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John Medhurst - 04/10/98 13:55:43
Favorite Character: Neferrtina
Favourite Episode: The one where Nefertina turns into a cat

Nefertina is hot, that's why I watch the cartoon. I can't take my eyes off her. She has long legs, nice body, jeez, she's hot. If she was real I'd bang her right now!

Cleo - 04/10/98 00:05:58
Favorite Character: Sekhmet
Favourite Episode: Paws.
State/Province: AB
Country: Cana-DUH! (Aren't I patriotic?)

Heyas! I appeared in order to advertise a MUCK. (A role-playing multi user environment.) It is called 'The Ancient Kingdom' Muck, with an Egyptian theme. The timeline spand during the Middle Kingdom.. -- And yes, Gods and Goddesses are available to R leplay. It will be open to RP in a month or so, whenever it is finished being built. If any of you, out there, are interested to

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playing a deity character stated, or one of your own, please email me. I strongly advise only experienced roleplayers to ap ly. If you are interested, but have NO idea what a MUCK is, contact me. :) I'll instruct you in what to do. It'll be great fun, especially those with fan-fiction characters whom are dying to try out. Ciao! -Cleo.

Mahogohney - 04/08/98 02:37:20
Favourite Episode: Ra Ra Ra
City: ...of angels (kidding)
State/Province: on
Country: canada

Hi! Nice site. very spiff!And mummies alive IS kewl. Ofcourse, about a week ago i didnt think so. you see, at first when my 4 year old bro (i'm 16) got into the show, i thought: whatever! but then my mom got into the show (and loves it) and so for the next few months (since november i think) i have had to watch it with my little bro....complaining all the way. butlast week i starting placing hints that mummys alive is going on, so i wouldnt miss it! my little bro and mum dont know it, but i am a converted fan! it realy does rock! anyway, luv yer site!

The Mad Artist - 04/06/98 02:47:15
Favorite Character: Armon (The Looks)
Favourite Episode: None yet.
City: Manila
State/Province: na
Country: Philippines

cool web page. just trying out something ... something like how di i post a drawing like the other messages ...

The Mad Artist - 04/06/98 02:35:24
Favorite Character: Armon (The Looks)
Favourite Episode: havent watched any (can you believe this!)
City: Manila
State/Province: na
Country: Philippines

cool web page. but how do i add my own art works?

Martina - 04/04/98 15:25:43
My URL:http://
Favorite Character: Nefer-tina
Favourite Episode: All
City: Grosseto
Country: Italy


Nefertina - 03/29/98 23:54:25
My Email:(Ah, I'm not telling)
Favorite Character: Me, who else? Er, maybe Pep...Shhh, big secret!
Favourite Episode: All, I guess
City: San Francisco
State/Province: CA
Country: America

It's a wonder my whip hasn't yet snapped...

Brandy - 03/29/98 02:18:53
Favorite Character: All ecept for scard and armon
Favourite Episode: all
City: edmonton
State/Province: ab
Country: canada

Mummies alive rule and I love this show better than sailor moon

Medea - 03/29/98 01:56:17
Favorite Character: Rath
Favourite Episode: all of 'em
State/Province: Ont
Country: Canada

Nice webpage. Good collection of images, you can never have enough, though *hint hint*. :) You should add a FanArt section. I'm sure there's other artists out there that would send in drawings. I know I would.
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