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Jessie Sorrel - 03/26/98 23:49:12
Favorite Character: Nefertina
Favourite Episode: Desert Chic (even thought I havn't seen it yet)
City: Houston
State/Province: TX
Country: America

Hope there's a second season coming up, but first I have to see all of the first season episodes. I hope Ra Ra Ra is repeated some time soon.(I miss a lot of episodes)

TRSN-GRIFF - 03/26/98 05:55:21
Favorite Character: all
Favourite Episode: all
City: Ft.Hood
State/Province: tx
Country: usa


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mummies alive is great i just want to tell everyone about the game called Scarab if you like mummies alive you'll love this game go to and download it and play online with people all over the country you can be ANUBIS,SEKHMET OR HORUS AND RELE SE SCARABS ON OTHER PLAYERS TRY IT ITS GREAT TELL EM TRSN-GRIFF SENT YOU I'LL BE THERE SAY HI IF YOU LIKE TELL ALL MUMMIES ALIVE FANS THEY WILL LOVE IT

Greg Stoney Creek School "Armon - 03/24/98 02:37:43
Favorite Character: Jakal,Armon,Neffertity,and the other guy
Favourite Episode: I like all of them
City: Burnaby
State/Province: B.C.
Country: Canada

I Love Your Show, You Guys Are Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Wish I Had All Your Toys, I Love Your Show . I Met Armon At Stoney Creek School In Ms.Isbisters Class My Name Is Greg. THANK YOU

Julien & Xavier - 03/22/98 18:38:12
Favorite Character: Julien: They're all great , Xavier: Scarab!!!!
Favourite Episode: Love them all
State/Province: pq
Country: Canada

Great web page, very complete ... Keep up the good work. Julien & Xavier(with a little help from dad).

scarab - 03/22/98 03:58:05
Favorite Character: me who else
Favourite Episode: love them all
City: memphis
Country: egypt

i know some one here knows where the boy prince is now tell me or ill.................the mummies get them my shapties

scarab - 03/22/98 03:56:57
Favorite Character: me who else
Favourite Episode: love them all


Rap's - 03/19/98 07:06:25
Favorite Character: Rath
Favourite Episode: Who's Who
City: Englewood
State/Province: CO
Country: US'of A

::hiss:: raptor Queen of Rutha here! Just wanted to say that this is z best page for MA iv'e ever seen! I love the pics and adore the fics! ::bops self on head:: Awww nutzy! i'm late for my killing spree!Stay mummified and watch out for black magic! ::run off::

Guenwyvar - 03/16/98 19:00:20
Favorite Character: Nefer-Tina
Favourite Episode: I haven't seen them all yet...
City: Montreal
State/Province: Qc
Country: Canada

Your site is really interesting and cool. Lots of information and nice pictures! Best site of the Mummies, they would be proud of it!

Kellyn - 03/16/98 14:35:55
Favorite Character: Nefer-tina,Ja-Kal,Kawtie
Favourite Episode: I actually like all the ones I saw. Can't remember them though. I didn't see many.
City: Pittsburgh
State/Province: PA
Country: U.S.A.

I love Mummies Alive! and your page. One of the best pages I've seen. I really like Mummies Alive! because it's funny and sometimes educational. The huge part is I really like Egyptian stuff, especcially their mythology. Just like to say your page is awes me and keep up the good work on it. :)

Nefertina - 03/15/98 18:13:01
Favorite Character: Nefertina
Favourite Episode: Ra,Ra,Ra!
City: Newmarket
State/Province: Ontario
Country: Canada

MUMMIES ALIVE ROCKS!!! But, I wish there were more shows with Presley and Scarb. Oh, and don't forget to votr for MUMMIES ALIVE for March Break. I know we can be a team and WIN!!!!!!
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