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Jay Morissette - 02/23/98 04:05:30
Favorite Character: Ja-Kal, Scarab
Favourite Episode: Ra, Ra, Ra, Ra!
City: Vancouver
State/Province: BC
Country: Canada

Mummies Alive! is the best show on TV. I think someone should make more web pages on it. I've only found two.

Jack Grimes - 02/22/98 03:34:09
Favorite Character: Don't know them
Favourite Episode: Haven't seen one!
State/Province: NJ
Country: USA

Help!! I don't know where/when to see Mummies Alive! in the northwest New Jersey area!! I'd really like to see this show, can anyone help?

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brandy - 02/22/98 00:09:29
Favorite Character: Ja-Kal
Favourite Episode: good-bye mr.cheops and tree'o clock rock
City: edmonton
State/Province: ab
Country: canada

This is the coolest site and mummies alive rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seth kearsley - 02/20/98 12:09:12
Favorite Character: Ja-kal
Favourite Episode: My Dad the Hero-Because I wrote it
City: N. Hollywood
State/Province: ca
Country: usa

Wow this is cool.....MUMMIES ALIVE was my first show Producing and Directing and it's great to see that people like the show enough to put up their own web pages. Hopefully if you guys are persistant enough you can talk to power that be into letting me d more.

Jo Ann Montgomery - 02/19/98 22:54:37
My Email:none (yet!)
Favorite Character: see preivious message
Favourite Episode: ditto
City: Glasgow
State/Province: KY
Country: USA

Hi! Me again. The heiroglyphic font is found in the Fonts! Fonts! Fonts! CD-ROM, Vol. 3, under the name PharaohGlyph. Also of note: The following letters do not exist in the Egyptian alphabet (I'll put appropriate substitute letters in parenthases): Ha d C (K); Soft C (S); E (I); O (lasso/noose: no substitute available); U (W); V (F); X (K + S); & Soft G (J); Thus, the cat's name is spelled KOTTI. Also, there are special heiroglyphs for CH; KH; PH; SH; & TH. Gotta go. Bye.

Don't want to tell - 02/19/98 01:57:10
My Email:Don't want to tell
Favorite Character: Scarob
Favourite Episode: High Nuhn
City: Portland
State/Province: OR
Country: USA

I think that Mummies Alive is a great show. And when I searched up mummies Alive on the net and was dissapointed that there was only one or two sites for Mummies Alive. zI think it's cool that you made one. I might make a webpage.....

Anna Bacon - 02/17/98 22:17:32
Favorite Character: ja-kal
Favourite Episode: haven't seen them all yet
City: Aurora
State/Province: ne
Country: usa

love the site!!!! glad you're being so nice about pic request. love the show and hope that the ones i haven't seen are just as good.

Jo Ann Montgomery - 02/16/98 22:20:58
My Email:None (yet!)
Favorite Character: Nefer-tina
Favourite Episode: Ra,Ra,Ra,Ra! (Origion episode)
City: Glasgow
State/Province: KY
Country: Barren

I'm glad somebody besides me loves this cartoon! (I love the Egyptian angle!) Thalos (correct spelling; I'm also into greek mythology!) may be back. A piece fell off of him and has started growing. I'm not sure that Geb and Nutt qualifiy as "bad guys" Geb pretty much just wants to be left alone and Nutt wants Geb to say that he loves her. Here's a couple of Egyptian facts you may not know: Nefer (as in Nefertitti(sp?) and Nefer-tina) means "beautiful"! (They sure are!) Also, the orginal Cinderella was Egyptian. It's in a story called "The Rose (or Rose-Colored) Slipper" and there are no stepsisters or stepmother in it. Ra (in the form of a falcon or eagle) plays the part of the "fairy god(father?)" when he steals the girl's slipper and drops it i to the Pharoh's lap. I even have a Heiroglyphic font on my computer, although the letters are not all matched right. I'd better go. There's another Mummies Alive! website to visit. Bye.

I go as Nyte Wolf,but my name's Kellyn - 02/16/98 13:53:20
Favorite Character: Ja-Kal/Nefer-tina
Favourite Episode: I like the ep. "Dog Bites Mummy" .With Set and Anubis.
City: Pittsburgh
State/Province: PA
Country: United States

Hey Anubis! I love your web-page and the show especcally,is the coolest! This is the only web-page I've seen for Mummies Alive and it's great! Well keep up the good work on the page.

A Child - 02/16/98 01:08:55
Favorite Character: the mummies
Favourite Episode: don't know..
City: Calgary
State/Province: AB
Country: Canada

I really like this show!!! This page is really great!! But the thing is.. I kept forgeting to watch the show.. :( think I've only watched 10 episodes in total...
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