Mummies Alive!

(Part 1)

By Sekh

"Heka!!"Scarab yelled ontop of his lungs at the golden cobra

"coming boss, what is it this time" was her reply as she slithered across the floor to the awaiting sorcerer standing besides the table. " I need a plan", he told her" agood one! One the mummies will never forget, one that will destroy them once and for all!One that will make me rule the world"

" Scarab, don't take this too seriously" Heka began observing him " ...but you sound just like a Saturday morning cartoon villan" She paused waiting for him to lose his temper and slap her like he always did. Instead to his own suprise he broke out to histerical laughter as if she told him ajoke instead of a insult.

" Heka, I assure you this will be for real!"

" Yeah like the time when you tried luring them into a resturaunt" That did it. Scarab gave her adirty look. "wait! !" Heka yelped " I have a plan!" anything to be avoided being slapped.

"Well what is it!!"

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"Well you can put a love spell on them?"

"oh that will work perfectly" Scarab said sarcasticly, "except for two reasons 1 theres 2 women and 3 men and the 2nd problem is I don't know any LOVE SPELL!!!!"

He grabbed Heka by the throat, crunched her into a ball  and threw her across the room. " Blasted snake" Scarab muttered and sat down on a chair.

Heka landed in a pile of newspapers and magazines and when she picked one up she gasped " Scarab!!" she screeched.

"What?" the sorcerer came running to see what the snake had found and stared at the newspaper she was holding up.


" HEKA! Do you realize what this means?"

" yes another mummy"

"No, you fool it means I'm immortal"

"You don't look any younger to me"

Scarab slapped his forehead shaking his head and unbeliving how dumb the snake was.

" I mean't immortality is near" he corrected him self

"What do you mean? A mummy? Make you immortal?" She stared at him in confusion

" Not the MUMMY! I meant the sword you Blasted SNAKE! THE SWORD OF FLAME!"

" OH! But how can you distroy the mummies with a sword when Sehkmet or any of the other gods couldn't?"

Scarab rolled his eyes don't you know anything he wanted to scream but then he reminded himself he was smarter than her so he replied calmly " the sword was bathed in blue flame beyond the western gate through the gateway to the savage frontier that can only be found by Amazons. One slash of the sword and the victum is dead meat"

" But the mummies are already dead!" protested Heka

" Grrr! I know that but they won't be able to protect the prince  when their slashed to pieces" he gave her a mischivious grin "there's going to be some thievery tonight" he sneered

" There is"

" Yes, and the  thieves are us"

* * *

" Hi guys!" Presely greeted the mummies as he came in.

" Greetings oh prince" Ja-kal bowed " Uh, Ja-kal never mind the royalty stuff I gotta ask you guys a question" Presely heisatated at his bowing  guardian.

" Ask away young prince" Lyris smiled

" I know the most perhaps you should ask me" Rath boasted

" No me I Know more about.."

" Nefer-tina, the prince hasn't even asked  you yet" Ja-kal proclaimed he nodded at Presely to begin asking his question

" well,uh.. were there really Amazons in Eygpt?" he asked exitedly eyeing each guardians expression

" Why yes there were as amatter of fact, What is this for oh prince?" Rath responded

" Well I thought you guys heard that there was this sword of flame exibit with a mummified remains of an Amazon"

" Sword Of FLAME !" gasped Armon even with his mouth full he was gasping

" The Sword of the Amazons"

" Mummified remains of an Amazon?" Ja-kal thought for a moment and the memory came back to him

* * *

"Your getting married?" The girl looked at him "why? I thought you loved me Ja-kal? Only me?"

"I do"

Then why are you marring her?"

" Joari, please understand I love you but I love her.."

" more?"

He nodded his head, and looked around the moon was beaming on them as they talked and the desert sands gisened inthe moonlight as if they were the ocean instead of sands.

" I should have known better " she sighed

" Don't be mad Joari I don't want this to affect our friendship" He smiled at her but she turned away

"What's there to be mad at Ja-kal" She said sarcasticly " your only getting married to another woman" with tears in her violot eyes she turned away

" Joari please.." He began but she turned on her heel and left. There was nothing else left to do but watch the browned haired girl leave him. Maybe not forever but for now.

" you'll forget me, you will"

" I won't!" He yelled after her but she was gone

* * *

"Ja-kal did you hear me " Nefer-tina waved her hand in front of him.

" Earth to Ja-kal"

His memories were stripped away from him and he was back in his world.

" Scarab probably heard and is planning on taking  the sword" Lyris had said

" Indeed" agreed Ja-kal  " And he won't get it"

* * *

Scarab turned of the  alarms with magic when he entered the museum

" At last the prince will be mine, Mine MINE!" he sang to himself

" Not so fast" Yelled Armon behind his bull armor . The mummies were waiting for him his plan was ruined


CRASH, Nefer-tina shattered 2 with her wip, another two behind her HIYAAAAAA! They Crumbled to the floor.

SMASH! Armon charged into a few more shattering, HELOOP! A shabtie was beside itself when Rath slit it.

KA-BOOB three others were shattered, CLUNK! Lyris' staff hit a few more.

While the mummies were distracted Scarab spotted the Sword But when he grasped it an eerie voice inside the sword spoke.

"For this I must first do, the Sacrafice of life for one of love"

" BLASTED SWORD!" he yelled trying to yank it out of the stone crystal it stood on. But He was blown away by the sacrade blast. Ja-kal Charged toward it and took the sword out.

" HoW?" Gasped Scarab the Sword answered in it's eerie voice " This man Sacraficed himself, and family to save the prince the sword is his"

"WHA!" Scarab  raised his hand  to throw a magic source at Ja-kal when

" SCROWL" another eerie voice came from a nearby sarcophgus the lid opened and a blineding light filled the room. A quick figure pushed Ja-kal out of the way and shouted EGOOTOO! A ball of light jumped from the figures claws and blocked  Scarabs magic.

Shabties HELP!

Five shabties charged at the lionlike figure. But it was to quick for them they were shattered with one swipe of the claw. Scarab knew he had  lost so he shouted " you got lucky this time! Shabties retreat" there were no more shabties to retreat except the groteseck remains of them. He shook his head and left before even any of the mummies could think to follow him.

  The lionlike figure settled down and eyed each of the mummies when she got to Ja-kal she turned her head and clunched her fists " who are you " asked Lyris trying to get a glimpse of it's face. Rath eyed the armor  carefully. Mask of a lion she wore, golden it was with Violot, claws sharp as the sword.

" Joari, my name is Joari, None of you remember do you?" she was watching Ja-kal like he was her prey but he didn't say anything until Armon spoke up

" Oh, I remeber! You always loved to fight and watching me fight"

Nefertina's face lit up, "Joari! How could I forget! My dear sister You were the only who knew my true identiy besides the prince!" She laughed out loud.

Rath was next even though he was always serious he smirked  " How can I learn Amazon magic without you help?"

Lyris smiled hello " Joari I have a new myth to tell you" Joari nodded considering she loved listening to myths.

Ja-kal smiled " It is good to see again"

Joari nodded in reply.  " I supose you'll need this" he handed her the sword of flame and she nodded a thank you

" Come," coaxed Nefer-tina " There's a new chariot I have to show you it is faster  then the wind"

* * *

  After placing her Sarcophogus  in between Nefer's and Lyris's  the mummies croweded around her asking what happened after they died but Joari shook her head " Too many dreadful memerios could affect one for a life er, in this case afterlife"

 " But I do know of a story that I was dying to tell, uh, no pun inteaded"

Lyris face was lit up.

" I guess I'd better tell you of my little experiance with Scarab"

* * *

 " Ha! I  don't need another guardian to ruin my plan so be gone with you!" Scarab threw her in a cell and locked her in standing 4 guards to guard her " make sure she doesn't escape, and if she does make sure she doesn' t tell the pharoh or she'll have her precius family killed. " With that last order he left leaving Joari tring to break free of the chains. " You'll lose Scarab, you will!" She screeched on top of her lungs but he was already faraway.

" How could you betray your prince?" she finally asked the guards

" Scarab promises us more then the boy" one replied leaving Joari clanking her chains in anger.

A few hours past and two of the guards were sleeping but how to get rid of them. Silently she moved  trying her best not clank the chains. The guard with the key was asleep what luck! Queitly she moved her hand and grasped the keys not even one clanked. Silently unlock the chains and the door but keeping the door closed she called to the guards

" Um, I have to show you all something, a little trick to help you in a fight" The four guards crowed the door and at the momment she opened the door and all the guards got hit and fell unconsious to the ground

" never trust a Amazon" she smirked and she left.

Riding  the horse through the desert calling  " Rapses! Rapses! RAPSES! WHERE ARE YOU MY PRINCE?"

An hour past when she found Lyris weeping over Rath's deceased body.

"Lyris? What happened?" she asked in shock e\even though she knew " wheres the prince?"

" There all dead! And it's all our fault! where were you?"

" Locked in the dungen by some guards"

" why?"

" over drunk I guess" Joari lied through her teeth she didn't want to tell anyone not even Lyris one her trusted friends when her family's neck was in danger.

 " Who killed them?" another lie came through.

" I don't know but if I find out who did it I'll..."

" Come Lyris, everyone awaits"


After Lyris' death Joari found herself the only one left and still Amenhotep did not find out who it was when Scarab turned Joari's mother into a lion and her brother as well. Joari full of anger told the Pharoh " oh mighty pharoh it was Scarab who killed your son"

Scarab heard those words and a cold blast of magic hit Joari to the ground. While guards wrestled Scarab Amenhotep knelt down beside her and whispered " Thank-you Joari, for telling me"

" I could of told you earlier"

" It doesn't matter now, I must send for the healer"

" No! It was my responsiblity to stop Scarab and I will. By All My Will I Curse you never to get what you desire!" It hit Scarab with a blast. He was cursed, by the Amazon.

Joari  lied down andShe closed her eyes and she closed them forever.

* * *

After finishing her story Joari settled down at the silence of the room.

" So Scarab killed you too huh?"  Armon mumbled. "He killed us all except Lyris."

" I sorrowed many nights and had nightmares over the princes death, speaking of the prince where is he? "

" He is at home in his bed safe, he comes to visit us afterschool and sometimes in the morning" Ja-kal said flatly.

" how did you know he was alive?"

" I'm the one who cursed Scarab ain't I? I also knew it long ago so that's why I cursed him"

" So now Amazons can tell the future?" Nefer-tina sighed " what is there that you can't do?"

 "Remeber Nefer? After I came back to Eygpt Amenhotep made me a priestess and prophet?"

" Enough yapping let us go recharge in our beds, uh I mean sargohpgi" Ja-kal stumbled of the sentence.

The mummies went up the steps and into there sarghogus.

"Rest well. Nefer-tina, Armon, Rath Lyris and Joari" whew the list was getting longer and longer.

" Yes," agreed Rath " Rest well" Lyris didn't like one bit how Rath was looking at Joari nor how Armon did, though it was natural for Ja-kal after all they were once lovers.

When Ja-kal had noticed Nefer-tina giving him a weird look as if she was saying " you go Ja-kal" he shut his sarchogus shut his eyes and slowly tried forgetting the memories he and Joari had a long time ago.

* * *

" How could I have failed now another mummy to deal with"

" Scarab, she's female"

" Darn snake! I know that!" "Yes, remember our first plan?"

For once Heka your using your head besides for cracking nuts" He smiled nodding his head they'll be mine.

Insulted by the remark she replied "too bad you don't know any love spell"

" but the goddess of love has a few spells on hand don't you think?"

" releasing Hathor? Last time you released or trusted a God they turned you down!"

" Shut UP!' and let me think!" he walked around the room and finally he called " oh spirit of beuaty and love I set you free!"

" Some one called me hmm ha?" a beautiful figure of Hathor appeared " love spell baby? "

she smiled and looked and Heka "oh lightin up" she pointed her finger at Heka and at that momment Heka disappeared.

". Scarab at that moment knew he made a big mistake but now how to send this pirky goddess back? Might as well give it a try at this.

" I order you to put the mummies in love with eachother make sure it's that way so they can be jeolous!" he commanded her.

" oh you won't need to worry about them distroying eachother triust me I can do things right" the goddess lifted her head and a ball of lightningin her hand she smiled at Scarab " Time for match making"


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