, but is not even close. He is a prankster and makes real baaaaad jokes.
the ancient goddess of sickness and health. She has destroyed whole civilizations with her evil temper. She can transform into a vulture-like bird. Nobody was ever able to defeat her.
No Description Available Yet
The Shapties
Robot-like armies of men made of clay controlled by Scarab. They are very easy to defeat, but there are just so many of them. They shatter easily when hit and also dissolve in water.
a Man of Bronze brought to life by Scarab. In natural form he is 100 feet tall, but can reduce his size. In Body Slam, he reduces himself to about 10 feet tall and 500 pounds for the Contest.
Tiny Turner
is the school bully. He and his punk friend Chuck like to rough up the other kids. Tiny and Chuck appear in The Egyp-tsu Kid and briefly in Kid Scarab.
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