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Perry Tolliver - 03/03/98 01:24:40
Favorite Character: nefer-tina
Favourite Episode: All of Them
City: Annapolis
State/Province: Md
Country: usa

Only one thing to say: MUMMIES ALIVE KICKS MAJOR TUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Naomi Capuano - 03/03/98 01:13:03
Favorite Character: Ja-Kal
Favourite Episode: Sleepwalk Like An Egyptian
City: Crownsville
State/Province: MD
Country: US of A

I liked this episode because it gave us a peek into the past lives of these neat people. It was touching, funny, and sad all in the same episode. Touching in the way Ja-Kal was with his family; funny watching Rath handle a snoring Prince and

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Rapses hand ing Armon quite handily; and sad in the way Presley asks Ja-Kal what happened to his family following the tragedies (meaning the murder of Rapses and the deaths of all of the guardians) and Ja-Kal saying he doesn't know what happened to them. I hope some ay we find this out. I have e-mailed Seth Kearsley and told him of my wishes for a second season. Hopefully, the second season will become a reality and we'll all be glad to see that. Sincerely, Naomi

Margaret Ann DeVore - 03/03/98 00:16:47
My Email:Unknown
Favorite Character: RATH
City: Springtown
State/Province: tx
Country: US


Jim Wray - 02/28/98 03:46:48
My URL:soon, really I promise. :)
Favorite Character: Ja-kal, Raff, Nefer-Tina, Arman, & Presley
Favourite Episode: The very three begining show, after that all of them.
City: Thornton
State/Province: CO
Country: United States

"Mummies Alive" is a totally new program I am sure that will last a long while. Ja-kal, Raff, Nefer-Tina, Arman, & Presley are totally original characters and that's what makes the show so awesome. I enjoy each character diferently Ja-cal: I like him caus he is the take charge kind of kind of guy. Raff: I like him cause he is smart and he knows Egypt-soo. Nefer-tina: Hey what's not to like she's a babe; I also like she has a whip and her amulet is for the cat. Arman:I like him because he is free spirited et loyal to his friends; I also like him because of his appetite. Presley:I like him because he is a young, brash kid but still likes the old stuff. I hope that programs like this one stay on for a long time. Keep up the good work DIC. Thanks Anubis for t e webpage.

Nicole - 02/28/98 02:06:32
Favorite Character: Anubis
Favourite Episode: Face In the Mirror
City: Boca Raton
State/Province: FL
Country: United States

I think that Mummies Alive is a great show. I just wish that they would have more Anubis. He is so funny.

Minerva - 02/27/98 03:36:50
Favorite Character: All
Favourite Episode: All
City: Olcott
State/Province: Ny
Country: usa

I connot live with out this show!

Todd James Lewis-Priest of Tehuti - 02/26/98 15:45:20
Favorite Character: Sekhmet
Favourite Episode: Curse of Sekhmet
City: Las Vegas
State/Province: NV
Country: USA

Your site is great. The show is great. I have to say some comments though being a Priest to the Netjeru. The show I realize is fiction but the image of the Netjeru being bad figures is a misconception. If you knew the Netjeru you would know Anubis-Anpu is a gentle soul not always following the realm of Seth-Set.Sekhmet was reformed from harming mankind. Sekhmet is a very gentle healer to mankind now. I know this is just a cartoon show and I love watching it too. The Netjeru are very real for I know that be ng a devoted Priest to Tehuti. I do work alot with Sekhmet as well maybe if you ask them they will supply you the truth of their nature. I said my peace so please do not be offended by my remarks. It is something I have to get off my chest.I hate the bad mage modern man gives the netjeru (Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses)they are not that way at all. Keep up the cool site though for the show itself is pretty good.

Alex Boyle - 02/25/98 21:53:35
Favorite Character:: Armon
Favourite Episode: Ra,Ra,Ra,Ra
City: Grand Valley
State/Province: Ont.
Country: Canada

I think your show is the best!

Lyris aka Mia --`@ - 02/24/98 01:46:32
Favorite Character: Rath
Favourite Episode: Oooo....but there are SO many!
City: Cairo, Egypt
Country: Wonderland

Heya Anubis! Loving those Rath pics! =^_^= ::sigh:: Obsessions with a cartoon character.....Ah well! The artists life for me...

Jo Ann Montgomery - 02/23/98 22:18:09
My Email:none (yet!)
City:: Glasgow
State/Province: KY
Country: U.S.A.

I am female, thank you! I am sorry if using the Guestbook for communicating is troublesome for you, but this is my cousin'computer and I have not figured out how to e-mail yet. I, myself, am not on the Internet yet. So please, until I learn to e-mail, ear with me on the Guestbook. Thank you. Bye now.
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