Mummies Alive!

Come back here! Where do you think you are going! There is no place for you to hide my young Prince. Your guardians cannot protect you forever.

Now you listen to me. That's right, you! The boy Prince and his guardians have just escaped through one of the links below. You will find him and bring him to me at once!!! Do as I say or I will destroy your entire city... I will have my immortality yet!!! - Scarab

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  • The Tomb - A great site from my wonderful friend Mia. She has written many excellent fan fics and has beautiful artwork as well. A must see! ^_^
  • Larips: The Western Gate - This is now the new SOMA/MA Internet News Site. Check it out for the latest news on Mummies Alive!
  • MA San Fransico - An interesting site with a twist. Kind of an interative story. Have a look and see for yourself.
  • The Obelisk - New site from Shadowfax. Has some cool fan art drawn by herself.
  • The Savage Frontier - Hosts the Forgotten Warriors Saga and has some interesting stories as well.
  • Scrolls of Kalia - A site relating Egyptian mythology with Mummies Alive! Also has the great Titanic/Mummies Alive! Saga.
  • SG-1.Net - Another great Stargate SG-1 site! Has lots of pics, sounds and video.
  • Sparx's Sonic Site - Cool site about Sonic the Hedgehog! Also has a small tribute to Mummies Alive!
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