Mummies Alive!

By: Anubis

Disclaimer: The character of Lyris is the property of Mia. The storyline, the character of Shadira, and the new vehicle the Pharoahawk, however are my property and is not to be used without my permission. All other characters and names are the property of DIC Inc.

"YYaaaaaaWWNN!". It's been almost two weeks since Anubis escaped from the Eye of Darkness! Another day, he thought as he watched Ra rise once again. He has seen the sun rise and set many times already, but have still not found a way to get home to the Western Gate. Anubis's magic has all but been depleted too, and his scepter was now barely useable.

He and Set had managed to summon all their strength and magic, to create a portal and get away from the Eye of Darkness, during a solar eclipse on Earth. But when they stepped through, there was a mysterious flash of light, and when he awoke, he found himself all alone on this island. For days now he has wandered through the thick mountainous, and forested landscape of this place, but have yet to find any sign of civilization or a way off this place.


He hadn't been watching where he was walking and tripped over a branch. Slowly he got up, rubbed his head, and suddenly realized that he had stumbled into a clearing. "Impossible!", he thought as he looked up. For towering above him there
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was something where it should not be.

* * * * *

(Back in San Fransico)

"Come on Walter!, This is Fun", Presley yelled as he raced down the hill on his skateboard.

"Ya right Presley!", Walter yelled back as he shivered at the sight of how steep that hill is.

"You're not afraid now are you!?!"

"Afraid! You've got to be joking. Bet you I can reach the bottom of the hill before you do", Walter yelled back, as he slowly stepped to the edge, hesitating, before rushing down the hill after Presley. "I am going to make him pay for this!", he thought to himself.

"The young prince is growing up so fast, I wish I could have been there to see my own son grow up as well", Ja-kal said to the others, as they watched him from the bottom of the hill.

"Grow???, This is nothing more than childish behavior. He should be studying his lessons and not waste his time with these foolish games." uttered Rath as he turned away in disgust.

"Ah, lighten up Rath, it's not like you've never been a kid before. Didn't you do anything, fun!!!, while you were growing up." Nefer-tina said, trying not to laugh as she waited to hear what Rath would say.

"Why of course I did! I spent my childhood learning and conjuring magic spells. By the time I was the Prince's age, I had already surpassed all levels of magic, and was chosen to learn under the Pharaoh's personnel sorcerer." replied Rath grinning at the thought.

"Gee, no wonder Rath is so boring. You really need to lighten up. Have some fun and enjoy life, um..., the afterlife I mean. I know what would cheer you up, how about a Beefy Burger, I saw one a few blocks away. MMMmmmmm..." Armon said as he rubbed his stomach.

"Go Presley!" Nefer-tina shouted and waved as he reached the bottom of the hill and raced by.

"Ah, man!" Presley muttered as he saw the Mummies sitting there waving at him.

"Who are those people?" cried Walter as he catches up to Presley and stops.

"Um... distant cousins. Gotta go now Walter."

"Alright!, see ya later Presley. But next time, can we find a smaller hill!" Walter grinned as he skateboarded away.

"Guys! I thought I told you to stop following me. You're cramping my style." Presley said as they jumped into the Hotra.

"But young Prince, I have some important news to tell you." Ja-kal said to Presley.

As she slowly powered up the Hotra, she couldn't help thinking how primitive the chariots were back in the old days. Back then they only had one horse to a chariot, but the Hotra has over two hundred little tiny ones. Nefer-tina grinned at the thought of all that power. The Hotra gave a quick shudder as Nefer-tina put the pedal to the metal. "Alright everyone, hang on."

"So what's the big news?", yelled Presley as the Hotra raced through a red light and sent him scrambling to put his seat belt on.

"Perhaps I should tell you back at the sphinx. Right now I think we should pray to Ra that we get there alive. Um... no pun intended. WATCH OUT NEFER-TINAAAAaaaaaaa!!!!!" screamed Ja-kal as they narrowly misses an oncoming truck.

* * * * *

It's been a long day thought Scarab as he sat at his table. "Heka, are you there?", Scarab spoke agitatingly into the microphone as he watched his video screen. He thought he'd give his Heka-Kam another try.

"Where else would I be with this stupid camera strapped to my head. I thought we agreed you wouldn't do this again.", Heka squirmed as she tried to find a place to rest her head in the mailbox.

"Oh, be quiet Heka or I might turn you into something more useful, like a pencil. Have you seen any sign of the Mummies yet!"

"Nope, not a sign of them at all. But um... boss, what makes you think the mummies will come here...", Heka paused as she saw the Hotra fly by.

"That's them. Heka, have my shapties attack. I'm on my way." Scarab yelled, as he quickly rushed out of the room.

Heka slithered out of the mailbox and into the abandoned building behind it. In it a large army of shapties was being assembled, enough to take out a small country, but she has seen the mummies destroy larger. "Alright, you heard the boss. ATTACK!!!", she screamed as she shook the camera off her head. "I really hate that thing", she thought to herself.

* * * * *


Suddenly there was an explosion in front of them. Leaving a large crater where a road used to be. "LOOK OUT", Ja-kal yelled to Nefer-tina as she tried to swerve and avoid the hole. With her cat-like reflexes, she was able to turn the Hotra around, and bring it to a quick but rough stop. In front of them a large army of shapties was pouring out of one of the buildings all with energy staffs ready to fire.

"We've got to get the young Prince out of here." Ja-kal yelled at the others as he began to transform. "I will distract them. WITH THE STRENGTH OF RA!"

As Ja-kal flew up letting loose a flight of arrows, Nefer-tina quickly fired the Hot-Ra's lasers and added it's firepower to Ja-kal's arrows. The first wave of shapties didn't stand a chance as they were quickly blown to pieces. She was about to floor the Hotra when suddenly...


There was another explosion destroying the road in front of them. They were trapped.

"Looks like we're gonna have to get out of this one the hard way!" Nefertina shouted as she jumped out of the Hotra.

"Just the way I like it." Armon replied.

"Young prince, stay in the Hotra and keep your head down." Rath yelled back as he joined the others.

"WITH THE STRENGTH OF RA" the remaining guardians said in unison as Presley jumped into the front seat.

A blue blast of energy suddenly came out of nowhere knocking Rath off his feet and sending him flying back several meters.

Nefer-tina growled as she wrapped her whip around the head of one of the shapties and hurled it into a group of them just coming out of one of the buildings. They shattered quickly, and wasting no time, Nefer-tina did a jump kick launching another shaptie into a wall destroying it.

"I'm bowling for shapties", Armon shouted as he picked up a garbage can and sent it rolling into three shapties nearby.

Rath picked himself up just in time to see a shaptie open fire. With his lightning fast reflexes, he was able to bring his blade to bear, sending the blast back at the shaptie blowing into a millions pieces.

A storm of blue bolts surrounded Ja-kal as he frantically tried to evade the oncoming fire. He managed to send five arrows off, blowing a hole into the roof of the building causing a group of shapties to plunge through.


When was suddenly hit by large red blast of energy. Ja-kal lost control and began falling quickly towards the ground.

"You've lost this time Ja-kal", Scarab yelled from onboard his helicopter.

Presley looked up just in time to see Ja-kal get hit and Scarab flying in with a squadron of five helicopters, piloted by his shapties. "Uh-oh", he cried as he glimpsed the rear view mirror and saw two shapties climbing onto the Hotra. He took out his boomera and launched it at one of the shapties, cutting it in half, just as the second one reached out and grabbed him. But before the shaptie could do anything there was a soft shriek and as the boomera sliced through the air shattering it's head and landed right back into Presley's hand.

Nefer-tina and Armon were practically back to back now as a new group of shapties encircled them. She looked to her right and saw Heka slithering out of one of the abandoned buildings. The same building that the shapties were pouring out of at the beginning of the battle and more were coming out as they faught. "That must be one of Scarab's shaptie factories." she thought. "We've got to destroy that building." she yelled to Rath.


Three shapties were sliced in half as Rath swung his sword around again and plunged it into another one trying to sneak up behind him. "I've got it!" he replied. Leaving his blade where it was, a green ball of fire began take form between his hands. With every passing second it grew larger and brighter, and finally he launched it towards the abandoned building.

There was a huge explosion, sending large flames and a tremendous amount of heat that blasted out of every window and doorway in the building and sent it crashing down upon itself. The shockwave however, blew Armon, Nefer-tina and the shapties into a wall, which destroyed the shapties but also dazed the two mummies.

But before Rath could admire his handiwok he heard a scream and looked up to see Ja-kal heading right for him. "Uh-Oh", he cried as Ja-kal slammed right into him pinning him down.

Just then, the helicopters landed. Shapties poured out of the doors and surrounded the mummies, while the surviving shapties from the previous battle headed towards the Hotra... and Presley.

"I've won, Ja-kal. There is nothing you can do to stop me from achieving my immortality." Scarab grinned as he stepped off the helicopter and walked towards them. "Bring me the boy prince."

"This is not good! How do you work this thing." Presley panicked as he fidgetted with all the buttons on the dashboard. Suddenly there was a loud click and a whining sound behind him and the words **AUTO TARGETTING ENABLED** flashed on the screen in front of him. The lasers leveled themselves and fired a volley of yellow bolts of energy destroying all the shapties heading towards him.

The helicopters now airborne, headed towards the Hotra and began to open fire.

"No you fools! I need the boy alive!" Scarab yelled at his shapties, frustrated by their stupidity. Too late as one of the helicopters fired two missles towards the Hotra.

"NO...." Ja-kal shouted. The mummies can only watch in horror as the missles headed closer and closer towards their prince.

Out of nowhere a bright blue beam of light, flashed down from the heavens and destroyed the two missles in mid-air. Two more blasts came flying through the explosion blowing one of the helicopters out of the sky, sending debris from it into it's neighbour jamming it's main rotor and sent it crashing into the ground.

The object flew threw the explosion, so fast that no one could get a clear view of it. It quickly came around sending multiple blasts into the ground pulverizing the shapties surrounding the mummies.

"Now's our chance, everyone get back to the Hotra." yelled Ja-kal as they scrambled towards their chariot.

"What was that!" exclaimed Presley as the mummies entered the Hotra and prepared to leave.

Just then the object flew overhead and began to slow down. The aircraft looked like a large bird of prey, and was huge, easily blocking out the sun at this altitude. One could not help but to also notice the two large engines mounted on either side of the fuselage, which sent out tremendous flames that shot out of the back. It's wings began to move and straighten out as its edges spread out like feathers on a bird. Also on each wing tip was a large energy cannon similar to the one on the Hotra. The nose was also familiarly shaped like that of a falcon resembling the head of the Jetcycle. The eyes of the falcon glowed a bright blue as they charged and fired, clearing a path in front of it. Landing gears started to extend down and locked into position as it prepared to land.

"What in the name of Ra! is that doing out of the Sphinx." Rath exclaimed as he reckognized his new creation.

The aircraft landed and lowered a ramp in front of them. The monitor in the Hotra flickered as it activated. The jaws dropped on everyone as on screen appeared to everyones amazement, no one other than their new companion Lyris.

"Well are you guys going to just sit there or are you going to come onboard. I can't fly this thing by myself you know!" Lyris smiled as she savoured the moment. She will never forget the look on their faces.

Nefer-tina drove the Hotra swiftly on to the plane as it began to takeoff. Rath quickly got out and headed for the cockpit.

"Stop them." Scarab screamed as he tried to fly after them.

He fired, but his blasts just bounced off the craft. It was just too fast and was out range in seconds. Sirens can now be heard as the police and fire department arrived on scene. He had no choice but to leave. He came so close.

* * * * *


As he got up, he began to slowly examine the large stone monument which now stood before him. It looked ancient and the centuries have taken their toll. The monument has already crumbled in a few places and was completely covered with vines and moss. As he brushed away this foliage, it became apparent that the object was in fact an obelisk. Strange symbols were becoming revealed as well. Upon closer examination, he saw that they were in fact Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Very ancient though, a form not used for tens of thousands of years.

"The pillar of storms, will point the way, when Ra stands above. But beware of the...", Anubis read the message out loud as he translated. Unfortunately the rest of the hieroglyphs were unreadable as they have long since faded and crumbled into dust.

"When Ra stands above... Now what does that mean?", Anubis thought to himself. The sun began to reach it's peak overhead as noon approached, and the obelisk began to glow. Within a few more minutes, the sun was directly over the obelisk and the glowing stopped. Instead he can now see clearly that all the suns rays were being reflected off the tip of the obelisk and a yellow beam of light was projected deep into the heart of the forest.

He began to follow the beam, but after half an hour, the beam vanished as the sun continued its journey through the sky. He continued to walk for hours in the direction the beam pointed and soon found himself staring at an unbelievable site.

"By Ra, I don't believe it...", Anubis let out a gasp of shock for he was stunned at what lies before him.

In the distance he can see a large pyramid, greater than even those found in Giza back in Egypt. On the side facing him, was engraved the large symbol of the Eye of Ra, almost covering the entire side. Leading to the pyramid was a long causeway, lined with a dozen stone creatures. The statues on either end of the passage were strange yet familiar creatures, with the bodies and heads of lions, but also the wings of an eagle and the tail of a scorpian.

"Manticores...", Anubis whispered to himself as he reckognized their shapes.

As he walked down the path, he could see that the other statues, eight in all, four on either side, were definately Egyptian shpinxes. As he neared the pyramid, he could see two large obelisks, standing guard beside the ramp leading into the structure. The obelisks were made of a shiny quartz like stone and were amzazingly quite clean, considering that they were just as old as the one he encountered earlier.

The closer he got, he began to realize why they were so pristine. He sensed strong magic emenating from the two pillars of stone and they were each inscribed with a harsh warning.

"Death slays with its wings, all those who dare disturb the eternal rest of Shadira"

"Shadira..." the name was unfamiliar to Anubis and against his fears, he decided to enter and explore the pyramid. Perhaps it contains a way for him to get home.

But first he needed to recharge his magic and these obelisks would do just perfectly. He began to use his remaining magic and cast the spell of absorbtion. A red glow surrounded his hands as he reached out and touched the obelisk. It began to shake as the glow encircled the entire obelisk and he recharged his power. The magic was very powerful and was neither dark or light either, but instead was a culmination of both working in harmony, amplifying its strength ten-fold. This magic was indeed ancient for nowhere today does this type of magic exist.

After he had recharged he began to walk away and head up the ramp, still trying to adjust to this magic. All of a sudden, the ground started to shake violently. Behind him, he could see the statues of the manticores beginning to crack. A silver light formed at the creases of the breaking ridges and then exploded in a flash of light outwards forcing Anubis to shield his eyes from the blast.

As the light dimmed and faded, he looked back at the statues, but where they once stood, four live manticores now took their place. Their eyes glowed a fiery red as their talons dug deep into their stands. Then with a great roar, they took off and headed towards him.

The first one tried to grab him as it flew by, but he managed to duck away just barely in the nick of time. The second one opened its jaws and launched a huge fireball towards him. Performing a quick backflip he dodged it with ease as it vaporized the ground where he just stood.

As the first two manticore's flew around for another pass, the other two were closing in fast. Before they could get any closer though, Anubis charged his scepter and fired. A great beam of green energy lashed out at the winged beasts hitting them both head-on. His blast dissipated the magic of the creatures turning them back into stone, sending both shattering onto the ground.

"Gotcha", Anubis let out a cry of triumph.

The obelisks, reacting to the magic, began to hum. The sound grew louder and louder until the tips on both towers began to glow. Sensing imminent danger, he made a dash for the door of the pyramid. The obelisks fired, and making an instinctive roll to the right, he evaded the blast as it bore a hole into the ground. The obelisks charged again and to make matters worse, the manticores were coming back. He was already halfway up the ramp, and quickly picking himself up, again, he ran up. He was moving as fast as he cold, dashing from left to right as the blasts continued to land behind him.

"Uh-oh", he muttered as he looked up to see the door beginning to close.

With a last burst of speed, he dove under the door just as the obelisks fired again, leaving a crater where he stood just seconds before. He looked back just in time to see the door slam shut. He had nowhere to go now, but to head deeper into the pyramid... and into the mystery which lies within...

* * * * *

(Back at the Shpinx...)

"Police say that the explosion this afternoon that rocked an abandoned warehouse district of the city was the result of a gas leak. Damage is estimated at...", the announcer in the magic box continued with his report as Presley stepped out and headed towards the garage.

Rath was busy examining his new aircraft, frantically making sure that there wasn't even the slightest scratch on it. Presley walked up and stared at the aircraft in awe. He was impressed by it's shape and form and only one word could come to his mind to describe it.

"Cool!", Presley exclaimed. "What do you call it Rath?"

"Well my Prince, this is the Pharoahawk. The latest addition to our arsenal against Scarab.", Rath said, proud of his handiwork.

"When did you find the time to build this...?", the Prince inquired.

"Actually it was pretty easy. It took me a few months to get the plans, but after that, putting it together was as easy as... Magic...", he replied a little arrogantly.

"So why did you build it anyways? We already have the Skycophagous.", Presley walked around under the wings and reached up to touch one of the flaps.

"Well actually my Prince... The Pharoahawk was not meant to be used in the city. It is a long range aircraft I designed to take us and our Sarcophagous's anywhere around the world. That way, we can finally start to search for some of the many lost treasures that the scrolls in the library tell about. Now if you'll excuse me for a while...", Rath finished checking out the left side of the aircraft and began heading over to the right. "I have to make sure that the Pharoahawk wasn't damaged by a certain someone...", his eyes narrowed as he took a quick glance towards Lyris.

Presley walked off leaving Rath to his work and headed over to the other mummies, except Armon who was busy grabbing a snack, and stood around Lyris listening to her explain.

"Well as I was saying, after our first encounter ove a month ago, I decided to attempt and find the girl which embodied the Princess Celetrah's spirit, here in the modern world. My initial searches were limited to the places where they moved the exhibit, along with my sarcophagous from city to city. Needless to say, my search turned out to be fruitless so far. But while browsing through the antiquities at one of these museums, I was able to locate an amulet which belonged to the young princess, which I believe acts much the same way like Rapse's. I think that we can use it to find her.", Lyris was about to continue to speak but was interrupted by a loud shriek from Rath.

"Ahh...! What did you do Lyris!", Rath exclaimed as he stared at a large gash along the fuselage of the plane.

"Oh Rath, will just be quiet. We're trying to have a conversation here with Lyris", Nefertina said angrily.

Rath was about to say something but the looks on the faces of the other three guardians and Presley as well caused him to think otherwise. He just shook it off and went back to examining his plane.

"Please go on Lyris. What brings you back here to San Fransisco?", Ja-Kal inquired.

"Well, due to popular demand by the public, the exihibit was brought back here and upon arrival, I soon discovered that the amulet I had taken began to react. I was heading over here to ask for your help but discovered that you were not home. I was planning on taking the Skycophagous and search from the air, but then I saw the Pharoahawk in the garage." Lyris spoke on.

Rath hearing his creation mentioned, suddenly became interested in this conversation and stepped up to listen. Lyris now amused, continued.

"I decided to also retrieve my sarcophagous from the museum first though and this new plane was perfect. Unfortunately I was unfamiliar with the controls and scraped into the side of the museum."

Rath at this point let out a gasp, but was ignored by everyone.

"Anyways, with my sarcophagous on board, I began to head back when I suddenly say Scarab and his minions fly by. So I decided to follow them and well, you know the rest." Lyris finished.

"I'm lucky that you did Lyris and thanks for saving my life too", Presley said gratefully.

"We all are." Nefertina added.

"Unfortunately, I'm afraid that we cannot search for Princess Celestriah today though. We are planning on taking the Prince to Egypt to visit the Great Pyramids and teach him of the Ancient magic locked within its walls." Jakal said.

"Really!" Presley's eyes shimmered with joy as he heard the news.

"Yes my prince, this was our good news for you. Lyris, you can join us if you wish, we would really enjoy your company." Jakal asked.

"I would like that very much. I really would like to see our former home once again." Lyris responded.

"Then its settled. Rath, get to work fixing the plane. Armon, Nefertina and I will move our sarcophagi on board. And Lyris since you already have some experience, you and Rath can fly the plane.", Jakal ordered.

"But...", Rath exclaimed, objecting to Jakal's suggestion.

"That wasn't a request Rath..." Jakal quickly interjected.

"Don't worry Rath. I'm not as bad as you think.", Lyris said as she smiled and walked out of the garage.

* * * * *

(Deep within the mysterious Pyramid...)

Using his scepter as a torch, Anubis wandered for hours through the many eerily aluminated corridors. As he approached another intersection in front, he could see that he had been there before already. The passage in front was a dead end, to the left was where he went before, but that got him no where, while the one to the right leads to an empty chamber. Anubis let out a long sigh as he had just spent the last several hours walking in a circle.

He decided to take a break and rest for awhile and headed towards one of the giant stone statues that stood in the corners and sat down. As he leaned back, he heard a loud click. Suddenly the corrider began to shake and the wall at the end of the dead end corridor began to slide up.

"Uh-oh. I didn't do it..." Anubis exclaimed as he hid behind the statue.

Once the room had stopped shaking, torches lining the corridor suddenly burst into flames, lighting the way down towards the opened wall. Slowly getting out from behind the statue, Anubis got up and headed down the corridor with his scepter fully charged, ready for anything.

Everything was eerily quiet and he could here his footsteps as he walked. Slowly he approached the opening and stuck his head in to have a look. Seeing that everything was OK, but rather dusty, he stepped briskly in. Suddenly the floor gave away underneath him.


He fell through and landed painfully on the debris below.

"Ow... That hurt". he picked himself up and rubbed his head, then he shook off all the dust covering his fur.

Looking down this new corridor, he could see a bright light emenating from the end. He had found a way out and began to quickly run towards the opening. But as he got closer he could see that, this was not an exit after all. Instead what stood before him was more than words could describe. All he could do was just stand there and admire in awe.

In front of him was a large chamber. A small flight of stairs led to a pit within the middle of the room. Four towering pillars rose out of the corners of the pit towards the ceiling, while a gold sarcophagous lay in the center of the pit. The walls and pillars were covered in solid gold, and engraved with hieroglypics. The name Shadira were contained within the cartouches of the ancient writings. At the other end of the room was a large crystal which glowed brightly lighting the room and emenating a very strong magic as well.

Anubis slowly headed towards the crystal examining the sarcophagous as he walked by. It was constructed of the finest stone, and gold, and lined with dozens of jewels and gems. A cartouche engraved into the gold sarcophagous contained the hieroglyphs spelling out the name Shadira.

Turning his attention back towards the crystal, he headed out of the pit and up the stairs leading to the altalr holding the crystal. As he reached out to touch it, the crystal suddenly let out a loud shrieking sound and the room began to shake once more.

"Oh-no! Not again...", Anubis exclaimed as he put his hands over his ears.

The crystal pulsed as it lashed out a beam of pure energy through an opening in the ceiling. The beam exited through the top of the pyramid and reached out towards the heavens. Outside, large grey clouds formed and began to swirl around the beam, plunging the island into darkness, interrupted only by great flashes of lightning and roaring thunder.

Behind him, unaware to Anubis. The sarcophagous began to open.

* * * * *

(Somewhere over the Atlantic...)

"Don't touch that!", Rath screetched as he swatted Lyris's hand away from a control panel.

"Well sorry! But you still haven't told me what that does.", Lyris responded angrily.

"You shouldn't touch things that you know nothing about. And besides, its far too complicated for you to understand", Rath shouted back.

Presley sat in the seat behind them trying to ignore them. They have been squabbling since they took off from the sphinx hours ago. He just stared out the cockpit and watched as the calm blue ocean, marked only by the occasional island went by. Suddenly Lyris stood up and stormed out of the cockpit.

"Why that ungrateful little wretch...", Lyris mumbled as she passed by Presley and out the door of the cockpit.

"My! I wonder what got into her bandages today." Rath spoke as if nothing had happened.

The others were resting in their sarcophagi's in the compartment behind the cockpit and Presley envied them for they didn't have to sit through this argument. He was getting tired and was about to doze off when...

"Whoa..", Presley yelled frantically, as he grabbed onto the sides of the seat.

The plane suddenly droped several hundred feet as it hit some strong turbulence. Luckily for him, Presley was wearing his seatbelt, otherwise he would be stuck to the ceiling right now. Just as he was about the relax, the plane was suddenly struck by a large bolt of energy calling it to pitch left and fall another several hundred feet.

"What are you doing Rath...", Presley said feeling like his stomach had been turned inside out.

"I'm sorry my prince, but that wasn't me.", Rath responded as he regained control.

The others including Lyris came running up into the cockpit.

"What's going on Rath...", Jakal inquired as he sat down.

"Ya Rath, I'm trying to get my beauty sleep here.", Armon said.

The mummies just stared at Armon after that statement.

"What...", Armon said looking perplexed.

The plane was rocked again sending the mummies flying backwards. Quickly getting up the sat down and put their seatbelts on. A control panel suddenly lit up as dozens more lights started flashing around the cockpit.

"This is strange...", Rath said as he put his hand to his chin.

"Well, what is it Rath..." Lyris said as she sat back down beside him in the copilot seat.

"According to this display, theis storm is not a natural phenomenon. It's magical.", Rath exclaimed as he pushed a few more buttons. "Very powerful magic as well."

"Scarab", Presley said aloud.

"Impossible, Scarab's back in San Fransisco. Right back where we left him.", Nefertina replied.

Looking out the cockpit, the guardians could see a large swirling mass of dark clouds beneath them. Coming out of the center was a large golden beam of pure energy.

"That beam is powerful magic and is the phenonmenon causing the storm, and look. It's opening a portal of some sort in the sky.", Rath exclaimed.

"Rath, we should investigate. If it is Scarab we must find out what he is up to", Ja-Kal spoke quickly as he plane was struck again by another bolt of energy.

"Alright the, everyone get in their seats and hang on." Rath yelled as he turned the plane towards the island.

"You're gonna do WHAT!!" Presley exclaimed as he heard what his guardians just said.

"I'm sorry my Prince, but we must find out what's going on. Rath, take us into the fire." Ja-kal assured.

The Pharoahawk hurtled towards the island and circled above the clouds around the beam allowing Rath to analyse the anomaly. Then seeming to hesitate for awhile, the plane then dove into the clouds and into the darkness below.

* * * * *

(Below the Clouds...)

An arm slowly reached out from the golden sarcophagous. It was long, slendor and femine, with gold bracelets encircling the wrist and arm. Then a bright beam of light burst forth upwards from the sarcophagous as Anubis quickly spun around, startled by the sight.

As the beam of light subsided, floating above the sarcophagous was a young women dressed in Egyptian garment. She was tall and thin, the ebodiment of perfection in a sense. She was wearing a long white robe with long black hair draping over her shoulders. She was covered with various jewels and gold bracelets that shimmered which added to her fearsome look. Noticing the intruder below her, her eyes glowed in anger causing Anubis to take a step back.

"Who dares disturb the rest of Shadira, the Goddess and ruler of this world and all that is beyond." Her voice thundered around the room causing it to shake as she crossed her arms.

"I... I... I... am Anubis. G... G... God of Mummification." Anubis stuttered as he spoke, intimidated by the figure before him.

"So it's you, that meangie little mut that spent his time chasing chariots around while I was trying, to rule my kingdom... How dare you disturb my slumber.", she spoke with such force and rage that the air became winds and blew with such force that it knocked Anubis off his feet sending him tumbling into the crystal, knocking it off its altar.

"You...", Thinking back to his youth many thousands of years ago, he suddenly remembered the name Shadira.

Shadira was an ancient Goddess, the embodiment of both good and evil, she was the original one and true supreme being in a time long ago. She ruled the earth and everything beyond for over a millenia, she controlled the air, ground, sea, life, death, prosperity, disease, famine, luck, and everything else, before deciding that she was tired of doing such dull and boring acts.

It was then that she decided to divide her work among the many young ones within her kingdom, creating the many gods. Anubis was chosen to become the God of mummification as punishment for messing up her beutiful garden one time. She was determined to make his life miserable, but as he was also a jackal and the thousands of years since, he had grown accustomed and fond of his status.

But then he remembered another thing. Shadira had a dark side that was greater than she could control after she divided her powers. She supposedly created a mirror and sent that part of her into it, entrapping it there forever. And thus the Eye of Darkness was born...

"So you have forgotten me already mutt... Well I suppose I should expecting that from a no good foolish dog.", smiling as she savoured her insult.

"Hey! I'm a jackal..." Anubis began to speak but was interupted as he was hit by an energy blast.

"SILENCE! Don't contradict me dog... Now tell me, what has become of my grand kingdom", she was curious to see how her young ones had done in maintaining her rule.

"Um... your kingdom... Umm...", Anubis frantically looked around for a place to hide, he has already seen her fury, and does not want to see it again when she finds out the truth.

"WELL! I'M WAITING!", she demanded.

Frozen in fear, he had no choice but to tell her.

"Um... your kingdom...", he looked down towards his feet. "Um... It is no more."

"WHAT!", her eyes glowed in extreme anger.

"Ah... We no longer rule the physical world. All the gods and goddesses have decided that the other side beyond the Western Gate were more suited to their tastes and likings. We have long since abandoned the physical world, for over 3500 years now.", Anubis spoke softly and dared not look up at the enraged Goddesses face.

"You fools! How could you let this happen! I go to sleep for a millenia and you lose half my kingdom and all worshippers. I should destroy the lot of you for doing this and now that I think about it, I will! But first I will retake this world.", she began to plot her schemes.

"You can't! The people of this world do not even believe in our existence anymore, they will not follow you!", Anubis objected, not out of concern for the modern world as he could care less, but for his life if she managed to retake the planet, she will destroy him and his fellow gods and goddesses. "They will submit or they will DIE!", Shadira shrieked as she lashed out a burst of red energy at Anubis knocking him to the ground again. A white sphere of energy formed then formed around her and without warning, she shot upwards breaking through the ceiling of the chamber and the many corriders and passages above her, sending debris plummeting all around the downed jackal.

"No... I will not let you!", with a flash of green light, the debris burying Anubis was shattered. He slowly sat up, and rubbed his still dazed head. He must find a way to stop her. Looking up, he noticed something glowing beneath the rubble of what was once the altar. It was the crystal. Brushing off the dust and debris, he picked up the crystal and examined it. It was still intact, which is good! He then ran out of the chamber and followed the passage back.

* * * * *

(A few thousand feet up...)

The Pharoahawk, twisted and turned within the clouds as it was buffeted by lightning bolts, strange energy blasts and turbelence. Presley began to envy the Mummies as they didn't have stomachs to worry about. As he sat there, all he could do was hold on and tried not to think of any food. The clouds were thick and you couldn't see an inch in front of them. Both Lyris and Rath were frantically trying to control the plane as they relied on the sensors on board to guide them.

After what seemed like an eternity, the plane reached the bottom of the clouds and shot out of the clouds so fast that to an observer on the ground, it would appear if the heavens just spat them out. Wisps of smoke and water vapours trailed behind them for a short while as the white cottony mass began to heal itself from the gaping hole left by the Mummies.

Looking below them was a sight which none of them will soon forget. It was beauty in it's purest form. The grand greyish blue cliffs and bluffs lining the shores loomed before them. The light of the energy beam reflected off the waters below and bounced off the sides creating a sparkle of light of many colours.

As Rath quickly pulled the plane up, narrowly missing the cliff, they could as far as the eye can see, the large, lushes green of an untouched forest. Dotting this sea of leaves were small crystal clear ponds and lakes. The light also reflected off this, and seemed to project an aura around the entire island.

As they got closer to the beam, they all gasped as they saw the Great pyramid in the distance. Below them the small cobblestone trail can now be seen leading up to the pyramid. On either sides of it were several statues seeming to stand guard. They could however not make out what they were of from this height.

Just as they were about to circle around to examine the pyramid, two objects suddenly appeared on their sensors, and closing in fast. Before the two pilots could even react, a large fireball soared past their windshield. Someone or something was shooting at them. Another fireball came out of the darkness and making a hard roll to the left, it missed them just barely.

"Whoa! What was that!", Presley exclaimed as the two objects went flying by.

"I'm not sure, but I am not going to stand by as they try to harm us. Lyris, bring those weapons on line." Rath commanded.

Pushing a few buttons on the control panel, she activated the Pharoahawks weapons grid. Below and slightly in front of the cockpit, the eyes of the hawk suddenly came to life as they charged. The two cannons on the wingtips also powered up as the protective armor split into four parts and slid back in a loud click, revealing the large barrel of the weapon. Small strands of energy danced accross the surface of the cannon as it charged. As if that wasn't enough firepower, Lyris pushed a few more buttons as a small slot under each wing slid open and a rack of 2 missles each began to lower and lock into place.

"My aren't we an over-achiever!", Rath smirked at his companion.

Lyris smiled in response. "Alright! Let's do it!"

The two manticores came around behind the plane this time and spat out two more fireballs and broke off in two directions for another pass.

"Oh no you don't", Lyris said as she watched her sensors.

Quickly pushing the throttle all the way forward, she pulled up and banked right, then she cut the engines letting the momentum turn the plane around, then powering up again, she stood the Pharoahawk on it's wing and soared in between the two fireballs. Then locking onto one of the fleeing manticores, she fired off several blasts from her lasers and cannons in quick succession stunning it. Pulling the trigger again, she sent two missles towards the winged demon destroying it.

"One down, one to go!", Lyris exclaimed in victory.

The Pharoahawk chased after the remaining manticore as it weaved between the tree tops and then into a canyon feeding one of the lakes. It weaved left and right between columns of solid rock and dove below a rock bridge in an attempt to shake off the Mummies. Out of desperation it blasted one of the rock columns and sent it tumbling down behind it. Then rose out of the canyon and headed towards the pyramid.

"Look out!", Ja-Kal's eyes were wide open as he saw the column shatter in front.

Sending the plane into a deep dive, they managed to get under it unscathed and then headed out of the canyon after the creature. However, it was now far off into the distance and was over the pyramid.

Suddenly the top of the pyramid exploded as a white ball of energy rose up from the gaping hole. The manticore let out a loud shriek as it was consumed in the fireball. Shadira unscathed, looked out into the horizon surveying the land around her. A moving object then caught her eye and she focused in on it.

"INFIDELS!", she exclaimed as she sent a beam of white energy hurtling towards the Pharoahawk.

The cockpit of the plane was suddenly engulfed in a light so bright that sent it's occupants scrambling to shield their eyes. The blast also tore a large hole in the right wing of the aircraft as it began to hurtle quickly into the ground below.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!...", Presley screamed as both Rath and Lyris tried to regain control or at least find a way to land the plane safely.

They succeeded in getting the plane right side up again and managed to get landing gear lowered as well. The Pharoahawk, crashed through the trees, snapping them in half like twigs, carving a path into the forest behind them. Cutting the engines and spreading out the planes wings, slowed them down enough and brought them skidding to a rough stop.

"Is everyone alright!", Ja-Kal inquired as he surveyed the ruined cockpit around him.

The two pilots got the worse of the crash as Lyris was knocked unconscious and Rath was heavily dazed besider her.

"Lyris!", Ja-kal exclaimed as he saw the slumped over figure of the fifth guardian.

"She's alright, I think.", Nefertina said as she examined her.

"Don't worry, I'll stay here with her. You go on and find out what that was.", Rath began to unbuckle his seatbelt and get up. "We'll be fine Ja-kal."

The three Mummies and Presley got up and headed out of the cockpit towards the back of the plane. A ramp began to lower, but then with a loud crackling noise, the circuits overloaded and it jammed halfway. With a thrust of his arm, Armon pushed the ramp down the rest of the way and they headed towards solid ground. In the distance, the ruins of the pyramid can be seen as the entire top has been destroyed. Hovering over the spot was a white sphere surrounding an unknown figure which watched them like a hawk stalking it's prey.

* * * * *

Slowly getting out of his seat, he began to stand up, but quickly put his hand on the console as he suddenly felt dizzy. Shaking it off, he looked around the cockpit and surveyed the damage. Sparks were coming from several open panels and wires dangled from the ceiling. Smoke was also billowing out from the floor and the cockpit was basically a mess right now.

He was shaking his head and let out a long sigh as he looked around. He really should stop letting the female Mummies use his creations. The destruction Lyris caused was just as bad as Nefer-tina's. It will take him weeks to put everything back into perfect working condition, but he estimated that he could get it at least flyable in a few days.

Walking up beside the fifth guardian, he unbuckled her seatbelt and picked her up. It was safer outside the plane at the moment and he carried her off into a nearby clearing. It overlooked a small lake not far away, with tall trees looming on either sides. He placed Lyris against one of the trees and headed towards the lake. Some water might be good for her he thought, and besides, he could always try to wake her up with a cold splash to the face.

* * * * *


With a swing of his golden arm another tree came tumbling down as Armon carved a path towards the pyramid through the dense forest. Nefer-tina was playing tarzan, and was using her whip to swing through the trees.

"Whee... I should do this more often.", Nefer-tina shouted as she swung from one tree to the next, while Armon behind her toppled it.

"Um... You know guys. I don't think those environmental people are going to like what you're doing to the forest.", Presley said as he tried to keep up with the two guardians.

Ja-kal was flying overhead and was almost near the pyramid.

"Who are you! And why have you attacked us!", Ja-Kal inquired as he hovered beside the being.

"I AM SHADIRA. GODDESS OF ALL THINGS HERE AND BEYOND.", her voice thundered over the land.

Just then another tree came toppling down as Armon and Nefer-tina appeared at the base of the pyramid.

"We've never heard of such a goddess before. So whoever you are, you're lying.", Nefer-tina accused as she confronted her.

"You fools! I was the first, and I ruled this world and beyond long before life was even created. But my foolish children... in fact one of them is here, lost it. But I intend to reclaiming my empire and as for those pathetic gods of mines, well, there will be no more use for them.", Shadira laughed as she raised her hands above her head.

A sphere of energy formed between her hands and grew in size, fed by the power of the portal. Then with a swing of her arms, launched it at the mummies below her.

Making a quick run back into the forest, the blast landed on the ground behind them. Both the mummies were thrown forward. Armon landed against a tree, but it shattered when he hit it. But Presley who was panting as he finally caught up with them, saw only a flash of red and gold as Nefer-tina landed on top of him.

Ja-kal pulled out his bow and sent a hail of flaming arrows towards the Goddess, but they bounced harmlessly off her protective shield. She responded by firing a bolt of energy at him knocking back.

"I'm sorry my prince...", Nefer-tina apologized as she got up. She reached out a hand and pulled Presley back on his feet.

"Ya... No problem...", putting his hand to his head, still dazed.

With his strength, Armon pulled out a tree and hurtled it towards Shadira. Presley pulled out his boomer-ra and hurtled it towards her as well. But it was a futile effort as with a flick of a wrist, she destroyed the tree and blasted the boomer-ra back towards the prince, embedding it into a tree right beside the cat guardian.

"Ha, Ha, Ha! You cannot stop me. As long as I am connected to my realm beyond, you are powerless to even try.", Shadira laughed again as she launched another energy sphere at the mummies.

Just then, the doorway of the pyramid began to crack and explode open as a green beam of energy came glancing through. Then another green beam lashed outwards from the dark as it hit Shadira's energy blast detonating it in mid-air. Presley wiped his forehead and let out a sigh of relief. It was the second time this week he was saved by a blast out of nowhere.

As the smoke cleared from the doorway, Anubis stepped outside, with his sceptar in one hand and the crystal in the other. He took aim and fired another blast, this time as Shadira.

"I will not let you destroy us. Your time was long ago, and is long past. We control the world today now, and we'll run it however we want too.", Anubis snarled as he fired another beam towards her.

"So, the mutt does have a backbone afterall. Then you will be the first of your brethren to be destroyed. Mwha Ha Ha!", blocking his beams, she raised her right hand and fired at the jackal god, but he managed to dive out of the way. But in the process, the crystal slipped out of his hands and rolled down the ramp.

Shadira took aim and prepared to destroy Anubis once and for all, but was interrupted when several flaming arrows soared by her. Glancing behind her, she could see Ja-Kal rising up with three arrows primed and ready to fire in his bow.

"Those puny weapons cannot harm me, and you know that.", with a quick swipe of her hand, a strong gust of wind formed and blew the falcon guardian down into the forest below.

Seeing his chance, Anubis stood up and ran down the ramp towards the forest as well. He reached down and picked up the crystal as he ran down the ramp and in between the two obelisks.

Once safely in the forest, he found the group of Mummies and approached. Armon stood in a defensive stance as Nefertina held her whip and readied to use it.

"What are you doing here Anubis." The cat guardian said angrily.

"I know how to stop her, but I need your help.", Anubis replied as he cautiously took a step back.

"Well, why should we help you. The last time, you tried to turn us into mummy dust back in that museum." Armon countered.

"Because if you don't, she will destroy your world and mines. And she doesn't care about the soul of your Prince either. All she wants is total control of everything. As it was millions of years ago.", shaking his head as he spoke.

"But, why should we believe you either...", Presley asked.

"That's enough! You've seen what she can do. We can't defeat her ourselves and she must be stopped either way. So I say we help this mutt save his own skin.", Ja-kal ordered as he brushed himself off.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend... Hmph...", Nefertina whispered as she crossed her arms. "So what is it that you want us to do mutt."

Anubis snarled at these remarks. "All I need is for you to distract her. This crystal is the source of everything. It wakened her, created the portal and empowers her as well. Without it, she will be vanquished. For now anyways..."

The mummies nodded as they prepared for their final assault.

* * * * *

Rath walked back up the hill towards Lyris, holding some water in an energy field. An old trick he must admit, but comes in handy every now and then. As he approached he could see the fifth guardian slowly beginning to stir. He increased his pace and returned beside her. He placed the water beside him and kneeled down in front of her to see how she was doing. Lyris began to open her eyes, but unfortunately everything was blurry. She stared down and began blinking to clear it up. Placing her hands on the ground she pushed her self up to lean against the tree. Then realizing that she has a major headache, she placed one hand on her head and rested it against her knee.

Looking up, she could see someone there, but still can't make out who it is. Slowly however her eyes began to focus and she nearly jumped back at the sight. For kneeling in front of her was Rath, with a large smirk on his face.

"Don't do that! You nearly gave me a heart attack...", Lyris exclaimed as she shook her head.

"Feeling better I see. Here, have some water.", he picked up the water and handed it to Lyris who took a small sip of it.

"Thank you. Did we make it out OK.", she inquired as she began to remember what just happened.

"Well the others are fine, but the Pharoahawk isn't. It was severely damaged and will take me weeks, if not months to fully get it fixed again."

"Oh be quiet Rath. Is that all you ever think about, your stupid plane. Speaking of which. Where are the others.", Lyris wondered as she didn't see them around.

"The others went to investigate the pyramid. I stayed behind to keep an eye on you. Now relax as they will return shortly.", at least thats what he hoped as he saw another explosion coming from the pyramid.

* * * * *

In unison, the three guardians emerged from the forest on three seperate sides surrounding the Goddess. Nefer-tina came out from the woods and began taunting her trying to draw her fire. Armon however started uprooting more trees and sending them towards Shadira as well. But Ja-Kal with his gift of flight, flew circles around her firing arrows as he went. If they wanted to get her distracted and mad, then they were doing a pretty good job of it. Shadira hovered over the ruins blasting away at the guardians and their feeble attempts to stop her.

"I'm growing tired of these games.", she yelled as she let out another blast at Nefer-tina.

Anubis ran up beside the two obelisks again and glanced around at the battle around him. Everything was going according to plan, but whose, he could not be sure. Now's his chance to put an end to Shadira's reign.

Placing his hands on the obelisk again, he began to drain some of it's power as he did before. Then letting go, he began to run back and took up a position halfway between the obelisks and the forest. Suddenly the familiar humming noises began eminating from the two pillars.

Shadira laughed as she had just routed the cat guardian and sent her scrambling back into the forest with her last barrage. Now she will get rid of this big ox and his oversized twigs. Summoning more power from the portal, she created a powerful beam of energy and sent it hurtling towards the mummy. With a loud crash and blinding flash of light, he was sent blasting back deep into the woods.

But then looking down before her, she saw the dog standing out in the middle. An easy target she thought, but then she noticed the crystal in his hands.

"NOOOoooooooo.....", she screamed and began heading towards him. But was cut off by a wave of arrows from Ja-Kal.

"You're too late!", Anubis shouted as the obelisks charged and fired on his location. Throwing the crystal up in the air and then quickly dodging out of the way, the beams slammed full force into it, engulfing it in a brilliant yellow light.

The crystal began to crack as the beams continued to channel it's energy into it. Thunder and lightning began to light up the sky as the portal began to slowly close. Shadira could feel her powers beginning to weaken, but she will not go without taking that dog with her. If she can't destroy him, then at least she can send him back into the Western Gate where she will be able to find him again.

Summoning the last of her strength, she reached out and grabbed Anubis by the back of his neck, and stunned him with a blast of energy. Lightning began striking the ground around the pyramid destroying the once grand monument as Shadira flung Anubis into the portal just as it closed.

The Mummies began to retreat and head back towards the plane as the crystal finally shattered. The destruction of the crystal caused a large explosion and Shadira screamed as she was engulfed in the blast.

"You have not seen the last of me yet...", her voice echoed accross the land as she vanished in a vapour of smoke.

Ja-Kal was near the blast and caught the most of it, which sent him flying off into the distance, while the other two Mummies and Presley ran as fast as they could trying to keep ahead of the advancing wall of fire closing fast behind them.

* * * * *

Rath stared at Lyris as she took another sip of water. Putting it back down she glanced up at him and started to speak.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you just now. It's just that I'm still a little dazed and my head is aching like crazy at the moment.", Lyris said softly, still resting her head on her hand.

"Then I guess I should apologize too for before as well. That was some excellent flying you did back there, and thanks to you, we are all alive at the moment. Well sort of anyways.", Rath replied still watching her.

Lyris looked up and grinned. "Did I just here the great and almighty Rath, apologizing. I guess I hit my head harder than I thought."

"Well, even greatness is occasionally mistaken. You are a good pilot and fast learner, and I wouldn't mind having you fly the Pharoahawk, as long as you don't do to it what Nefer-tina does to the Hotra.", Rath stared at the fifth guardian as her eyes glimmered from the light of the explosion.

Lyris tried to shy away, but couldn't resist looking back at him. Glancing up again, she saw him as she never did before, strong, yet compassionate, but most of all, she saw the loneliness in his eyes and felt something she never did for a long time now.

As the clouds began to dissapate and the stars and moon began to reappear, the two guardians stared at each other and slowly the distance between them closed as Lyris closed her eyes.

Suddenly with a loud scream, Ja-Kal sailed overhead through the air, and crashed into the clearing beside the two guardians. Both Lyris and Rath were startled and quickly shaking off their euphoria, got up to help their fallen comrade.

"Are you alright Ja-Kal.", Lyris asked as they helped him back onto his feet.

"What happened out there.", Rath also wanted to know. "I'm fine, nothing a good rest in my sarcophagous won't fix. And as for what just happened, well it's a long story. But the better question was what happened here while we were gone.", Ja-Kal was a bit curious as unbeknownst to the two, he saw some of their moment together as he was falling from the sky.

The two of them quickly looked at each other as they heard Ja-Kal's inquiry, not knowing what to say, but just then the remaining guardians and Presley burst through into the clearing saving them.

"Lyris, you're alright.", Presley went up and gave her a big hug.

"Thank you my Prince. Now I guess I shall be listening to you tell a story instead this time.", she smiled at the young Pharoah.

"Rath, when do you think we will be able to start heading for home.", the falcon leader asked.

"Well, I could get it back into at least flyable condition within a week. Faster if you will all help.", Rath responded.

Looking accross the landscape, under the beautiful night sky, which shimmered off the surface of the lake. And all around the lushes forest stretching all around the land. On the horizon can also be seen great mountains, encircled by fog, and in the distance where the pyramid once stood, there was now a small ruin adding to the wonder and myster of this island. The mummies looked around and sighed.

"Take your time Rath. I think we could all use a short time to relax for a while...", Ja-kal didn't have to continue as they all stood there and took a deep breath of fresh air.


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