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Isa - 03/15/98 17:28:12
Favorite Character: Ja-kal
Favourite Episode: sleepwalk like an Egyptian, Goodbye Mr. Kheops
City: Quebec
State/Province: Qc
Country: Canada

That is a great webpage!! I love it and I come here almost each day to see what's new. I'm glad to see that so much people love the show. Ja-kal is my favourite character because he has a sence of honor (maybe not of humor, but that makes him funny) And I always laugh when he says his quotes (when the lion...) And there's also something sad in the character when he thinks about his past and his family. I took a long time to decide wich is my favourite character, because each of them is very very interestin . I don't think there's one that I don't like. In short, i'ts the greatest animated show I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. (I bet you have!)

Sparx - 03/10/98 20:54:10
Favorite Character: Rath

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Favourite Episode: Can't remember the name. but the one where Presley and Kawtie changed bodies.
State/Province: On
Country: Canada

I love the show, and although my website is not about Mummies Alive! I was wondering if you could add a link to my page somewhere here, I will do the same if you mail me the URL! Can you send me the following images: rath5.jpg anubis1.jpg anubis2.jpg anubis4.jpg

Cleo - 03/10/98 18:52:18
Favorite Character: Nef, Bast, & Sekh.
Favourite Episode: Paws.
State/Province: AB
Country: Canada

Heyas! I just thought of something. Perhaps one of you can answer me this; If the Mummies don't have their bodily organs in function, why do they need to worry about eating? I mean, when they eat, where does it go? O.o

unknown - 03/10/98 00:40:37
Favorite Character: Rath
Favourite Episode: Reunion
State/Province: GGA
Country: USA

you have an excellent website. i visit it at least twice a day and look over it. if possible, could you add some more pictures and some new stuff? if so thanx!

Cleo - 03/09/98 20:56:11
Favorite Character: Nefer-Tina, and Bastet.
Favourite Episode: Paws
State/Province: AB
Country: Canada

Hey! n.n Great work on the page, here! May MA continue on, and cream the brains outta' those brain-washing animations, that promote love instead of hostility. >:) Referring to an earlier post, Sekhmet is as evil as they come. (Her temper is unstoppable. The Gods had to get her drunk to calm her. :P Bastet is actually the kind Goddess of Love, and Fertility, the good side of 'Met. Also, I agree with the unusual tedency of Anubis to sidekick to Set. O.o I mean, he works for Osiris - Set's brother, whom Set killed, 'cause he hates him so much. :)

Elizabeth - 03/06/98 20:25:32
Favorite Character: Rath (he's really smart!)
Favourite Episode: Dead Man Walking
City: San Francisco!
State/Province: CA
Country: U.S.A

Hey, great page! Ijust discovered this show and have only seen a couple episodes, but I love the plots and anime-ish look. My only gripe is they take so long to change into their armor(they could be killed!). Rath is the best character because he seems to be the only one who can make any sense of the 20th century, but Nefer-tina is pretty dran cool, too. Stay mummified!

Shawn Rogers - 03/05/98 23:22:02
Favorite Character: Nefertina
Favourite Episode: First Episode
City: Tacoma
State/Province: WA
Country: America

You girls have a great website.This is my twentyith visit

Randi Radio - 03/04/98 22:58:01
Favorite Character:: Rath!!!!!!!!
Favourite Episode: Who's Who!!!!!!!!!
City: Sorry, not telling!
Country: Canada, I'll tell you that much!

I'm totally addicted to this show! I swear, I can't bear to miss a single episode, even if I've already seen it lotsa times! It's my absolute favorite, it even beats Sailor Moon and Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles. The only bad thing is that b**** Chontra-if new episodes are ever made (pleasepleaseplease) I hope they kill her off cuz I HATE her! Know what I'd really like to see on a Mummies Alive webpage? A humor section. I'd make one but my parents won't let me at the moment. :( Oh well.

Shadowfax - 03/04/98 04:32:34

OoopS! Oh dear... sorry about that down there.

Shadowfax - 03/04/98 04:29:22
Favorite Character:: RATH!
Favourite Episode: A Dark and Shrieky Night (that is THE funniest!!)
City:: Vancouver
State/Province:: BC
Country:: Canada



Like my drawing?? Yea, some of the finer detail is a little off: like the end of her sash, and 5 fingers instead of 4 o_0 but not bad for a first try. Their costumes have so much detail! the show is also kind of anime-esque (like Japanese animation); well there are a few japanese people in the credits, I guess that's where they got the transformation sequences from ^^'
Should I make a mummies alive page?
Oh yeah, thanx for getting more pics!

Tully Bascombe - 03/03/98 01:35:27
Favorite Character:: All+Nefer-Tina
Favourite Episode: All
City:: Storrs
State/Province:: CT
Country:: Grand Fenwick

Go Team

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