Mummies Alive!

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I am currently 16 is living in Toronto, Canada. I enjoy reading, and writing, music and math problems. Unfortunately, do not write a lot. I hope everyone like my story and I hopefully, I do not characterize any character inaccurately.

Thanks for reading and (hold your amulet before reading the next phrase) WITH THE STRENGTH OF RA! : )


(in two sentences!!!) Ja-Kal suffers amnesia after a fight with Set and Anubis. He sides with the devil (not directly with Scarab, anyway) and engages in a streak of crime until his conscience eventually guides him to save Presley.


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This story happened immediately after Distraction (also written by me, Smilie). The time line doesn't play a significant role here. Just know Scarab, Heka, and Chontra failed to capture Presley who is still on summer vacation.


It was a rather quiet Friday evening. The sun set glittered as a reflection on the river under the Golden Gate Bridge. In the middle of the river, there set a golden boat, the Nileator, as its owners called it. It carried five passengers: a woman, a boy and three men. The young boy sat on the edge of the boat carrying a fishing rod and yawned.

"I'm bored." he said to a man beside him.

"Be patient, my prince. The lion out runs the gazelle for food each day and the gazelle out runs the lion for life each day." the man replied patiently.

"Uh...what did you say, Ja-Kal? I thought we were fishing!"

"What I mean is, Presley, the fish is trying to survive another day and we are trying to hunt it."

Presley sighed and shook his head.

"Hey prince! May I have some of these small treats from your red box?" a second man asked holding a blue and yellow bait from the tackle box.

"Armon...that's one of those things the prince puts on his rod to catch the large fish!" the woman said, finally speaking up, pointing at the bait.

"It's a bait, Armon. You can't eat it." the third man said snatching it from Armon's hand.

"Yeah, Armon. It's a bait for the fish not you. If you want food, you should have brought it!" the woman said as she crossed her arms.

"Geez Nefertina, now you tell me! I thought we were hunting the fish to for dinner!"

"The big dolt doesn't know the fish is to be released after they are caught!" the third man remarked.

"Can't you three ever get along?" Presley yelled turning around.

"NO!!!" the three replied in unison.

"Stop bickering like little sparrows over the first spring worm! Rath, stop insulting Armon and apologize! Nefertina, the prince brought some sandwiches in his pack. Give one to Armon." Ja-Kal ordered turning around.

Rath muttered a short apology to which Armon replied "What's that, Rath? Can't hear you!". Rath turned around bitterly with an annoyed expression while Nefertina handed Armon a sandwich. Suddenly, Rath jumped around the tapped on Ja-Kal 's shoulder.

"Now what, Rath?" Ja-Kal asked impatiently.

"The Western Gate! I think someone's coming through!" he replied frantically.

"Or are your bandages too tight?" Armon mocked.

"Blame it on his glove." Nefertina giggled.

"Are you sure, Rath? Can you at least give me some idea of who is coming through?" Ja-Kal asked again.

"No. I am not sure. I think there might be two people." he replied finally staring once again at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

"All right! We'll see some action tonight!" Presley cheered.

"Fine. Let's see what it is." Ja-Kal said as he took the helm of the craft.

The Nileator skidded along the river and finally stopped at the foot of the bridge. Ja-Kal carefully docked the Nileator onto the trailer at the back of the Hotra. The five passengers exited the craft an scanned the area.

"Nice going, Rath! The gate isn't even open! Besides, no one is here!" Nefertina remarked at the sight of the deserted bay.

"But I saw something..." he insisted looking around the beach.

"And he did! Look! There are trails everywhere!" Ja-Kal said pointing at the tiny prints on the damp sand. "And a good hunter can always detect a scent! It's Set and Anub--"

"--bis! God of the underworld! The top dog in obedience school--" Anubis said as he blasted Ja-Kal with his scepter.

"Obedience school? That will explain why you'd sit when people call my name!" Set criticized jabbing Anubis.

"I get doggie biscuits if I sit..." Anubis remembered.

The mummies ignored the exchange as they pulled Ja-Kal up from the sand.


"You're just jealous you can't pass obedience school, Set! We learned all these neat tricks there like how to balance a staff on your nose." Anubis said as he placed his scepter on his nose demonstrating to Set his mastery.

Nefertina cracked her whip and snatched the staff right off of Anubis' nose.

"Hey! Give that back!" Anubis yelled in disbelief.

"Fetch!" Nefertina said as she threw the staff towards the horizon. Anubis dashed towards it.

"Oh..." Set shuddered at the sight of Anubis chasing after the staff. He turned around and aimed his own scepter at Rath and fired. However, Rath shielded and deflected the shot back to Set.

"I will deal with these mutts! Get the prince to safety!" Ja-Kal ordered as he fired an arrow towards Set who was getting up from the sand.

"Ay ay!" Armon said as he grabbed the prince, who was watching the fight in a distance, on the waist. He carried the boy to the Hotra. Nefertina followed, sat at the driver's seat, and started the car.

"Ja-Kal, let's go!!!" Rath urged as he fended off an attack by Anubis who had returned from chasing after his staff.

"Go ahead, Rath. I'll follow!" Ja-Kal insisted.

Rath turned to look at Ja-Kal one last time then turned to the Hotra.

"JA-KAL!!!" Presley yelled as he attempted to jump out of the car to help his guardian but Armon pulled him back down onto the seat.

"Go, my prince! I will be all right." Ja-Kal insisted.

"We'll be back, Ja-Kal! I promise! I won't let them leave you behind to be dog food! I swear it!" Presley stressed.

"No pharaoh should worry himself over a servant." Ja-Kal said, "O' prince, be careful!"

The Hotra raced off onto the road leaving Ja-Kal behind. Ja-Kal expanded his wings and lifted into the air.

"Oh no you don't!" Anubis said as he pointed his staff at Ja-Kal. Ja-Kal instinctively pulled out a flaming arrow but Anubis had shot first. Anubis' staff shot bolts without the sleep of forgetting spell. The green bolt from the staff hit Ja-Kal on the chest and he fell fifteen feet to the ground. As he hit the sand, his armor faded into the falcon amulet he hung around his neck. Ja-Kal groaned in pain.



Nefertina glanced at the rear view mirror to see whether Ja-Kal was following. To her surprise, Set and Anubis were chasing the Hotra.

"Can't those mutts chase some other car?" she muttered in exasperation.

"Go faster, Nefertina!" Rath ordered.

"What about Ja-Kal?" Armon asked concerned.

"Ja-Kal's not with them." Nefertina said stolidly.

"We got to save Ja-Kal! Take us back, Nefertina." Presley ordered.

"Sorry, prince. Our priority is to protect you, despite what you order. Besides, Ja-Kal can take care of himself. He will find his way home. After all, you always call him the mummy map We must get you to safety." Rath said in consideration.

"Those mutts are catching up!" Armon said looking back.

"No problem!" Nefertina smiled. She clutched the steering wheel and swung the Hotra in a 360 spin hitting both Set and Anubis. The two spirits dropped onto the ground unconscious as Nefertina sped away from the scene.

Set awoke just to see the puff of smoke left by the Hotra. He choked for several seconds before staring back at Anubis who was still unconscious.

"ANUBIS!!!!!" he called.

"Is it a school day, mother...?" Anubis muttered in still unconscious.

"ANUBIS!!! WAKE UP! It's Set, not your mother."

Anubis' eyes blinked several times as he stood up and dusted himself off. He picked up his staff from the road way and turned to Set.

"I knew that." he said sheepishly.

"I have an idea, Anubis. We go retrieve Ja-Kal and hold him hostage. Prince Rapses will sure sacrifice himself for Ja-Kal. Then, we can capture him and bid it to Scarab."

"We'll be the richest dogs around! I get to have all the squeaky toys in the Western Gate...and I can hire postmen to chase and..." Anubis dreamed, "Hey Set! Where are you going?" Set was walking away.

"To find Ja-Kal."

It was a rather long walk back to the beach. Set and Anubis were tired by the time they returned. The sun had set. They searched throughout the beach but they saw no one there.

"First you wanted to come through the Western Gate. Then you want to find Ja-Kal. All I want to do is go home!" Anubis said "There is no one here!"

"Ja-Kal couldn't have gone far. You put him under the sleep of forgetting. He couldn't have remembered a thing! He should be asleep!" Set said in frustration.

"No one's sleepy except me. I want to sleep!" Anubis whined.

"No. We'll stay until we find him." Set insisted.

"Suit yourself..." Anubis yawned as he lay on the sand and closed his eyes.

"Anubis! ANUBIS!!!!" Set called but Anubis was asleep. "Ah well! I can always look for him tomorrow..." Set said and yawned. He lay beside Anubis on the sand his fell asleep.

* * *

Ja-Kal arose from the sand and was immediately aware of his pounding head. ' head...what happened to me? How do I stop this pounding...' Every muscle of his body ached. He stared around the deserted beach. 'Where is everyone?' he asked ' And what is this strange world? Tall luminous mountains...even night is shielded by Ra...' He briefly scanned the beach and began walking towards the road side. His head was still drumming and was nearly ran over by a honking car.

"Freaks are everywhere nowadays! Watch where you are going!" A crude man driving an old rusty car said yelling at Ja-Kal.

'Horseless chariots? What is this place? And such rude gestures...' he thought as he strolled down the highway. The sun had already set so there were very few people passing by but each passerby stared at Ja-Kal with suspecting eyes and whispered conspiracy behind his ears. Ja-Kal ignored them. Though he was somewhat interested in what they were saying about him, his pounding head bothered him.

'Where am I going?' he asked himself. He realized he was not walking in any particular direction. He was a lonely meander on the streets of San Francisco often mistaken as a vagabond. As Ja-Kal strolled down a street, he saw several drunken men and women coming out from a pub with bright red neon lights. The drunken group laughed and giggled until they saw Ja-Kal. They stared at him uncannily and turned away without a word.

'Perhaps the people in there can help. ' Ja-Kal thought and opened the door to the pub.

The pub was smoky, and dark. A jukebox played Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman in the corner; but no one can hear the music for the customers were constantly talking . Then again, the customers cared not for one of the greatest hits in jazz history.

Two men with red and green mohawks and black leather jackets with florid tattoos on their arms were arm wrestling at a table. Four women sat at a table smoking cigarettes and playing poker. Two other men who wore suits, trench coats, and hats much like that of Dick Tracy, were playing darts next to a pool table occupied by three men and three women. The bench was full except for a seat sandwiched in the middle of the bench. The men and women who occupied the other chairs looked rather depressed. Ja-Kal took the empty seat as the bar tender approached him.

"Whatcha want?" the bartender said roughly.

"I am not sure." Ja-Kal replied.

"Here, have a brew. And it's $5 a glass." the man added gruffly and handed Ja-Kal a cup of beer.

"What is a dollar?" Ja-Kal asked.

"Where'd you come from. You know doe, cash..."

"I don't have any currency with me." Ja-Kal replied.

"I'll take that thing on your neck if you don't mind."

"No. I prefer not to trade in my amulet." Ja-Kal insisted 'Why do I feel this amulet is of so much value to me and why do I feel these are not the people who can tell me who I am?' "You gotta pay...Brockles, get his amulet!"

Brockles was the large man wearing the black leather jacket with the green mohawk. He approached Ja-Kal roughly grunting every step. Chains on his tattered jeans jingled as he strolled towards him. He placed a large hand on Ja-Kal's shoulder pressing him down while using the other hand to lift Ja-Kal's amulet. Ja-Kal instinctively grabbed onto Brockle's arm and tossed him across the room to the pool table. Brockles landed dislodging the balls. The six pool players stared in amazement. For a while, every customer of the bar stared at Ja-Kal. Sing Sing Sing kept playing in the jukebox. For once, the customers could hear the piece. The only other noise in the bar was the painful grumbling of Brockles.

The customers stood stunned by how effortlessly Ja-Kal had tossed the rather large Brockles across the room. The bartender grew silent and picked up a rag and began whipping the counter top. Eventually, all the customers returned to their original activity except for the man with the red mohawk who ran scurrying away from the bar. The six pool players took a seat at a nearby table. Ja-Kal approached Brockles to help him up but Brockles hid his face and ran away. 'How did I do that?' Ja-Kal asked himself. His chain of thoughts were disrupted by a man wearing a chic suit.

"Well, you really do know how to defend yourself." the man said staring at the abandoned pool table.

"I don't know how I did that." Ja-Kal said.

"What is a guy like you doing in this pub?"

"I think someone here may tell me where exactly I am."

"You're in San Francisco, pal."

"San Francisco?"

"Yup. You sound like you don't know any place here."

"I don't"

"You live here?"

"I don't know."

"You got friends here?"

"I don't know that either."

"You got cash?"

"I don't think so."

"Well, buddy, you're in deep trouble. Without cash, a place to stay, and buddies, you can't survive."

"All right, I will find this cash as you call it."

"You mean you either got to make some or get some from those who have some."

"Beg your pardon?"

"Know what, I'll help you. I give you food and a place to stay if you work for me."

"What kind of work to you do?"

"Call me Bareka, or Linz or Linz Bareka. I run a small international service. We...collect...merchandise for our customers. They pay us big bucks for certain things and we deliver. What's your name, sir?"

"Ja--uh...Ja... I CAN'T REMEMBER!!! I can't remember my name!" Ja-Kal yelled in frustration.

"Hey buddy, calm down. Name doesn't matter as Shakespeare said What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Bareka quoted and paused, "Name don't matter in my company. Besides, we all use some other name in my company. I am Chief, she is Cheetah, he is Eagleye, she is Tiger, and he is Wizard." Bareka pointed to four of the men and women who re-occupied the pool table.

"Then what shall I be?"

"Jackal. You be Jackal from now on. See, real name don't matter." Bareka glanced around the room and spotted the free dart board. The two men who were playing darts had left. "In for darts?"


"Yeah. You take these things and you shoot at that board and you try to hit the centre." Bareka said handing Ja-Kal a dart and pointing to the dart board. Ja-Kal looked at the dart and shoot it to the bull's eye of the board. Bareka was obviously surprised.

"You got a pretty good shot." he said. Ja-Kal threw another dart which hit exactly the same spot as the first dart.

"You Robin Hood?" he asked sarcastically.

"Robin Hood?" Ja-Kal asked confused.

"Never mind. You got a pretty good shot. Let's get out of here. I'll get you something to wear. I think you'll fit right in to our organization..." Bareka smiled and waved his hand.

All of the customers left the bar after Bareka and Ja-Kal.


A rather old man in his fifties sat in a small office. A young woman sat across from him. She was impatient and was not too pleased with the topic they were discussing nor was she at all pleased at the option they were considering.

"Amanda, be reasonable. Look at the paper today!" he said.

"I read the paper today, Mr. Hepplewhite." she replied bitterly.

"Amanda, the bandits, we can't stop them. They struck a bank, the art museum...everything!"

"But people have been dying to see that exhibit!"

"But how can be stop Bareka? Linz Bareka is the ultimate criminal mind!"

"We got to try."

"Look, the bill will be significant if these artifacts were stolen. I see no option than to shut down the new Ancient Egypt Gods and Goddesses exhibit."

"Why can't we just increase security."

"Because that isn't going to work!"

"Why not?"

"They robbed the most secure bank of all!"

"Look, we know how they work from the previous crimes. We'll be prepared. We'll increase security and have someone monitoring the exhibit all the time."


"Please. People have been dying to see it! We spent so much time working on it."

"Fine, Amanda. I'll call the head of security and you can tell him what to do." Mr. Hepplewhite said and then turned to the intercom. system. "Mr. Incarb, Ms. Carnavon wants to have a word with you."

* * *

"Mr. Bareka, someone's on the phone." Eagleye said as he entered into Bareka's office which was neatly furnished with oak cabinets and marble floor.

"Thank you, Eagleye. How is our new friend, Jackal, fitting in?"

"Fine. He asks a lot of questions though"

"But he will be useful in our organization."


"That will be all, Eagleye. Thank you." Bareka said as Eagleye nodded and turned to the exit. Bareka picked up the phone.

"Hello." he said

"Hello, Bareka. You have quite a reputation." the man on the other side of the phone answered.

"Well thank you. How did you get my number?"

"I have my sources."

"Well then. What do you want?"

"I am Mr. Harris. I want to hire a group of mercenaries to liberate a new exhibit in the museum."

"I see."

"The new exhibit of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. I want certain amulets which are said to be enchanted by the sun god, Ra. There are three of them each made of gold with a jewel in the middle. They are in the shape of different animals. These amulets are strapped with a piece of black string."

"I have a high price."

"Will $10 million do?"


"I want the artifacts delivered without a scratch."

"Indeed they will."

"I want the best mercenaries to handle the job. I hope your agency has some."

"I only handle the best."

"The exhibit will be opening tomorrow. I want the amulets by tomorrow night."


"I will pick them up at the empty warehouse at 139 Baker Street tomorrow night."

"I will bring the my men who had completed this mission and the amulets there."

"Will you be accepting cash or cheque?"

"Cash only. Don't try to cheat, Mr. Harris" Bareka said and slammed the receiver. He exited his office and called out "Jackal, Eagleye, Cheetah, Tiger, Wizard, and Hawk. I've got a mission for you."

* * *

Scarab slammed the phone and smiled. 'Those amulets will empower me to defeat those annoying mummies and find the prince.'.

"Boss, What kind of cover name is Mr. Harris?" she asked.

"It's the best I can manage within a short time."

"$10 million? You'll be broke!"

"If I get those amulets, I will be the ultimate ruler of the world."

"What's so special about them?"

"They are the same amulets Pharaoh Amenhotep gave to Ja-Kal, Armon, Rath, and Nefertina. These amulets give those mummies the power of Ra. Apparently, my magic has not been very useful in defeating their strength but if I get those amulets..."

"What if the mummies stop you?"

"They won't. Those mummies will know something is going on if I attack with a bunch of shabties. They won't suspect a thing if I hire these mercenaries from Bareka."

"Oh...I hope this works. Unlike that time with Chontra..."

"Be quiet!" Scarab ordered and squeezed Heka's neck.


Presley ran into the Sphinx the first thing Saturday morning.

"Guys! Is Ja-Kal back?" he asked.

"We don't know. We went to sleep before he came back." Rath answered coming out of his tomb. Presley turned to the falcon tomb and knocked. No answer. He knocked again then opened it. Empty.

"Ja-Kal isn't back yet!" Presley yelled in disbelief.

"That's impossible! He can take care of himself." Rath replied.

"We got to help him."

"Fine. We'll start looking at the bay. Armon, Nefertina wake up!"

Two figures emerged from a cat tomb and a ram tomb. They yawned and turned to Rath.

"Now what?" asked Nefertina

"Ja-Kal's missing. We must find him." Rath insisted.

"Ja-Kal?" Armon asked in disbelief.

"Yes. Let's get going." Rath said and headed to the garage.

"Can't we eat breakfast first?" Armon asked.

* * *

Set woke up late the following morning and found Anubis laying next to him on his stomach. Set was still rather sleepy and tired but he could not force himself to sleep again simply because Anubis was snoring too loud. Set stood up and dusted himself off. The beach was still silent. Set sniffed the morning air but smelled only hot dog in a nearby stand. He looked down on Anubis who was still snoring.

"Anubis!" he called out.

"10 more minutes....mother...." Anubis mumbled and a pool of saliva dripped onto the sand.


Anubis snored. Set kicked Anubis gently and a small golden medal fell out of Anubis' armor. No response. Set sighed and decided to scare the hot dog vendor, wherever he is, for breakfast; and of course, for fun. To Set, scaring someone each morning is as essential as morning exercises. That was how he could get in shape each day to do his godly duty in the Western Gate. He closed his eyes and sniffed the air for the hot dog aroma then simply followed his senses.

The smell of grilled sausages caused Set to grow hungrier and hungrier. Then Set choked. Dust particles flew up his nostrils. Set opened his eyes in crude shock then sneezed. He looked around and saw the Hotra turning into the beach carrying only three mummies and the boy prince. 'Seems like Ja-Kal is missing...that means he may still be around the beach! I must find him before the mummies do...' Set thought and ran in the opposite directions of the Hotra to search for Ja-Kal.

Nefertina, Rath, Armon, and Presley got of the Hotra and looked around the beach to see if Ja-Kal was wondering near by but they could only see the deserted beach.

" dogs...can we eat some? Please please please?" Armon asked as the aroma of the hot dogs flushed into his nostrils.

"Armon, we're here to look for Ja-Kal!" Rath reminded.

"But I haven't had breakfast yet..." Armon nagged.

"NO! We find Ja-Kal then eat!" Rath insisted.

"That's easy for you to say. You don't eat at all!" Armon argued raising his voice.

"I eat but I am not a fat slob like you!" Rath yelled.

"Quit it you two!!! Stop fighting! We have to look for Ja-Kal. Here's $5, Armon. Get yourself something to eat but you have to promise to look for Ja-Kal on your way to the hot dog stand and on your way back from the stand and while you are eating." Presley said handing Armon a $5 bill.

"Thank you o' prince. You are most generous." Armon smiled then stuck his tongue out at Rath.

"As an added bonus, I say Armon and Rath got to look for Ja-Kal together. Maybe after spending some mummy-to-mummy time, the two will finally co-operate with each other!" Nefertina suggested with a smile.

"I think not!" Rath protested, "A charioteer is in no position to instruct an intellect like myself!"

"HEY!" Nefertina responding angrily to the insult.

"Come on guys! You've lived together for 3000 years. Can't you just get along?" Presley sighed.

"We told you o' prince, NO!!!" the three guardians yelled in unison.

"That's it! I'm looking for Ja-Kal. You guys do whatever you want." Presley said and turned to walk around the beach.

"My, he certainly is moody today, isn't he?" Rath said as soon as Presley was out of sight.

"Maybe it's something we did." Armon suggested.

"Maybe it's just you two! I'm going to look after the prince." Nefertina said as she ran to catch Presley. Armon shrugged and walked towards the hot dog stand. Rath kicked the sand and looked towards the Golden Gate Bridge.

Anubis' eyes opened slightly as he gradually regained consciousness. The bright sun rays seeped into his eyes and Anubis immediately shut them again. He looked around for Set but was no where to be seen. He heard noises from a distance but was not sure who it was. In fact, he felt rather disorientated.

"Set?" he asked shyly.

"Oh Set..." he asked again as he got up and dusted himself.

No response.

"Now where did he run off to? He always say I am the one who is distracted but at least I'm still around!" Anubis commented to himself.

Anubis looked up at the rising sun and sighed. 'Haven't seen that for a long time...' he thought 'What a way to get a tan!' Then looking down on his fur, he thought 'Wait...I am a black dog...I can't get a tan..'. Anubis picked up his scepter from the sand and saw it glitter in the sun.

''s so my doggie medal' Anubis thought as he felt his armor for the bump where his Top Dog medal jutted out. 'Wait...where's my medal?' he thought. 'I always carry it with me but where is it?' he panicked and looked all around him but there was no sign of the medal. Suddenly, in realization, he knew he had lost his medal. He began to whimper 'I must find that medal!' he convinced himself and began to walk away 'Right after I get a hot dog...' he thought as he sniffed the pungent aroma of hot dogs, 'and chase down that car...' Anubis added looking at the Hotra.

Armon walked casually strolled down the beach looking for any sign of Ja-Kal while enjoying his hot dog. The hot dog vendor simply ran away in the sight of him leaving behind over 10 hot dogs. Armon left the $5 bill in the cash tray and took the sandwiches. He saw Rath by circling by the Hotra and Nefertina and Presley walking in an opposite direction.

Then, unknowingly, he saw something glittering in the sand. It was a gold coin attached to a red and blue strap. Armon looked around to see whether its owner is still looking for it but that area of the beach was vacant. Armon looked at the medal. On it was carefully inscribed hieroglyphics. "Train A Dog Obedience School Top Dog Award" it read. Armon mused at a human sized poodle on a podium receiving that medal like the Olympics. He began smiling, then giggling, and eventually to a full blown laughter.

"What are you laughing at?" Nefertina said as she and Presley joined him.

"Just a private thought!" Armon replied as he handed Nefertina and Presley the medal. Presley took it in his palm and studied it for a while.

"Did I hear right? Did Armon said he had a thought?" Nefertina mused.

"Train A Dog Obedience School Top Dog Award?" Presley studied the coin but was baffled by why Armon found it humorous.

"Yeah! Can't you just see a poodle on a podium....." Armon remarked as he began to laugh again spitting out millions of hot dog bits onto the ground.

"Armon, did you notice that these words are in hieroglyphics?" Presley asked turning to Armon, "This belongs to an Egyptian dog--an ancient Egyptian dog! Where did you find it?"

"On the ground o' prince." Armon replied.

Then from the side came a voice crying, "Hey! Hey! My medal! My medal!"

"Oh. It's your medal, merchant. I found it on the ground." Armon replied handing the medal to a large black dog standing beside him without looking. Nefertina and Presley's eyes glared.

"Why thank you kind bandaged--ARGGGG!!! You're a mummy!" the dog cried.

"ANUBIS!!!" Armon, Nefertina and Presley cried in unison.

"You went to obedience school?" Presley remarked.


"SET!!!!!!!" Anubis cried as he pointed his scepter at Presley.

"Hands off the prince!" Nefertina cried as she cracked her whip at Anubis.

Presley grabbed his amulet to call for help then ran for cover towards the Hotra. Energy bolts fired by Anubis flashed wildly behind him as he ran. He glanced behind and saw Armon punching Anubis on the stomach sending him flying across the beach clutching his golden medal tightly. Presley ran faster towards the Hotra knowing Nefertina and Armon will stop Anubis from firing any more energy bolts.

Then he fell down as though he had hit a wall but instead was soft and furry. Presley looked up. Like a shadow creeping up behind him was Set. He grumbled loudly. Presley shielded his face in fear. Set appeared taller and larger than ever. He pointed his scepter mercilessly at Presley ready to fire and obliterate him. Presley shut his eyes.

A bolt fired. Every muscle in Presley's body tightened bracing the impact but the bolt never hit. Presley opened his eyes slightly to see a bright sparkle and a tall comforting figure standing between him and his oblivion. The radiant sparkle emanated from a sword with a snake handle and he who fenced it was Rath. Presley smiled, stood up, and once again began to run to the Hotra.

Rath swung his sword again and knocked Set's scepter onto the ground. Set quickly rolled onto the floor to pick up his staff and fired an energy bolt at Rath's hand sending Rath's sword to the sand. Set smiled confidently as he picked up the sword. Rath stood back in a defensive pose.

Set took Rath's sword in one hand and his scepter in another ready to bring about Rath's demise. Rath twitched his wrist to perform some magic and his sword melted into a golden cobra. The snake slithered up Set's arm and bit his deltoid. Set screamed in anger and pain as the magical venom from the serpent penetrated his veins turning him to a stone statue. The venomous serpent then morphed to a sword again and dropped to the ground. Rath picked it up casually without looking at Set and turned to join his teammates against Anubis.

Anubis was being pushed back by Armon and Nefertina who were advancing. Anubis continued to back until he hit a wall. Armon and Nefertina smiled in an unusually sadistic way.

"Not too smart, Anubis. Back against the wall..." Nefertina remarked with a sly smile.

"Now you're dog food." Armon said in delight.

"Not this time! I might not be too bright but I do know how to survive!" Anubis bayed as he raised his staff and teleported himself behind Armon and Nefertina in a bright yellow glow. The two mummies were too baffled by the sudden action to defend themselves.

As Anubis materialized and shimmered onto the sand, he swiftly fired two shots at the mummies' feet knocking them onto the sandy floor. Anubis smiled in satisfaction for his temporary victory. Just then, his instincts informed him someone was directly behind him planning on slicing him in half. Anubis turned around and blocked off an attack by Rath who swung his sword at Anubis' head. Anubis placed his scepter into his belt and concentrated on using his magic. He stared as his hands with utmost focus and they melted with a glow to form two spear heads.

He swung his hands to fend off another attack by Rath who aimed for his abdomen. Anubis craftily manipulated his spear heads and began to juggle Rath's sword every time he tried to slice Anubis in half. Anubis was advancing and pushing Rath towards a wall. Rath swung his sword with a great deal of effort to fend himself but to no avail. Then like two shadows from the dark, Nefertina and Armon circled behind Anubis and aimed to pound his head.

Anubis ducked and teleported himself away from the three mummies in a yellow spark of light. Anubis concentrated on his hands again as he undid his magic. The spear heads in place of his paws dissipated. Anubis looked around and saw Set trapped like a stone statue. Anubis pulled his staff from his belt but dropped it onto the sand in haste.

" dumb buffoon! You drop everything!" Set's voice echoed in the statue. Anubis acute ears immediately recognized the voice and pouted. He picked up the staff and held it up high in the sun. The mummies were now chasing after him intending to murder. As the sun reflected the green gem of Anubis' staff, he and Set teleported in a bright white light into oblivion.

"Wonder where they went?" Rath said as Nefertina and Armon arrived next to him

. "Maybe through the Western Gate." Armon suggested.

"I don't think so...the Western Gate opens when Ra sets and closes when Ra rises." Nefertina assured.

Just then, Anubis and Set rematerialized onto the beach.

"Anubis...the Gate opens only at night! You should know that because you guard it!" Set voice grumbled under the stone covering.

"Sorry Set. I forgot." Anubis replied timidly scratching his forehead.

"Must I always look out for you?"

"Hey! You wanted to take a walk here in the first place! It's you who got bitten by the snake!" Anubis yelled as he grabbed his scepter again and raised it to the sun. Anubis stared into the sky as several energy bolts shot into the sky.

Suddenly, the light dimmed as dark clouds covered the sun and lightning bolts began to flash around them. Thunder cracked in the maelstrom of chaos as wind, rain and hail swirled in a tornado. The waves of the ocean began to climb higher and higher as it washed the shore with a clamorous splash. As the sun was covered by the clouds, the great entrance to beyond the Western Gate appeared.

The three mummies stared at the sudden change in the atmosphere in awe. "Anubis...ANUBIS!" Set's voiced growled in the back but Anubis ignored him. As sudden as the change of climate, a wave of water splashed onto Set and Anubis. Within the blink of distraction, the weather began to restore slowly. Anubis shook his body to dry himself off then raising his scepter to the sky. With an ephemeral flash, the two spirits disappeared into the Western Gate.


Presley sighed as the Hotra pulled in front of his home. The entire ride was rather quite and solemn. They had spent an entire day searching for Ja-Kal but he was no where to be found. After engaging in a fight with Set and Anubis, the mummies decided to leave for Anubis' last act might have attracted some unwanted attention. Presley got out of the Hotra and stood stolidly in front of the door toying with his keys.

"Don't worry o' prince, Ja-Kal may be at the Sphinx." Rath said.

"He'll be fine. It's Ja-Kal." Nefertina assured.

"If he's hungry at least he knows what a Beefy Burger is." Armon added.

Presley attempted to smile but failed miserably. He stopped jingling his keys and opened the door. He stepped inside and waved to his guardians then locked the door.

"Presley! Where have you been?" Amanda Carnavon shouted as Presley turned into the kitchen.

"Out" he replied bluntly.


"No where."

"Presley, you're only 12! Don't tell me you're on an adolescent trip where the parent becomes the most ignorant person in his life!"

"Really mom, no where."

"What's wrong, Presley?"


"Something's wrong...I can see it on your face!"

"Nothing's wrong,"

"Well Presley, if you ever need to tell anyone about it, I'm always here. Well, I thought I ought to drop off dinner because I've to get back to the museum and make sure everything is set up for the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Exhibition."

"What, mom?"

"Well, you've heard of this gang lead by Linz Bareka. Mr. Hepplewhite is convinced they are out to steal the artifacts so I'm just going to make sure the security plans are all right. Eat dinner and dessert is in the freezer. Don't leave without leaving a note or something behind and sleep before curfew! Good night, Presley!" Amanda Carnavon said as she kissed her son on the forehead and left the kitchen. Presley peeped through the window to make certain his mother had left before snatching his coat and skateboarded down to the Sphinx.

* * *

"Guys! Guess what!" Presley remarked as he walked through the sliding door of the Sphinx.

"You found Ja-Kal?" Rath asked hopefully.

"No. Did you?" Presley asked.

"No. Ja-Kal wasn't here." Rath replied, "What is it that you'd like to ask us o' prince?"

"The museum is opening a new exhibit tomorrow...something about ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses...thought you might like to know."

"Hmm...that might explain why Set and Anubis were here."

"I was thinking about Scarab."

"Well Scarab may be after some scrolls or artifacts there too."

"Did someone say Scarab?" Armon asked as he strolled casually into the chamber holding a slice of pizza.

"A new exhibit is opening tomorrow in the museum, Armon. Scarab may try to strike." Rath explained.

"But not when we're around!" Armon said confidently.

"What about Ja-Kal?" Presley asked.

"Ja-Kal will have to wait. Our first duty is protecting you, our prince. We will find Ja-Kal after we made sure Scarab does not steal the artifacts." Rath answered.

"But-" Presley protested.

"That's what Ja-Kal would do." Armon said as he took a bite into his pizza.

"But-" Presley objected.

"Go home, o' prince. We will deal with Ja-Kal and the artifacts. Do not worry." Rath assured.

Presley's mouth dropped open to mutter another objection but could not find the words. He shut his mouth and stared at Armon and Rath for a while then turned to walk out of the Sphinx without a word.

* * *

The sun shone brightly through the sky light in Presley's room as he stood up from his bed and yawned. He trampled over several pieces of paper and dirty laundry as he made his way into the bathroom then to the kitchen. The distinct aroma of fresh pancakes and fresh coffee filled the kitchen air. Presley seated at is usual place on the kitchen table as his mother brought him a plate of pancakes and a cup of orange juice.

"So how's your sleep." his mother asked with a warm smile.

Presley shrugged as he picked up a pitcher of maple syrup and covered his pancakes with the sweet liquid.

"Are you coming to the exhibit today?"

Presley shrugged again ignoring his mother.

"Presley, what's wrong?"


"I thought with your interest in ancient Egypt you might want to come. I got some free tickets if you'd like to bring friends from school like Elaine or someone else. Too bad Walter and Cynthia are still visiting their relatives in Toronto."

"Fine then, I will come."

"Well, I'll see you soon." Amanda said as she picked up her purse on the kitchen counter and left the house.

Presley finished his breakfast and left the dishes in the sink. He picked up the stack of tickets his mother had left for him. He got dressed then, left the house for the Sphinx.

* * *

Presley entered into the Sphinx quietly and noticed no one was awake. He gently knocked on Ja-Kal's sarcophagus then opened it. Empty. Presley's hart sank as he closed the door to the Falcon tomb. He heard a creak as Rath stepped out of the Cobra tomb next to him.

"Ja-Kal's not back." Presley said not turning to Rath.

"No...I know you are worried....we all are but we simply can't find Ja-Kal." Rath replied gently placing a hand on Presley's shoulder.

"Where could he be? He's been gone for days."

"We will find him. I swear it."

"I got a bunch of tickets for that new exhibit in the museum I told you about. I was hoping we all can go a group."

"We are still going as a team...just without Ja-Kal."

Presley stared at the tickets solemnly.

"Ja-Kal will be fine. We must make sure scarab doesn't steal the artifacts."

"Yeah...I know..." Presley responded as Rath turned to knock on the cat and ram sarcophagi. Armon and Nefertina emerged from the tombs slowly yawing, and stretching.

"Who made breakfast?" Armon asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"We're going to the museum, Armon. The God and Goddesses exhibit is opening.

Scarab may strike like a scorpion in the dark. 1" Rath responded.

"Ja-Kal used to say that." Nefertina reminisced.

"Well, Ja-Kal isn't here anymore so someone has to make up these animal stories." Rath answered as he pulled a green T-shirt over his bandages and a pair of black jeans over his kilt. He replaced his hat with a baseball cap. Nefertina wore a jacket and a pair of jeans while Armon wore a suit. Presley handed each of his guardians a ticket and the four walked towards the museum.

* * *

"This is the symbol of Ra. Ancient Egyptians worshipped him for they believe that the god can provide them with power beyond their imagination. Only the pharaoh was allowed to carry with him a symbol of Ra. It is also known as the Eye of Ra. The last pharaoh to own it was Prince Rapses who died under mysterious circumstances which archeologists have been puzzled about for centuries." Amanda Carnavon babbled as she led the group of tourists to another exhibition hall.

Then she led them over by a glass display case where 3 glittering jeweled amulets sit very much like that of Nefertina, Armon, and Rath's. "These are believed to be enchanted amulets of various gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. We believed it was a set of 12 but now, there are only three. We believe the Pharaoh Amenhotep distributed the amulets to noble warriors. We have yet to find what enchantment lie in these amulets."

"The strength of Ra." Armon muttered beside Presley.

"That's the end of the tour. Are there any questions?" Amanda Carnavon continued but the crowd was silent, "Well, there are gifts in our souvenir shop on the first floor, washrooms are just around the corner. Hope you enjoyed your visit." Amanda walked over to Presley and said, "See you later, sweetheart, I got to lead another tour within a couple of minutes."

"Bye mom." Presley replied as Amanda turned around.

The mummies walked over to the display case with the three jeweled amulets and studied them closely. Rath's eyes narrowed as he began to recognize the amulets.

"These amulets are given to us by the pharaoh when we were asked to protect you." Rath commented staring at the amulets.

"We got to pick whichever amulet we liked." Armon added.

"After we picked ours, the pharaoh passed it onto your other tutors, and various palace servants." Nefertina recalled.

"I thought these amulets were all distributed." Rath said, "Apparently not."

"So? What's wrong with that?" Presley asked confused.

"If Scarab gets even one of these amulets, he has enough power to destroy one of us." Rath said concerned.

"Scarab will definitely try to steal this." Nefertina said gazing at the amulets.

"There are 12, you guys took four, where are the other five?" Presley asked intrigued. "They are with the others who were involved in your upbringing so their amulets could be in their sarcophagus in Egypt."

"Hopefully..." Presley added looking down on the amulets.

The four studied the display case with the three amulets closely fearing the power contained in each of the chains yet fascinated by it. Fascination for the whereabouts of the other five amulets flooded their minds.

"If only we can have these amulets! It might be the key to defeating Scarab." Rath said.

"We can't steal them." Presley stated bluntly.

"Yet to protect our prince." Rath insisted.

"How 'bout a Beefy Burger?" Armon asked changing the topic as he placed a hand on his stomach.

"How about getting your hands off those amulets?" A voice threatened as the four turned to see who it was. There stood a band of people-male and female all dressed in leather jackets and crude worn jeans. They carried pistols and wrenches to break into the glass cases and to threaten anyone who may attempt to stop them. An odd man stood in the back carrying only what seemed to be a cross between a sling shot and a bow. His face was pale blue and wrapped in bandages. Ja-Kal.

"Scarab!" Rath concluded quickly as he turned to see the bandits.

"Rath...Scarab's shabties don't use guns and stuff..." Presley reminded as he turned to Rath.

"Then who could it be?" Nefertina asked as she crouched ready to defend the prince.

"I don't know and who cares! They interrupted my lunch so WITH THE STRENGTH OF-" Armon began but Rath quickly covered his mouth.

"Ignore him." Rath smiled turning to the bandits.

The gang looked at the mummies confused.

"Armon! There are still people here in this chamber! We cannot risk identifying ourselves as the illusive mummies!" Rath jibed at Armon.

"Yeah, use your head! Not your stomach!" Nefertina teased.

Presley stared at the group gravely studying the face of each member. From the corner of his eyes, he spotted a familiar face. Presley stared at it closely studying its build. In his mind, Presley imagined what the man would look like if he took of his hat and jacket.

"JA-KAL!!!" Presley shouted.

"What?!" the three mummies turned to Presley.

"Ja-Kal! You're alive! Well...not really...but you're all right!" Presley shouted as he ran over to Ja-Kal.

"No, my prince, be careful!!!" Rath warned as he reached his hand to pull Presley back but the young boy was out of reach.

"Ja-Kal! We thought Anubis and Set turned you into dog food!" Nefertina cheered.

"Nefertina! Ja-Kal-" Rath began.

"Do you know these people?" Eagleye asked as Presley pushed pass the gang to stand next to his guardian.

"No. I don't..." Ja-Kal replied slowly staring at Presley. 'They look familiar...why does this boy want to be with me? How do these people know me? What did they mean by me being Set and Anubis' dog food?'

"Ja-Kal, why didn't you go home? Where have you been?" Presley asked as he pulled Ja-Kal's jacket.

"I don't know you." Ja-Kal said bluntly to Presley.

"Huh? I'm your prince...Prince Rapses...Presley Carnavon..." Presley began.

"He doesn't recognize us..." Nefertina whispered beside Rath.

"Precisely my point, if you two had listened to me. Ja-Kal doesn't remember us that is why he is working with those...people..." Rath replied.

"And now, they've got Rapses!" Armon remarked as he began to dash forward to grab Presley.

"Stop this stupid chit-chat and let's came to get what we're paid to do." Wizard commanded.

Ja-Kal and Eagleye nodded as they took a crow bar and smashed the case. The deafening alarm sounded as the bandits quickly emptied the three amulets into a small black velvet sack. 'Why do I feel so guilty and sad?' Ja-Kal wondered as he took the tray out of the display case. 'Why does the boy seem to have so much faith in me?' Security guards began to flood the room sealing all exits. The group of bandits began to panic. Wizard spotted a glass window and threw a crow bar through it. He motioned the rest of the group to jump through.

"What should we do with this one?" Ja-Kal asked pointing to Presley.

"Hands off our prince!" Nefertina commanded as she ran up to Ja-Kal and grabbed Presley on the wrist. Ja-Kal pulled out an arrow with a hard metal ball in place of a spear and shot it at Nefertina's hand. She yelped in pain as Rath and Armon advanced in attempt to save Presley. Ja-Kal fired an arrow which exploded into a net trapping the other two mummies.

"Ja-Kal! What are you doing? Why are you endangering the prince?" Rath bellowed as he struggled to free himself from the net. Ja-Kal ignored him.

"Take him as a hostage, Jackal. If the police stop us, we'll blow the kid's head off." Wizard schemed.

"NO! LET GO OF ME!!!" Presley yelled as Ja-Kal harshly grabbed his arm. The bandits orderly jumped through the window and into the black escape vehicle.

"PRINCE!!!!!" the three guardians cried as they helplessly looked on.

In the fury of the Rapses' imminent danger, a serge of energy flowed through Armon. He had only remembered that only once in his life had felt such hopelessness, anger, and struggle. That was his last battle with Scarab over 3000 years ago for Prince Rapses' life. Then, the enemy was Scarab and the ally was Ja-Kal.

Now, the enemy is Ja-Kal and the stake was still Rapses' life. Armon's mind pounded with the fear and pain of losing Rapses again as he gathered all his energy and strength to rip apart the net. He ran towards the window to pursue the vehicle but it had already skidded to the road too far. Rath and Nefertina joined him a few moments later in disappointment and despair.

"Wish you'd thought of that earlier, Armon." Nefertina said.

"Yeah, me too." Armon replied solemnly.

"Not to worry, we can always track down Presley using his amulet." Rath added as the three guardians headed back to the Sphinx for the Hotra.


A black van pulled to an abandoned factory at 139 Baker Street as the band of marauders took Presley inside. The factory was dusty and slits of sunlight shimmered through the cracked, open roof top. Dusty wooden crates lined the sides of the factory and rats scurried around the floor. Presley continued to struggle and persuade Ja-Kal to let him go but Ja-Kal did not respond. He merely followed the others inside the factory where Bareka stood, waiting patiently with their return.

"I see you've brought someone with you." he began.

"Yeah boss, this is a spiffy one. He tried to tag team Jackal there." Eagleye began.

"What do you guys want from me? What have you done to Ja-Kal?" Presley demanded.

"We have done nothing, boy!" Bareka scolded then turned to Ja-Kal, "Jackal, tie him up in the next room and guard him until the trade is done."

Ja-Kal humbly obliged as he took Presley's wrists and dragged him to a room followed by Eagleye. Eagleye pulled a wooden crate by a pole as Ja-Kal pushed Presley to sit on it. Ja-Kal held onto Presley's wrists as Eagle eye tied them up.

"Guard him." Eagleye ordered. Presley turned to Ja-Kal.

"Ja-Kal, why are you doing this?" he asked as tears of fear filled his eyes.

"I don't know."

"Don't you know who you are?"

"I don't remember."

"You're Ja-Kal...the royal huntsman of the Pharaoh Amenhotep. My protector..."

"I don't remember."

"You can't turn me in to these creeps. It's your duty to protect me!"


"Ja-Kal, answer me!!! Ja-Kal!!!"

Ja-Kal ignored him. 'Duty! Duty! Duty! What is my duty?' Ja-Kal pondered as he sat down on a wooden crate across from Presley. Eagleye took a roll of masking tape and wrapped the tape around Presley's mouth then left. Presley's loud and distinct voice grew muffled. 'If only I can remember...' he thought. 'Why do I feel guilty when I took the amulets? Why do the four visitors look familiar? What is this boy trying to tell me?' Ja-Kal stared at Presley his green eyes. They were frighteningly familiar. 'Where have I seen this boy?' Ja-Kal closed his eyes and rubbed his head.

His memories flashed to 3500 BC as the area around him faded to match the setting...

"Ja-Kal, you have been a skilled and loyal royal huntsman." Pharaoh Amenhotep stated placing a hand on Ja-Kal's shoulder. Queen Diphthera, and Lord Scarab stood next to the great ruler of Egypt.

"My pharaoh, I am honoured by your remark. Being a royal huntsman is my duty." Ja-Kal answered bowing his head.

"Ja-Kal, do I offend you if I ask of you another favour, another duty?"

"I will be honoured."

"Ja-Kal, will you be the leader of my son's guardians?"

"The leader of Prince Rapses' guardians?"

"Why yes. You have demonstrated great leadership skills as a royal huntsman. I only hope I am not asking too much of you."

"No, my pharaoh,"

"Good, Ja-Kal. Thank you." Pharaoh Amenhotep replied as he turned to walk away with Queen Diphthera and Lord Scarab.

The setting melted again to the roof tops of modern San Francisco.

"Where am I, Ja-Kal?" Tia asked clinging onto her husband's neck

"We are in a place young Rapses calls San Francisco. We are apparently in a time 3500 years after our deaths. Don't worry, Tia, I will not let anything happen to you. This world is still quite strange to me, but the other guardians and I are learning new ways and customs." Ja-Kal answered concentrating on his flight.

"What happened the day you were to find Prince Rapses?"

"I gathered up the other guardians to find the young prince. However, Scarab was our enemy. By the time we found Prince Rapses, Scarab's forces were too strong." Ja-Kal paused.

"We could not save the prince nor ourselves." he continued quietly.

Tia looked at him studying his expression.

"I failed the Pharaoh Amenhotep. I am sorry." he finished.

"There was nothing you could do to stop Scarab. No one knew he was after the Prince." Tia assured and paused.

"Life was lonely and hard after you died. I missed you, Ja-Kal." she continued.

"What happened to Padjet?"

"He grew up disappointed that his father could not pass down his wisdom."

"I am sorry."

"Don't be. You have lived an honorable life. Guarding Prince Rapses is your duty,"

Ja-Kal rubbed his eyes as tears began dripping onto his bandages. The abandoned factory shifts again to the cliffs of San Francisco over the beach.

"Must my duty always come first? I have given up so much for my pharaoh already...first my brother, then my life..." Ja-Kal soliloquized. "When will my duty end?" 2

A sudden creak of the door distracted Ja-Kal. He opened his eyes and looked outside. There was a band of people standing there. Ja-Kal stepped outside and abandoned Presley. Ja-Kal stared at the man directly in front of Bareka. All of his senses warned him something was odd, wrong about the scene. His instincts warned him of danger that a devious plot is hatching.

"I see you've quite a party here, Mr. Bareka." an old man with gray hair began. He carried a back pack with a snake head poking out of it.

"Yes...Mr. Harris. May I ask what the creature is that stems from your pack?" Bareka asked pointing to Heka's head.

"Why? That's my pet careful she doesn't bite you."


"You deliver the real amulets and I'll deliver your money."

"Cash only."

"Of course."

"Eagleye, get the amulets."

"Boss, isn't that Ja-Kal?" Heka whispered to Scarab who imitated Mr. Harris.

"Ja-Kal? Where?" Scarab replied.

"There! The man who just came out of the room there...I mean the mummy..."

"You're right! That is Ja-Kal! But how could he have known my plans?"

"Psychic network? There are plenty of those nowadays..."

"Mr. Harris? Mr. Harris!" Bareka yelled driving Scarab's attention back. Eagleye had returned with the black sac containing the amulets.

"Ah yes...say, I am looking for employment within my company. How about I pay you an extra...oh let's say...a thousand for just one of your men."

"My men are not for sale."

"Well, I am simply implying that perhaps I can borrow one of your men for a while for my own operations... let's just say that one over there..." Scarab said as he pointed at Ja-Kal.

"Jackal? He's new but he has the eye of Robin Hood. It's going to cost you more than one thousand." Bareka replied. The room grew silent then muffled screams from the back room broke the eerie pause. Bareka motioned Eagleye and Wizard to tend to Presley.

"Doesn't that sound like the prince?" Heka whispered by Scarab.

"What? Rapses and Ja-Kal?" Scarab replied surprised.

"Yes! Unless these acute cobra ears deceive me," Heka insisted as she slithered higher beside Scarab.

"Hmmm...Mr. Bareka, what is the noise from the back room?" Scarab asked turning to Bareka.

"Oh...we just have a problem. See, we went to take these amulets and this boy kinda ran over Jackal...he's a fool, isn't he? If the cops try to nab us, we'll just use the kid as hostage." Bareka replied.

"How about this: an additional ten million for Jackal and the hostage boy." Scarab bargained.


Heka's mouth dropped open. 'Twenty million? Is dominating the world worth that much?'

Bareka handed Scarab the three remaining amulets as he signaled Jackal to come forth. "See, Jackal, I don't trust that man...I'll let him keep you for now but you do this favour for me, eh? I need you to look over his shoulder and tell me what he's doing and come back to the hideout every week with news. I don't like competition in this business. Do this for me, Jackal, and I'll reward you." Bareka whispered. "Bring the boy out!"

Eagleye and Wizard emerged from the back room holding Presley whose mouth is still sealed by tape. Just then a car came crashing into the abandoned factory and three figures emerged from it wearing golden armors.


Linz Bareka stared in awe at the three mummies. He was confused and somewhat scared. The mummies looked odd and frightening and their weapons made them appear more dangerous. "Mummies!" Scarab shouted in disgust.

"Told you so! The psychic network is pretty good!" Heka replied speaking up finally.

"TALKING SNAKE!!!!" Wizard, Eagleye, and Bareka yelled at once.

"Ooops." Heka smiled as her tongue slithered.

"So much for our cover." Scarab said as he concentrated on his magic. Within moments, he wore a purple armor and was holding Heka on the neck with his right hand.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" the bandits yelled as they scurried out of the factory dropping Presley to the floor. Ja-Kal stared at them without a word. He was not scared at all. He was not shocked by the talking snake nor the morphing of Scarab. He gazed at each of the mummies as though they appeared in a dream...a long epic dream... He turned to Presley and pulled him off the floor. Ja-Kal untied Presley and pulled the piece of tape off his mouth to which Presley replied with much gratitude.

"Attack them all, shabties!" Scarab ordered.

Rath raised his sword as a ten shabties circled him. He looked at each of the shabties readying himself for an attack from any one of the clay soldiers. The first one longed to attack him from his left. Rath ducked his head and the shabtie rolled over his back and shattered into a disarray of bits on the floor. Another tried to take Rath's sword as he stood up but Rath swiftly swung his sword slicing the soldier in half. The third, forth, fifth, sixth shabtie began piling on him. Rath concentrated on his magic as a bright green bolt of magic energy emitted from his hands, then around his body.

The ball expanded until it hit the roof of the building with a thundering crash. The shabties on top of Rath shattered into dust and fell softly onto the ground. Rath stood up to see the remaining four shabties. The four began to attack him. One jumped him to the ground while another held down his hands; another pinned Rath's legs to the ground. The forth shabtie pointed his scepter at Rath with a cold expression. The scepter charged with a faint glowing red energy. Then with a muffled sound, the shabtie fired at him. Rath drifted into the unconsciousness.

Armon was temporarily distracted by the green glowing energy emitted from where Rath was fighting. That distraction; however, had not cost him dearly. The shabties tried to shoot energy bolts at him to which he deflected with his golden arm. As the shabties aimlessly continued to shoot at him, Armon began to advance and blocking all shots with his arm. Then, he found himself standing point blank with the shabties. Armon reached out to take the two shabties by the neck and crashed their heads together.

Armon then turned to see a horizontal line of four shabties aiming to injure him. Armon smiled as he picked up a crate from the side and hurled it at the shabties. Armon heard a small squeaky scream and turned around. To his surprise, Rath was lying on the floor unconscious as four shabties gloated over him. Armon ran over and knocked the four shabties which surrounded Rath on the floor. He picked up his teammate and carried him over his shoulder disregarding his safety. Then from the back, a heavy wooden crate hit his ram helmet. Armon turned around as another crate hit his face. He felt disorientated as he dropped to the ground and Rath landed on his stomach.

Nefertina repetitively threw her whip at the row of shabties. The clay soldiers were much like robots, never changing strategies of attack. She was about to yawn in boredom when she turned to see how Armon and Rath were handling. Apparently, her two teammates were on the ground, one on top of the other. Scarab had just sent another regiment of shabties to attack her. The flow of the shabties seemed incessant. Even though they were easy foes, their numbers would eventually wear out the mummies and their bulking powers.

Now, there was only her who the shabties had to defeat. It was a frightening thought. Nefertina tried to push it aside but it bothered her even as she continued to fight. As for Ja-Kal, he had been speculating the fight. That was a clear enough signal for Nefertina that Ja-Kal still did not know who he was despite he is keeping guard on the prince. A part of her mind ordered her to run away to safety; however, she knew protecting Prince Rapses was her duty. She had sacrificed her life for the prince and she would do it again if need be. Her arm began to ache with each swing of the whip. As the fatigue began to annoy her, a shabtie shot an energy bolt at her stomach. She fell back towards the crates in pain then closed her eyes and drifted into a black void.

"The prince is finally mine!" Scarab cheered at the sight of Nefertina's demise, "Hand the boy over."

"No. I won't." Ja-Kal replied forcefully.

"What do you want with the boy?"

"I....I....just don't want you to take hold of him,"

"What value is the boy to you? He is a hostage to be discarded when he is no longer of use."

"I won't allow you to take him!"

"Why?" Scarab asked deviously.

Ja-Kal paused. He did not know why he refused to surrender Presley. Scarab was right; he had no use for the boy but a part of him refused to release Presley. Somehow, he felt as though he would embrace Presley as he would love a son. He remembered his flashes...his duty.

"Let go of the boy..." Scarab urged.

"Never!" Ja-Kal yelled as he pulled out his bow and arrow and shot it at Scarab.

Scarab yelled in pain as he motioned the remaining shabties to destroy Ja-Kal. Ja-Kal began shooting with extreme care and precision at each shabtie. Presley dashed to the sides of each of his guardians and dragged them behind Ja-Kal.

As he dragged Nefertina, he saw a shabtie staring down on him with a fully charged scepter. Presley took his amulet in his hands and shut his eyes. A bright yellow glow surrounded the amulet as it shot a strange golden beam of energy shattering the shabtie. He smiled as he held on to his amulet again and directed another energy blast at other shabties that were advancing on Ja-Kal.

Unexpectedly, the amulet charged up and fired a bright yellow glow that obliterated the roof of the building into the sky. All the shabties shattered at the blast as Ja-Kal fell to his knees and unconscious onto the ground by the blast. Scarab dropped to the ground after Ja-Kal finally feeling the effects of the blast. His grip loosened as the black pouch fell out of his hand. The three amulets contained in it scattered over the floor.

"Ooops...." Presley muttered when he looked down on Ja-Kal's unconscious figure. He looked around at all four of his fallen guardians. Presley felt frightened and lonely. Then, in a distance, he heard faint sirens approaching the factory. 'Oh no! The police must have seen the blast and are coming over to investigate!'

Rath and Armon began to regain consciousness as the sirens grew louder and louder.

"That's one wake-up call!" Armon replied rubbing his head, "Ouch! My head still hearts!'

"I'm surprised, Armon, that your head can feel anything." Rath mocked.

"Quit it, you two!" Nefertina said as she rose off the floor "What happened? Where's Ja-Kal?"

"He's there...I kinda knocked him down with those weird bolts from the amulet..." Presley replied.

"Well, my prince, you should aim your blasts at shabties, not Ja-Kal." Rath warned.

"No, no! It was an accident. I aimed it at the shabties but this big energy ball came out and blew open the roof and all the shabties and Ja-Kal. Scarab is-." Presley began as he turned to where Scarab had fallen. The three mummies ran over to surround him as he began to regain consciousness. When Scarab looked up, his tiny insect wings from his armor flapped and he flew away.

"Come back here, Scarab! You craven!!!" Nefertina yelled.

"It's no use, Nefertina." Armon urged turning back to Presley.

"What do you mean by an energy ball?" Rath asked curiously.

"Why don't we all talk later! I hear police cars coming! Everyone to the Hotra!" Nefertina suggested.

Armon ran over to Ja-Kal and carried him over his shoulder to the Hotra. Nefertina started the car and drove as far away from the factory as possible and towards the Sphinx. The sounds of sirens grew louder and louder.


An old vagrant walked by the tattered, once again, abandoned factory as the clamorous sirens approached. He had no particular deed against the police; however, he simply hated the thought of being questioned as a witness to what had happened. He had seen a golden ball of energy emerging from the roof top and was curious. Co-incidentally enough, this abandoned factory was also his home. He stared at the wreck for a while in disgust.

"Lousy kids! Can't they destroy some other thing? This is a man's home! Now I've got to move out and find another! I hope there places as good as this one around." he remarked as he walked in and searched for any items he might have left there. As he walked by the three jewels of the amulets glittered. He stared at them for a while in utter amazement. Then he bent down to pick them up.

"Say...these things are pretty! I bet I can get good money for these necklaces." he smiled as he put the three amulets into his patched coat pocket. He walked out of the factory and down the street.

* * *

Bob and Joe were the first two police officers to arrive at the factory following the sighting of the golden glow. Joe had been excited that it was an alien sighting and had cranked the sirens to ear-drumming levels. Bob was enjoying a coffee break with his favorite swirly donut when Joe convinced him to investigate the sighting.

"I'm telling you, Bob, it's them! It's the aliens!" Joe remarked as he stepped eagerly into the factory like a young child to a candy store.

"Yeah...whatever..." Bob replied apathetically.

"Once I get proof there are aliens out there, all those guys back in the station will never laugh at me again!"

"Euh....what aliens?" Bob remarked as he and Joe stepped into the factory to find it completely empty.

"You know, aliens...little green people from other planets! I want to be the official liaison!"

"Joe, the factory is empty..."

Joe stared at the interior of the factory carefully and found himself alone with Bob. His visage was filled with an air of disappointment.

"I guess I missed the aliens again..." he muttered.

"Hmmm....maybe not, Joe. Look what I found!" Bob remarked as he picked up a piece of loose bandage on the floor beside his feet.


"Yeah, thought you might like it. You always wanted to catch those mummies or whatever."

"The mummies! They're wrapped in bandages! Finally! I have proof that the mummies exist!" Joe cheered as he lunched to hug Bob and in his happiness, kissed Bob on the cheek.

"Ah...shucks!" Bob blushed as he wiped his hand over his cheek.

* * *

Scarab paced impatiently around the Sphinx. He was annoyed by his defeat and ashamed that even the little boy prince could pose as such a threat. Heka stared at her boss without a word grinning somewhat.

"See boss, the psychics do know!" she remarked.

"Oh shut up, Heka! I was so close to having the prince!" Scarab remarked in a bitter voice.

"Not close enough!"

"At least I still have the Amulets of Ra. With them, I can defeat those annoying mummies and the prince will be mine for the taking!"

"Speaking of which, where are they?"

Scarab reached inside the pocket of the robe to pull them out but it was empty. Scarab frantically flipped the pocket over but nothing emptied onto the floor.

"Looks like you don't have the amulets either, boss." Heka said.

"But where are they? The mummies...the mummies must have taken them!" Scarab remarked in the horror of realization.

"Very good, boss. You're pretty good at predicting. Maybe you ought to get a job in a psychic network to pay off our debt. After all, we just spent twenty million for nothing."

"Oh shut up Heka!" Scarab yelled as he reached for Heka's neck and began strangling her.

* * *

The Hotra pulled into the Sphinx. Ja-Kal had regained consciousness and was trying to remember precisely what happened. His memories began to flow again as he retold the others of his fight with Anubis and how he'd been affected by the sleep of forgetting. He retold his meeting with Linz Bareka and his dedication to his pack and the crimes it committed. Rath and Armon alternated to explain to Ja-Kal their fight with Set and Anubis and why they were in the museum.

"Ja-Kal, we swear we would look for you right after we made certain Scarab did not steal anything from the museum exhibit." Rath assured.

"I understand, Rath, I would have done the same." Ja-Kal replied.

"I'm glad you remember something now, Ja-Kal. I hate fighting you." Nefertina said.

"Me too! I'm hungry! Let's have a Beefy Burger!" Armon opted.

"O' prince, I am sorry about my conduct today. I put you in grave danger." Ja-Kal apologized turning to Presley.

"It's all right, Ja-Kal. What mattered was that you came through for me in the end." Presley replied warmly.

"I believe I have proven perfidious and unworthy to be the leader of the royal guardians."

"Ja-Kal, you couldn't remember who you were! I mean even then, you tried to protect me! I think you are honorable and very loyal. Besides, the others really can't get along at all!" Presley turned around to see Rath criticizing Armon's eating habits and Nefertina mocking them both.

"You're right, o' prince. Something never changes." Ja-Kal laughed.

Suddenly, his mood changed as a disturbing thought crossed his mind.

"O' prince, did Scarab leave with the amulets with the power of Ra?" he asked.

Presley paused to think for a while then shook his head. "Scarab dropped the amulets when I hit him with a blast from my amulet...I think."

"Rath! Armon! Nefertina! Did you pick up the amulets from the museum that were stolen?" Ja-Kal panicked.

"I picked you up." Armon answered.

"I started the Hotra." Nefertina said.

"I watched over Presley." Rath answered as he realize the terrible deed, " were unconscious, Armon didn't pick it up, and neither did Nefertina. Presley was with me the entire time and we didn't pick it up either therefore..."

"We've lost the amulets!" Ja-Kal remarked.

"If they fell into the wrong hands, the prince will be in diabolical danger!" Rath remarked. "What if Scarab had it?" Nefertina raised.

"We've got to go back and look for it, now!" Ja-Kal ordered. The other four followed him into the Hotra.

The Hotra sped down the high ways until it reached the abandoned factory. The police already evacuated but had left strips of yellow caution tape. The four mummies slipped in. Presley reached into his back pack and pulled out a flash light. He shone it across the room several times trying to catch the necklaces on the floor.

"They're gone!" Armon yelled in horror.

"That means Scarab may have them!" Nefertina added.

"If anyone ever discovers the power of the amulets..." Rath said.

"The prince will be in dire danger!" Ja-Kal finished.

The factory grew to an eerie silence as each of the mummies stared at Presley.

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